Moorim School episode 15 recap, kdrama

Moorim School: Saga of the Brave 무림학교

Episode 15  [The Letter] 

Moorim School ep 15, Chae Yoon visits Moorim SchoolMoorim School ep 15, Chae Yoon, Hyun Woo, Shi Woo

Luna accompanies Chae Yoon to Moorim School to meet with Dean Monk. Chae Yoon has come to find out if Young, his daughter, is really at Moorim School. Shi Woo watches from the balcony. He has become bold and sure of his direction and doesn’t hesitate to stop Chae Yoon. They recognize each other from that time on the street when Chae Yoon healed Shi Woo’s pain. Shi Woo knows he has come for his long-lost daughter Sun Ah, but asks if he will wait and give her some time. He explains that she is frustrated and confused about Dean Dad and that she’ll have a tough time if he meets her as her biological father. Dean Monk tells Shi Woo that he has over-stepped his bounds, but Shi Woo is strong in his resolve to protect his friend. With the wisdom of Solomon, he tells Chae Yoon that if he really is her father, he will understand and wait until Sun Ah is ready. Chae Yoon agrees.   

Moorim School ep 15, Shi Woo, Sun Ah

Now Shi Woo tells Sun Ah to listen and not be surprised. “Your biological father has come to see you.” He tells her that she can wait until she is ready. Poor Sun Ah says that her life and everything she has known has been a lie up until now. She doesn’t know what is true anymore. Shi Woo tells her that her heart will know.

Moorim School 15, Shi Woo, Hyun Woo

Shi Woo lets Chae Yoon know that Sun Ah (Young) is not ready. He takes the opportunity to be very direct with Chae Yoon and provide invaluable information. #1 He asks why he is with Sang Hae Group people. It was Chairman Wang Hao, head of Sang Hae, who kidnapped Soon Deok thinking she was his daughter, Sun Ah. Chairman Hao said he did it because he wanted to tell Sun Ah the truth. But, things don’t add up.  #2 Chairman Hao told everyone that Hwang Moo Song set the house on fire. Hwang Moo Song said that he went to save his friend, but he was too late. Chae Yoon asks Shi Woo what he thinks. “I think he (Hwang Moo Song) is telling the truth.”  #3 Shi Woo tells Chae Yoon that he thinks Chairman Hao is Juk Poong and will do anything to get the chintamini key. Chae Yoon is savvy enough to be discrete concerning all this information from Shi Woo. Until now, he has been led around by Chairman Wang Hao and his goons, but he begins to see things differently.

Moorim School ep 15, Sun Ah, Chae Yoon, Shi WooMoorim School ep 15, Sun Ah

Sun Ah looks on from the balcony.  She realizes some of what she believed about Dean Dad was wrong; obviously he didn’t kill his friend Chae Yoon. She feels guilty for the things she said out of anger and hates herself right now. Back in her room she holds the picture of the three of them. Speaking to Dean Dad, she says that she will find out everything. I miss you, Dad.

Dean Hwang pays Bong San a visit. It’s time to reveal his story to the Dean. First, he shows him his slashed eye. He recalls that he came upon the burning house and ran out with the child. All he knows is that the people were looking for the chintamani and they attacked him in the woods. Unfortunately, he lost that child. He is filled with remorse and regret for leaving the child in the woods, but he thought he was dead. Now, eighteen years later, fate has come to haunt him. To Dean Hwang’s surprise, Bong San tells him that the child is Yoon Shi Woo. Dean Hwang tells Bong San that the same people who were looking for the child back then are tracking him down now. If you want to be forgiven for that incident. you must not tell this story to anyone.

Moorim School ep 15, Chi Ang meets his father in ChinaMoorim School 15, Chi Ang, bromance

Chi Ang flies to Shanghai to meet his father. He wants to know everything. Chairman Hao shows him the piece of the chintamani key in his possession and tells him that he is sure the second piece is at Moorim School and the third piece is in the possession of Chae Yoon’s son. Chi Ang asks his father if that’s why he sent him to Moorim. He replies, “Yes.” It is an interesting conversation between father and son. Chi Ang asserts some independence, telling his father that he must convince him and move his heart if he wants him to be on his side. Chairman Hao strategically tells Chi Ang what he wants to hear – that what he is doing is for the family. He knows Chi Ang has a soft spot for his mother.

Moorim School ep 15, martial arts, Shi WooMoorim School ep 15, Dean Hwang meets the Chairman

New Professor Kim is running her sword-happy martial arts class. The students are uneasy. Shi Woo faces her and says he will fight with his bare hands. He is able to subdue the opponent and tells New Professor Kim that she was wrong.  Their philosophies clash. The thing he fears most, he tells her, is how he feels towards her, wishing to take her down on her terms. But he won’t see his friends get hurt and he won’t fight her way. She’s got quite the intimidating smirk.

Next, Dean Hwang meets with Old Chairman in the wheelchair. He tells Dean Hwang that Chae Yoon has joined hands with Sang Hae Group and is being taken care of by Chairman Hao. Dean Hwang trusts him and says that he needs to meet with Chae Yoon to explain everything. Old Chairman says that he will arrange for that. Dean Hwang thinks they are on the same side and reveals that Yoon Shi Woo is Chae Yoon’s son. It is becoming clear that Old Chairman is Juk Poong but neither Hwang Moo Song nor Chae Yoon know that.

Moorim School ep 15, Soon Deok and her father Moorim School ep 15, Soon Deok holds Shi Woo

It’s time for Bong San to tell his daughter, Soon Deok, everything. He knows she wants to go back to Moorim School, but he has packed up their belongings to leave. She wants a straight answer; what is going on? She hears the story about the fire, the child, her father’s blindness, and his guilt. But the part that shocks her is finding out that the child is Yoon Shi Yoo. She yells at her father, “You should have gone back in the woods and looked for him!” When he cries and tells her that he only had thoughts of surviving for her sake she concludes that what happened to Shi Woo was because of her. Huge tears run down her face.

Poor stressed out Shi Woo wakes up startled. He wearily sits on his bed with his head in his hands. Soon Deok quietly enters and asks if he had a nightmare and dreamed of the boy in the fire again. She puts his head on her shoulder and holds him. “I hope you don’t have nightmares any more.” She tells him she’s sorry. He sits up in bed but she’s gone. Was she really there? Was this a dream, too?

Moorim School ep 15, Chairman Hao, bromance Moorim School ep 15, Hong bin, VIXX, Chi Ang,

Chi Ang’s father is sure he convinced his son to be on his side. Chairman Hao gave the chintimani piece to Chi Ang ~ because you are my son ~  to make sure he wouldn’t be swayed again. It isn’t that simple, though. Chi Ang heads back to Korea. He talks to his mother who happily tells him that his father is finally moving her to China with him. He acts cheerful for her but inside he is sad, knowing that like everything else, this is a business strategy.

Moorim School ep 15, bromance, students Moorim School ep 15, Sun Ah, letter

After many days, Sun Ah comes out of her room. She is greeted enthusiastically by the students. With a “one, two, three, fighting!” they agree to bind together. When Sun Ah returns to her room she finds a letter. It’s from Soon Deok. She runs to Shi Woo’s room to show him. With a heavy heart, Soon Deok wrote a letter to them both telling them that they are the two children of Chae Yoon from the fire. She apologizes for her dad and expresses her deep sorrow for how Shi Woo’s life turned out because of her family.

Moorim School ep 15, Soon Deok, bromance, Shi Woo Moorim School ep 15, Shi Woo and Sun Ah read letter

Shi Woo and Sun Ah are overwhelmed by even more confusing information. They put their heads together and realize that their shared memory of a fire is because they are the siblings who survived. The piano song is the lullaby that their mother sang to them.

Moorim School ep 15, Shi Woo realizes the necklace is on Soon Deok Moorim School ep 15, Soon Deok wears the chintamani necklace, bromance

As he pieces the story together, Shi Woo realizes that his necklace is a piece of the chintamani key. Furthermore, it is around Soon Deok’s neck. He runs to her house to find her.

Moorim School ep 15, Shi Woo realizes Soon Deok is gone Moorim School 15, Shi Woo loves Soon Deok

When he arrives at her house he finds it empty and knows that the letter was her “goodbye.” He thinks back on his promise to never break up with her, even if she doesn’t return to the school. Now, things have turned dark and he knows she left with her father to keep him safe.

Moorim School ep 15, the Chairman, Hongbin, VIXXMoorim School ep 15, Chae Yoon rememebers his wife and children

Old Chairman has arranged for Hwang Moo Song to meet with Chae Yoon. At least that’s what he says. Hwang Moo Song waits in a deserted warehouse, but something is wrong. The door closes and he finds himself surrounded. Old Chairman also asked Chae Yoon to meet him discretely and that it was urgent. Chae Yoon recalls those same words spoken by Old Chairman eighteen years ago. Suddenly, his memory of the fire becomes clear: the fire, his frantically calling his children’s names, the explosion, and someone standing over him – Old Chairman. The one who entrusted him with the chintamani key. The one he trusted above all.

Moorim School ep 15, the chairman at the fire, Chae Yoon, Hyun Woo Moorim School 15, the Chairman and Chairman Hao, Chi Ang's father

Chae Yoon realizes that Old Chairman is Juk Poong. He decides not to meet him because he realizes it is a set up. There’s more: Old Chairman is, well, old. Somewhere along the way, Chairman Wang Hao stood by his sick-bed and convinced him to hand over the piece of the chintamani key he took that night. With his health deteriorating, Old Chairman gave the piece to Chairman Wang Ho. Together they have cast doubt on Hwang Moo Song and nursed Chae Yoon back to health in order to use him to get the other two key pieces from his children.

Moorim School 15, Dean Hwang fights Juk Poong Moorim School 15, Hwang moo Song, bromance

Hwang Moo Song realizes the arranged meeting with Chae Yoon is a trap. He has been set up by Old Chairman and Chairman Wang Hao. Surrounded by bad guys, he puts up a good fight but is outnumbered. Just then, his old friend Chae Yoon shows up. Chae Yoon, realizing Old Chairman was Juk Poong, avoided the detour and  instead,  followed the car to the warehouse. With a flying high kick, he takes out a couple of the thugs. Luna has other plans and comes at him with a knife. Hwang Moo Song shields his friend with his body and takes the knife in his stead. Hwang Moo Song is badly hurt, but wants to tell Chae Yoon that he is sorry. They are both full of regrets and apologies. Chae Yoon only wants to get his lifelong friend to safety. Hwang Moo Song wants him to know that his son, Joon, is alive –  Joon is Yoon Shi Woo. “He took after you,” he tells him.

Moorim school ep 15, Sun Ah and Dean HwangMoorim school ep 15, Shi Woo, Lee Hyun Woo, bromance

That last piece of the chintamani key is in the school. Upon finding out they’re siblings, Shi Woo and Sun Ah decide to find the chintamani and protect it on behalf of Dean Hwang. Now, with a heightened sensitivity, Sun Ah clearly sees the seal in the floor emblem in Moorim’s entrance. But, she is worried about Dean Dad. At the same time, Shi Woo sits in Soon Deok’s empty house and is every bit as worried about her.

Things are falling apart for the Juk Poong: Old Chairman, Chairman Hao with Secretary Chang and sidekick Luna, and Dean Monk. It’s about time their dastardly plot to overtake Moorim School to the dark side is stopped. For eighteen years, Hwang Moo Song kept the school sealed to prevent that very thing. Now that he has been reconciled to his friend, Chae Yoon, perhaps they can keep the power in the light and prevent it from going to the dark side.

Moorim School 15, Chi Ang and his mother at the airport

Chi Ang has come to send off his mother to live with Chairman Hao in China. He has mixed feelings; did he protect her after all? Is his mother happy? With a call from Father, his mind is on other things. Chairman Hao tells him the last piece of the chintamani key is with Shi Woo. Chi Ang realizes it is Shi Woo’s necklace, but he also knows that it is around Soon Deok’s neck. He tells his father he can handle it.

Moorim School ep 15, bromance Moorim School ep 15, Gi Chae Sool

Chae Yoon brings a wounded Dean Hwang to Moorim School. There is a big commotion and the bad guys move in with blades. Just as someone is about to kill Dean Hwang, Chae Yoo puts Gi Chae Sool into action, stops the blade thrust, and hurls the assailant backwards. Everyone sees the power.

Moorim School 15, Shi Woo, Lee Hyun Woo Moorim School ep 15, Hyun Woo, Chi Ang, Hongbin, VIXX, bromance

What is Chi Ang’s game? He goes to Soon Deok’s (to get the necklace? to protect her?) and finds Shi Woo there. Because of the necklace, Chi Ang accuses Shi Woo of putting Soon Deok in danger. I think Chi Ang is worried that if his father finds out, he’ll even harm Soon Deok if he has to in order to get the chintamani.

Moorim School 15, Shi Woo and CHi Ang


  • Yay! Hwang Moo Song and Chae Yoon have figured out the lies and deceit from the Juk Poong and have teamed up again for the good fight. I think having two dads will be a wonderful thing for Sun Ah. Since Shi Woo was at Soon Deok’s during all of this, he isn’t yet aware of the turmoil. He, too, hasn’t met his father on real terms. I look forward to that as well.
  • I should have guessed that Old Chairman was hanging around not because he was the good protector of the chintamani, but the Juk Poong. He intended to get the unbroken key eighteen years at the hideout, but things went awry. I think it must have been Chae Yoon who broke the key into three pieces so that one person couldn’t have it in his possession. He placed a piece with each of his children, but the piece he had himself was taken by Old Chairman. If we follow the progression, Old Chairman’s piece was taken by Chairman Wang Hao when he thought Old Chairman was about to die. So far, he hasn’t. Now, Chairman Hao has passed on that piece to Chi Ang with the belief that his son will carry on the pursuit of the chintamani power.
  • I am holding out that Chi Ang, in his own way, is looking out for Soon Deok’s best interest and wants to find her and the chinitamani piece, not to take for himself, but to assure her safety. Of all the characters, he is the most conflicted and doesn’t know what to do about being between his father’s side and Shi Woo and the Dean’s side. The concept of power and protection, what does it mean? That’s what Chi Ang is trying to figure out.
  • Having said that, the story line of the chintamani is weak; Luna and Secretary Chang are beyond annoying; Old Chairman finagled this whole thing from the start but we aren’t even sure how Chae Yoon ended up in a coma and in their care. Did they just wait around for eighteen years until he woke up to find the other pieces? I guess so. Seems lame.
  • I love the way Soon Deok ended up being the one to tell Shi Woo and Chi Ang that they are brother and sister. In true Korean fashion, Soon Deok has taken all the blame and guilt and has concluded that leaving is the best thing. I am breaking up with you and disappearing for your good is the theme that happens all the time and drives me crazy. But, I am confident that all will be made right in the end and that Shi Woo and Soon Deok will end up together.
  • Hang on, Dean Hwang!
  • I am rather disappointed in the magic, or should I say lack of it, in the end. And the new line up of professors – was the necessary to throw in at the end? Keeping track of characters is hard enough without unnecessary peripheral people.
  • Chi Ang, I’m counting on you to take the high road – fighting!
  • I like Shi Woo’s steps towards maturity and that he strongly stood up with resolve in this episode. It is his leadership qualities coming through; after all, won’t he be the successor of Moorim?
  • The wrap up is tonight – be sure to check out my recap of the final episode. Are you expecting any surprises?

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  1. I catch up, and this drama is so slow, so we know the true, Chi Ang need to do the right thing!!!! Soon Deok omg this girl! o and what I tell you about the magic!!!! since ep 2 am like where is the magic! and nada.

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