Moorim School episode 14 recap, kdrama

Moorim School: Saga of the Brave 


Episode 14  [Because that girl is already my world.]

Moorim School 14, Chae Yoon, Hyun Woo Moorim School 14, Shi Woo checks on Soon Deok

Chae Yoon tells Luna (who he trusts and thinks is on his side and will help with his requests) that he needs to find Hwang Moo Song to get to the truth of what happened eighteen years ago. The other person he wants to track down is Shim Bong San because he’s been told that he can help solve what happened that day, too.  

Moorim School ep 14, Soon Deok, bromance Moorim School 14, Chi Ang asks mom if she trusts father

Shi Woo calls Soon Deok to update her on things at Moorim. He assures her that Professor Kim is using his clout to convince the parents to let their children return to Moorim. Soon Deok is spacey and thinks about what Bang Duk said about Moorim having something to do with her father’s blindness. When Shi Woo asks if she is okay, she brushes it off and tells him that everything is fine.

Chi Ang’s mother calls to check on him. He asks her a strange question, “Mother, do you trust father?” Mother doesn’t give him the most comforting answer and tells him that his father is cold and ruthless, but in the end, he is his father who loves him in his own way.

Moorim School 14, students return, bromance Moorim School ep 14, Chi Ang and Sun Ah

Shi Woo couldn’t be happier to see some of the students returning. Yub Jung watches the reunion from the balcony and reports to Dean Monk that the students are back. Sun Ah hasn’t come out of her room in days. She is surprised that it is Chi Ang who throws open her curtains to let the light in her dark room – up until now, it has been Shi Woo who has checked in on her. He wants her to know that he realizes how bad she feels and how angry she must be. Like her, he also can’t understand his father and can’t forgive him. But, somehow he has no choice but to trust him. He tells her to start with letting in the sun today, one thing at a time…slowly. In time the answer will come, he encourages her. Chi Ang apologizes in his father’s stead for the mess he has caused at Moorim.

Moorim School 14, new martial arts teacher Moorim School ep 14, Shi Woo is concerned with the changes at school

Dean Monk calls the students to the gym. He wastes no time telling them that things are going to change. Moorim has been too easy on them and hasn’t taught them real skills. Kim Sook Yi introduces herself as the new martial arts teacher. She looks like she eats nails for breakfast every day. She disses Dean Hwang’s teaching methods and tells them she will make them stronger by training them for survival of the fittest.

Moorim School ep 14, Professor Kim, Daniel Moorim School ep 14, Secretary Chang, Luna

In a staff meting, Dean Monk tells the former professors that their classes have been “changed;” he is in effect chipping away at their influence and time with students and won’t allow them to observe the new professors. Professor Daniel refuses to go along with the changes, but Dean Monk tells them that if they don’t like it, there’s the door.

Secretary Chang and Luna are busy keeping Chae Yoon from meeting with Hwang Moo Song and Bong San. A man is in the car with Secretary Chang who seems to be with them, but in actuality, he recently met with Hwang Moo Song and is collecting information for him. The man told Hwang Moo Song that rumor has it Chae Yoon is alive. New Professor Kim may be there to teach martial arts, but her real purpose is to search the school for the chintamani key. She reports to Dean Monk that she searched the armory and didn’t find it.

Moorim School 14, Shi Woo and Chi Ang Moorim School 14 can Shi Woo make Soon Deok happy

Soon Deok is trying her best to take care of her father. He isn’t saying anything and she is worried that something bad happened to him because of Moorim. When she asks him to share his burden, he lies down and turns away from her. Soon Deok feels helpless.

Chi Ang tries to sort out his thoughts. He still longs for Soon Deok, but with the butterfly necklace in his hand, he throws it against the wall in frustration. Is he letting go of her? Shi Woo is worried about Soon Deok and wonders what he can do to help. Suddenly, he dashes down the stairs to go to her. He runs into Chi Ang who guesses where he is going. Chi Ang wants to know what Shi Woo thinks he can do for Soon Deok. After all, he is the one who can offer her everything – a comfortable life with no worries or shortages. “What can you give her other than yourself?” he asks Shi Woo. The difference is that Chi Ang still thinks coming to Moorim is like a dream while Shi Woo has already made Soon Deok a part of his life and it is very real.

Moorim School 14, Shi Woo hugs Soon DeokMoorim School 14, I missed you like crazy

Shi Woo runs to find Soon Deok. He has never been so sure about anything than wanting to be with her and making sure she is okay. When he finds her, they both say, “I missed you. Like crazy,” and kiss.

Moorim School 14, Chi Ang talks with the new dean Moorim School ep 14, Chi Ang makes decision

Shi Woo keeps saying that he doesn’t know what Chi Ang is thinking. Neither do I. He meets with Dean Monk who tells him to come to him if he has any problems. Chi Ang asks about the chintamani: the chintamani gives you all the power in the world. To a strong person. Because it’s only natural for the person who has the right to claim power to be given power. Your father is a strong person. Dean Monk is working hand in hand with Chairman Hao. Knowing that Chi Ang is the heir, he tells him that not working toward that end is lazy. Chi Ang’s thoughts are everywhere; the person he fights most is himself.

Moorim School 14, Shi Woo and SOon Deok discuss the changes at Moorim Moorim School 14, Shi Woo doesn't know what Chi Ang is thinking

Shi Woo samples Soon Deok’s new chicken recipe. But, their conversation is not lighthearted. Shi Woo tells her that the school has been taken over by Sang Hae Group. It’s sad that Soon Deok hides her worries from Shi Woo, though, an acts like everything is okay with her father and her.

When Shi Woo returns to Moorim he finds Chi Ang practicing martial arts. Chi Ang can’t trust anyone at the moment because he doesn’t know where he stands. Is his father the bad guy behind what’s going on at Moorim? Or is he the rightful owner of the chintamani? Should he defy his father or should he become the strong heir his father wants him to be? His head must be splitting with such thoughts and he confesses to Shi Woo that he doesn’t know what he is doing. Maybe his goals are shifting; he wanted to protect Soon Deok and his mother but Soon Deok only has eyes for Shi Woo and his mother backs his father. Chi Ang doesn’t want to be a loser or a quitter and wonders if gaining the chintamani is his answer. “I could get everything I want,” he tells Shi Woo.

Moorim School 14, Shi Woo tells Chi Ang that he is different than his father

Chi Ang only knows one thing, that his father will find a way to get what he wants. In his confusion, he wonders if it’s his only option to be like his father. “After all, I am my father’s son,” he tells Shi Woo. “No, you’re different.” Shi Woo makes sure let his friend know that he cares about others and that he doesn’t have to be like his father.

Moorim School, Shi Woo, Hyun Woo Moorim School 14, Yub Jung practices

New Professor Kim is blood thirsty and eager to get weapons into the hands of the students. She will train them like Spartans. This makes everyone uncomfortable, except for Yub Jung who has lined up with Moorim’s new order. Dean Monk pays a visit to Sun Ah in her room. He plants doubt in her mind about her father (Dean Hwang) and her feelings towards him. Even though she doesn’t trust Dean Monk as far as she can spit, he’s left her shaken.

Moorim School ep 14, Secretary Chang, Chairman, Hyun Woo Moorim School 14, bad guys after Dean Hwang

Secretary Chang pays Dean Monk a visit. He reports that Chairman Hao is getting impatient because he hasn’t found the key, yet. Dean Monk suggests letting Chae Yoon and Hwang Moo Song meet. Eighteen years have passed and the details of that fatal night remain unanswered. Dean Monk thinks that when Chae Yoon discovers that his daughter (Sun Ah) is at Moorim and sees Hwang Moo Song, it will be revealed that Hwang Moo Song was the Juk Poong. Interjecting thoughts: Dean Monk wants to perpetuate the accusation that Hwang Moo Song is Juk Poong to sway Chae Yoon that it’s true in order to turn Chae Yoon against Hwang Moo Song. Chairman Hao has orchestrated all the information that Chae Yoon has been fed since he woke up from a coma in order to get Chae Yoon to turn against Hwang Moo Song and give the chintamani to Chairman Hao. Will we get to the bottom of the truth and will Sun Ah be able to forgive Dean Dad for keeping the truth from her to protect her? Will she be able to handle that Chae Yoon is her real father and Shi Woo is her brother? What will happen to Dean Hwang who raised her all these years? Gasp!! I wonder if he will be killed….

Moorim School 14, bad guys after Dean Hwang Moorim School 14, Shi Woo talks with Sun Ah 

Hwang Moo Song is savvy enough to realize he is being followed and slips into an alley.

Shi Woo is alarmed when he sees the mess in Sun Ah’s room. She tells him not to make a fuss, that she did it herself. (When Dean Monk stopped by her room and mentioned the chimanti, she threw things around in a fit asking what the big deal was about the chintamani and if he thinks it’s hidden in her room go ahead and look for it.) She is upset and yells that the cinatamani has only brought misery and sadness into her life. Shi Woo sees that she is upset and tells her not to lose hope. She says that she just wants to disappear. Shi Woo tells her that he understands,and that he wanted to do the same. But, he found some answers while at Moorim and tells her that she will definitely find answers inside herself, too.

Moorim School 14, Shi Woo comforts Sun Ah Moorim School ep 14, Chi Ang runs into Secretary Chang

Chi Ang is upset to run into Secretary Chang at Moorim. As usual, Secretary Chang tries to put off Chi Ang when he asks where his father is and tells him that he’s in China. This time, however, Chi Ang demands that Secretary Chang arrange for a ticket to China. He plans to meet his father in person and get some answers.

Moorim School ep 14, Professor Kim knows Chintamani story Moorim School ep 14, Chae Yoon finds out his daughter is at Moorim

In a staff meeting, the old professors are concerned with talk of expelling the students who haven’t returned. It is Dean Monk’s way of getting rid of unwanted students and teachers by changing the rules. Professor Kim argues with Dean Monk and the new professor Kim. He has been at Moorim since the beginning and knows the history of the school better than anyone. He can’t believe what is happening and he knows it’s changing for the worse. Later, Professor Kim runs into Shi Woo who tells him that Dean Kwang told him everything. Professor Kim believes that Chae Yoon’s son has one piece of the chintamani key, his daughter has another piece, and the Juk Poong took the third piece. Translation: Shi Woo has one piece, Sun Ah has one piece, and the third is in the hands of the Juk Poong which brings to mind the piece that Chairman Hao has in the safe. Professor Kim and Shi Woo guess that Dean Hwang is looking for the missing boy. Indeed, he is. Hwang Moo Song meets with the man who tells him that he overheard Secretary Chang mention the name Shim Bong San as the person who would know about the Chae Yoon’s son.  Hwang Moo Song realizes that’s Soon Deok’s father.

The pieces are flying everywhere, now. Luna tells Chae Yoon that he will meet Hwang Moo Song. Also, he learns for the first time that his daughter Young (now Sun Ah) was taken by Moo Song and is at Moorim. Doesn’t that prove he is Juk Poong? Luna rubs it in and says his daughter Young was deceived all these years and raised as Hwang Moo Song’s daughter. The anger rises in his face at the thought and Chae Yoon grits his teeth and yells, “Hwang Moo Song!”

Moorim School ep 14, Shi Woo and Chi Ang fight Moorim School ep 14, Bong San

It’s come to a face on fight. Shi Woo won’t hold back anymore. He tells Chi Ang that he will use his own tactic to face his opponent. Chi Ang is ready to fight back and get what he wants no matter what. He is his father’s son. Going after each other is unavoidable at this point. With a final double kick they land on their backs. “I will protect it. I won’t let it be taken away.” That is Shi Woo’s reply to Chi Ang’s declaration to get what he wants.

Moorim School ep 14, Chi Ang, HOngbin, Vixx Moorim School ep 14, Chi Ang says goodbye to Soon Deok

That night, Chi Ang leaves. Shi Woo’s eyes are closed, but he isn’t asleep. Come back Chi Ang. Please. Before he heads to China, Chi Ang stops by to see Soon Deok. It seems as if he is saying goodbye for good. If he is going to align with his father’s ways, it won’t be a good thing for his friends. So, he is going to China to find out what he should do and isn’t sure himself what the outcome will be. What a scary thing not to know how dark your soul might become.

Moorim School ep 14, Shi Woo cries

Shi Woo knows Chi Ang has gone to look for answers. He cries for what things have become and the hardships his friends and he are facing.


  • A more confused student body there never was. Sun Ah hasn’t  left her room in days. She is angry, hurt, and alone. Dean Monk preys upon her weakened condition and goads her into feeling hateful towards Dean Dad. But, she must have enough inner strength to be able to hear the words of Shi Woo to look inside for the answers and Chi Ang who told her to gain back strength little by little. I have high hopes for Sun Ah to be able to take the higher ground and come to the right conclusion.
  • I’m scared for Hwang Moo Song and Chae Yoon to meet. With all the mishmash of propaganda and brainwashing, how will they straighten out the whole story in two more episodes? I wonder if Chi Ang will turn out to be a hero now that he is off to China to meet his father mano a mano. I’m guessing he will find out his father is Juk Poong and come back with the third piece of the chintamani to give to Shi Woo.
  • I fear the story has many loose ends that will be neatly but not satisfactorily wrapped up next week. And bringing in a whole new staff, gosh, how complicated is that for having to keep track of even more people in this drama?
  • Really, I just want to see Sun Ah and Shi Woo embrace as siblings and together embrace their father, Chae Yoon. I want Chae Yoon to embrace his long standing friend, Hwang Moo Song and get the story straight. I am afraid Hwang Moo Song may die in a fight, maybe with Chairman Hao or scary new Professor Kim and her love for blades. I want Soon Deok and Shi Woo to go off into the sunset. Not sure about Chi Ang and Sun Ah, but it would be okay if they got together.
  • So, the magic went by the wayside which is disappointing. The fighting/martial arts was mediocre and could have been a highlight; the power of the chintamani is implied but never demonstrated so that was kind of meh. Or will we find out that, like the Family Book Gu, it doesn’t exist?? That would drive me crazy.
  • There were lots of cute Hyun Woo and Hongbin shots and scenes; thanks for the fan service.
  • See you for the finale next week.
  • What will become of Shi Woo and Chi Ang’s bromance?











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