Moorim School, episode 13 recap, kdrama

Moorim School: Saga of the Brave 


Episode 13 [Sa Bul Bum Jung. Evil can never defeat the righteous.]

Moorim School ep 13, Dean Hwang Moorim School ep 13, Shi Woo, Hyun Woo

There are so many tears shed in this episode, it’s heartbreaking! Secrets, hidden truths, revealed information, rumors, lies – it’s hard to know what to believe. The Moorim Competition has turned into a shambles that has everyone -parents, students, visitors, and teachers – upset. Above all, Chairman Hao accuses Dean Hwang of hiding behind the sealed school to conceal the ugly truth that he killed Chae Yoon, took his daughter Young (Sun Ah), and stole the chintamani key.  Now, in front of Chi Ang, Shi Woo, and Soon Deok, Chairman Hao insinuates that Dean Hwang is the Juk Poong. In his own defense, Dean Hwang only replies, “I don’t think you want the truth.” But, one truth is revealed: Sun Ah is indeed Young, Chae Yoon’s daughter. 

Moorim School ep 13, Hyun Woo, Hongbin Moorim School 13, Chairman

After a violent match between Yub Jung and his brother, Yub Poong, the parents angrily leave Moorim School with their children. The reputation of Moorim has been marred and the competition which held such high hopes has become a reproach to the school and Dean Hwang. There is an emergency meeting with Chairman Hao, the original Chairman in a wheelchair, directors, Dean Hwang, and Monk. Dean Hwang says that the Moorim Competition was opened to the public to weed out the Juk Poong. Chairman Hao throws up a smoke screen and insists that the Dean is the Juk Poong and that all he ever wanted was the chintamani. Although this is a planned set-up, under the circumstances the Dean has no choice but to step down. This seems to make Monk and Chairman Hao particularly happy.

Moorim School 13, Shi Woo, Chi AngMoorim School 13, Sun Ah

It is unfortunate that Sun Ah overhears all this from the other students. She walks in on a conversation between Shi Woo, Chi Ang, and Soon Deok who are trying to sort through bits and pieces of rumors and information they’ve just heard. Sun Ah asks, ‘What are you guys talking about right now?” She is shocked as she blankly repeats the devastating rumor that the Dean kidnapped her for the chintamani and killed her whole family. Shi Woo says it is all a misunderstanding and that they should go talk to the Dean right away to straighten everything out. Sun Ah stumbles away saying that she doesn’t understand.

Moorim School ep 13, Soon DeokMoorim School 13, Soon Deok, Shi Woo

Soon Deok follows her back to their room, but Sun Ah just wants to be alone. Shi Woo encourages Soon Deok to find her father and let him know that she is okay after today’s ruckus. He assures Soon Deok that he will look after Sun Ah and watches as Soon Deok leaves with her father. No one has a good feeling about what is going on at Moorim School. Things have been shaken to the core.

Moorim School ep 13, Shi Woo Moorim School 13, Chi Ang confronts his father

Shi Woo overhears the old Chairman tell Monk to take over the position as acting dean while Dean Hwang is gone. He runs to the Dean’s office to ask what is going on. Dean Hwang tells him that he is going to have to leave for the time being. Meanwhile, Chi Ang confronts his father. When he asks his father what he is trying to do, Chairman Hao compliments Chi Ang for accomplishing something big. Chi Ang is clearly bothered by his father’s motives. Chi Ang doesn’t understand why his father supports the chaos that is happening in the school and what he is so pleased about. To Chi Ang, it doesn’t make sense. His father isn’t being straightforward. “You are the heir to the Sang Hae Group. Don’t ever forget it. All of this is for you,” Chairman Hao tells his son. But, they are not words of comfort or concern. Chi Ang sadly realizes that his father never asks if he is hurt or okay – questions caring and protective parents ask their children.

Moorim School ep 13, Dean Hwang and Sun Ah Moorim School ep 13, Sun Ah is upset

Dad Dean stands at Sun Ah’s bedside. He wants to talk but she doesn’t want to. She is scared; can’t he just keep telling her lies so she doesn’t have to hear the harsh truth? “This school was my world and you were my everything!” she cries out. For all the love Dad Dean has given her, nothing can make up for the fact that he raised her believing that he was her father and hid the truth from her. On top of that, she has heard that he is suspected of killing her real father. Right now, Sun Ah doesn’t want to, no – can’t, hear anything from Dad Dean. Not now. Not like this. Poor Sun Ah.

Moorim School ep 13, Chi Ang in dorm room Moorim School ep 13, Chi Ang having a hard time

Chi Ang has a lot to sort through, too. Alone in his dorm room. he sheds tears of disappointment, fear, loneliness, betrayal.

Shi Woo wants to comfort Sun Ah, but she is despondent and can only close her eyes and stay in bed. As Dean Hwang prepares to leave (he has good reason, but isn’t saying just yet) Sun Ah lashes out and tells him she never wants to see him again and not to come back. Poor babies, they’re hurting so bad!

Moorim Shcool ep 13, Dean Hwang and Monk

Monk comes to say goodbye (good riddance is more like it) to the Dean. I think Dean Hwang is onto this wolf in sheep’s clothing. He reminds Monk to never forget the words Monk told him eighteen years ago, that evil can never defeat the righteous. Monk prepares to take over Moorim (on the surface it is as a substitute while the Dean is gone, but it was his plan to overtake Moorim all along), and shows his true colors with the statement that there is no right answer to being righteous. I’m pretty sure the Dean has his number.

Moorim School ep 13, Shi Woo finds the photograph with Chae Yoon Moorim School ep 13, Sun Ah is upset, Shi Woo, Hyun Woo

Shi Woo runs after Dean Hwang and tells him he can’t leave now, Sun Ah needs him. The Dean asks Shi Woo to do him a favor: there is a photograph is his office that he’d like him to give to Sun Ah. Shi Woo finds the picture and recognizes the man in it as the one who cured his head pain on the street that time. He brings the picture to Sun Ah but she slaps it out of his hand; It’s not the right time to talk to her. Still, Shi Woo tries to convince Suh An to trust Dean Hwang. It seems like her world is crashing in with lies about her past and she can’t hear anything right now. Shi Woo believes and trusts the Dean’s story that he came upon the fire and found the mother already dead, and Yoon and his son gone. He escaped the Juk Poong with little Young (Sun Ah) and hid at Moorim. He never revealed that she was Chae Yoon’s daughter to protect her; had anyone found out, they’d be after her for the chintamani key. With the Juk Poong on the prowl for the key again now that Moorim has been unlocked, the Dean knows they will be looking for him-and the key. Shi Woo realizes that Dean Hwang is actually leaving Moorim to protect Sun Ah and the rest of them. The Dean asks Shi Woo to trust him and promises to return. Shi Woo tries to relay all this to Sun Ah but she can’t handle it and asks him to leave. On his way out, he tells her that the man in the  picture – her biological father – isn’t dead; he’s met him.

Moorim School ep 13, bromance Moorim School ep 13, Choi Ho, bromance

Although I told Sun Ah that, I know knowing, understanding, and accepting the truth are different. That’s why i can’t offer consolation or forgiveness to anyone, yet. 

Shi Woo can’t do anything for his friends and classmates who are hurting up and down the hallways of Moorim. Chi Ang, Yub Jung, Choi Ho, Sun Ah, even Soon Deok – everyone is in pain right now and there’s nothing that he can do. Choi Ho confirms to Shi Woo that it was Luna and Secretary Chang of Sang Hae Group who trained him and sent him to fight against Moorim. When Choi Ho wonders if Chi Ang is in on it, too, Shi Woo tells him that he’s not. Shi Woo tells Choi Ho that his heart is in the right place and Moorim is where he belongs.Together, they decide to protect Moorim until the Dean returns.

Moorim School 13, Soon Deok sits with her father who has nightmare Moorim School 13, Shi Woo cries

Soon Deok sits beside her sleeping father who is having a terrible nightmare. He dreams of leaving the baby under the leaves and meeting the Juk Poong who slash his eyes. He cries out that he is sorry, he didn’t know; there’s the murky thought haunting him that Shi Woo might be that child after all. When he wakes up, he tells Soon Deok not to ever go back to Moorim. The students all feel the pressure of things falling apart and an imminent danger. It is as if they are scattered from each other and alone at a time when they could use a friend. Soon Deok wrestles with what her dad is telling her, Chi Ang wonders what he is supposed to do, now. Sun Ah is brokenhearted and angry at Dad Dean and now he’s left; Shi Woo carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. They all break down and cry at where they find themselves. You could cut the tension in the atmosphere with a knife.

Monk is positioning himself for a complete take over. He even brushes off the concerns of the other staff. If they don’t like the changes that are coming, they are free to leave he tells them. His attitude is shocking. Professor Kim doesn’t like what is going on. He tells Professor Daniel and Yoo Di to carry on with classes while he goes to convince the parents to let the students return. He knows Monk is up to no good.

Moorim School 13, Sun Ah won't eat Moorim School ep 13, Sun Ah as a little girl

Shi Woo brings a tray of food for Sun Ah. She hasn’t eaten since yesterday. She doesn’t even look up at him. Sun Ah takes down a box and pulls out large and small snowman dolls. She remembers Dad Dean giving her those dolls when she was very small. He tells her that the dolls will take away her nightmares and sorrows  and to name them. Then they can hide the dolls with all the bad memories and she won’t have to worr anymore. “This one is Young and this one is Joon,” she names them.

Sun Ah holds the dolls on her bed and says, “Dad…”

Moorim School 13, dolls, Sun Ah, Hyun WooMoorim School ep 13, what do the teachers know

Monk is dressed in a three-piece suit and with a villainous laugh, admires his new name place in the Dean’s office, Dean Beop Gong. He is sure Hwang Moo Song won’t return and Moorim School will be in his hands. He has already searched the office from top to bottom and reports (to whom?) that the chintamani key isn’t there.

Moorim School 13, Chi Ang, the scar

Chi Ang looks at his scar and thinks, it was my own father who stabbed me that night. Why did you send me to this school? It is a tough position to be in to hear his father say that what he is doing is for him, but how can Chi Ang explain his father’s actions?

Moorim School 13, Shi Woo thinks about conversationsMoorim School p 13, Yub Jung

Shi Woo thinks over what the Dean told him and the conflicting story from Chairman Hao. He thinks, If we put together the small pieces the hidden truth will come out. Even if the truth is ugly and scary, I have a feeling it is unavoidable. I am…ready.

What does Monk want with Yub Jung? He tells him that he won’t expel him from Moorim for assaulting his brother, but even Yub Jung wonders why Monk wants to keep him as a student. Monk tells him that he is going to recruit according to his beliefs and wants to know if Yub Jung in or out. But if you recall, it was Monk who recruited Yug Poong to fight agains Yub Jung in the first place. Monk is not to be trusted and plays on others’ hurts and rejections.

Moorim School ep 13, Chi Ang and Shi WooMoorim School ep 13

Finally, Shi Woo and Chi Ang talk. Shi Woo wants to know what his father is up to. Was everything planned by his father? What does Chi Ang know about all of this? Chi Ang tells Shi Woo that his father is definitely up to something. No matter what, his father is a scary person and will do anything to get what he wants. He tells Shi Woo to watch his back.

Is that a warning or a threat?


  • It is almost as if our main four characters have ended up in their separate corners to sort through what hit the fan. I don’t blame any of them for how they are feeling or how they are handling it. I just wish people (the adult adults) wouldn’t keep so much from them, like just tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Why do people think hiding the truth and outright lying protects anyone?
  • I give Chi Ang a lot of credit for doing exactly what his father told him to do – objectively look at the facts – and come to the conclusion that his father is the problem. Can anything be more hurtful than to realize that your father doesn’t care whether or not you re okay or hurt?
  • I thought Dean Hwang was onto Shi Woo being Chae Yoon’s son, but in the brief conversations with the man it doesn’t seem that way. How will Dean Hwang and Chae Yoon meet? And when?
  • They’re leaving Chae Yoon out there on the  peripheral and there is SO much to be straightened out in three more episodes. Why didn’t they leave it at the original 20? He has to find out that both his children are alive. Shi Woo and Sun Ah have to find out that they ‘re siblings and he is their father. Chae Yoon has to find out that it wasn’t Hwang Moo Song who caused the fire, his wife’s death, etc. and that he is being falsely led by Chairman Hao (and his minions, Luna and Secretary Chang who bug me to no end.)
  • Which brings me to Chi Ang’s mother’s story (or non-story); it’s a bore and kind of a waste to have her in it at all. And the part where Bang Duk went to work for her, did that line fall by the wayside? Several of the side stories are unnecessary. I wish they would have spent more time on Shi Woo’s powers, Chae Yoon’s powers (Gi Chae Sool) and stuff like that. There was potential, but the story didn’t go in that direction which is a shame.
  • Oh, and Bong San, Soon Deok’s father – his story has been swirling around in nowhere’s-ville, too, sort of dangling like a string in the wind. All in all, the story line could have been tighter.
  • Who cares about the chintamani and power anyway? It ‘s just not that big of a deal and is waning as the crux of the story at this point. Pfftt.
  • Our leads are growing and maturing, and that part of the story I like.
  • Any thoughts on how this will all end?




2 thoughts on “Moorim School, episode 13 recap, kdrama

  1. “Who cares about the chintamani and power anyway?”
    just to draw an analogy, it was fine, but i did not care very much for the big epic battle in harry potter. (and yes, harry potter is so very superior to this mess of a story.) what i loved most about harry potter was the world it created and school life. as you point out, we do not care about all of these extraneous story lines in moorim. they are having a hard enough time telling the main stories.


    • That’s a good analogy, tex. I think we must like the relationship stories better than the plot with a beginning, middle, and and an end that fixates on accomplishing a goal. The interpersonal aspects are more intriguing and carry the heart of what it’s all about. Yeah, there are just too many people in Moorim, though. And I can’t believe they add NEW PEOPLE in ep 14. Really?


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