Moorim School, episode 10 recap, kdrama

Moorim School: Saga of the Brave 


Episode 10 [Is it a dream or a memory?]

Moorim School ep 9, Shi Woo and fireMoorim School ep 19, Shi Woo

Shi Woo is restless as he dreams about the fire, but this time he sees himself in the present sitting next to his mother as the flames engulf the house. He wakes up with a start. The words of Dean Hwang resonate in his mind, “I am looking for a student who would step up and keep the key safe.”   

Meanwhile, Secretary Chang preps Chi Ang on what it will take to rise to the occasion to prove to his father (Chairman Hao) that he is capable and worthy of taking over the Sang Hae Group. Chi Ang must work hard to make a name for himself and achieve position and power beginning at Moorim. Now he understands why his father sent him there. There is a new determination in Chi Ang’s eyes as if he realizes becoming a strong heir to his father’s company holds benefits and would put him on top of the world – not such a bad prospect after all.

Moorim School ep 10, Choi Ho, Yub Jung, Hyun woo Moorim School ep 10, Hongbin

Dean Hwang discovers the grade book shoved under his desk and, like he suspected all along, concludes that the break-in suspect wasn’t after the chintamini. He informs the teachers that he will wait for the culprit to turn himself in.

An unlikely suspect emerges. Instead of an enemy intruder in search of the chintamini as everyone supposed or even suspicious Yub Jung, the offender turns out to be Choi Ho. Feeling like a loser in the lower level martial arts class, he sneaked into the dean’s office to fudge the grade book so that he could be placed in the advanced class. Yub Jung is the one who confronts him, but Choi Ho feels like the underdog and resents that he doesn’t have advantages like the other students. They get into a fight and yelling match that attracts the other students. Choi Ho says he was doing it to make the playing field fair, but when they encourage him to go to the Dean and confess he refuses. It turns out he doesn’t have to; Dean Hwang walks in and hears it all.

Dean Hwang says the Choi Ho he knows wouldn’t do this. Choi Ho has grown jealous and insecure and instead of reflecting when given the chance, he accuses the Dean of favoring Shi Woo. He overheard the Dean telling Shi Woo about the chintamani and demands to know if he intends on making Shi Woo the heir to Moorim School. The Dean tells Choi Ho that with that attitude, he doesn’t belong at Moorim and sends him home. Sadly, Choi Ho has taken the low road and isn’t listening to sound advice.

Moorim School, ep 10, Shi Woo and Sun Ah Moorim School ep 10, Shi Woo, chintamani

Shi Woo still isn’t willing to be open with Sun Ah about his powers. When she questions him about the falling lights and unlocking the seal, he says it was a coincidence or could even be because of Chi Ang’s presence. But she knows better, and Shi Woo is still figuring it out for himself.

Moorim School ep 10, Chi Ang and Soon DeokMoorim School, ep 10, Chi Ang gives Soon Deok butterfly necklace

Chi Ang is well enough to return to Moorim School and waits outside Soon Deok’s part-time job to ride back with her. But first, he has planned an event. He takes her to dinner at a nice restaurant to thank her for taking care of him. She is more sorry that he got injured because of her. His intentions are deeper, however. He gives her a necklace with the sentiment, “Butterflies will bring you luck. That’s why I caught one for you.” She closes the box and is sorry. He asks if it is because of Yoon Shi Woo. His feelings for her are sincere, he insists. She knows, that’s why she can’t accept it. It is not what he wants to hear from her. He says he won’t give up on her. A person’s heart is like a butterfly – if you catch it by force, it will fly away. He won’t chase her, he tells her. Instead, he will show her what kind of person he is – he is going to work hard to become an amazing man. Later, he will give her the necklace again.

Moorim School ep 10, Shi Woo painMoorim School ep 10, Chae Yoon,

If someone unworthy gets ahold of the chintmaini, the world will be in chaos. The weight of that thought cause Shi Woo to grab his head and fall down in pain. This time, he is able to calm himself.

Uh oh, the man who gave Chae Yoon information about the Guhji Party and Juk Poong is knocked off by Luna. Chae Yoon finds out and, because he has been primed since he came out of his coma to think that Luna, Secretary Chang, and Chairman Hao are the good guys, tells her that the man who talked with him was mysteriously found dead. Chae Yoon has figured out that whoever killed his wife also killed this man and is trying to erase all the evidence. Of course, Luna and the others have steered him to believe that the enemy is Dean Kwang Moo Song, but when she suggests they meet Chae Yoon says it’s not the right time. “It would be a meeting without a victory,” he states.

Moorim School ep 10, Chi Ang back at MoorimMoorim School, ep 10, Choi Ho, Hongbin

Chi Ang is back at school and has a new air of confidence about him. The students talk about Choi Ho being expelled, but Chi Ang has decided to use his clout to persuade Choi Ho and the Dean to change their minds. When he stops by Choi Ho’s room he is angry and defensive. He blurts out that he knows who is beign acknowledged in this school. Chi Ang asks what he means by that and he says that he overheard the Dean tell Yoon Shi Woo about the chintamini.

Shi Woo is ahead of the game and asks the Dean to reconsider his decision to expel Choi Ho. Using the Dean’s own words, Shi Woo points out that a betrayer is still a colleague and a friend and just as they were given a second chance, Choi Ho deserves one, too. Enter the teachers – they support Shi Woo’s proposal. In the end, Choi Ho chooses to leave.

Moorim School ep 10, Shi Woo, Hyun Woo Moorim School ep 10, Hongbin, Chi Ang, VIXX

Chi Ang and Shi Woo meet for the first time since Chi Ang’s return. Things between them have changed, but they have a sort of truce and agree that each will do things his way. They are cautiously friendly with their guards up. When Shi Woo shares his concern about the chintamani, it is as if Chi Ang is storing up valuable information to use against Shi Woo. The two frenemies are on different paths.

Moorim School ep 10, Soon Deok's father gets news of the death of the Gulji Party friend

Soon Deok’s father receives a phone call from a Mrs. Park. She is the wife of the man who was killed for talking to Chae Yoon and has called to tell him. He is shocked and drops the phone. At the same time, Chae Yoon stands on a rooftop wondering about the man who was there at that time and lost his eyesight. His memory is hazy, a man has died, and he is troubled. Luna reports to Secretary Chang that she has found Chae Yoon’s child (Shi Woo). They report it to Chairman Hao.

Soon Deok’s father is extremely worried about what is going on and what it means. He makes his way to the academy where he thinks she is attending only to find out that she is not enrolled there. Bang Duk has no choice but to tell him the truth – Soon Deok attends Moorim School. He collapses and cries out, “No, no!”

Moorim School ep 10, Chi and sees Shi Woo and Soon Deok Moorim School, ep 10, Chi Ang is not happy to see Shi Woo and Soon Deok

Shi Woo and Soon Deok talk in the Bell Tower about fate, coming to Moorim, and unknown paths. He wonders if he might get swept away to somewhere cold and dark – he can’t remember his past and if there is something there he can’t handle. The chintamani doesn’t feel strange to him, his head hurts like crazy. She comforts him

no matter what is waiting for me at the end will you be with me. She tells him she will. They hug. Chi Ang and Sun Ah have inadvertently come upon them Chi Ang storms off Sun Ah tries to cool him off “I didn’t see anything just now.”

Chi Ang paces in his dorm room. He recalls too many incidents now, that he’s lost to Shi Woo. With a resolve to be on top now, his motivation has shifted and he is more determined than ever to win the greater prize of gaining his father’s respect if he wants to take over his company. Plus, the elusive chintamini beckons with the promise of even greater power. Then there’s the one-sided love he has for Soon Deok. Only one thing stands in the way of all that: Yoon Shi Woo. He decides he will never back down.

Moorim School ep 10, Soon Deok and her father argue over MoorimMoorim School ep 10, Soon Deok

Soon Deok’s father scolds her for deceiving him. She says she didn’t want to worry him. He didn’t ask her to work and go to school he replies. Like Sun Ah, Soon Deok is not a little girl anymore. She tells her father that even though she had good grades, she knew they couldn’t afford tuition and tore up her college acceptance letter. Instead, she attends Moorim where there is no tuition and works part-time. It sounds reasonable enough. Her father must have good reason to not want her near that school, but he doesn’t give an explanation, grounds her, and demands her to stop attending. Soon Deok doesn’t understand and cries over their argument.

Moorim School ep 10, Moorim Competition, dean HwangMoorim School ep 10, Professor Kim meets alumni

Dean Hwang announces that Moorim Competition will include outsiders – alumni and affiliates of Moorim- to participate. It is a call for capable people, but the teachers are worried. What if the Juk Poong enter? Monk is for it and agrees that it is the destiny of the school and Moorim Institute.With a new competition announced, Chi Ang practices harder than ever. Professor Kim is in charge of special classes to get the students ready and pays a visit to an alumnus of Moorim who is teaching a taekwondo class to children. From their conversation, it sounds like this Moorim graduate was in high standing and is highly regarded. When Professor Kim tells him that Dean Hwang has requested him to come to the competition, he is honored.

Moorim School ep 10, Shi Woo and Chi Ang spar Moorim School ep 10, Chi Ang and Shi Woo spar

Shi Woo is worried when he can’t get a hold of Soon Deok. He finds Sun Ah and Chi Ang in the  gym practicing and tells them he is going to go to Soon Deok’s house to look for her. Sun Ah can’t go because of the kidnapping incident, but she and Shi Woo are surprised when Chi Ang says he won’t go, either. With the words of Secretary Chang echoing in his head to become a strong son and to get recognition at Moorim School, he only thinks about winning the upcoming competition. Suddenly, he aggressively challenges Shi Woo with the stick and doesn’t hold back. Shi Woo defends himself but doesn’t know where Chi Ang is coming from. When Chi Ang asks him if he is going to participate in the Moorim Competition and Shi Woo answers, “Of course,” Chi Ang tells him not to. It’s a warning: if Shi Woo competes, Chi Ang will crush him. Chi Ang is determined and fights with all his might, and even though Shi Woo doesn’t know why Chi Ang suddenly attacked, he still wins. It seems as if it just comes naturally to Shi Woo. Dean Hwang watches from the doorway.

Moorim School ep 10, Chi Ang and the DeanMoorim School ep 10, Dean Hwang and Chi Ang talk, chintamani

Dean Hwang and Chi Ang have a talk. It is one of those moments where the Dean hopes his student will learn from his experiences. Chi Ang expresses his determination to get what he wants – to win the Moorim Competition. Dean Kwang tells him that he was just like him when he was his age. Chi Ang asks if he got what he wanted. The Dean’s answer reveals the double-edged sword of how things turned out: everything he wanted belonged to his friend including the woman he loved and the position as head of Moorim.

“My best friend was the obstacle I couldn’t overcome. To me it was the misfortune I couldn’t handle. There were times I wanted him gone. Just like how you feel, now.” The Dean sees that Chi Ang and Shi Woo stand where he and Chae Yoon stood years before. Chi Ang asks what happened to him and his friend. Hindsight is 20/20: the Dean realized the true meaning and importance of their friendship only after he lost him. That everything was only great because they were together. And that he realized he lost more than he gained.

To Chi Ang, the story proves that the Dean won and got everything he wanted. From his perspective, if things hadn’t turned out this way, it would be something else that the Dean regretted. Chi Ang resolves to fight until the end to become strong and get what he wants. “I will become the master that no one can defeat.” His determination worries Dean Hwang.

Moorim School ep 10, Sun Ah and shi WooMoorim school ep 10, Soon Deok, Moorim

Shi Woo wanders to the music room where Sun Ah plays the piano. They both feel anxious. He tells her that he has the same melody in his memory from a long time ago. Did he hear it from his mom, he wonders? He tells Sun Ah that the song is comforting to him, like a sweet dream. He is ready to talk with her about the time he stopped the lights and how the seal unlocked upon his arrival at Moorim and why he is there at all. He is ready to face his past and the mystery of the chintamani. He knows without a doubt that they are definitely related. Sun Ah wants them all to be okay – her, him, Soon Deok, and Chi Ang – all of them. He assures her that it has to be okay. They smile but there is an uneasiness in the air.

Moorim School ep 10, teachers, Moorim Competition Moorim School ep 10, Chi Ang is competitive

The teachers are cautiously excited that so many alumni have already signed up for the competition. While they make preparations, the students work their hardest to hone their skills. Monk suggests that the families of the students be allowed to come to view the competition. It is something the Dean will consider and look into.

Moorim School ep 10, Chi Ang talks with Sun Ah about MoorimMoorim School ep 10, Chi Ang wants lessons from Sun Ah

Sun Ah doesn’t like the rift between Chi Ang and Shi Woo. She asks Chi Ang if he couldn’t at least smile when Shi Woo’s around but Chi Ang is honest and says that it’s too cruel to ask him to smile when it’s hard enough to face him. After all, he is the loser in the love triangle. Chi Ang asks for a private lesson with steel weights and is impressed when Sun AH holds up her arms to reveal that she wears them all the time.

Moorim School ep 10, Dean Kwang and Shi WOoMoorim School ep 10, Shi Woo, Soon Deok, Dean Kwang

As Shi Woo heads to Soon Deok’s house, he runs into Dean Kwang who is also on his way there. They go together and have a chance to talk as they walk through the woods. Shi Woo has matured since the day he arrived at Moorim School and is ready to face what he has avoided for so long. He tells the Dean that he thinks the chintamani is related to his past and that being at Moorim has everything to do with that. Finding out who he is – he is ready to face that, now.

Moorim School ep 10, Shi Woo smiles Moorim School ep 10, Shi Woo as a little boy

Bang Duk greets Dean Hwang and Shi Woo when they arrive at Soon Deok’s house. She and her father come out to greet the visitors but Soon Deok’s father has a violent reaction when he hears the name Shi Woo that throws him backwards. He pictures that day as he runs away from the burning house with that child in his arms.

Both Shi Woo and Chi Ang have grown up since their arrival at Moorim and feel destined to be there. Shi Woo is ready to face his past and future. Chi Ang understands what it takes to gain his father’s approval which will open to him a level of power through wealth and untouchable authority. However, their reasons and strategies take different paths that will surely culminate in the ultimate challenge of good versus evil. Is that where this is going?


  • I’m not sure how I feel about the way Shi Woo and Chi Ang’s relationship is developing. It parallels what happened to their fathers as I supposes it is meant to, but I admit I am conflicted that they appear to be headed to an all-out battle for something that happened long before they came on the scene. At the same time it makes the story exciting with plenty of electricity in the air to light up Moorim School when the challenge goes down.
  • In addition to those two, Soon Deok and Sun Ah’s presence at Moorim has everything to do with their fathers, too. It has become a second generation coming-of-age story that I’m finding more and more interesting.
  • I like Yub Jung, a man out for himself who is rough around the edges. Suspicions of his intentions have been cleared and it turns out that he is just a no-nonsense guy who doesn’t care if he is liked or not. I also feel for Choi Ho was took the lower road when his back was up against the wall and succumbed to the “poor me” victim mentality. I imagine we haven’t seen the last of him.
  • Monk bugs me. He is becoming more aggressive which I think will trip him up. Always wanting to be on the advantageous side, he is loyal only to himself.
  • Things will probably heat up between Shi Woo and Chi Ang, even dangerously so, but I look forward to what Chi Ang is willing to risk to get what he wants – or at least thinks he wants – and if Dean Hwang’s story will somehow have an impact on  him after all.
  • I love Chae Yoon and can’t wait for him to reunite with his children – and for Shi Woo and Sun Ah to realize they are siblings!
  • What happened to Soon Deok’s father that he lost his eyesight? What did he do with Shi Woo after he saved him in the fire?
  • There are so many unanswered questions until next Monday!

2 thoughts on “Moorim School, episode 10 recap, kdrama

  1. I’m just completely done with Chi-ang he doesn’t listen to Soon-duk, he doesn’t listen to the dean, he doesn’t even listen to things he sees but decides to ignore. At this point the only way I can see for him to redeem himself is to have him die saving Shi-woo and Soon-duk from his father. As for Soon-duk what kind of adult allows their parent to ground them? I thought Soon-duk’s dads reaction at the end was to hearing Dean Hwang’s voice but I guess Shi-woo’s name makes a little more sense.


    • Hey sajen ~ I thought about giving Chi Ang the benefit of the doubt but he is in it for himself now and disregarding every voice in his life but Secretary Chang. I wonder about his relationship with his mother and how that is affecting his decisions, too. For him, winning is everything. Maybe that will change, but I have a feeling if it does, it will be the hard way.


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