Moorim School, episode 5 recap, kdrama

Moorim School: Saga of the Brave  


Episode 5  [Chintamani)

Moorim school, ep 5, Chi Ang misses Shi WooMoorim School ep 5, Chi Ang and Sun Ah

Chi Ang and Sun Ah can’t sleep because Shi Woo has left. When they happen to meet outside Chi Ang pretends he is waiting for Ariel who isn’t home from work, yet. Not to worry; Shi Woo has done some soul searching and pulls up with Ariel on her scooter. He’s decided it’s not time to leave and has returned. Aw, Chi Ang professes his bromance, sweet.:) He tells Shi Woo not to smile – he might like him.  

Moorim School, ep 5, Shi Woo and Chi AngMoorim School ep 5, ransom note

The boys barely have time to settle back in their room when a message slips under their door that reads:  Yoon Shi Woo; Wang Chi Ang; Come to the Bell Tower tonight. 

Moorim School, ep 5, Soon Deok, Sun Ah Moorim School, ep 5, friends, bromance

The boys stop by the girls’ dorm with the note, but Soon Deok and Sun Ah don’t know anything about it. They know that it’s a forbidden area and tell them not to go if they’re scared. Of course, that eggs on the newbies, and the four of them head to the Tower.

Moorim School, ep 5, bromanceMoorim School, Shi Woo

They climb the stairs and enter a dark hall. It appears to be a challenge: students stand on a balcony floor above as someone chains shut the gate to large room, locking Shi Woo and Chi Ang inside. Two older students jump down from the balcony and blades are drawn. Is this a good idea? As Shi Woo and Chi Ang get into position ready to defend, suddenly the mood changes. Confetti sprays, shouts ring out, music blares, and corks pop. Let’s par-tay! Everyone was in on the prank as they welcome Shi Woo and Chi Ang to Moorim School with an all-night booze initiation.

Moorim School, ep 5, Sam, bromanceMoorim School, ep 5, Daniel

The teachers hang out and talk about initiation back in the day. Not to be outdone, each brags about their drinking stamina. The loser, that is to say the one who gets drunk first, pays the tab. Everyone’s in.

Moorim School ep 5, Yub JungMoorim School, ep 5, initiation, bromance

Yub Jung shows up but not to join in. He lets Shi Woo and Chi Ang know that he was behind the kitchen accident. Chi Ang is willing to accept his apology and extends his hand, but Yub Jung is not about to get all chummy. He doesn’t like them and he’s not there to play.

Moorim School ep 5, Soon DeokMoorim School, episode 5, Dean Hwang

Dean Hwang gets that phone call – the one the bar owner makes when the customer can’t make it home because he’s so drunk. In this case, however, it’s the table of teachers who have drunk themselves silly. Worst of all, Dean has to pay their steep tab. They stagger out of the bar with the Dean herding them like sheep. Soon Deok’s father and Bang Duk are walking down the street. She notices Dean Hwang and greets him, but he walks past wishing not to be noticed with the drunkards. She explains loudly to Soon Deok’s father that it was the Dean of Moorim, the school where Chi Ang goes. A sudden fear comes over father. Trembling, he sternly tells her to keep Soon Deok from that school, it is forbidden. He is quite shaken by the encounter, but Bang Duk doesn’t know why.

Moorim School, partyMoorim School, ep 5, Soon Deok and Shi Woo

It’s VIXX, I mean Chi Ang, getting all footloose and fancy free at the initiation party and everyone’s having fun. There’s talk about the secret room in the Bell Tower and a hidden treasure. Shi Woo wonders if the story is true. The students have heard rumors of a hidden treasure called Chintamani. A person with powers that possesses it has great power but in the wrong hands it brings great misfortune. It’s true: one girl sneaked to take it for herself and died. On a rainy night a girl can be heard crying. The students spook each other with claims to have heard her.

Moorim School, Soon Deok drinksMoorim School ep 5, Soon Deok and the chicken place

Shi Woo notices Soon Deok step out to take a call. She rushes to the chicken restaurant only to be accused by the owner of stealing 50,000 won. Soon Deok is shocked and protests strongly, but the owner makes her pull out her pockets and, to Soon Deok’s embarrassment, open her shirt. Just then, the owner’s son comes in and tells his mom that, by the way, he took money from the till earlier because she wasn’t around. Soon Deok receives a back-handed apology, but it isn’t good enough. She quits on the spot on principle, saying that she doesn’t want to work at a place where’s there’s no trust. She wanders back to Moorim just as the party is ending. Alone, she drinks away her sorrows.

Moorim School, Shi Woo dreams about the fireMoorim School, Shi Woo is the little boy in the fire

Shi Woo and Chi Ang are asleep in the dorm. There’s a stirring in the atmosphere as Shi Woo’s dreams become more intense and detailed. At the same time, the man in a coma stirs. In his dream he tells his wife that he is worried someone evil might find the Chintamani and something bad will happen to the world. If anything happens to him…she stops him and asks, “Why are you scaring me?” She holds a young boy on her lap. It’s Shi Woo.

Moorim School ep 5, Chi Ang, Shi Woo, Soon DeokMoorim School, ep 5, VIXX

Chi Ang wakes up thirsty and asks Shi Woo to get him some water. Shi Woo wanders to the Bell Tower, his thoughts preoccupied about the secret room and hidden treasure. There are bottles and trash everywhere from last night’s party. He is surprised to find Soon Deok drinking and crying. She wipes away her tears. “We all cry from time to time,” he tells her, which makes her burst out uncontrollably. He puts his arm around her and places her head on his shoulder to comfort her. Chi Ang has gone looking for his friend who never returned with water. He comes upon the two of them embracing and looks on from a distance. Shi Woo and Ariel together – he doesn’t like that. Shi Woo and Soon Deok Ariel get a little bit closer as they talk about their feelings. She tells him she was glad to hear that he was returning and asks why. He says he missed out on school since he was busy preparing to debut as an idol, and hopes that Moorim might be different and something he likes. It’s late when they return to the dorms and each seems to be sorting out feelings for the other.

Moorim School, ep 5, curry rice for breakfastMoorim School ep 5, Chi Ang hugs Soon Deok

The next morning, Soon Deok serves up curry rice for breakfast. A queasy table of teachers can’t stomach such a dish and ask her to bring something else. Dean Kwang glides in and announces that curry rice for breakfast is what he ordered (for their drinking punishment) and the teachers are to be an example and eat every last bite. Chi Ang is short with Shi Woo in the morning but doesn’t explain why. He decides to find “his Ariel” to give her a big hug and tell her that she can come into his arms if she ever needs to cry. This leaves her puzzled; she doesn’t know that he saw her with Shi Woo last night. When he returns to the room he says to Shi Woo, “One to one.” Ah, the angst of teenage years.

Moorim School ep 5, Bang Duk works for Chi Ang's mother

Bang Suk has gotten herself a job working as a maid for Chi Ang’s mother. Bang Suk is sure she recognizes her from school days as that foxy girl from Changdong. Chi Ang’ s mother nervously denies it. Bank Suk can’t help but tell the story of when that pretty foxy girl got in a fight with some girls and came to her to borrow money for their hospital bills. She’s still upset that she never got paid back and that foxy girl moved. Mother quickly says she must have had her reasons and changes the subject. Has Bang Suk caught on that she is that foxy girl? What kind of history do these two have?

Moorim School ep 5, new scheduleMoorim School, ep 5, Shi Woo

The mid-term schedule is posted and the students worry about their upcoming exams. Yub Jung provokes the newbies and tells them they’d better get ready. Dean Kwang has prepared a mentor-mentee training system to help prepare Shi Woo and Chi Ang for the exams.

Moorim School ep 5, Sun Ah, EugeneMoorim School episode 5, Shi Woo and Ariel train together

Sun Ah teams up with Chi Ang to practice martial arts. When he hears that Soon Deok is with Shi Woo he takes off, his jealously raging. He comes upon them practicing; Soon Deok demonstrates how to gather energy and takes Shi Woo’s hands and guides him. Once again, he watches from a distance.

Moorim School ep 5, Chi Ang sees Ariel with Shi WooMoorim School ep 5, Chi Ang practices martial arts`

Their bromance will not survive a love triangle. Chi Ang asks Shi Woo if he likes being trained by his Ariel. It’s a tense conversation. He vows to beat him in the exams, but Shi Woo doesn’t back down and says he won’t lose. Chi Ang’s jealousy and determination make him want to work harder. When it’s quitting time, to his mentor’s surprise he tells her he’ll stay and practice more.

Moorim School, Ariel and new jobMoorim School, Chi Ang rents out restaurant for Ariel

On top of school, Soon Deok has to look for a part-time job. As she looks for the address for an interview, she gets a call from Chi Ang. He’s followed her and has intercepted her interview to take her to lunch. In fact, true to chaebol style, he’s rented out the whole place to dine with her privately. Wow, Soon Deok realizes they live in two different worlds where money comes easy to him and affords him the luxury of not worrying, something that constantly hangs over her head. He tells her to enjoy the day with him and just eat.

moorim School, ep 5, man in a comaMoorim School, Hyun Woo, Hongbin

A couple of interns smooch in the man in a coma’s room – after all, he’s been that way for years. Two of Chairman Hao’s staff keep a close eye on that man. From their conversation we learn a lot – whatever Chairman Hao is looking for, it has to do with the Chintamani and that somehow if Chae Yoon (the man in a coma) wakes up, then it begins. (Perhaps meaning that the power of the Chintamani will be unleashed?) Also, Chi Ang and his mother know nothing about the Chintamani, Moorim Institute, or the woman in the car named Luna. Somehow I find that annoying.

Moorim School, MonkMoorim School, Shi Woo memory

Shi Woo is ready to face his trauma. In meditation class, he struggles with his thoughts but doesn’t back down. He lets the images come and this time, holds onto them. Two children, A fire. Someone picking him up.

Moorim School, Shi Woo remembers the fire and a manMoorim School, Shi woo remmebers the fire and being with his sister

He is ready to say what he sees. “I see a child. In the fire…the child is crying. There is someone else there, too.”

Moorim School, Dean Hwang watches Shi WooMoorim School, man in coma wakes up

Dean Kwang listens at the back door. Shi Woo is not alone in his thoughts. Chae Yoon, the man in a coma – Shi Woo’s father – sees himself lying on the burning floor staring at a man standing over him. There is panic and fear in his eyes. Chae Yoon starts and wakes up from his long coma. It begins.


  • This episode was necessary padding to bring us to the culmination of the stirring universe of Moorim School and what comes next. There is expectation in the air, even danger. Two unsuspecting young men have met and formed a friendship although not without its issues, yet we know that their fathers are connected in a way that will no doubt, affect them. I think Chae Yoon has powers and the chintamani in his possession was positive power. Furthermore, Shi Woo, as his son, carries the generational power. Now that he has entered the world of Moorim, the power of the chintamani is causing the earth to rumble. I suspect that Chairman Hao wants the chintamani but for negative reasons of power and that he has sent his son to Moorim to find and retrieve the hidden chintamani.
  • Chintamani – a precious jewel with magical powers. Shi Woo has a jewel around his neck and Chairman Hao has a charm that he keeps in a safe, but it didn’t seem to have a jewel. Chae Yoon hid jewels in the mountain and was worried about someone or several coming looking for them. Did the person who stood over him at the scene of the fire take the jewels, or was Chae Yoon able to keep the secret? Is that why Chairman Hao is waiting for him to wake up for that info? Are the jewels hidden in the secret room at Moorim School?
  • Chi Ang is so star-struck with Ariel that she can do no wrong. I find that sentiment endearing; however, I don’t like the way he wants to put his paw prints all over her like some kind of mark of possession. Like the deliberate hug to make the score one to one. No.
  • Then there’s Shi Woo who is beginning to sort out his feelings for Soon Deok. Their interactions seem more natural and gradual. Soo Deok is too busy keeping her ducks in order, and responsibly I might add, to think about relationships. Although she did have a sparkly moment about Shi Woo when he dropped her off after she cried and they talked.
  • I’m excited about the simultaneous awakening of Shi Woo’s memory and Cha Yoon from the coma. Father and son share a subdued past trauma that is about to blow.
  • Who is Luna? She somehow annoys me.
  • I’m looking forward to some magic and supernatural action. Go Moorim!

Hi Yoya! in case you missed the pictures I posted at the end of ep 4, here’s Siwan and Hongbin side by side. I think there’s a definite ♥resemblance♥.

Im SiwanMoorim School, ep 4, Chi Ang texts Shi Woo


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  1. I dont see it >.<. this poor boy is so into her, and she is so nice the just kinda let him . I want to see magic or people talking about magic, this is so mysterious : level confuses me.


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