Abnormal Summit update

Abnormal Summit Update (sort of)

abnormal-summit episode 40

Greetings, Abnormal Summit G-12 fans! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on one of my favorite Korean entertainment shows. Apparently there are a number of episodes in Korean that have aired, but, like many of you, I must wait for the English subbed versions to enjoy the bantering that goes on among the handsome members and guests. Not only that, I am talking about watching the episodes with the original members (as shown in the picture above) that are being subbed here and there. (Find subbed episodes at http://www.kshowonline – there is a Show List drop menu that has all the subbed Abnormal Summit episodes you can view to your heart’s content. Episodes 53 and 54 have the new cast members.) 

I just watched episode 40 where there was plenty of cultural and personal preferences expressed on the topic of food: is it a healthy passion or an unhealthy obsession? I thought it was funny that Takuya said he would eat a pill to replace a meal since his time is crunched and he thinks taking time out to eat is a waste, whereas Guillaume and guest Kim Taewoo (member of Korean band g.o.d.), couldn’t imaging even skipping one meal for the pleasure they get from good food and good company. Interesting and funny. I thought the conversation might shift toward exercising and a balanced lifestyle, but by the time the discussion went around the table a couple of times, it stuck to food: yes or no!

I nearly cried (mostly because it’s true) when Tyler revealed the crummy eating habits of Americans in general. He left us with a quote that says it all:

“Americans can eat garbage, provided you sprinkle it liberally with ketchup, mustard, chili sauce, tabasco sauce, cayenne pepper, or any other condiment which destroys the original flavor of the dish.” ~ Henry Miller, American writer (1891-1980)

Ugh. It made me cringe, especially in light of the delicious representative foods that panel members offered for their countries.

abnormal summit Robin abnormal summit Blair

Robin’s news update was on France’s proposal to ban extremely skinny models as a move away from the unrealistic and damaging pressure of such a standard that glorifies anorexia. Blair (panel member and model from Australia) pointed out that his physique and metabolism is such that gaining weight is something he can’t do, and so the criteria would be discriminatory to people like him. (A recent article indicates France may reject the ban proposal  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3002734/France-rejects-imposing-ban-skinny-models-discriminate-against-people-workplace.html)

In addition to appearing as guests on various variety shows, our very popular Korean-speaking foreigners are hosts/members on other Korean shows these days:

Alberto Mondi- Where Is My Friend’s Home and Amazing Recipe

Sam Okyere- Real Men and Law of the Jungle

Julian Quintart – Where Is My Friend’s Home and I Can Hear Your Voice

Tyler Rasch – Where Is My Friend’s Home and Hot Brain: Problematic Men (I haven’t found this Eng subbed)

Robin Deiana – Where Is My Friend’s Home (Italy trip – I haven’t found this Eng subbed)

Takuya Terada – The Lover (kdrama)

Guillaume Patry – Where Is My Friend’s Home

Zhang Yuan – Where Is My Friend’s Home (the trip to his home in China is Eng subbed on kshowonline)

Daniel Lindemann – Where Is My Friend’s Home

Blair Williams – Where Is My Friend’s Home

Sujan Shakya – Where Is My Friend’s Home

Ilya Belyakov – (not listed on another show)

Those are just some highlights. Watch the entire episode and let me know what you think about the ongoing popularity of Abnormal Summit!

p.s. It looks to me like Sam is getting very little air time these days on AS, while Guillaume, Daniel, and Alberto keep the ball rolling more than ever Julian always holds his own. Any thoughts?

abnormal summit cast members who left

Soompi’s article on the departure of six members: http://www.soompi.com/2015/06/19/five-cast-members-of-abnormal-summit-reported-to-leave-the-show/ (credit: Soompi)

Abnormal Summit new members

New cast members: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/07/the-6-new-members-of-abnormal-summit-including-smrookies-yuta-are-revealed (credit: allkpop)

Next time, I’ll provide highlights with the new cast members. Happy Abnormal Summit viewing~


2 thoughts on “Abnormal Summit update

  1. I like your review of the show! Abnormal Summit is very enlightening and informative yet funny show. I can’t wait to read your opinion of the new cast. I and a lot of other fans are enjoying them, and a few of them have quite the fangirl following lol. Of course there are people who hate the show for getting a new cast but they are not real fans…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Crystal,
      I should do a couple reviews of the new cast. Have you watched any of the Where Is My Friend’s Home episodes where several members travel together? I wish the subbers had been able to keep going. Sorry the picture links are broken, I’ll have to fix that. Anyway, thanks for stopping by at my blog. Look forward to more reviews soon.


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