My Beautiful Bride Final episode 16 recap

My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부 ~ Ep 16 Final episode

Even in the final episode, we’re thrown yet another name for Yoon Joo Young (Yoon Joo Hee), and now Yoon Nae Il (her S Loan Sharking identity).

It’s the wrap up of sixteen episodes of loan shark killer and UDT thriller awesomeness that has not disappointed. I am so in love impressed with Kim Moo Yul as Kim Do Hyung, can’t wait for his next drama.

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Do Hyung meets Chairman KangMy Beautiful Bride ep 16 Joo Young

Do Hyung is 100% business when he meets Chairman Kang. Neither one backs down. But Chairman Kang, who is used to yes-men, is smart enough to realize that Do Hyung’s independence and strengths would be extremely useful to him. He suggests they work together; in fact, he could make Do Hyung bank president. “I doubt that, since I will finish you off,” replies Do Hyung in maximum UDT form. That will be the culmination of Do Hyung’s promise to make the world a better place for Joo Young. (Chairman Kang made reference to his dead fiancé, and Do Hyung didn’t say anything to the contrary.) Chairman Kang gives Do Hyung a lecture on how the real world works – the name of the game is profit. Words like “promise,” “safe,” “forgive” are useless. The bank Do Hyung works for, his mother who uses the law – it is all for profit. The wheel of profit turns the world, but Do Hyung adamantly swears he will crush that wheel – along with Chairman Kang. Do Hyung intends to make Chairman Kang learn the word “forgive.” When he leaves Chairman Kang tells Secretary Kim to find Do Hyung’s weakness, what motivates him – and go after it to shake him.

Joo Young, posing as Yoon Nae Il as representative of S Loan Sharking, meets with Hammer Head. She wants him to introduce her to Chairman Kang. When he stalls, she says she doesn’t care how he arranges for it, just do it or S Loan Sharking can close down his business starting next month. On her way out, she passes Tae Gyu who does a double-take and is sure she is Joo Young. He asks Hammer Head, but the only name he knows her by is Yoon Nae Il.

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Hye Jung finds out Joo Young is alive My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Do Hyung and loans

Joo Young finds Hye Jung drowning her sorrows at the bar. She tells her to watch her behavior around Jin Sook. Hye Jung laughs at the thought of being looked after and pitied by Joo Young. That’s not important right now; Joo Young tells her she did her a favor by not telling anyone that she (Hye Jung) met with Shin Gook Bank the other day. What was that all about? Hye Jung says she doesn’t know the details, but as with all bank dealings, it was for a loan that totals a couple billion won. All the money will funnel to Chairman Kang. They took a small company’s license and created a fake interior firm. The fraudulent loan money gets divided between the branch manager, herself, and headquarters.

Do Hyung makes a call to the inspection team at the bank. He asks what is going on with the loan process for Seryo and if they’ve looked at the files he sent. If anything goes wrong, he warns, they will be under investigation, too. There is a record that they received his files, so they can’t ignore them.

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Branch Manager and Do Hyung My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Do Hyung and Branch Manager

A drunk and careless Branch Manager catches Do Hyung coming out of his office. He has had it with Do Hyung’s investigation into the loan and lays it on the line: the loan for Seryo Construction will get approved tomorrow, does he really not understand the situation? The deal is taking place at a much higher level than Do Hyung can imagine. They are just pawns. When Do Hyung asks if the bank president is behind this, Branch Manager waves his hand and goes in his office.

Do Hyung works through the night at the bank. Manager Shin does what he can, and calls Do Hyung to let him know the Seryo loan was approved. Secretary Kim and Branch Manager go out to lunch to celebrate. Do Hyung is going to trace where the money goes every day to find out where it piles up.

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 captain cha defends hyeong sikMy Beautiful Bride ep 16 Captain Cha organizes crackdown

The surprise twist that Yoon Mi was brought in for investigation as Hyeong Sik’s girlfriend/cop/accomplice suspect comes to a head. A detective fires question after question at her: “You weren’t aware that Detective Park was working for a loan shark? How could you not know when you were living together? What about the illegal funds in his accounts?” She remains silent through the questioning, then basically tells him to shove it, and defends Hyeong Sik’s hard work even if he made a mistake. He paid a high price for that mistake. She angrily tells him to report exactly what she said to Chief Hong Sung Il and walks out.

Yoon Mi calls for a briefing at the station. With some of the major Shadows out of the way (as in murdered), the big one left is Chairman Kang. In light of the most recent casualty of the power struggle, Seo Jin Gi, Chairman Kang will get a replacement. The police need to find out who that is in order to get to Chairman Kang. She produces pictures of some new faces to look for: Hammer Head and Jin Sook of S Loan Sharking (such a stupid business name). The idea is that Chairman Kang will be sending out tentacles to bring these new loan shark moguls under his power as the one and only boss man. The one thing she didn’t reveal is the picture of Joo Young with Jin Sook representing S Loan Sharking.

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Do Hyung and mothery Beautiful Bride ep 16 Mother Moon

Mother and son meet. Since he sits silently before her she tells him why he is there: if he wants help just ask for it. He must be upset. After all, he couldn’t even protect one girl. Why does he think he is so helpless? Because he doesn’t have the law on his side. His grandfather had the law on his side, she has the law on her side, and now he must have the law on his side, too. Do Hyung has listened, now it’s his turn to say something. He asks if she knows about the Shadows. He thinks not since she has only sat behind a desk with her law. He explains how they work: the Shadows are behind the loan sharks. They get back debts through human trafficking, taking poor souls and removing all salvageable body parts for money to pay back those debts. The one behind them all is Chairman Kang. He accuses her of helping people like that with the law. Although Mother knows everything and more than Do Hyung realizes, she is shaken by the horrific details of human trafficking. He has a favor to ask her as her son: he will take this fight to the end and expose Chairman Kang for everything. He hopes she doesn’t end up being on the wrong side when it is all revealed. He doesn’t want to be ashamed of her. And, he will find Joo Young.

Mother Moon’s lawyer-by-her-side-24/7 asks Do Hyung if he really intends to take this to the end. Realizing it is an obvious question, he tells Do Hyung to shake it up, make some noise, and let the world hear the battle cry against the loan shark underworld. He tells him he can win that way. Lawyer really likes the young master and has always been on his side from a distance.

I’m going to throw in some peanut gallery comments: Do Hyung definitely does not know his mother. He is condescending when he throws what he considers to be her ivory tower position at her. How ever she uses politics and the underworld money machine to her advantage is not exactly spelled out, and the position seems to have been passed down to her from Do Hyung’s grandfather. Do Hyung thinks he is giving her fair warning and being respectful as her son so that she can avoid being in the way when he blows the cover on Chairman Kang. Mother is amazingly shrewd, and I’ve got to say – has emerged as the most powerful of all. Even Chairman Kang knows she wields power that he can never have. Do Hyung doesn’t have a clue. I think the fact that Do Hyung went to his mother wins him very much favor in her sight, more than he can know. I also really like Lawyer 24/7.

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 S Loan Sharking My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Tae Gyu tells Do Hyung that he saw Joo Young

Do Hyung tells Yoon Mi that he met Chairman Kang. The loan fraud, he tells her, involves SIM legal counsel. She will get someone on the force to look into it. There’s something she needs to show him, and hands him the picture of Joo Young with Jin Sook. Yoon Mi fills him in on their connection – how Jin Sook hid Joo Young when she was on the run and she has stayed with her. Now that Jin Sook has reappeared on the underworld scene, Joo Young is working for her. It has been verified that Joo Young is doing the actual business for S Loan Sharking. Yoon Mi is sorry for not reading Jin Sook’s reappearance for what it was, and that Joo Young is now involved.

Tae Gyu also relays to Do Hyung that he saw Joo Young, or someone who looks just like her. He wonders if she has a twin. He asked Hammer Head but he said her name is Yoon Nae Il. Do Hyung is concerned that Joo Young has been recognized, but keeps his cool and tells Tae Gyu that he must be mistaken. He still needs to keep Tae Gyu in the dark about her and Mi Sook.

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 the sting to get branch manager My Beautiful Bride ep 16 do hyung calls joo young

Do Hyung needs a favor from Tae Gyu – for him to meet Branch Manager. It’s a sting operation, but Tae Gyu doesn’t know that. Do Hyung and Yoon Mi get Tae Gyu to shake up Branch Manager by showing up in his office (he is not happy to see him) and giving him a bribe for getting the loan through. What really happens, though, is the police burst in, arrest Branch Manager for accepting a bribe and loan fraud, and also cuff Tae Gyu and bring him in for his role as Park Joon Beom of Seryo. He realizes he was used by Do Hyung and in infuriated.

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Joo Young calls back Do Hyung My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Jin Sook catched Joo Young talking to bank guy

Next, Do Hyung shows up at Hammer Head’s hangout. He shows him a picture of Joo Young, and Hammer Head verifies that it is Yoon Nae Il of S Loan Sharking. Do Hyung calls the number on the card. When Joo Young answers, he says, “It’s me, Joo Young.” But, Jin Sook is in the room with her and she says he has the wrong number and hangs up. She goes into the bathroom and calls him right back. She asks how he got her number, and he knows what she does, right? He chokes up, “Yes.” She says he must hate her. He says from the first day he met her he never hated her once. Then there’s a teary conversation that goes something like, “You remember-I remember-you pretended not to remember-how could I not remember-I’m sorry-I’m sorrier-I’m sorriest x 3. He asks her to trust him and wait just a bit more. Also, what she is doing right now is very dangerous; she cannot meet Chairman Kang. He asks her to please stop.

Jin Sook knows what’s going on. “You talked to the bank guy? If you have to choose between the bank guy and me who will you choose?” Jin Sook tells her that, realistically, she may not be able to go to the bank guy because she’s come too far.

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Hye Jung arrested My Beautiful Bride ep 16 lawyer and Branch Manager

Yoon Mi and officers catch up with Son Hye Jung and arrest her for bribery and false impersonation. One by one, the extended band of loan sharks are being taken down. Through the police, Do Hyung has sent out a press release about the Seryo Construction fraud and the arrest of Branch Manager. Mother Moon tells her driver to turn off the radio and comments, “It’s going to be a rowdy night.” She tells Lawyer 24/7 to meet with Branch Manager and lessen the mess. Lawyer’s best you-have-no-choice offer to Branch Manager is that he can make sure he gets out in two years if he reveals everything with a capital E. Tell all, and if they take some responsibility, he will be able to get two years. Branch Manager understands. My favorite lawyer says he’ll be back with the paperwork (read: confession-just sign on the dotted line).

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Do hyung's mother meets Chairman Kang My Beautiful Bride ep 16

Mother Moon has to make a bothersome night visit to Chairman Kang. She has the strong card and tells him to end it here unless he wants to spend the rest of his sorry life in jail. She informs him that the high-ups have ordered him to leave quietly. He forgot, she reminds him, that the nights are for peaceful rest and he has created a disturbance once too often. Btw, he is lucky, she adds, that he is given the chance to end things quietly. He may think of it as her last gift to him. (Chairman Kang no longer has the law’s protection through her power.) He makes a jab that she is doing this because of her son, like an average mom. Just following orders, she volleys back. But “Is that such a bad thing? Being an average mom?” One more thing, the long-overdue conversation with her son enlightened her on the Shadows. That nasty habit of human trafficking, don’t ever do it again, understand? And she leaves.

Secretary Kim has gotten too big for his britches and is the new loose cannon. He’s mistakenly positions himself on the same bargaining level as My Favorite Lawyer 24/7 and summons him. Lawyer gives him ten minutes, but cuts it short when Secretary Kim asks for backing to be Chairman Kang’s successor. Lawyer calls him a scumbag and tells him he doesn’t give a rat’s ass if they fight among themselves, just don’t ever infringe on his precious time again. A piece of lawyer-y advice: it he is planning a coup d’état, don’t be stupid and go and spread the word. Wait until you succeed. (My favorite Lawyer 24/7 is a great behind-the-scenes player, but when he needs to step out front stage, his presence commands attention. He’s rather handsome too, isn’t he.)

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Tae Gyu and Secretary Kim My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Secretary Kim kidnaps Joo Young

Tae Gyu has plenty of time to think things over in jail. He can’t understand why Do Hyung betrayed him. But, he is in for an even bigger surprise when Secretary Kim, who has found Do Hyung’s weakness and motivation, visits him. It is a shocking realization for Tae Gyu that his girlfriend, Mi Sook, was the one who died in the fire, not Joo Young. Secretary Kim produces a picture of Joo Young with Jin Sook as proof. If he thought he was betrayed earlier, it is on a much deeper scale, now. Tae Gyu is the all-around-just-use-me guy in this drama anyway, but revenge is a strong motivator for avenging Mi Sook’s unfortunate and unsung death. The set-up: With Tae Gyu’s inside information, Hammer Head gets a visit from Secretary Kim’s entourage. They force him to call Joo Young and tell her that he succeeded in getting her in to see Chairman Kang. When she arrives, Secretary Kim says he will indeed take her to see Chairman Kang. Although she willingly goes along, he tapes her mouth and takes a picture to send to Do Hyung. That will get him where they want him. UDT stat.

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 mother stops by do hyung's apartment My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Secretary Kim brings Joo Young to Chairman Kang

Mom makes her first visit – a surprise one at that – to Do Hyung’s apartment. She (with Lawyer 24/7) enters and takes silent notice of the pictures of her son and Joo Young. “Do you have a beer?’ she asks. Do Young must be too shocked at her sudden appearance to remember his manners, and Mother has to ask him to pop the tab for her. She asks if he’s heard the news (that she’s put a stop to the Seryo loan et al). He says yes and thanks her. [He receives a text.] Sorry, ma, gotta run – the picture sent of his beautiful bride held in captivity by public enemy number one has its intended effect. He’s on his way.

Secretary Kim is one fatal step behind what’s going down, however. Bringing Joo Young to Chairman Kang is merely an inconvenience after today’s talk with Mother Moon. The once sought after link to the whole Song Hak Soo affair, and the most recent order to bring the thing that would move Do Hyung – it’s all over. Although Chairman Kang seems almost impressed that Joo Young survived and didn’t die in the fire after all, he simply waves her away as he tells Secretary Kim to just bring her back. Talk about anti-climactic. Secretary Kim wonders what is going on (when did the rules change), but Chairman Kang tells him not to make him say it twice. Secretary Kim can’t just let it go, and decides to sell Joo Young and put her on the slow boat to China (along with other poor collateral souls).

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Joo Young and Secretary Kim My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Do Hyung and Chairman Kang

However, Do Hyung doesn’t know that Chairman Kang has dismissed kidnapped Joo Young as an afterthought. He shows up ready to save the day (and Joo Young and the country). “Where’s Joo Young?” he demands of Chairman Kang (who is annoyed with Secretary Kim for causing this ruckus). Just as Do Hyung is ready to take Chairman Kang out because he’s decided he is not worth teaching him the meaning of the word “forgive,” Yoon Mi and the police show up. “Let the cops handle it,” she tells a ballistic Do Hyung. When Do Hyung asks Chairman one last time where she is, he tells him to go ask Secretary Kim. The police move in and arrest him. Mother is behind it all and tells Lawyer 24/7 to finish Chairman Kang off. He messed with her one and only son after she told him not to. Some things are unforgivable in every world.

My Beautifu Bride ep 16 I was hoping you'd learn the word forgive My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Yoon Mi and police

Do Hyung tells Yoon Mi he needs to find Secretary Kim (who is not smart enough to know not to jump the gun and take Chairman Kang’s seat just yet). Well, now, look who’s crawling out of the woodwork to make sure he is the last gangsta standing. Hammer Head, who has it in for Secretary Kim, calls Do Hyung to let him know he just overhead that he is headed to Jin Gi’s office. Do Hyung gets there first and fights off a half-dozen guards, although he takes some pretty hard blows himself. At the end of the corridor he sees several tied up hostages; among them is Joo Young. He takes several more blows before he gets to her. He calls her name over and over. She comes to and is stunned he is there before her. He tells her it’s all over. They look into each other’s eyes and he says, “Let’s go home.” It is an emotional reunion, long time in coming; they hold each other and cry. Just as a gangsta is about to bean him over the head, a shot rings out. Yoon Mi has his back, and not a split second too soon. The police move in and arrest the riffraff scattered on the floor.

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Do Hyung in action My Beautiful Bride ep 16 DO Hyung finds JOo Young

Ambulances take care of the kidnapped hostages, and a battered but relieved Do Hyung and his finally-found-fiancé walk together. Yoon Mi looks on, tired, but satisfied. Happy ever after?

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Do Hyung finds Joo Young 1 My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Yoon Mi saves Do Hyung

Hold on – there are four more minutes in the kdrama, and there is someone who still holds a very big grudge. Tae Gyu is waiting for his chance to get close and personal with Do Hyung. His crazed eyes tell all; their girlfriends’ switched-at-death story and how Do Hyung lied and used it to betray him, he won’t forgive. Do Hyung can only utter, “I’m sorry.” A knife to the gut by one who is not in his right mind and Do Hyung falls back, bleeding profusely. It really does look like the end for our hero.

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Tae Gyu stabs Do Hyung My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Do Hyung is stabbed

Do Hyung lies on the operating table. The surgeons and staff work quickly, seriously, to save him. In his dream he stands at the altar in a gorgeous, empty cathedral. A beautiful bride appears – it is Joo Young. She walks down the aisle to him. They smile at one another. He places the ring on her finger and kisses her. The operating room lights are glaring. A tear runs down his cheek. He flat-lines; they try to revive him.

MBB 16 2 MBB 16 3

MBB ep 16 6 MBB ep 16 7

Joo Young stands on the dock as the camera sweeps up close. She wears the white laced shoes that Do Hyung bought for her long ago. In the distance Do Hyung bicycles toward her. When he reaches her, their smiles couldn’t be any bigger. “Why do you keep looking at me? she asks. “Because I like you. That’s why I was looking. And I’m going to keep looking at you,” he answers with his boyish grin.

MBB ep 16 8 MBB ep 16 10

MBB ep 16 Do Hyung smile

“Me too,” she tells him. Do Hyung’s smile to her is enough to wipe away a lifetime of hard knocks and bad raps. Ahhhh~

My Beautiful Bride ep 16 Jin Sook

Pay attention, everyone. There’s a new boss in town: Jin Sook confidently strides into the restaurant and takes the chairwoman’s seat. As the boys bring her a meal, she calls for a change in decor, perhaps a new business altogether.

The end.


MBB ep 16 Do Hyung smile

  • This was my second kdrama recapping project. I had a lot of fun with a non-typical genre for me. I was surprised how much I got into the thriller action of it all; maybe recapping kept me on my toes to try and follow it clearly and closely (most of the time, anyway).
  • No complaints with this ending, I am satisfied how it all went down, one gangster after another, Shadows – be gone! When you consider how many toppled over the course of 16 episodes, the show did a pretty good job of keeping it all on track.
  • What was an increasingly complicated story as it progressed ended up being able to tie up enough loose ends to make sense. That is a plus in my kdrama book.
  • Gosh, is it wrong to like Mother Moon so much? She was the biggest boss of all. Although Do Hyung thanked her when he realized she’d stepped in and stopped the whole parade, I still don’t think he knew how much she knew. Or how much power she has always had. As you can probably tells, I grew fond of My Favorite Lawyer, smart guy; he knew when to stand back and when to step forward. Not too wordy, either, just go for the powerful punch. After all, it’s backed by Mother Moon’s longstanding legacy.
  • Kim Moo Hyul has won my heart as an actor. I hadn’t seen him in anything before, but he is the real thing. And those UDT muscles, they don’t grow ’em like that overnight.
  • I was underwhelmed with the Hyeong Sik-Yoon Mi story line, though. It unfolded smoothly enough, there just wasn’t enough oomph for me to care that much. Neither here nor there. I wasn’t all that taken with Lee Si Young’s acting here, either.
  • How about you? Raves? Rants? Share your thoughts on My Beautiful Bride! And thanks for reading my recaps at
  • Fighting!
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16 thoughts on “My Beautiful Bride Final episode 16 recap

    • Hi GrimJoW, 🙂
      I am a die-hard for happy kdrama endings unless it is so obvious that nothing, but nothing, is left to the imagination. That heart beat blip on the monitor after the dream, I dunno, I think I’ve got to take that as a “he lived” indication. Mother Moon and Jin Sook both decided to let their “children” have their way in the end. Mostly because they could allow it with this major round of loan shark hierarchy out of the way and a shift in the way business is done. It’s my extended explanation of what might/could/should be, because I am a kdrama dreamer. I am believing that the empty cathedral was the final push to make all the fight in him rise to the surface to live.

      Liked by 1 person

    • That’s what I also think. Their marriage was his ( pre-death) dream and the sea-side bridge (with the “bike” boy) was hers. Probably the PD took pity on us after more than 16 hours of agony and indulged us in two mere seconds of “perhaps happy ending” , hence the scene after cardiac arrest ( flat line with zero BP and HR) where he’s revived. So, he survived the stubbing, they got married and they lived a quiet life full of love while working at the sushi restaurant, right? Too bad I’m not a teenager anymore full of optimistic views. Nontheless, I really, really need to believe in those seconds in OR or else what..?
      The full OST was amazingly heartbreaking even though I like this kind of music! KMY was great as usual whether it’s a movie, a sageuk or an artistic project. I loved him, he had the “Ahjussi” vibe in terms of determination and loyalty!
      Thank you for your recaps! I just finished the whole series… “better late than never”, I know!

      Liked by 1 person

      • It was a great drama indeed! KMY is having a huge box-office success these days and that makes me super-duper happy. He’s totally worth it! War of The Arrows days…

        Liked by 1 person

  1. You’re done! Congrats on finishing another drama. What are you going to do next!? Lol. Just kidding. I’m sure you need a break after all that work.


    • Hi Elle,
      Thanks for checking in. Yep, number two recap finished. It is definitely time consuming, as you well know, but I think this one was a little easier than the first. In any case, I had a lot of fun keeping pace with My Beautiful Bride and really appreciate the comments and thoughts of visitors, sometimes with different views or cathing things I missed or got wrong.

      What’s next? Maybe something new and exciting will premiere this fall, and I’ll pick up where I left off. In the meantime, I am hoping to figure out how to use a new digital tablet I just got, and crank out some art. Eventually.

      It really is worth the drama :), watching, recapping, ranting, raving, and squeeing in kdramaland.


      • Yes it is . . . worth it & all. Kdrama community is really unique & I’m glad to be a part of it. The fandom is real, lol! Can’t wait to see the new projects you come up with. Good luck!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, open endings are the kdrama thing these days. Blood, the other kdrama I recapped, definitely had an open-ending. Like this one, you are left wondering, is it a dream? Imagination? An ideal ending versus the real ending? But, I always opt for the “he/she lived” happily ever after ending. 🙂 Thanks for checking in! Another great kdrama completed.


  2. Just finished the drama and enjoy it. Really impress by the actor who played the banker. The cast was pretty good and did a great job. The weak link for me was the actress that played officer Cha. I felt that she was lost in some scenes, she improved a little at the end though.


    • I kind of thought the same thing about Detective Cha, but all in all, it was a great show with wonderful acting and a good story wrap up (often a problem in kdramas but I think this one did a good job). Thanks for your comments!


  3. I am kinda late to visit your blog. Good job finishing the recaps’ project. I don’t have any complain about this drama, just sometimes this question pops up in my mind : “does this girl deserve the bloody battle?” which I guess yes, she deserves it since he loves her unconditionally.
    About the actors I think Lee Shi young is a bit underused here. I thought the female lead was her (not necessarily be main couple with KMY but in term of appearance), but I guess I was wrong.


    • Hi makoto, I’m glad you found MBB recaps here, it was a really fun but challenging project. Needless to say, our Marine UDT lead made is easier with plenty of intense and romantic action scenes. The role of Cha Yoon-Mi was actually my least favorite which makes me think I agree with you about Lee Shi Young being underused. I do think the kdrama did a really great job wrapping up the loose ends. I am totally a KMY fan, never saw him in anything before, but I’ll be watching for what he is in next, that’s for sure.


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