My Beautiful Bride episode 15 recap

My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부 ~ Ep 15

My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Do Hyung sees Joo Young My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Joo Young and Do Hyung

Joo Young drives up alongside Do Hyung. He calls her name and asks why she is there. “Let’s go get Jin Gi,” she answers. They have time for a brief conversation in the car. He finally admits that he knows her and she knows him and now that she knows he knows her, that’s all he needs to carry on. A flashback from their conversation in high school mimics what they tell each other now – that she will change and become someone stronger and worthy; that he will always recognize her no matter how much she changes.

My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Do Hyung says he knows Joo Young from school My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Do Hyung tells Joo Young to go

The Shadows are closing in. Do Hyung tells Joo Young that he’ll clear a path for her to drive away. He will be okay, trust him, he’ll find her. In his heart he thinks that right now, being too close to him is dangerous for her, just wait a bit more. In her heart she tells him she is sorry and that she will become someone useful to him. The vague outcome of what their words intend makes me nervous.

Two high-up masters want more details about the bank guy. Who in the world is he and how is it that he is everywhere in their business? Chairman Kang wants Secretary Kim to arrange for him to meet him. Jin Sook picks at Joo Young for information about the bank guy as well as the Hyeong Sik-Gin Ji showdown that left one dead and let the other escape.

My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Hyeong Sik dies My Beautiful Bride ep 15 detective gives Cha Yoon Mi the Shadows files

Do Hyung arrives at the hospital and is informed that Hyeong Sik died. He finds a despondent Yoon Mi sitting alone in a room. There are no words he can offer to comfort her. She acts strong saying, “Let’s get Seo Jin Gi,” but she stumbles, and then falls to the floor, sobbing. Her loss is on so many levels. At the police station, there is a solemn line as everyone pays tribute to Park Hyeong Sik. The detectives on Hyeong Sik’s team offer to follow Yoon Mi’s orders now to take down the Shadows. One by one, they hand over their files on the Shadows and stand together to join her team for the cause. Yoon Mi gains strength from this show of support. She lays out a strategy and organizes a search-and-crackdown on activities in the underworld. Her silent vow to Hyeong Sik is that she will kill Seo Jin Gi. A new name in the underworld – S Loan Sharking – keeps coming up as the lowlifes are dragged in. (That is the name Joo Young used when she met with Hammer Head as the face of Jin Sook’s money lending team.) It seems there’s a new “loan company” that everyone respects/fears these days.

My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Jin Gi and Hye Jung My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Jin Gi, Secretary Ki, Chairman Kang

Jin Gi is dressed in a new suit and tells Hye Jung she did good for getting him out of the hospital. Oh, Hyeong Sik – thanks to her useless emotions, is dead. Hye Jung shatters a glass against a wall just missing his head. The fact that she revealed Jin Gi’s location to the police – he is going to let that go; it’s his payback for the debt he owes her. But, he doesn’t owe her anything now, and he won’t let it go next time. Their relationship, like so many others, is on shaky ground for good reason.

Jin Gi reports to Chairman Kang for duty, albeit, worse for the wear. However, he is tarnished goods after killing a cop, and the loans he’s responsible for aren’t even finalized. Chairman Kang fires him on the spot and tells Secretary Kim to hire a new director. Our Jin Gi is going to go abroad for a while, maybe study a language, broaden his horizons. Chairman Kang has moved on; Jin Gi is nothing more than a Shadow has-been.

My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Branch Manager and Jin Gi My Beautifl Bride ep 15 Do Hyung, Secretary Kim, Branch Manager

An insulted and furious Jin Gi won’t take this lying down. He calls Branch Manager to hurry up the loan, next week is too late. Branch Manager plays along, but in reality he has already received a visit from the new and improved face of Seryo, Secretary Kim, and has abandoned Jin Gi, too.

Secretary Kim is already in Branch Manager’s office. He tells Branch Manager to stop all the accounts Seo Jin Gi set up and transfer the money into ones that he designates. Do Hyung is told there is a new Seryo representative in Branch Manager’s office. He enters and isn’t in any mood to play games. Introductions, let’s bypass them. When Secretary Kim reaches to shake his hand Do Hyung asks if Chairman Kang from Myeong Dong sent him. Next, he asks what happened to Seo Jin Gi and answers the question himself: since Jin Gi killed a cop and is exposed, Kim has replaced him. Secretary Kim is smooth and replies that Jin Gi is under internal audit and is nowhere to be found. Do Hyung is straightforward, “There won’t be an additional loan. Go and tell Chairman Kang that.” After Secretary Kim leaves, Do Hyung warns Branch Manager to stop before it’s too late. Branch Manager shamelessly pulls in Do Hyung, saying that his name is on the loan approval too, as Manager of the Corporate Debt Financing Department. Do Hyung doesn’t flinch, “I never approved that loan.”

y Beautiful Bride ep 15 Do Hyung and loan My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Tae Gyu finds Hammer Head

Do Hyung follows Secretary Kim. Like I said, no more games. In an exchange on the street, he tells Secretary Kim to tell Chairman Kang that he will come visit him soon. That look could melt steel.

Our little shark, Tae Gyu, has been busy. He’s found Hammer Head. Do Hyung meets up with them for a briefing, hoping that Hammer Head is interested in a loan from him. When Hammer Head refers to him as “Mr. Bank Guy,” Tae Gyu stutters that he had to explain about him. Hammer Head has ways of getting information fast and already knows that Do Hyung is looking for Chairman Kang. “Do you want to die?” he asks Do Hyung. His best advice is to think of him as a legendary figure, someone you don’t really want to meet. After all, those who claim to have met him are all dead. Leave well enough alone. Back to business, there’s no reason for the underworld to mess with bank loans when S Loan Sharking, a team of women in the business, offers good rates, not to mention their good looks. He gives the business card he received from Joo Young (he doesn’t know her name, though) to Do Hyung. Their conversation ends with Tae Gyu asking Do Hyung if he has found any more about Mi Sook’s whereabouts. Do Hyung can only say, “I’m really sorry.” It is a little worrisome that Do Hyung has strung Tae Gyu along knowing that Mi Sook was the one who died in the fire, but leaving him to believe that she escaped and that they are still looking for her.

Out on the streets, Joo Young hands out S Loan Sharking cards to prospective clients with rates too good to be true.

My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Jin Gi threatens Branch Manager My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Do Hyung and lawyer

Jin Gi cannot access the Seryo accounts. He waits for Branch Manager in his car and, at knifepoint asks, “Why did you block off all my accounts?” Branch Manager says it was a mistake, that he only did what he was told. When Jin Gi tells him to unlock the accounts Branch Manager readily agrees. Jin Gi adds a convincing threat, that if he doesn’t do so, he’ll make another visit and bring along Branch Manager’s daughter who he’ll cut up with this knife while he watches, after he has some fun with her first. Got it?

Seo Jin Gi’s weakness is that he doesn’t realize how little clout he has in the underworld and that no one thinks he’s a threat. Branch Manager calls Secretary Kim in a flash, who promises to take care of the Jin Gi problem quickly.

Do Hyung gets a call from Mother Moon’s lawyer. He meets Do Hyung at his apartment. Lawyer knows all about Do Hyung’s involvement at the bank with Seryo. After all, he gets a lot of information from various sources. I’ll bet he does. It all goes to show that CEO Mother Moon is on a whole different level, even more so than Do Hyung realizes. Lawyer gets right to the point about Seryo Construction and tells Do Hyung that they really aren’t the problem or the biggie. Seryo and the law, they’re close. Why isn’t there an investigation about the fraud when the law is aware? Lawyer tells Do Hyung to look to the developers, Kyung Woo Corporation. They’ll be going through debt restructuring, and Do Hyung can look into them for taxes. He tells him that a lot of people are involved. Do Hyung understands that Lawyer is good at what he does – saying something without saying something. “Are you saying that mother is involved, too?” he asks. That isn’t the point (meaning, that is the point.) His advice to Do Hyung is to ask his mother for help. Otherwise, he can never win this fight (against the loan sharks and money in the underworld). He reminds Do Hyung that his mother still wants him to inherit the business under one condition. The condition, as always, hasn’t changed: Go to law school and marry the woman his mother likes. Lawyer brings up the elephant in the room: either way, Do Hyung won’t get to be with Joo Young.

My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Chairman Kang and Do Hyung's Mother

Mother Moon waits in the car. Lawyer reports that Do Hyung is in agreement (although he didn’t agree). Mother Moon is powerful, indeed. She meets Chairman Kang; they exchange (un)pleasant barbs. Mother Moon, however, has the upper hand. Chairman Kang’s business has been messy and noisy lately, and has brought unwanted attention, wouldn’t he agree? She’s even heard that her son’s name has been brought up in his commotions. She will take care of her son, and sternly warns him to never again mention her son’s name. Is that clear? Btw, has the Chairman forgotten the distinction between her daytime business and his nighttime business and the unsavory ruckus his line of business is creating? “You shouldn’t disturb that sweet resting time with your commotions. How will you handle the fury that will follow?” She tells him to take care of it quickly, and leaves. Mother is scary. I like her.

But, Chairman Kang is not done, yet. He tells Secretary Kim to call Seo Jin Gi – a sure way to get Do Hyung to come see him. When Jin Gi gets the order to appear before Chairman Kang, he is no longer interested in jumping at the command.

My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Joo Young meets Hye JungMy Beautiful Bride ep 15 Yoon Mi gets a call from Jin Gi to turn himself in

Ghost Joo Young appears in front of Hye Jung (who thought she burned to death in the fire at the factory). Hye Jung coolly comments that it must have been Tae Gyu’s girlfriend, then, who died there. Joo Young is not interested in chatting. Her purpose is to find out where Jin Gi is. She wants to kill him, along with the entire police force who is hunting him down right now. Not cooperating? A slap across the face from Jin Sook – who strolls in – and Hye Jung leads them upstairs to Jin Gi’s hotel suite. But, he is not there.

My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Jin Gi is kiilled My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Yoon Mi is questioned by police

Jin Gi is ready to turn state’s evidence. He calls Yoon Mi. On her way to meet him, she informs Do Hyung that Seo Jin Gi will turn himself in. Do Hyung is afraid she is in danger and may be walking into a trap. She can’t go alone. Jin Gi said he will hand over Chairman Kang’s account and the records that will prove the Chairman’s human trafficking. It’s a big take – if she can get it – from the one who can bring down the head honcho.

As Jin Gi opens the safe in his (former) office and dumps the contents into a bag, the door is kicked opened. He doesn’t stand a lick of a chance as Secretary Kim’s goons brutally attack him. I gotta admit, he puts up a fight till the death, but it only makes his last moments harder to stomach. As Chairman Kang enters, his cold words about Jin Gi’s end sum it up: it’s a disloyal dog-without-a-master’s death.

There’s an unexpected turn of events as Yoon Mi arrives and waits in her car for Do Hyung to show up. Two police who identify themselves from internal affairs tell her she needs to come with them. She asks what this is about. Just then, a car rolls behind them and a body falls forward on the horn. Chairman Kang has delivered Seo Jin Gi to Yoon Mi and the police, gangsta style. It’s hard to untangle what goes down next. Yes, Jin Gi is dead, but, surprisingly, that is not the issue. Yoon Mi is taken in for questioning, but she mistakenly thinks they suspect her for killing Jin Gin in retaliation for Hyeong Sik’s death. Instead, she is being investigated as Hyeong Sik’s live-in girlfriend/also cop regarding leaking internal information that he (and she by association) was involved in.

My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Jin Sook gets a call that Jin Gi was killed My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Jin Sook talks with Joo Young

As we know, news travels fast. Jin Sook gets a call that Seo Jin Gi is dead. It’s time for a heart-to-heart with Joo Young. Jin Sook does not intend to stay away from the underworld; rather, she is back to meet Chairman Kang and let him know she is his match. It doesn’t matter what the issue is: the issue is always power. Jin Sook asks Joo Young if she really thinks she and the bank guy can make it as things stand. They’re powerless. The reality is the underworld business cannot be done away with, it can only be dealt with by more power. Jin Sook wants to bring in Joo Young, “let’s work together,” she offers. (Is it an offer? Joo Young is indebted to Jin Sook, and in the underworld, the debt collector calls the shots. All of them.) She reminds Joo Young of that day in Incheon, when Glove put the nail to her head (it was for hiding Joo Young). Jin Sook vows to never let that happen again. She tells Joo Young that she needs her, and hopes she will help her.

My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Joo Young realizes there is no out from the loan shark world My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Kim Do Hyung gets a call from Chairman Kang

Joo Young’s countenance drop as she realizes Jin Sook’s help comes with a steep price. Her words to Joo Young earlier, that nothing is for free out of the goodness of the heart and help is reciprocal, have taken on their true meaning. Joo Young may be free from the world of Song Hak Soo and all that it wrought, but in the end, she is still not free.

Do Hyung waits outside the police station for Yoon Mi, unsure of what is going on. He gets a call, “Manager Kim Do Hyung?’ He asks who’s calling. It’s Chairman Kang. He wonders if he can come right now to see him.

“Where are you?”

My Beautiful Bride ep 15 Do Hyung to meet Chairman Kang


  • Only one episode left, really?
  • The sharks and shadows are falling like flies. Secretary Kim is just about the only one left under Chairman Kang, and Do Hyung doesn’t seem concerned about him at all, now that he has a direct line to Chairman Kang.
  • Mother Moon may turn out to save the day. All power is not evil (although she’s cold as hell frozen over).
  • Joo Young is in the eternal web of the underworld and she dare not decline Jin Sook’s “offer” to join forces. Did she really think her hero would sweep in to save her and take her away? (Well, a girl can hope. I would, if I were her. Yes I would.)
  • I am okay with the Yoon Mi-Hyeong Sik-Jin Gi story line and where it’s headed.
  • Do Hyung got the call. Let’s do this!

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