My Beautiful Bride ep 14 recap

My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부 ~ Ep 14

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Jin Gi taken to hospital My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Glove happy that Jin Gi is shot

Seo Jin Gi has been shot by Hyeong Sik, Glove has been captured by Do Hyung, Yoon Mi is down for the count – and they’ve all converged on the dock. Jin Gi is transported by a police escorted ambulance to a hospital. Glove is arrested and brought to the police station, and can’t hide his hopeful relief that Jin Gi may be dead.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Yoon Mi washes blood offMy Beautiful Bride ep 14 Do Hyung and Yoon Mi know that Hyeong Sik is the rat

In the hospital restroom Yoon Mi scrubs splattered blood from her face. She recalls Jin Gi’s haunting words that confirm beyond the shadow of a doubt that Hyeong Sik is the rat and used her. Hyeong Sik waits for her as she washes up and asks if she is hurt anywhere and if she is okay. She answers with a simple yes; he has more to say but she tells him she wants to be alone. Do Hyung is waiting on the sidelines. He follows her into an empty hospital room and sits down behind her. They hardly have to have the conversation about the uncovered rat. Yoon Mi apologizes; Do Hyung says Hyeong Sik must have wanted to be free from Jin Gi enough to kill him. Still, it doesn’t erase everything. He tells her that it is up to her whether she forgives him or arrests him. I don’t see it as an either-or choice, but I can understand that Do Hyung gets that it may be that kind of situation for her.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Chairman Kang

Chairman Kang asks Secretary Kim if he thinks Jin Gi will live. He says he’s not sure, but Jin Gi should get punished for killing Song Hak Soo. Chairman Kang always makes it difficult for the person standing before him – whoever that may be – to know which way he is blowing in any given scenario. A seemingly correct response is met with suspicion and insinuation, enough to keep the subordinates on their toes.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Do hyung

Edgy Tae Gyu is on the hunt for Hammer Head when hears from Do Hyung that Seo Jin Gi was shot. There’s more good news: Glove will testify that Jin Gi killed Song Hak Soo which will clear Tae Gyu’s name (since he was framed as Hak Soo’s murderer and is now a fugitive). That means Director Seo is dead, right? Do Hyung isn’t sure; he is in surgery. Also, Tae Gyu wants to know where Glove is. When Do Hyung tells him that he is in police custody and everything is wrapped up, Tae Gyu’s’ relief is instantly gone. As an insider of the loan shark world, he says nothing is over. Other than Glove’s words, there is no proof that Director Seo is the killer. So, getting rid of Glove is the number one priority. There is nothing the Shadows can’t do, he tells Do Hyung, and his best educated guess is that Glove is in big danger. They’ll try to shut him up. Tae Gyu connects the dots with Seryo Construction, twenty billion won at stake, and whoever is behind the Shadows, and concludes that Glove is not safe from them even at the police station. Btw, anything on Mi Sook, yet, he wonders? Do Hyung tells him he’s sorry.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Glove is strangledMy Beautiful Bride ep 14 Hyeong Sik and Secretary Kim plan to kill Seo Jin Gi

The surgeon reports to Hyeong Sik that everything went well with Jin Gi’s surgery. Soon, Yoon Mi gets a call from the station that Jin Gi survived. She stops by his hospital room, but gets a call from Do Hyung that Glove is in danger – the Shadows are already on it – and they both head for the police station. Secretary Kim makes a call to someone high up at the police station to have Glove transferred. The plan is to intercept the transfer police car and take care of Glove. By the time Do Hyung and Yoon Mi reach the station, they are told that the Chief received a special order to transfer Glove and they left twenty minutes ago. Do Hyung and Yoon Mi are too late – there’s been a car accident and Glove has been strangled. The testimony evidence against Seo Jin Gi, *poof* – gone!

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Hyeong Sik syringe to kill Seo Jin GiMy Beautiful Bride ep 14 Hye Jung takes Jin Gi from hospital

Hyeong Sik lingers in the hospital hallway near Jin Gi’s room. Someone calls his name. It’s Secretary Kim, although he doesn’t identify himself to Hyeong Sik. He suggests that since they share the same goal of wanting to kill Seo Jin Gi, perhaps striking a deal is in everyone’s best interest. Secretary Kim has prepared an injection that Hyeong Sik only needs to administer to Jin Gi – no fuss, no muss, no trace. But, when Hyeong Sik gets to the hospital room, the guard has been attacked and Jin Gi is gone. Hyeong Sik gets the hospital camera footage: someone in a nurses’ uniform and mask wheels him out and they escape by car. Hyeong Sik instantly recognizes the “nurse” as Hye Jung.

At least Do Hyung got the name of the person behind Seo Jin Gi from Glove – Chairman Kang of Myeong Dong. He figures Chairman Kang was behind the order to shut up Glove’s lips. But, why is there always something more pressing? Hyeong Sik calls with the news that Jin Gi disappeared from the hospital. Yoon Mi and Do Hyung also check out the hospital footage that shows a nurse wheeling out Jin Gi. Why does Yoon Mi act like she doesn’t recognize the “nurse” when she flashes in her mind to the woman she saw at the bar? Clearly, Hye Jung moved in fast to get Jin Gi before Chairman Kang.

Now it’s Do Hyung’s turn to fill in Yoon Mi about the Shadows – and whoever is behind them, and the very large loans they have through Shin Gook Bank. Jin Gi (the face of Seryo Construction, a ghost company) has asked for an additional 30 billion won for real estate development, but the money is really for mortgage fraud. It will be hard to catch them and prove fraud before the loan is actually paid out. And then, it could be too late. That’s why they have to find Seo Jin Gi first to prove his guilt and, more importantly, to find out who is behind him calling the shots, so the money fraud and people laundering can be stopped.

This is as good a place as any to do a hierarchy recap of the dark world of Shadows and who answers to whom:

Tae Gyu, lowest level 1 loan shark → Glove, level 2 loan shark (and dead) → Seo Jin Gi and Secretary Kim, Shadows (also dead Song Hak Soo was a Shadow), → Chairman Kang, behind the Shadows, hence Chairman status. MIA – Hammer Head, appears to be a level 2 loan shark like Glove. Son Hye Jung takes care of fraud insurance claims and hospitality to “clients.”

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Do Hyung and Manager My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Branch Manager and Do Hyung

Manager Shim tells Do Hyung he’s been busted by Branch Manager who has plenty of proof (pictures) showing him sending under-qualified clients to the loan sharks to get debt money. With Branch Manager threatening to blackmail him with a call to the police, Manager Shim spills the goods on how deeply he and Manager Kim researched into the bank’s loans to Seryo. Yes, he tells Do Hyung, he, too, sent people in financial trouble to the loan sharks. After all, what could he do about it? He apologizes to Do Hyung. On top of it all, Manager Shim’s wife is four months pregnant, he can’t afford to lose his job, you know? However, there is one more tidbit he quickly offers, the name Song Jin Interior as the fake company name that Seryo Construction is using to get more loans.

A frustrated Do Hyung works alone to scramble for more information that will blow the lid off the bank’s involvement with fraudulent loans, but he knows he is losing the race against time. Branch Manager is feeling one up and stops in. He tells Do Hyung that he’s a workaholic and to take it easy. When he invites him to have a drink together, Do Hyung declines, saying he has work to do. “Work hard, then.” Branch Manager walks out.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Yoon Mi and Hyeong Sik My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Do Hyung has no choice but to get by

“You came?” Hyeong Sik is surprised when Yoon Mi stops by the bar. She asks if he knows Son Hye Jung. “Who’s that?” he asks, but his response is weak and unconvincing. Yoon Min says she is in charge of insurance fraud among Shadows and probably knows where Jin Gi is right now. She is giving Hyeong Sik a chance to do something right, to come back over to the side of the law – even if not back to her. She reminisces about the detective who helped her back then when her parents were murdered. She thought he was so cool, a hero fighting against the evils of the world. She asks him to please go back to then. After she leaves, Hyeong Sik puts his head down and cries.

It feels like relationship-wreck everywhere these days. When Yoon Mi meets up with Do Hyung she has something she want to ask him. How does he manage, not knowing how Joo Young is doing right now? He replies, “I hurt. It’s hard for me, too. And it hurts a lot. But I know that Joo Young is thinking of me.” He says that’s why he can’t betray her. He has no choice but to get by. He thinks that she is probably doing the same, getting by, too. Tough guys hurt, too.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Joo Young and Jin Sook My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Do Hyung flashback

Jin Sook asks Joo Young what she is going to do now. Will she stay hidden, even knowing the bank guy knows she’s alive? Joo Young says that she is too ashamed and hates herself. Jin Sook doesn’t think the bank guy cares about that. Joo Young is embarrassed; she wanted to rewrite everything. But he knows everything now, so she can’t rewrite anything. She feels so sorry to him. Jin Sook listens and asks, “Did you say he was your first love? Does the bank guy know that, too?” Joo Young replies, “I don’t know.” She didn’t think he knew, but there were some hints along the way – comments he made, things he did –  and she thinks over those.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Do Hyung and Yoon Mi My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Joo Young

When Yoon Mi asks Do Hyung again if he knew Joo Young from high school, he insists that he met her for the first time three years ago. “Is that why you keep lying? In case Joo Young doesn’t want you to know?” she asks. When he doesn’t respond, Yoon Min guesses that’s the reason.

Do Hyung shows Yoon Mi a picture of Hye Jung that Detective Park gave him. Yoon Mi realizes Hyeong Sik lied about knowing Hye Jung.

Jin Sook and the girls are at it again, on top of what’s going on in the underworld. Jung Hwa gets the hospital camera pictures that show “nurse” Hye Jung wheeling patient Jin Gi to the getaway car. Jin Sook knew the only one that could have helped him is her and now she has proof. If Joo Young wants to find Jin Gi, then she needs to find Hye Jung.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Manager calls Do Hyung My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Joo Young calls Yoon Mi

Hye Jung has Jin Gi safely in a room with guards. She tells the boys to keep an eye on him – she has some something to take care of. There’s a business meeting happening. Those in attendance are Hye Jung (posing as the representative of Song Jin Interior), Branch Manager, and Manager Shim (who has no choice but to go along with Branch Manager if he doesn’t want to risk his job). Jin Sook and the girls have tracked down Hye Jung and Joo Young is on her way to the meeting to corner her. But, when she gets on the elevator, she recognizes Manager Shim, and follows him to the room where Hye Jung and Branch Manager are waiting.

It is time to reveal herself: Joo Young makes a call to Yoon Mi. She tells her that she located Hye Jung (the link to Jin Gi’s location), but she is hesitant because Do Hyung’s colleague is there, too.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Hye Jung at meeting My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Hye Jung appeals to Hyeong Sik

Joo Young isn’t the only one after Hye Jung: Hyeong Sik breaks up the meeting, identifies himself as the police, and takes Hye Sung outside. It’s a real phone chain game going on: Manager Shin steps out and tells Branch Manager that he will find out what this is about. He makes a call to Do Hyung and lets him know what’s happening.

Hyeong Sik wants to be the first to know where Hye Jung hid Seo Jin Gi. She acts like she doesn’t know. He tells her the gig is up, doesn’t she know that he is arresting her now? He caught her on the hospital tape looking good as a nurse. She appeals to him that all she wants is to run away with him. Not anymore, he says. She just needs to tell him where to find Jin Gi. The second she turns over the information, Hyeong Sik takes off to get him.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Yoon Mi arrests Hye Jung My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Hyeong Sik finds Jin Gi

Yoon Mi is on her way, too, with information from Joo Young. When she pulls up to the meeting location, she sees Son Hye Jung, arrests her, and cuffs her inside the police car door.

Hyeong Sik finds Jin Gi’s room and knocks at the door, “Delivery.” He busts up the goons on guard, but Jin Gi cracks him hard on the head from behind. With a final knife to the gut, Jin Gi leaves Hyeong Sik for dead. He grabs Hyeong Sik’s gun and escapes.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Hyeong Sik bleeds to deathMy Beautiful Bride ep 14 Hyeong Sik tells Yoon Mi not to cover her face with her hair

Yoon Mi is a few steps behind. She cautiously enters, only to find Hyeong Sik lying in a scary pool of blood. She drops to his side and, forcing herself to be calm, tells him she’ll call 911 and that he’ll get better with treatment. His last words to her are, “Don’t ever hide your face behind your hair. You’re too pretty.” Sobbing, she calls out his name over and over.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Hye Jung My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Do Hyung runs after Jin Gi

Hye Jung, cuffed inside the police car, turns away to hide as Jin Gi passes by. But he glimpses her in the bright headlights, and points the gun to shoot her – it is a moment of fear and desperation – but he lets it drop out of his hand. He and the goons jump into a car to get away, but they are met head on by another car. Do Hyung jumps out.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Jin Gi jumps in the car with Hye Jung My Beautiful Bride ep 14 a car pulls up next to Do Hyung

The goons go for Do Hyung while Jin Gi runs around the corner and jumps in the car with Hye Jung. “Are you glad to see me?” he asks. “Of course” she replies. He speeds off. Do Hyung runs at UDT speed, but he can’t catch up.

My Beautiful Bride ep 14 Joo Young and Do Hyung :

A black sedan turns the corner behind him, pulls up, and stops. The window rolls down. He is face to face with Joo Young.


  • With only two episodes left, I don’t care how much time our OTP get together, it won’t be enough.
  • Jin Sook is one smart cookie.
  • I’m sad for Yoon Mi. She got a bum deal all around.
  • I can’t really see how there is going to be a bust up of an ending that I will care about with the loan sharks and all their bad company, the bank and its corrupt manager, whose behind the ghost companies, Do Hyung’s CEO Mother, I just don’t care how it all wraps up. Oh – and what about side characters like Joo Young’s scum brother and even Mi Sook? So, loose ends – I’m expecting some.
  • Maybe Joo Young and Do Hyung can run a little clementine stands together and live off his inheritance?
  • No wonder Jin Gi wanted to be a Shadow – at least he looks presentable in a suit.

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