My Beautiful Bride episode 13 recap

My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부 ~ Ep 13

My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Do hyung sees Joo Young My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Eun ha and Do Hyung

Do Hyung can only stare as the black sedan that hit Glove and popped him in the trunk drives away. Did he imagine it? Or, was that Joo Young in the back seat? He attends to the young woman with whom he collided and asks if she is okay. But, she freaks out saying that she only did what she was told. He tries to calm her, but she recoils in hysterics. Suddenly, he recalls her face and the situation and asks her if she is Jo Ha Eun. He tells her he won’t hurt her or hit her, but will take her to a safe place. She is out of her mind with fear. “Will you trust me?” he asks. She only cries.

My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Hyeong Sik and Hye Jung My Beautiful Bride ep 13 detective in hospital talks with Yoon Mi

Yoon Mi moves on her more than strong suspicion that Hyeong Sik is the rat. When she goes into the bar after him, a bouncer makes a call to Hye Jung who then tells Hyeong Sik that his girlfriend is on her way in. Shocked, he rushes out to hide, but Hye Jung makes sure she lingers long enough for Yoon Mi to see her. Yoon Mi recognizes her as the suspect from the recent file on the case three years ago. Hyeong Sik gets into the car where Hye Jung is waiting. He just wants to end this all now. “Please let me go,” he begs. But, Hye Jung’s got him every which way. She wants to get something out of this for herself, too. He wants out? Then, how about two plane tickets outta here together? That’s her best and only offer (*snap* the rat trap just sprung).

Yoon Mi stops by the hospital to check on the detective who was in the car accident with Hyeong Sik. How did it happen? How did Glove escape? The barrage of questions makes the detective wonder if she is insinuating that Hyeong Sik caused the accident on purpose so that Glove could escape, but she says no, that’s not it. Still, it leaves them both turning over the possibility in their minds.

My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Yoon Mi My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Do Hyung apologizes to President Jo

Do Hyung brings Jo Ha Eun to the police station. There is a loud and tearful reunion with her father, Chairman Jo, who can’t thank the police enough for returning his daughter. When he runs out into the hall to tell Manager Kim Do Hyung that he will be grateful to him for the rest of his life, the tables turn. Do Hyung bows deeply and apologizes on behalf of himself and the bank for what they did to him.

Do Hyung’s next stop is to meet up with Yoon Mi to find out about Jin Sook. She fills him in on how the two women go back, and that Joo Young sought refuge with Jin Sook after the Song Hak Soo fiasco. She is a woman with gangster ties of her own, but if Joo Young trusts Jin Sook that much, then she is safe.

My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Jin Sook My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Jin Sook and Glove

A roughed-up Glove is now in Lee Jin Sook’s possession. She tells Joo Young that she did a good job and gives her some advice: their relationship is reciprocal – they use each other to survive and gain power to live in this battlefield of a world. Capisce? Jin Sook has Glove exactly where she wants him. When he dares to be impudent when she asks for a little cooperation, she has no qualms about inflicting a favorite gangsta torture – the hammer and spike right between the eyes. When Glove still hesitates she hands it over to a bouncer guy “who’s better at hammering.” Wait, he decides he can provide information after all to her very simple question, “Which bastard told you to get her?” (She points to Joo Young.) He answers, “Director Seo.”

My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Jin Sook calls Jin Gi My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Glove dumped on the highway

Glove hasn’t shown up at headquarters, and Jin Gi is pissed. Jin Sook rings him up on Glove’s phone and reveals that, thanks to Glove who happens to be right there with her, she knows that he (Jin Gi) burned her friend (Joo Young), and she wants to collect the insurance money. By the way, her friend told her something before she died; that he betrayed Song Hak Soo, and she wonders if Chairman Kang know that. “Get ready. You are finished. Bastard.” Hang up.

Like the rubbish that he is, Jin Sook’s boys dump Glove in the middle of the street. Jin Gi will be out for his life soon enough, knowing that Glove spilled the beans. Glove is a dead man, like bait thrown to the sharks.

My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Do Hyung sees Joo Young in flashback My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Hyeong Sik and Do Hyung talk

Hyeong Sik decides to at least make some good of the mess he is deeply involved in. He stops by Do Hyung’s apartment and asks if he’d like to go have soju with him. Still under the impression that Joo Young is dead, he asks Do Hyung if he wants to work together to get revenge on Jin Gi. Leave Detective Cha out of it, and go after him – just the two of them. Do Hyung stops him and asks how he knows Jin Gi? “Was it you?” he point-blank asks, “the one who told Seo Jin Gi three years ago that Joo Young was the informant?” He grabs Hyeong Sik by the throat and tells him that he will never forgive him. Hyeong Sik doesn’t care about that, he just wants to end everything. Do Hyung tells him to end it by telling Yoon Mi everything. As he walks away, Hyeong Sik hands him an envelope. It contains a picture of Son Hye Jung and information that she is the insurance fraud broker among the loan sharks and is in charge of entertaining the clients.

My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Hyeong Sik gives Do Hyung information My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Do Hyung and Tae Gyu

Next stop: get Tae Gyu to find Hammer Head who’s gone into hiding. Tae Gyu is worried about getting his name cleared and suggests that Do Hyung use his police networking to help him since he is fugitive status and can’t do anything. Tae Gyu knows how the system works, but he needs some help to make it work for him.


Thank you for that work out. It added a lot to this drama. A whole lot.

My Beautiful Brie ep 13 Do Hyung and Manager My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Glove pays to leave on a boat

Where was I? Oh, Manager’s Shin is onto something. He has tracked down a suspicious design company where a large sum of money has been moved. It does not look legit. He and Do Hyung work furiously going through papers and computer files to track down the bogus accounts and companies. Manager Shin’s activities are curtailed by Branch Manager, however, who calls him into his office. He is onto their game and asks if Manager Kim put him up to it. Manager Shin can’t say anything since Branch Manager has dirt on him. He has been sending under-qualified loan applicants to the sharks for money himself. Uh oh.

My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Jin Gi finds out Glove boat My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Joo Young

It is time for Glove to get out of town. He passes a thick envelope to a middle man who tells him, “Seven o’clock boat.” Glove, you’re slipping. Middle Man, barely out of the door, makes a call to Jin Gi’s headquarters. With the news that Glove has arranged for boat passage, Jin Gi decides to go to the dock to see Glove in person. Sort of a bon voyage farewell. Jin Sook is good. And fast. Her boys intercept the middle man, and it is Joo Young who interrogates him. It doesn’t take long to get the information that Glove is headed for the 7 o’clock boat and that Jin Gi already knows about it. Jin Sook knows that Jin Gi will go in person to see the traitor’s face. Dressed in heels to kill (seriously, those things are weapons), she walks right into the police station to inform Yoon Mi in of the rendezvous. She puts her plan in motion, one that gets the job done and doesn’t require her to get her hands dirty. She is a professional.

My beautiful Bride ep 13 Jin Sook and Yoon Mi My Beautiful Bride ep 13 managers get caught

Plan summary: Jin Sook found out from Middle Man that Glove plans to leave on the 7 o’clock boat. She informs Jin Gi, who she knows will go to the dock to find him. That takes care of Glove. In the meantime, she informs Yoon Mi of all this. That way, Yoon Mi can arrest Jin Gi – the one they all want taken down for a million reasons – and throw him in the slammer. There’s something else that Jin Sook learned from Yoon Mi during their little talk: Yoon Mi and Do Hyung both think Joo Young is alive. Jin Sook says she is not there to talk about a dead girl. On her way home, Jin Sook thinks that bank guy is something else, wanting to make the world a better place for Joo Young by taking down every last Shadow one by one.

My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Jin Gi looks for Glove My Beautiful Bride ep 13 cars pass

Yoon Mi informs Do Hyung of the showdown on her way to the dock. There is a kdrama moment when the car leaving the dock with Joo Young and the car that Do Hyung is driving towards the dock pass each other like ships in the night. Jin Sook tells Joo Young that the bank guy thinks she’s alive and is working hard to make her world safe so that they can be together. Joo Young realizes he knows she’s alive! A montage of memories flood her thoughts of the many times Do Hyung was there for her.

LET’S RUMBLE! Glove has walked into Jin Gi’s trap who has walked into Jin Sook’s trap and the police and Do Hyung are on the way. Everybody converges at the 7 o’clock boat dock, but a fond farewell gathering it is not.

My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Do Hyung in action My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Do Hyung and Glove

Just as Glove is cornered by Jin Gi’s men and gets roughed up, Do Hyung shows up. Glove is at his mercy. Jin Gi is not far behind. You can hear the cartilage pop as Do Hyung applies the pressure and tells Glove he’d better answer his question correctly. Who’s behind Jin Gi? Glove squeals that it is Chairman Kang of Myeong Dong. Good. Now, question two: who killed Song Hak Soo? Glove blurts out Seo Jin Gi’s name. Do Hyung calls Yoon Mi and tells her he got a confession.

My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Do Hyung gets answers from GloveMy Beautiful Bride ep 13 Yoon Mi arrests Jin Gi

Yoon Mi arrives in time to catch Jin Gi and arrest him at gunpoint. As she states the charges that he is under arrest for the murder of Song Hak Soo and Lee Jang Ho, she is hit from behind by one of his goons. Rude bastard that he is, Jin Gi tells her that Detective Park (Hyeong Sik) had plenty of warning to keep her out of this. He even took pity on her because she was his girlfriend. Final and unmistakable confirmation: Hyeong Sik was the rat all along. Jin Gi puts a gun to her head, threatening to make her fish food and throw her in the water.

My Beautiful Bride ep 13 Jin Ji shot and fallsMy Beautiful Bride ep 13 Hyeong Sik shoots Jin Gi

Not so fast. The domino effect finally knocks him down – Hyeong Sik is the last in a long line of people who showed up for the party and gets in the final shot – right to Jin Gi’s shoulder. He goes down. Yoon Mi turns and sees that it is Hyeong Sik who has saved her life, but is it too little too late?


  • I am trusting that Joo Young will not pull noble idiocy on Do Hyung now that she knows he knows she is alive and is working toward an end to free her so they can be together. There’s still time for a happy ever after. I mean, that workout? I could take watching that every morning at breakfast. She ought to take that into consideration big time.
  • I can root for Jin Sook, that she gets the power she seeks, since she is on team Do Hyung and Joo Young. Actually, she seems pretty powerful already, being a step ahead of everyone else this round.
  • I really, really don’t want some Chairman Kang/CEO Moon conspiracy that shatters Do Hyung’s chance of ever having a decent mother figure in his life, although it may be too late for that. I detest Chairman Kang and his plates of meat.
  • The Hyeong Sik story, yeah, disappointing. Poor Yoon Mi, she deserves better, but at this rate she’ll have to get away from the police scene to find herself. She hasn’t smiled once in this show, it’s a damper of an environment and a humorless occupation.
  • More UDT workout scenes. Fan service, please.

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