My Beautiful Bride episode 12 recap

My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부 ~ Ep 12

New names to keep track of:

East Gate, aka Hammer Head

Seo Jin Gi has a former identity, Lee Ki Soo

Jo Su Nam, Glove’s real name, aka Janggab (glove in Korean)

S Loan Shark – the name Joo Young uses in her role as loan shark bait

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Jin Gi gets loan in bank My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Do Hyung meets Jin Gi in bank

Seo Jin Gi knows very well who he is meeting when Branch Manager introduces him to Kim Do Hyung. Do Hyung is dismissed so that the two can talk business. Jin Gi asks for an additional 30 billion won loan for construction for Seryo’s project. The atmosphere isn’t particularly friendly. Back at his desk, Do Hyung recalls scenes from past encounters and he recognizes the Director Seo’s voice as the masked man who killed Lee Jang Ho.

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Do HyungMy Beautiful Bride ep 12 Jin Gi and Do Hyung at bank

As Jin Gi leaves the Branch Manager’s office, Do Hyung offers to walk him to his car. In the parking lot, Jin Gi says he heard a rumor that something tragic happened to his fiancé and offers his condolences. Do Hyung acts shaken, tears up, and thanks him for his consideration. As Jin Gi pulls out, an enraged Do Hyung follows him in his car. He makes a call to Yoon Mi that he is on Jin Gi’s trail as he enters an underground parking lot. Glove and the boys meet Jin Gi and enter the building, Yoon Mi knows Do Hyung is upset and warns him to just pass by or he will be exposed. But, at least they’ve discovered Seo Jin Gi’s business location.

There’s a shift in power, or at least duties. Jin Gi hands over being the “people person” –  selling of people who are in debt – to Glove, who is honored. Jin Gi wants to move up to working with numbers. It’s cleaner, more dignified.

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Do Hyung follows Jin GiMy Beautiful Bride ep 12 Yoon Mi

Yoon Mi calms down an intense Do Hyung, telling him that even if he catches Director Seo and his men, he can’t prove anything. And, the whole point is finding out where Joo Young is, especially while everyone else thinks she is dead. Yoon Mi  is going to stake out the joint in police mode for a thorough investigation. In a rather glaring oversight, neither she nor Do Hyung factor in that they are being watched via CCTV. Jin Gi, who is informed that Yoon Mi is in the parking structure, makes a call to Hyeong Sik. There is a hefty price to be paid for putting himself in the middle. Jin Gi threatens to harm Yoon Mi in no uncertain terms if he doesn’t do something about her nosing around in their space.

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Hyeong Sik gets a call from Jin GiMy Beautiful Bride ep 12 Jin Gi, Secretary Kim, Chairman Kang

Chairman Kang just outright does not like Jin Gi. When Jin Gi reports that he has acquired a total of 120 billion won from several banks, Chairman Kang says it is a bit disappointing but that he tried hard. There is a new name/identity reveal – Chairman Kang refers to Seo Jin Gi as his alibi, Lee Ki Soo. Jin Gi and Secretary Kim, who is present, are both surprised that Chairman Kang brings up his former identity. The Chairman mentions something about Jin Gi wanting to open up a bank of his own and tells him that if he finishes up matters well, good results will follow. The elusive karat on a stick.

One can never be sure who is on whose side at any given moment in this game. Secretary Kim, who has just realized that Jin Gi is Lee Ki Soo, reminds him privately that he owes him for being able to prosper these days. After all, under Song Hak Soo – a name that never fails to get Jin Gi’s hackles up, he begged like a dog. Secretary Kim definitely has something on Jin Gi. He brings up the secret account that they both know Song Hak Soo had, and shouldn’t the money be divided? Jin Gi thinks the timing is not right, that they will both get caught by Chairman Kang with detrimental results if they touch that money just now. He asks him to be patient. Secretary Kim makes sure that it is perfectly clear that he wants half and he will get it no matter what. These two have a past too, don’t they?

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Do Hyung and Branch Manager My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Do Hyung and his mother meet

Do Hyung stops in Branch Manager’s office to discuss the loan. Branch Manager informs him that Director Seo will provide a certificate of payment from the constructor as a guarantee. When Do Hyung asks if he checked out financial statements, Branch Manager says of course. But, Do Hyung isn’t finished and reminds him it isn’t the bank making the decision on the loan, it is the Manager’s personal decision to hand out money to Seryo Construction. Inflated prices, programmed numbers, market rate – all of these things are risks that have gone unchecked. When he suggests that Seryo Construction is likely a ghost company, the Branch Manager angrily brushes off Do Hyung and says good business is good for the bank, too. Branch Manager reveals that the bank has approved an additional 30 million won and comments, “We have no choice but to continue.” It is even worse than Do Hyung thought.

Do Hyung asks Manager Shin to help him uncover Seryo Construction on their own. Manager Shin has his own conspiracy theory going on, making his participation more exciting, at least in his imagination. He still maintains that Branch Manager is clean, but Do Hyung convinces him to keep digging deep and find out where the money went. Do Hyung walks into Seryo Construction’s seemingly legitimate office, identifies that he is from Shin Gook, and asks to see Director Seo. An employee tells him that this is the finance division, and that he might check headquarters. In Manila. Huh, a separate headquarters in the paper company city of the world. As Do Hyung mulls that over, he gets an even bigger surprise when the elevator doors open. Mother Moon’s lawyer steps out and asks, “Young master, what brings you here?”

Do Hyung meets with his mother. She asks about his health; he asks about her involvement with Seryo Construction. He accuses her of manipulating the law, she says she does no such thing. He tells her to stop her involvement with Seryo Construction or he will make her stop. “What a cold kid,” she mutters. Isn’t that the iceberg calling the ice cube chilly.

Speaking of headquarters, Yoon Mi continues to stake out Jin Gi’s location. Hyeong Sik has no choice but to forcefully get her off the case. He may be doing it for her protection at this point, but hiding his involvement as an informer who plays both sides it is getting harder and harder to do. She is shocked when he gets in the car and tells her that he already knows all about the sharks’ location. He warns her to step away; she asks how he could keep this from her; he tells her she is in danger; she asks how he can call himself a cop; he says he can’t lose her.

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Hye Jung and Hyeong Sik My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Do Hyung and Tae Gyu

Hyeong Sik, you should know better than to think that you can have it both ways. He knows he’s in a bind. When he meets Hye Jung on their usual bar stools, he tells her to tell Jin Gi that if he touches Yoon Mi, he will personally kill him. As he leaves, she realizes Detective Park must really love her. “How tacky,” she comments.

Back at the police station, it is clear that Hyeong Sik has pulled Yoon Mi and her team off the loan shark investigation. All the files have been handed over. Yoon Mi demands that her personal investigation cases from three years back be returned to her. She reads up on Hye Jung’s file as a person of interest.

Do Hyung needs more from Tae Gyu and knows he can get it with a couple of drinks. Tae Gyu has seen Chairman Kang’s face and can identify him. Do Hyung keeps Tae Gyu involved with the promise to look for Mi Sook. But, he has a new strategy; it’s time to get into the loan shark business. No doubt he will be very good at it.

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Joo Young S Loan Shark My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Joo Young and East Gate

In case you were wondering what Joo Young is up to, she has her own loan shark gig going (complete with body guards and Jin Sook’s backing) and meets a new client, East Gate, under the name, S Loan Shark. He isn’t too big on the idea of taking money from a young and inexperienced “girly,” but she has the money and that’s what he needs. Joo Young is very good at playing along with his show of macho-ism and goes as far as to stand up to his threat to stab her with a go-ahead-life-sucks-anyway attitude. Her bad girl stamina impresses him. I am a little impatient that there is yet another shark to keep track of, but East Gate – aka Hammer Head, is the new shark in the pool.

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Do hyung loan shark My Beautiful Bride ep 12 missing persons with Glove

Do Hyung uses Tae Gyu to get close to an important player known as Hammer Head (aka East Gate – the gangster Joo Young just met with). It is no surprise that Do Hyung skips Loan Shark 101 and goes directly to the head of the class. He leaves Tae Gyu in his dust, removes three, maybe four bodyguards in the way, and – when Hammer Head grabs a – um, hammer, Do Hyung says he wants to cooperate and talk loan money. Always gets these guys’ attention. He offers Hammer Head money at a bank interest rate – laughable in the sharking business – but too good to turn down. Tae Gyu can’t keep up mentally, at all, and still thinks he’s teaching Do Hyung the ropes. The fact that he doesn’t get it is the whole point. “Why are you voluntarily coming into this dark world?” he asks Do Hyung. Tae Gyu gets squirmy when Do Hyung tells him that he is going to keep his promise to Joo Young and get the Shadows. “You’ll die trying!” is all he can say in a very nervous voice. What he is really thinking is, “I’ll die if I stay by your side.”

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Glove arrested My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Hyeong Sik lets Glove escape

Hammer Head’s place is like Grand Central Station these days. As the new seller of people, Glove meets Hammer Head in the dark parking lot and hands him a bag of money and a carload of missing persons (those who cannot pay debts or, in this case, young girls who have been taken as collateral). Since Do Hyung is already there and happens to see Glove (Jo Su Nam), and calls Yoon Mi. It is a chance for them to pull a sting operation and catch the loan sharks in the illegal act of people trafficking. Yoon Mi grabs her gun and heads there asap. Working together, she and Do Hyung cover the front and back to cut them off. (Hyeong Sik overhears Yoon Mi at the station and follows in secret.) When Glove catches on, they all rush out the back way and shove the collateral girls into a getaway car. Do Hyung cuts them off, tackles Glove and is about to re-enact the tunnel scene when a police car with blaring lights and siren shows up. It’s Hyeong Sik. He takes care of arresting Glove and throws him in the back of the police car. When Yoon Mi comes running around the corner she is shocked to see Hyeong Sik. He gets angry at her for unofficially handling this herself. She tells him that it is her case. He tells her to back off and not make this hard for him. En route to the police station, Hyeong Sik gets a call from Jin Gi. If he knows what’s best for his woman, he will let Glove go. Hyeong Sik causes a car accident and makes it look real in order to let Glove escape. At least the collateral girls are rescued and taken by ambulance to the hospital.

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Yoon Mi and Hyeong Sik My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Do Hyung and Yoon Mi

A worried Yoon Mi looks for Hyeong Sik at the hospital when she hears there was an accident on the way to the police station. Their level of trust and his ability to hide what is really going on is eroding. Yoon Mi reports to Do Hyung that Glove escaped. He wants to know why she is always one step behind and answers the question himself: there is a leak in her department. The one who sold out Joo Young three years ago is still leaking information. He sternly tells her to find the leak and end it. There’s no helping him if she doesn’t do that first. Yoon Mi is honestly frustrated.

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Yoon Mi sees Hyeonk Sik with Hye Jung y Beautiful Bride ep 12 Hammer Head

As she drives back she sees Hyeong Sik get out of a cab and walk into a bar that is known for its seedy patronage. Hye Jung is waiting for him. She is the most recent person of interest in Yoon Mi’s investigation files, and it is now painfully clear to Yoon Mi that Hyeong Sik is the go-between rat. It’s getting messy. And sad. The realization of betrayal at that level – it’s gotta hurt.

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Joo Young and Jin Sook My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Joo Young meets Hammer Head

Hammer Head is playing all his cards. He calls Joo Young and holds her to her offer at their meeting to give him interest at half the rate. He wants to see her now. Jin Sook, who is riding in the car with Joo Young and Hwa Jung, gives the nod to go ahead and meet him, commenting, “We got him. Go. Go and finish it up. ” Those women have a sting of their own in da woiks, fighting! Glove, who has escaped police custody, shows up unexpectedly at Hammer Head’s man cave. With a swing of his golf club, he accuses Hammer Head of mixing company with Tae Gyu and the bank guy. He roughs up things a bit to make his point and leaves. Joo Young sees Glove leave as she enters for her appointment with Hammer Head.

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 DO Hyung and Glove My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Do Hyung recognizes Joo Young

What goes down next is a great twist: As Do Hyung goes to his car he collides with a young woman on a bike. As he bends down to help her, Glove approaches from behind with a nasty looking blade in gloved hand meant for Do Hyung. Suddenly a shiny black sedan speeds up and swipes Glove. Do Hyung pulls the biker out of the way. Glove is thrown and lands hard on the cement. The trunk of the black sedan trunk opens automatically: Glove is going on a little ride. Do Hyung watches what takes place as if it is in slow motion.

My Beautiful Bride ep 12 Joo Young in the car

He freezes: the woman’s whose profile he sees in the back seat is Joo Young. Like I said, Grand Central Station.

Loan shark activity summary:

Everybody wants to be a loan shark these days. Glove has taken over the people handling department of the Jin Gi loan shark gang. Jin Gi is a peg up the ladder and has his own little secret money pile on account of that Song Hak Soo is dead and only Secretary Kim seems to know about it, too. Maybe they can work this out to the benefit of both of them and not get caught by Chairman Kang. That’s some wishful thinking.

Do Hyung is moving in as a loan shark to get to the big Shadow by using Tae Gyu and Hammer Head.

Jin Sook and her women -Joo Young and Jung Hwa – have their own accounts to settle. Beating them at their own game is the best way for Joo Young, with Jin Sook’s clout, to clean up the mess the Shadows made of her life so that she and the bank guy can live happily ever after.


  • I applaud the writers for making this story move forward with enough suspense and interest for the viewers to care. There are a lot of story lines to follow, but they are tied in together to make enough sense. I am actually looking forward to how everything wraps up in the last 4 episodes.
  • I’m thinking Glove paid the young woman on the bike to run into Do Hyung?
  • So cool, team Jin Sook and the women anti-sharks. Remember, Jin Sook told Joo Young to clean up her own mess, then she could go freely to the bank guy with no baggage. I think Joo Young must have called Jin Sook after she dragged Do Hyung outside at the factory fire. Jin Sook was hanging back at Joo Young’s cremation, making sure that the final details of her apparent death were followed through leaving no trace. This way, Joo Young could do what she has to do unhindered. Jin Sook has some revenge to take care of too, it seems. Smart ladies.
  • I think that five new name variations at this stage of the drama is annoying. There are so many to keep track of already.

2 thoughts on “My Beautiful Bride episode 12 recap

  1. Thank you for the recap.
    Only after reading your recap did I wise up that Lee Ki Soo is a name from Jin Gi’s past. I had thought that it’s his future name, given by Chairman Kang for the banker that he’s going to become.
    However, it’s my understanding that JY met Hammer Head not as a client, but as a loan shark rival whose clients she’s taking over, pissing him off and warning her to stay out, ending in her proposing to pay him ‘tax’. (Unless the translation’s really off and I’m screwed. 😛 )
    First watched this episode a few days back, RAW. The only scene I understood and had me fist pumping, was the role-reversing scene when JY knocked over Glove, saving DH from the gangster’s knife. JY’s doing the protecting now. She saved DH from Glove’s set up – obvious as Glove was already waiting behind the pillar, knife at the ready when the lady cyclist ran into DH. JY now looking out for DH was the one more reason to love her, alluded to in my post for an earlier episode. And JY giving it to Glove was just satisfying pay-back!
    Now fully subbed (as fully as DF subs are, which oft times are inadequate), there are even more reasons to love JY. She’s now actively acting to clean up her life for a future with her love, as opposed to just being an informant, relying on the police to act on her intel to rid Han Sook and his ilk from her sphere. Being an informant on scary Han Sook was already courageous, merely hearing his voice was enough to cause a miscarriage, but now JY’s taking matters into her own hands to change her life. I like her arc.
    I’m really hoping our OTP will have a happy ending. Don’t know if the show’ll give me that. 😦

    Again, thanks for the recap.


    • He patinalee – JY and Hammer Head do seem to be discussing overlapping clients, but then he called her to meet him because she had offered “half” the (interest) rate, and on the other hand he has bank guy-loan shark offering bank interest rates. Seems like he’s raking in loan money on cheap terms from both sides.
      JY cleaning up her life is so heart-warming (a funny term to use in a cut-throat loan shark world, isn’t it).

      4 more episodes!


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