My Beautiful Bride episode 10 recap

My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부 ~ Ep 10

Janggab (Gin Ji’s right hand man) aka Glove (he is always wearing them)

My Beautiful Bried ep 10 Do Hyung and bikeMy Beautiful Bride ep 10 Do Hyung escapes on bicycle

Do Hyung dashes at an opportune moment over tiled rooftops and down narrow alleys to escape from Hyeong Sik. He is a speed demon on foot, but give him a bicycle and there is no way to catch up with him. Adding insult to injury, Do Hyung uses the police car to get some wind under those wheels, soars over the top, and is gone! He dumps the bike, and an unlikely getaway driver shows up – Manager Shin.

My Beautiful Bride ep 10My Beautiful Bride ep 10 Janggab at hospital

Do Hyung is out of breath but that doesn’t stop him from asking Manager Shin if he’s found out anything about the Branch Manager. So far, Manager Shin hasn’t dug too deep, but Do Hyung fills him in with updates: Mr. Park (Tae Gyu) is a loan shark and Seryo Construction is a paper company. Do Hyung tells him to move quickly and find the evidence that will make Branch Manager take responsibility. There is underhanded money changing going on to the tune of millions between the bank via Branch Manager and the ghost construction company.

But for now, Do Hyung has a much more pressing matter – he must get to the hospital where Glove was taken to find out Joo Young’s location. Hyeong Sik does his double dirty work and calls Hye Jung to tell her that Do Hyung is headed to the hospital and to get Glove out of there. Everyone and his hyung are headed to the hospital. Two gangsters help Glove down the hall and into the elevator. As the doors close, Do Hyung sees him and, using a makeshift bungee, takes an awesome leap over the edge of the building, dangles in midair, and falls onto a truck roof. But the gangsters drive off and he just misses them.

My Beautiful Bride ep 10 Do Hyung calls Yoon Mi My Beautiful Bride ep 10 Yoon Mi helps Do Hyung

There’s plenty of police power on the watch for Do Hyung. He calls Yoon Mi. “Can you help me out?” She tells him this isn’t the way to go about it. If he’ll turn himself in – but he cuts her off. “I can’t do that. They have Joo Young.” She agrees to help. When Hyeong Sik calls her and asks if she’s heard from Do Hyung, she lies and says that she hasn’t. Then she picks up Do Hyung on the sly, hides him in her trunk, and passes through the police barricade. He owes her for that. But, the detective who reports to Hyeong Sik calls and tells him that Yoon Mi seemed a bit suspicious because she wasn’t headed to the station like she said. He brushes the detective off, but in reality, calls Yoon Mi. When she tells him that she is headed to the station, he knows something is up.

Once past the police, Yoon Mi and Do Hyung split up. His best bet is to find Park Tae Gyu and he heads out. When Yoon Mi arrives at the station, Hyeong Sik is waiting. “Where is Do Hyung? I know you helped him.” She says she is sorry. It is frustrating to see her update him on the Shadows when it is Hyeong Sik who is tipping them off and making this game complicated. Once again, he makes her doubt herself for being on Do Hyung’s side. When he says that capturing Do Hyung might be the best way to help him, she firmly says, no, that all Do Hyung wants to do is find Joo Young. It puts her and Hyeong Sik at even greater odds.

Hye Jung – who is all dressed up in a cocktail dress and diamond drop earrings and no place to go – is in charge of the captured gals, Joo Young and Mi Sook, at the factory. When Joo Young asks her to give them a break, she scolds her for causing this mess and walks out. Hye Jung rummages through a drawer of IDs, presumably those of debtors taken hostage, and pulls out Jo Ha Eun (President Jo’s missing daughter). That’s curious.

My Beautiful Bride ep 10 Do Hyung finds Tae Gyus

Glove balances on a crutch before Jin Gi. (C’mon, is there anyone who wouldn’t see that he is going to kick the crutch out from under him?) Busted leg or no, he is sent to find Park Tae Gyu, who, as it happens, is having his own pity party with the boys from the good ol’ days. But, when Do Hyung appears, he is not in a party mood and grabs Tae Gyu forcefully by the collar demanding, “Why did you run away?” Do Hyung needs Tae Gyu to find Joo Young and tolerates his nonsensical yakking about how they’re in the same boat and how smart he is. At least Tae Gyu gets them to the factory.  

My Beautiful Bride ep 10 Jang HwaMy Beautiful Bride ep 10 Jin Sook

There is another development concerning Joo Young’s disappearance (this time). Jin Sook wants to know where Joo Young disappeared to and has her boys bring Jung Hwa (who is in a hotel under police protection). Jung Hwa, who doesn’t have a clue about Joo Young’s whereabouts, seems genuinely relieved to see that it is Jin Sook who summoned her. They put their heads together to figure out why and where Joo Young might have gone when Jung Hwa says, Maybe she went to see Mr. Kim Do Hyung.” Bingo!

My Beautiful Bride ep 10 Joo Young escapesMy Beautiful Bride ep 10 Jin Gi and Joo Young

“Things are not going right.” Jin Gi’s less than brilliant assessment of his situation puts him on the offense. He decides to head to the factory to shake up Joo Young. He tells his boys to get her ready for his arrival. She fights them, but they throw her in a room and lock it with a heavy chain. Joo Young realizes she is in the ghoulish makeshift room where organs are “donated.” Filthy Jin Gi approaches her. In desperation, she breaks a bottle and holds it to her neck, and, and…his phone rings. (It is a kdrama, after all.) Secretary Kim calls from Jin Gi’s office where Chairman Kang has made himself at home. If he knows what’s good for him, Secretary Kim says, he’ll get right over. There’s nothing more satisfying for a right-hand man than to make his boss’ demands on a rival.

My Beautiful Bride ep 10 Joo Young and Mi Sook

Joo Young and Mi Sook are tied back to back. They have an odd sort of conversation about buying houses, interest rates, and banks. What might have been between the couples, their hopes for a future.

My Beautiful Bride ep 10 flashback Do Hyung and Joo YoungMy Beautiful Bride ep 10 flashback Do Hyung

Flashback: Do Hyung and Joo Young watch the finance news. She pays close attention and looks up something on her phone. She goes in the other room and checks something on her computer. Do Hyung asks her what she is doing. She closes the screen and, smiling, asks him if he wants some fruit. While she is in the kitchen, he finds what she looked up: [What is DTI? debt income ratio]. Later, she comes to him and suggests that perhaps it is not the right time to buy an apartment and asks him what he thinks. His loving smile reveals that he is touched by her efforts.

My Beautiful Bride ep 10 Joo Young escapes fireMy Beautiful Bride ep 10 Do Hyung

Mi Sook has a lighter in her pocket and tells Joo Young to get it. She is able to burn the tie and free Mi Sook’s hands. Joo Young tells Mi Sook to go ahead and get the police; she’ll be fine. But, Mi Sook’s burning tie lands on plastic and instantaneously it goes up in flames that spread wildly. Joo Young turns, realizes there are engulfing flames everywhere. In a panic, she struggles to free her hands. there is an explosion and the fire is out of control.

My Beautiful Bride ep 10 Chairman KangMy Beautiful Bride ep 10 JIn Gi and Chairman Kang

Jin Gi arrives at his office, or rather, it is his office, now. Secretary Kim cooks pork on a grill for Chairman Kang, who is quick to remind Jin Gi that this office formerly belonged to Hak Soo, Jin Gi scrambles to say the right thing, that he was only using it temporarily until Hak Soo returns (being that he’s dead, there really isn’t a good response he can make). Chairman Kang enjoys torturing Jin Gi, who deserves nothing less and can’t possibly think he is going to get away with the Hak Soo debacle, and questions him as his boys sear his cheek on the grill. When asked if he killed Hak Soo, Jin Gi swears he’ll get who did it and begs for the Chairman to believe him. Chairman Kang manages to get that Joo Young is at the factory. She clearly has something on all of them. Jin Gi’s assignment is to bring Joo Young to him unharmed. Oops, there’s a little problem: the factory is on fire. Jin Gi, if it wasn’t for bad luck, you wouldn’t have any.

My Beautiful Bride ep 10 fire Do HyungMy Beautiful Bride ep 10 Do Hyung looks for Joo Young in the fire

As Do Hyung and Tae Gyu enter the building there’s a flaming explosion. Do Hyung douses himself with a bucket of water and faces the flames, calling out, “Joo Young” over and over. In what must feel like painful slow motion, he makes his way through the fire and debris. Finally he sees Joo Young fighting her way through the smoke and flames.

My Beautiful Bride ep 10 fireMyBeautiful Bride ep 10 Do Hyung gets hit by beam in fire

Their eyes meet. As he steps toward her, a beam strikes him across the shoulders and he falls. Joo Young goes down, too, as fire and boards collapse all around her.


  • I am glad there are six more episodes still. I want to find out what incriminating evidence is on that recorder. I want there to be a happy ending for Do Hyung and Joo Young. I find myself liking Joo Young more as the story progresses and want to see the head-over-heels-in-love Do Hyung in the flashbacks again in the present.
  • The factory (*shudder*) – ugh, such a slimy place. What’s with Jo Ha Eun’s ID? That felt creepy.
  • Still, I think there are too many tangents to this story, and I am bored with about half of them.
  • Jin Sook seems to be on the side of the banker guy and Joo Hee/Young getting together. Perhaps she is powerful enough to help make that happen.
  • There is plenty of mystery hanging over the Branch Manager and his connection to the loan shark underworld. How deep is he in?
  • Hyeong Sik, don’t you know that in the end, ain’t nobody gonna be your friend?
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3 thoughts on “My Beautiful Bride episode 10 recap

  1. Thanks for the recap, even if brief.

    Loving this show, and find the subs excruciatingly slow. Appreciate the reveals that come in bits and pieces, unforced; the frequent flashbacks that makes a scene more poignant, or reinforces a point without being annoying. Love the doggedly determined DH and love that in this ep, the show has shown us that JY is not some floozy out to milk DH for his money but someone who genuinely tries to better herself.

    After watching ep 12 RAW, I have another reason to love her even more!

    Thanks again. 😀


    • Hi Patinalee,
      I am so glad we get to see that JY isn’t some floozy, I agree. It’s even more apparent in ep 11 (which I’ll get up today, thanks for waiting patiently) when she shows real determination and obviously has a long term plan. More on that coming in the next post. Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love for MBB!


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