My Beautiful Bride episode 9 recap

My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Do Hyung's mother meets Joo YoungMy Beautiful Bride ep 9 Do Hyung and Joo Young ride bicycle

My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부 ~ Ep 9

Joo Young sneaks into the apartment to get the recorder. She has something in mind that has to do with cleaning up her own mess – as Jin Sook advised, and needs information that the recorder must contain. Seeing the crib gets to her and she leaves a sign for Do Hyung that she’s been there: freshly ironed shirts hang on a rack in the living room. When he arrives home, he senses something and, just as he sees the shirts, the phone rings. It is Joo Young. He asks where she is. She tells him not to look for her, that she doesn’t deserve him. They were different from the beginning, she reminds him.

Her flashback: Do Hyung and Joo Young meet Do Hyung’s mother, Moon In Sook, at her home. The air is tense. Mother Moon says she will choose who becomes a part of this family, someone fitting. She has a file of women who are marriage material for her son. She tells him to take a look. In another scene Jin Sook chooses Joo Young as the hostess for her VIP client from a line-up of women. Yet another scene: Joo Young’s image tattooed on Song Hak Soo’s back is a fixed reminder of her sordid background.

Do Hyung insists they are not different.

His flashback: Student Do Hyung meets his mother in the courtyard. He tells her he doesn’t think he will be able to attend her wedding (to his stepfather) and walks away. Other vignettes: Do Hyung offers Joo Young a clementine, stands in the rain with her, gives her a ride home on his bicycle, and laughs out of place in a business meeting because he is in love. These happy memories with Joo Young by his side flood his mind.
My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Joo Young is chased My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Do Hyung runs to fine Joo Young

“Where are you?” he asks. “I’ll be there.” When she asks him why his face looks so rough, he realizes she is nearby, looking at him right now. He glimpses her across the courtyard on the balcony. He tells her to come over here where her home is. “I’m sorry,” is all she can say.

Suddenly he yells, “Run, Joo Young!” as two men stand on the balcony above her. Do Hyung jumps entire flights of stairs to get to her. The two men see Joo Young and the chase is on. As she is cornered, she drops something over the balcony. The two men grab her, but not before she quickly tells Do Hyung over the phone that she is in the garden. The apartment security guard, who the sharks set up as a watchman to keep an eye out for her,  points Do Hyung in the wrong direction. Earlier, he’d seen Joo Young enter the apartment and tipped off the sharks; that’s how they were on her trail. Before the sharks drive off with an unconscious Joo Young, the guard is paid his dirty money for the deed.

Yoon Mi meets Jang Hwa in her hotel room for information on Redstart. All she knows is that he is a loan shark with a reputation of always collecting no matter what. The one who knows, she says, is Joo Hee.

My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Jin Sook realizes Joo Young is missing My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Hyeong Sik shreds documents

Back at the police station, Yoon Mi asks what they found out about Jin Sook. Not much, just that she’s disappeared. But, they speculate that Joo Young is with her, which is probably a good thing. When Jin Sook gets home, she calls out Joo Hee’s name, but there’s no answer. She supposes she went out. Jin Sook seems to work independent these days, but is it for good or bad?

The Missing Persons team discovers the insurance files linked to the loan sharks’ investigation three years prior are missing. Yoon Mi thinks someone purposely got rid of them. She did some work on it herself, and even those files are missing. She suspects there is a rat among them. A flashback shows Hyeong Sik shredding documents, the rat. Do Hyung contacts Yoon Mi to tell her about the recorder that Joo Young dropped from the balcony in the garden. They need to recover what’s on it stat.

My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Jin Gi and Joo Young My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Tae Gyu

Joo Young, bag over her head, is tossed in with Tae Gyu and his girlfriend, Mi Sook, at an abandoned building site. They’ve all been roughed up, and Tae Gyu is in bad shape. Jin Gi has devised a plan to bring Hak Soo’s killer to Chairman Kang. The scapegoat is none other than bloodied Tae Gyu and, with Mi Sook’s life is on the line as well, he is told he’d better cooperate and good. Jin Gi presents a kneeling Tae Gyu to Chairman Kang as proof that he has kept his promise to bring Hak Soo’s killer. Tae Gyu confesses to the killing, but the whole thing seems incidental to Chairman Kang. Rather than get rid of him gangsta style, Chairman Kang tells Jin Gi to take him to the police. The Chairman doesn’t buy it, and tells Secretary Kim that Tae Gyu’s eyes are not those of a killer, and while he knows Tae Gyu won’t tell the truth about who killed Hak Soo in his company, he’s counting on him to tell it to the police. Chairman Kang sure doesn’t like Jin Gi weasel.

My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Chairman KangMy Beautiful Bride ep 9 Jin Gi calls Hyeong Sik about Tae Gyu

Jin Gi gets Hyeong Sik involved to make sure his plan for Tae Gyu to take the rap for Hak Soo’s murder goes down. Hyeong Sik asks if he framed someone, but Jin Gi has it all figured out; he will even send over the weapon as evidence. He tells Hyeong Sik to get the person’s confession and the evidence, and turn him over to the prosecutors. Also, there won’t be a trial: Tae Gyu will kill himself in jail. It all been arranged. Jin Gi says they’ll do their part, now Hyeong Sik just has to get his part done right. What does Jin Gi have on Hyeong Sik?

My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Jin Gi calls Hyeong SikMy Beautiful Bride ep 9 Do Hyung and Yoon Mi

The plan is to take Tae Gyu, murder weapon in hand, to the police station to turn himself in. The sharks make him put his fingerprints all over the knife that was used to kill Hak Soo. As he is dropped off in front of the police station, Yoon Mi and the other detectives, who received a call that the murderer would turn himself in, wait. Do Hyung is there too, unsure of what is happening. As Tae Gyu approaches the police station, he weighs his options in an instant. Throwing all caution to the wind (which is as good a choice as any at this point), he runs away and shouts, “I saw Yoon Joo Hee!” That’s all Do Hyung needs to hear and jumps in the police car to try to reach him first. As Tae Gyu jumps over a wire, he drops the weapon. With the police in hot pursuit on foot, Tae Gyu hops in the car as Do Hyung shouts, “Get in!”

My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Do Hyung and Tae gyu escape My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Do Hyung in tunnel

The loan sharks’ big black car cuts them off in a tunnel. “There are only three of them,” says Do Hyung. Ha! Like taking these guys down is as easy as taking candy from a baby. The one they want is Janggab who knows the location where Joo Young is being held. Oh man, that look. Do Hyung’s UDT game is on. (Ugh, Tae Gyu runs off, you little piss ant, I was almost feeling sorry for you. Never mind.) A couple Marine-force jabs in the leg with a pen, and Janggab’s down. As the other two minions watch, Do Hyung is ready to shove the pen-turned-weapon into his neck and demands, “Where’s Joo Young?” Janggab rants on that the boys are really into pretty girls, and, filthy lowlife that he is, tells him that her eyes and organs may be out already and his heart will be broken if he goes there. Do Hyung is crazed, and drags Janggab to the car.

My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Do Hyung desperate to find Joo Young's location My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Do Hyung is arrested

Just then, the police show up. With a gun aimed at Do Hyung, Hyeong Sik shouts, “Let him go!” It’s a messy situation. Surrounded, Do Hyung has no choice. He lets Janggab go, drops the weapon, and is pinned down and handcuffed. He frantically tells Yoon Mi, “They’re the ones who took Joo Young. They know where she is. They’re the Shadows.” Hyeong Sik tells her to talk to him at the station. Hyeong Sik makes Yoon Mi doubt herself by making Do Hyung the focus of this whole debacle and not the Shadows (who Hyeong Sik is inadvertently working with). He tells her that Do Hyung is not a cop but a suspect, and to stop providing information to him. How can something so wrong seem so right? I really hate this guy, Hyeong Sik. He is playing everyone.

My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Do hyung in the paddy wagon My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Do Hyung in police custody

Our Do Hyung hasn’t run out of moves, yet. On the way to the police station in the paddy wagon, he overhears that they’re looking for the hospital where the “victim” (Janggab) was sent to. He asks for information, but the police tell him to mind his own business, he’s the criminal, after all. A madman with a single-minded mission is no joke, however, and Do Hyung head butts the two police in the backseat with him, grabs the driver, and escapes. Hyeong Sik pulls up from behind, and is on Do Hyung’s trail as he runs through alleys and up buildings. Hyeong Sik puts in a call out for street barricades.

My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Do Hyung jumps across rooftop My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Hyeong Sik catches up with Do Hyung on rooftop

Do Hyung is awesome as he leaps from rooftop to rooftop. It isn’t long before he is trapped with nowhere to go, and ducks behind a shed. Hyeong Sik has him now and yells, “I hate people like you the most. Growing up under rich parents, you think you are above it all.” His vendetta against Do Hyung spills out, “Who do you think you are to rank people?” and continues to rags him for making people beg for bank loans just to live, and then cuts them off. He finishes up, only rich people get to enjoy life. Bitter much? Hyeong Sik definitely has a negative bias against Do Hyung. At the moment, an ahjumma distracts Hyeong Sik when she asks what they’re doing.
My Beautiful Bride ep 9 Do Hyung hides on rooftop

That split second is just enough for Do Hyung to escape.


  • Jin Gi put so much sleazy effort into his framing plan, and Chairman Kang just flicks him off like a gnat. While Jin Gi thinks Tae Gyu’s days are numbered, I’m pretty sure his are, too.
  • I have a hunch that Hyeong Sik’s days might also be numbered.
  • Do Hyung’s single-mindedness is awesome and fierce at the same time. So hardcore. I just hope he gets what he wants.
  • Jin Sook is interesting, enough so that I am wondering what her role in getting rid of Hak Soo might have been.
  • The one who annoys me these days in Yoon Mi. Her demeanor is passive, almost like she’s depressed. I am not sure she’ll hold up under the betrayal of Hyeong Sik (who, by the way, isn’t worth it).
  • Dropping the recorder in the garden and getting that message to Do Hyung is the smartest thing Joo Young has done. This gives me hope that she can undo some bad and make some good with the information on that recorder.
  • Other thoughts?
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