My Beautiful Bride episode 8 recap

My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부 ~ Ep 8

New names:

Son Hye Jung – Seo Jin Gi’s woman

Redstart – chairman

My Beautiful Bride ep 8 Joo Young in the hospital

Joo Young is rushed by ambulance to the hospital; she’s slashed her wrist. As the nurse checks on her, the cleaning woman in the room mentions that she looks familiar, somehow. They simultaneously realize she is the woman on the Missing Person poster on the notice board and race to make the call for the reward. Joo Young’s brother, Min Soo, answers on the other end.

Tae Gyu’s disappearance has Do Hyung and Yoon Mi at a loss as to where to look next. They find themselves in the empty loan shark warehouse room. They’re not alone, however. A drunk and crazed President Cho pokes his head from behind a desk. He’s been hanging out there, too – who knows for how long, and asks if they’ve found Ha Eun (his missing daughter). Do Hyung gets a call from Min Soo, and with the news that Joo Young is at the hospital, and he and Yoon Mi head there.

My Beautiful Bride ep 8 Jin Sook gets Joo Young from the hospitalMy Beautiful Bride ep 8 Do Hyung checks hospital cameras

Joo Young certainly has a lot of people interested in her whereabouts. Jin Sook arrives first, but when she gets to Joo Young’s room, she is not there. Jin Sook happens to overhear the cleaning woman and the nurse discuss sharing the reward money. She pays them off herself with the promise that they won’t say a thing. “If you take the money and still blab, I’ll come back and slice your lips off.”

Joo Young overheard the reward money conversation in her room although she was presumed to still be unconscious. She staggers down the hospital hall. She doesn’t want to be found by any of the bad guys, but she is equally insistent on keeping Do Hyung away from her in the mistaken belief that it is the only way to keep him safe. So, of course, when she sees Do Hyung and Yoon Mi running through the hospital looking for her, she hides.

My Beautiful Bride ep 8 Do Hyung cries on rooftop

Jin Sook finds her and Joo Young leaves the hospital with her. As the car pulls away, she comes undone at a final glimpse of Do Hyung. He doesn’t see her. He asks the hospital information desk for access to security cameras, but without a search warrant, he is denied. Losing Joo Young in the hospital is stressful enough for everyone, but when Min Soo scolds that the nurse should have keep better tabs on his pregnant sister, the truth of that situation spills. The nurse says the patient wasn’t pregnant. When Yoon Mi confirms that, indeed, she wasn’t pregnant and had miscarried when she went missing, the shock of this news is too much for Do Young. She is sorry to Do Hyung that she didn’t tell him before.

A hysterical Do Hyung sobs on the rooftop. Yoon Mi can’t do anything for him. Right now, they are not on the same page. She tries to comfort him with suicide statistics. He tells her not to ever blab about that literature nonsense to him again. Yoon Mi is distraught too, and tells him that he is the one who should stop blabbing nonsense. It is a tense situation.
My Beautiful Bride ep 8 Jin Sook and Joo YoungMy Beautiful Bride ep 8 Do Hyung returns to the apartment

Jin Sook talks things out with Joo Young back at her house. Killing herself won’t solve anything, that won’t be the end, she tells her. The bank guy will go all the way to find her or die trying. Joo Young wants to keep the bank guy from getting involved, but Jin Sook reminds her that he already is. “What should I do?” she asks. It’s simple: clean up your own mess. Don’t try to take the easy way out. Jin Sook is straightforward.

Do Hyung goes home to their apartment. He remembers the day he and Joo Young moved in together and used that date as their passcode. It is a sad scene as Do Hyung tearfully unassembles the crib. “I’m sorry, I didn’t even know. It must have been hard for you. Please trust in me and wait,” as if Joo Young can hear him.

My Beautiful Bride ep 8 Yoon Mi father was a loan sharkMy Beautiful Bride ep 8 Yoon Mi meets Hyeong Sik at the police station

Yoon Mi sits alone in her car. She looks at her wrist. Her words to Do Hyung, as it turns out, weren’t statistics from a book, but from her own experience. She takes a family picture from the glove compartment.

Flashback: At her father’s funeral, school-aged Yoon Mi overhears her classmates talk: He was a loan shark, didn’t you know? He was so evil that some debtor set his office on fire. The pizza and stuff she bought us was all from loan shark money. She lies despondent in the hospital with a bandaged wrist. When she wanders into the police station and asks if her parents were really that evil, an officer is inconsiderate and rude to her. Hyeong Sik steps in and tells the officer to answer her nicely. He asks if she is okay. It is the first time they meet: him – a police officer, her – a student.

My Beautiful Bride ep 8 Hyeong SikMy Beautiful Bride ep 8 Jin Gi in Yoon Mi's apartment

Hyeong Sik meets Son Hye Jung at the bar. “Detective Park,” she asks, “shall we sleep together tonight?” When Yoon Mi tries to get a hold of him, he doesn’t answer her call. He’s got pictures from Lee Jang Ho’s phone and tells Hye Jung to give them to her boss, Jin Gi. He leaves the folder with her. An angry Jin Gi burns the pictures.

Hyeong Sik ignored Yoon Mi’s calls during his exchange with Hye Jung, and calls her back. When they meet Yoon Mi asks if they can not talk about work just for one hour. But, it’s not long before his phone rings. It’s Seo Jin Gi, but Hyeong Sik acts like it’s Detective Ko from work, and steps out to take the call. They hardly exchange pleasantries. Jin Gi is pissed off that Hyeong Sik isn’t being a good game player these days. In fact, he is calling from Yoon Mi’s apartment and suggests he gets over there. Hyeong Sik gives Yoon Mi a work-related excuse and tells her to wait (he surely doesn’t want her going to the apartment).
Jin Gi has busted the lock and is waiting inside. He digs Hyeong Sik for mooching off his cop girlfriend. He even holds up a pair of Yoon Mi’s underwear to rile up Hyeong Sik. But what did he think? He sent those incriminating phone pictures – now that wasn’t very nice, was it? Jin Gi seems to be on top in this scenario, with the threat of telling detective girlfriend Yoon Mi all about his double life. “Let’s continue on like we did three years ago with Hak Soo,” he suggests. Hyeong Sik has got himself in a precarious situation. So, what went down between them back then?
My Beautiful Bride ep 8 Do Hyung in Joo Young's bedroomMy Beautiful Bride ep 8 Do Hyung back at the bank

Do Hyung stops by Joo Young’s family’s apartment. Brother and sister-in-law are sure he doesn’t know anything about her past. He lies on her bed, unable to keep tears back, and cries pitifully into her pillow.

Do Hyung stops by at the office. He meets with the Branch Manager who insists he take two more weeks off to find his fiancé. But, it is the Branch Manager who Do Hyung suspects is somehow involved with Seryo Construction.

My Beautiful Bride eip 8 Do HyungMy Beautiful Bride ep 8 Joo Young

Do Hyung asks Manager Sim to look into the Branch Manager’s account affairs. They talk privately in a car, Do Hyung fills him in on the suspicious details. Seryo Construction received a loan through the Branch Manager’s arbitrary decision after a preliminary application. They’ve never been late once because there isn’t any principal. The loan Seryo received was large – 20 billion won. The bank is at risk, with Seryo being a paper company that could disappear overnight. The taxes have been tampered with, too. Somehow these discrepancies have been overlooked by someone in the bank. Manager Sim realizes the implications to the bank if the company disappears. Do Hyung wants to know what’s behind the Branch Manager’s decisions regarding Seryo Construction.
Jin Sook has questions for Joo Young – why would anyone still be after her now that Hak Soo is dead? There’s something bigger, someone above Hak Soo, who needs information that Joo Young has. Joo Young mentions a code name: Redstart. That’s the name Hak Soo always called a certain person. Although she doesn’t know who he is or ever heard a conversation between the two, Joo Young knows Redstart betrayed Song Hak Soo three years ago. But, why does he want Joo Young? Jin Sook thinks there is someone behind Song Hak Soo that Redstart is afraid of, someone who backed Hak Soo and now has it out for Redstart. Joo Young recalls that whenever Hak Soo got a call from Chairman, he made her leave the room. This mysterious Chairman, who is he?

Jin Sook heads out and gives Joo Young a burner phone in case she has to reach her. She asks again if Joo Young won’t contact the banker guy, and she replies that she doesn’t have the right to. You know, she reminds Joo Young, he might get the wrong idea from the hospital records that show it was a man who brought in Joo Young and signed as her guardian. Huh?

My beautiful Bride ep 8 Joo Young camms Jang Hway Beautiful Bride ep 8 Jang Hwa and Joo Young

The wheels are turning in Joo Young head as thinks over Jin Sook’s words: The ill fate that began with Hak Soo, crappy relations, a shitty life…everything. end it with your own hands. She makes a call to Jung Hwa who is hanging out under police security in a motel room. She’s scared to death and can’t go home. Joo Young is sorry that she’s involved. She wants to know if Jung Hwa found the recorder she asked her about before. “Joo Hee, how can I go there in this situation?”

My Beautiful Bride ep 8 Do Hyung passes out flyers of Joo YoungMy Beautiful Bride ep 8 Joo Young sees the baby crib

Do Hyung passes out flyers on the street in hopes that it leads him to Joo Young, again. Joo Young leaves Jin Sook’s house dressed in a jacket and cap. She stealthily enters their apartment building. (Although, the security guard sees her go by.) She enters their hauntingly empty apartment and gets the recorder – the one Jang Hwa wasn’t able to retrieve for her. There’s something on it that she wants that has to do with what Jin Sook said to her. As she turns to leave, she sees the crib half taken apart. She kneels next to it, and, running her hand along the rail, sobs.

My Beautiful Bride ep 8 Do Hyung and ironed shirtsmy Beautiful Bride ep 8 Joo Young calls Do Hyung

When Do Hyung goes home, he enters, he is immediately on guard. Freshly ironed shirts hang on a rack. His phone rings. “Hello? Please speak. Hello.”

“It’s me, Do Hyung,” she says. He looks out the window. Joo Young stands across the way on a balcony.

OSTDays and Moons by Elsa Kopf [My Beautiful Bride Ost] Lyrics


  • For starters, Kim Moo-yul is one of only a few men these days who looks seriously handsome with a severe side part.
  • The inevitable kdrama downward spiral has reached the midpoint at ep 8, so we can only hope and pray that, true to kdrama form, the endless gangster chase and so-close-but-yet-so-far love story takes an upward turn.
  • I actually was teary-eyed when Do Hyung lay on Joo Young’s bed, and then when she saw the crib- gah! It made the ironed shirts scene all the more hauntingly romantic.
  • So, please, don’t leave this phone call between them as yet another way for them not to get together. A face-to face, fifteen-minute conversation is all it would take to clear up misconceptions and work together to skip town and live happily ever after. (With an episode or two of Do Hyung, Marine UTD, in action. I’m stuck on that.)
  • I’m getting a little bored with the gangster lineage, don’t really care about Redstart. And Yoon Mi and Hyeong Sik, don’t care too much for their story, either. It is dragging out, and I’m losing interest. Still, I’m trusting that the acting and writing will work through the mid-point traffic jam of circumstances and get our OTP to a good place in life. Together. Hopefully.
  • Whether I like the tune or not, I can’t get Days and Moons outta my head.
  • Your likes so far? What’s bugging you about this kdrama?
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  1. Hi Cimi! I’m so late but I see you’re at it again with another series to recap. It’s another one I’m not watching but I will stop by to read along. Is this one a bit easier to handle?


    • Hi Elle, Not watching MBB? There are several good kdramas airing right now, and I know how hard it is to fit them all in. A bit easier to handle, hmmm, in some ways yes, as far as format and the basics. But, like Blood, this is another genre that is not normally my cup of tea. So, I have to concentrate more than, say, a rom/com or a variety show. I am still looking for another Roommate, too. It is rather addicting, recapping a weekly kdrama. Do you find that to be true, too?


      • I’m only watching two dramas now–it’s all I can fit into my weekly schedule, but it’s rare for me to watch more than 2-3 shows a week anyway. I may check out MBB once it’s done airing–it looks interesting.

        As for me, I’ve only ever recapped one drama during its live run & I liked it a little better than recapping a finished drama. I seemed to finish the recap faster–perhaps b/c it seemed more urgent with another week’s episodes approaching. But I totally drowned in RL during the last two weeks & it took me a month to finish. Then I felt a bit bad for people who were reading along as if I let them down.

        I think I will stick with my classics a bit longer to avoid that again. If I do a currently airing show again, it will be a weecap–which is what I was supposed to be doing all along.

        The great thing about on air shows is the bigger online audience out there to discuss things and the week-to-week real time reactions to enjoy. With the classics, there’s usually just a few ppl here and there watching or reading along.


  2. Yes, there is a larger audience for currently airing dramas, I’m sure, and along with it, pressure to recap in a timely manner, as you mentioned. I find it interesting that you are building a classics recap library and wonder, is it solely based on your personal interest in these dramas? Are you recapping any that you haven’t already seen? When I first started watching kdramas, I overwhelmingly preferred marathoning completed ones, but I think my pendulum has swung so that now, I am only watching currently airing dramas and k-variety. That is, with the exception of occasionally falling back on favorites for that particular Kdrama feeling I’m wanting at that moment. Anyway, here’s to the variety of sites out there to meet an kjunkie’s addiction!


    • I was the same way at first–I only watched completed dramas. In fact, when I first stumbled into dramaland Classic dramas were pretty much all I watched. The problem is that there aren’t a lot of recaps for older dramas so I decided to jump in & help. The recaps are sorta for myself but also for dramaland too b/c they’re either for dramas I haven’t seen & wish were already recapped or they’re the dramas I love and hate the lack of recaps for them.

      Sandglass, for ex, was a drama I’d heard of over & over as really good. It has always been one I wanted to watch but I wanted to read the recaps first–so when I decided to start my blog Sandglass was a no brainier as the first series to recap. The one I’m currently recapping–Full House–is an example of one of my all time favs in which I hate that there aren’t recaps for it.

      I too love the myriad of blogs and other sites to share this addiction b/c in RL the ppl who know I am into K-dramas think I am loony and when I started the blog I became certifiable. Lol.

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    • Wow, thanks and bummer. Were you able to contact them when they stole your content? And if so, did they stop? I will look into it. It doesn’t appear that they give any credit or link to the site they stole from, small matter, when the content should not be up in its entirety in the first place. Again, I appreciate the lead.

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      • I sent them a message on their fb page from my personal account because we don’t have a dramajjang page there telling them that they used our articles without asking us and copy/pasting them without giving us any credit and presenting them as their own. Pointed out which articles they were (10 articles!!!! from My Love Eun Dong and My Beautiful Bride recaps) and asked them to take them down and in the future they should strictly ask us first to post anything and give credits. They have neither read it nor responded or removed any of these articles. They have stolen from a wide variety from us, from you, from koala, dramabeans, han cinema, couch kimchi. After contacting them we are waiting to see what they will say and if they will take the articles down, then we’ll see how we’ll progress.
        It’s a same how they stole our time, feels, thoughts and passion for dramas, i am enraged 🙂 Recaps take so much time to write them and proofread them, take the screencaps and place them in the article and actually feel satisfied before we post them online…

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      • Hey Kwon Sang Seung,
        I commented on their site and sent a message similar to what you discussed below in their contact format. Based on your experience, though, it doesn’t seem like they are quick to mend their ways. it is indeed a shame. I’ll let you know if I hear anything (not holding my breath). Perhaps more comments in the reply section directly on their site would publicize the issue? Thanks.


    • Kwon Sang Seung, I don’t think we will receive a reply. Thoughts Ramble had contacted them to stop posting their recaps of I Remember You, and Zkpop ignored her message. The thief put up Thoughts Ramble’s latest recap of the show. 😦

      This is ridiculous.

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      • Yes, i just noticed that as well 😦 So far they are stealing from you, us, HanCinema, Dramabeans, koala’s playground, cimiart, thoughtsramble, allkpop and Enjoy Korea With Hui, there may be more, but these are the ones i am aware of. Totally ridiculous…


      • Hi, Cimi.

        I’m Goodange from Couch Kimchi. We empathize with you! It is disgusting that this is happening to you, too. We have been victimized as well. After some more research tonight, I found that Zkpop promotes the stolen contents on forums like Onehallyu, and directing the link to their website rather than the original creators.

        We have notified our readers about Zkpop’s actions, and likewise, we have demanded Zkpop to remove our duplicated contents from their site. They have not done so, and in fact, they have just updated their blog with additional stolen materials from Allkpop and Ohkpop.

        We’ve been contacting other victimized bloggers as well. We hope that collective activism will thwart Zkpop soon.

        Good luck!

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      • By the way, we had suggested this to Kwon Sang Seung, and it might be helpful to you, too, if you make your text unselectable. I don’t know if that is executable on, though. Perhaps a plugin might provide that ability. We don’t know if making the text unselectable will be effective, but it won’t be as easy for Zkpop to cut and paste.

        Anyway, again, best of luck to you!

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      • I am so pissed off, there’s no reply yet, i want this to get resolved as soon as possible. I was always wondering if there’s a way to write more recaps in a faster way, now i think i found it XD “copy” “paste” “publish” XD I have no latest news on the issue since it hasn’t progressed yet, but i hope everything i’ve told you so far was helpful xD That “site” ruined my nighttime 😛 The funny thing is they wanted variety even in a single drama, i was searching the MBB recaps and at some point i was like “wait, since not everything is mine someone else gets stolen as well” and i had to inform right away! This gradually turns into a melodrama XD

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      • Interesting. Why even bother to steal recaps from different MBB contributors? That’s all the more annoying, such a stupid tactic. There is another site, I’ll have to go back and find it in my stats – that copied entire Blood recaps w/o my permission, but gave credit and a link back to cimiart. A contact to them didn’t result in a response, either. Sorry your evening was ruined, Kwon Sang Seung, I know the feeling.


  3. Kwon Sang Seung & Cimi,

    I’m so angry. What leeches. This is infuriating. I know how much thought and originality goes into your work. I’m so sorry you and others are having to deal with this.

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  4. Wow, thanks everyone for alerting me and others about the unethical practices that Zkpop employs to obtain content on their site. Also, thank you for the helpful suggestions. I have contacted Zkpop on their site and asked them to remove content they have not obtained with permission. However, it is disheartening to hear your stories that it has not done any good. Will look further into what is going on. Let’s keep each other posted on this, fighting!


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