My Beautiful Bride episode 7 recap Kdrama

My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부 ~ Ep 7

More names:

Secretary Kim – Chairman Kang’s right-hand man

Janggab – Jin Gi’s hitman

My Beautiful Bride ep 7 recap kdrama Do Hyung and Lee Jang Ho kidnappedMy Beautiful Bride ep 7 Do Hyung escapes

Do Hyung wakes up in the back seat of a black car with Lee Jang Ho and the two thug minions who caught them. They’re thrown onto a cement floor at the feet of Secretary Kim, right-hand man to Chairman Kang. We’ve seen him around, but he has emerged as a big shot in this episode. The two thug minions think Do Hyung is an unlucky bystander who got in the way, and Secretary Kim tells them to get rid of him. They cover Do Hyung’s head with a bag and drive off. But, true to form, Do Hyung has no trouble handling these lowlifes, and escapes.

Lee Jang Ho, on the other hand, is exactly who Secretary Kim wants. Jang Ho asks, “Who the heck are you?” but it doesn’t seem that he is in a position to be asking the questions. “Your fate is in my hands. What did you do to Song Hak Soo?” Jang Ho is scared to death and  swears it wasn’t him. Secretary Kim says never mind, he knows who killed him.

Secretary Kim makes a call to Jin Gi and tells him Jang Ho is keeping him company and to meet them at the farm storage. With his bum leg (from jumping out the window), Jang Ho can’t escape.

My Beautiful Bride ep 7 Song Hak Soo and Lee Jang HoMy Beautiful Bride ep 7 Song Hak Soo killed

Flashback: A bloodied Jin Gi kneels as Song Hak Soo enters and takes a seat. He pretends to beg, but Hak Soo doesn’t have the upper hand for long – Jin Gi handcuffs Hak Soo to the chair. Janggab, Jin Gi’s hitman, stabs Hak Soo from behind. We now have the answer to who killed Song Hak Soo. Lee Jang Ho witnesses the whole table-turning event and hightails it to China as he quickly finds himself on the wrong side. Which is where he should have stayed since every Tom, Dick, and Harry is after him since his recent return.

Jang Ho tries to play the I-know-something-you-don’t-know card, but Secretary Kim is way past that game. Jang Ho is expendable these days, not a good thing in the world of double-crossing gangsters when you’ve done your share of double-crossing and run out of favors.

We find out that Secretary Kim had his own axe to grind with Song Hak Soo over a particular incident three years back, and must have been pretty happy that someone else saved him the trouble of taking him down.

My Beautiful Bried ep 7 recap kdrama Song Hak Soo and Secretary KilMy Beautiful Bride ep 7 Lee Jang Ho and Secretary Kim

Flashback: Song Hak Soo pays a visit to Chairman’s Kang. While waiting for him to arrive, he sits in his chair. Secretary Kim tells him he should sit somewhere else. Hak Soo decides to show Chairman Kang’s underling who the real boss is, and makes him kneel down and lick the dust off his shoes. It’s a scene Secretary Kim remembers bitterly.

Jang Ho’s presence only reminds Secretary Kim how much he hated Song Hak Soo. He turns his heel into Jang Ho’s injured leg and, as he writhes in pain, tells him not to worry; someone is on his way to end his misery.

y Beautifu Bride ep 7 Yoon Mi and Hyeong Sik

Hyeong Sik meets up with Yoon Mi who fills him in. She guesses those who were powerful enough to kill Song Hak Soo are after Lee Jang Ho, and have taken Do Hyung, too. Now that Jang Ho is back, the Shadows don’t want him blabbing about who killed Song Hak Soo, and mean to kill him. Jang Ho knew this when he made the call to Yoon Mi and decided police protection was his best option. In addition, since Joo Young probably knew the whole lot of them, they want her, too. She knows who’s who.

They split up: Hyeong Sik checks out the hotel where Jang Ho’s phone was traced, Yoon Mi checks the cameras at the train station. They get some information from the cameras, but the men who took Jang Ho and Do Hyung are in caps and can’t be identified. Yoon Mi sends police backup to search outlying areas where they might have taken them.

My Beautiful Bride ep 7 Do Hyung at the farm storage

To Secretary Kim’s surprise, Do Hyung shows back up at the farm storage. With a rope around the neck of the lowlife driver, Do Hyung forced him to take him back to the scene since he’d had a bag over his head. Just as Do Hyung strides towards Secretary Kim and means serious business, the unconscious driver comes to and rams Do Hyung, knocking him down. Secretary Kim jumps in the car as it speeds away. Well, one good thing – Do Hyung sees his broken phone on the ground and is able to call Yoon Mi and tell her where he is.

My Beautiful Bride ep 7 Jin Gi kills Jang HoMy Beautiful Bride ep 7 recap kdrama Do Hyung

Jang Ho is in bad shape. “Hey bank guy,” he calls to Do Hyung. He tells him he is the one who informed Song Hak Soo about his and Joo Hee’s love story. Just as he is about to tell Do Hyung who killed Hak Soo, he collapses in the middle of the road. Do Hyung carries him on his back, hoping the police arrive soon. It isn’t the police who arrive first, however; it’s Jin Gi and the boys. Ends up they come upon Do Hyung carrying Jang Ho. What could be more convenient? Posing as someone who wants to help, Jin Gi (who is wearing a mask) offers to drive them to the bus station. Do Hyung is leery, but tells him that paramedics and police are en route, His caution wasn’t off, though; Jin Gi stabs Do Hyung to get him out of the way and viciously attacks Jang Ho – the one he needs to silence. As police approach, Jin Gi flees.

Is anyone counting trips to the hospital? Jang Ho and Do Hyung ride in the ambulance. Yoon Mi knows whoever attacked them can’t be far behind, but all she finds is an empty black car – the gangsters escaped by another vehicle. When she arrives at the hospital, Lee Jang Ho is dead and Do Hyung is shaken.

My Beautiful Bride pe 7 Do Hyung brokenMy Beautiful Bride ep 7 recap kdrama Joo Young

Joo Young stands on a balcony and hangs the washed socks Do Hyung used to wrap her feet.

My Beautiful Bride ep 7 flashback Do Hyung buys shoes for Joo Young

Flashback: Do Hyung opens a box with new shoes. “They say if you buy someone shoes they’ll run away from you. Do you want me to run away?” she asks him. “You can’t run away. Wherever you are I will find you.” he replies with a smile. Those shoes were the ones Joo Young was wearing on the pier when she was kidnapped.

Jin Sook is housing Joo Young these days. She tells her the bank guy is safe, but he’s going crazy looking for her. Shouldn’t she tell him she’s safe? Joo Young says she can’t do that. She doesn’t want to put him in danger. FINALLY! Jin Sook tells Joo Young that Song Hak Soo is dead. Furthermore, his body was found in the banker’s trunk, and he was detained for questioning. That’s how he found out about her and Song Hak Soo.

My Beautiful Bride ep 7 President Kang holds Secretary Kim's face in soupMy Beautiful Bride ep 7 Jung Hwa needs police protection

Jin Gi makes a call to Secretary Kim and reports that Jang Ho is dead. Now, they’re both looking for Joo Young. Secretary Kim doesn’t want to tell Chairman Kang that Lee Jang Ho is dead since he wanted him brought back alive. He tells the two lowlife thugs who lost Lee Jang Ho and are responsible for his death that Chairman Kang will never forgive them. He covers for them (although, for the life of me I can’t imagine why), and lies to Chairman Kang that Lee Jang Ho is hiding. What is he thinking? Chairman Kang already knows he lost Jang Ho and the bank guy. For lying, Chairman Kang holds his head in a bowl of soup and asks, “Do you know what it’s like to drown in a bowl of water?” Not only was Secretary Kim humiliated by Song Hak Soo, his own boss doesn’t think twice about knocking him down a few pegs, either.

Kang Jung Hwa is scared and calls Yoon Mi. She helped Joo Young escape and she’s afraid for her life. Yoon Mi gets her a motel room and police security.

My Beautiful Bride ep 7 Do Hyung chasing gangstersMy  Beautiful Bride ep 7 recap kdrama Do Hyung and Yoon Mi

Hyeong Sik finds a phone under the bed at the motel where they traced Lee Jang Ho’s call to Yoon Mi. When Hyeong Sik calls back Jin Gi’s number in the phone, Jin Gi actually picks it up even after seeing Lee Jang Ho’s name on the screen. “Mr. Seo Jin Gi?” says the caller. “Who is this?” asks Jin Gi. Wow, even I wouldn’t have answered that. Jin Gi knows someone is close on his tail.

This is a curious scene: One of the detectives who’d been at the hospital calls Hyeong Sik to inform him that Lee Jang Ho is dead. The word is getting out in all ranks. He also tells him that Do Hyung is there (and seems suspicious of him). Is this detective working double sides along with Hyeong Sik? (By the way, that part of the story remains a mystery and is making me nervous.)

My Beautiful Bride ep 7 recap kdrama Do Hyung is worried about Joo Young

I’m worried about Do Hyung’s condition, physically and mentally. He insists on staying on the hunt with Yoon Mi, who can’t convince him otherwise. As he thinks through things out loud he tells her that he doesn’t know any of them, but they all know him and refer to him as the banker guy: Song Hak Soo, Lee Jang Ho, the guy at the storage farm (Secretary Kim), and the guy wearing the mask (Seo Jin Gi). It dawns on him that he talked to someone on the phone before in the car with Park Tae Gyu, the Shadow behind the loan sharks, and realizes he’s the same as the masked man who killed Lee Jang Ho.

It’s time to find Tae Gyu – the one who can name the Shadows. Yoon Mi and Do Hyung track him at his girlfriend Mi Sook’s house. However, someone beats them there. Furniture is turned over; packed suitcases are on the floor. Jin Gi’s boys have taken him and Mi Sook.

Do Hyung is frantic to find Jin Gi, fearful that he already has Joo Young. He is panicky. Yoon Mi tells him that she wasn’t at the factory, she may be someplace safe, and they’ll find her.

My Beautiful Bride ep 7 flashback at the cafe Joo Young and Do HyungMy Beautiful Bride ep 7 Joo Young tells Do Hyung her name

Flashback: In the café where they come in out of the rain to have drinks, she tells him her name Yoon Joo Young. “Yoon Joo Young. That’s a really pretty name. It’s pretty. Your name,” he says.

Now Joo Young looks at her reflection in the mirror and thinks about Jin Sook’s words: The bank guy was suspected of killing Song Hak Soo, so he was detained by the cops for a few days. And that’s how he found out about you and Song Hak Soo.

My Beautiful Bride ep 7 Joo Young holds a razor blade 

“I’m sorry, Do Hyung,” she says listlessly. In her hand she holds a razor blade.


  • This episode answered the important question of who killed Song Hak Soo and why Lee Jang Ho had to go, too, now that he returned to Korea. Jang Ho’s death seemed a bit unceremonious, though, didn’t it? With two big gangsters down, that makes Chairman Kang king of the hill, but leaves Secretary Kim and Jin Gi unhappy about that.
  • Like I’ve said, the Hyeong Sik story remains a mystery. What’s in it for him?
  • Kim Moo-yul is quite the actor; I’m impressed. I feel so sorry for Do Hyung at this point. He’s beat up, mentally spent, and can’t get a handle on the Shadows’ hunt for Soo Young.
  • We’re almost at the halfway point and still don’t know much about Do Hyung’s background or Joo Young’s real value to the Shadows.
  • We also don’t know much about Jin Sook – who is she, why is she helping Joo Young, and the ultimate question – what’s in it for her?
  • Park Tae Gyu is an annoying little weasel; I’m not thrilled to see him back.
  • Will Do Hyung reach Joo Young in time?

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