My Beautiful Bride episode 6 recap kdrama

My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부 ~ Ep 6 

New names this episode:

Choi Young Ho – small-time thug, hired by paper company for taekwondo skills

My Beautiful Bride ep 6 Do Hyung and Joo Young wraps her footMy Beautiful Bride ep 6 Joo Young cries to see Do Hyung

It is a cautious moment of relief as Do Hyung and Joo Young stand before each other at last after escaping from the sharks. He pulls out her shoe from his jacket and gently wraps her injured feet with his socks and places her feet in her shoes. It hurts them to see each other in pain. “Should we just go somewhere far away to live? Somewhere nobody knows us?” He repeats the words she said to him so long ago when they were students.

My Beautiful Bride ep 6 on the pierMy Beautiful Bride ep 6 Do Hyung piggyback Joo Young

Do Hyung piggybacks Joo Young quickly down the pier to get away. But it’s a short-lived reunion; the thugs are onto them. Do Hyung sends her back towards the cops where she’ll be safe. Once again, he faces the gangsters alone. It’s a brutal fight scene. Just when one of the boys is about to give him the ax, a shot rings out. It’s Yoon Mi to the rescue – she cuffs one of the gangsters, but the rest get away.

My Beautiful Bride ep 6 Do Hyung hurtMy Beautiful Bride ep 6 Hyeong Sik and Joo Young

As Joo Young runs for safety, someone grabs her – wait, that’s Hyeong Sik – and places a hand over her mouth until she passes out. Now there’s a new twist – looks like Hyeong Sik, cop partner to Yoon Mi, is in cahoots with the baddies. What? As Joo Young is hauled off in yet another black mobster car, he watches. So, what is this bad cop’s agenda? When Yoon Mi contacts him to be on the lookout for Joo Young, he pretends he doesn’t know anything.

Do Hyung arrives at the hospital in bad shape, unconscious with bleeding in the brain. He dreams of being with Joo Young and never looking happier as she calls him, Oppa. He asks, “Will you be my beautiful bride?”

My Beautiful Bride ep 6 Do Hyung in the hospital My Beautiful Bride ep 6 Do Hyung's dream

Yoon Mi and Hyeong Sik discuss the pieces of the case: lovers since high school, Do Hyung has acted all along like he didn’t know about Joo Young’s connection to the crime world. She didn’t want him to get involved and he didn’t want her to know that he knew. Hyeong Sik doesn’t think that makes much sense at this point because Song Hak Soo is dead. He still suspects that Do Hyung got revenge on his girlfriend’s criminal ex. Clearly, Yoon Mi has no idea about Hyeong Sik’s loyalties these days.

Yoon Mi thinks otherwise: Lee Jang Ho, right-hand man to Song Hak Soo, fled to China after Hak Soo was imprisoned. Jang Ho took over as crime boss, but Hak Soo’s unexpected parole from prison threw a wrench into the works. Not wanting to relinquish his new position, Lee Jang Ho killed Song Hak Soo.

My Beautiful Bride ep 6 Yoon Mi and Hyeong Sik discuss the case

Still, Hyeong Sik questions why Lee Jang Ho would be after Song Hak Soo’s girlfriend, Soo Young. What’s the motive? They decide that Yoon Mi will look for Yoon Soo Young and Hyeong Sik will look for Lee Jang Ho.

Jin Gi tells his boys to bring Joo Young, who is unconscious in the car, to the factory. BAM! A motorcycle pulls up alongside the mobster car and bashes the windshield. An unidentified man grabs Soo Young and transfers her to another car. It’s an all-out loan shark war.

my beautiful bride ep 6 1 my beautiful bride ep 6 hyeong sik

Park Hyeong Sik drinks at a bar. Jin Gi’s woman slips onto the bar stool beside him. They talk. He is sure Jin Gi killed Song Hak Soo. How many times does she have to say it wasn’t them? He asks about Lee Jang Ho. She hasn’t seen him since he ran away to China. He will find him, he tells her, and get to the root of who is behind their operation. She plays him off. When she reports this to Jin Gi, he isn’t happy about Hyeong Sik’s questions or the fact that Lee Jang Ho is back in Korea.

Well, now. Hyeong Sik lets himself in an apartment. A woman is asleep, oh it’s Yoon Mi – interesting. Looks like their partnership extends beyond office hours. Yoon Mi rests after getting her wound treated. Hyeong Sik looks on, but what is he weighing in his mind? At the factory, when Hyeong Sik grabbed Joo Young and gave her to Jin Gi’s boys, one of them told him to watch himself or his girlfriend might get busted. The question at hand is: why is Hyeong Sik playing both sides?

Jin Gi is furious that Joo Young disappeared again. He is worried that Chairman Kang got to her, in which case she may blab about his role in bringing down Song Hak Soo. He regrets not getting rid of her three years ago. Chairman Kang can’t wait to have a talk with her, but at the moment he is interested in getting his hands on Lee Jang Ho now that everyone knows he is back in Korea.

In the hospital, Do Hyung awakes startled from a nightmare. He struggles to get his bearings and get dressed. His only focus is to find Joo Young. When Yoon Mi stops by, she tries to get him to rest, but he’s already on his way out. He wants answers to the workings of Shadows, and the discussion turns uncomfortably to how Yoon Mi and Joo Young know each other. Do Hyung finds out Joo Young was her informant.

My Beautiful Bride ep 6 Do Hyung learns that Joo Young was informantMy Beautiful Bride ep 6 Do Hyung denies he knew Joo Young from high school

At this point, Yoon Mi agrees to bring Do Hyung up to speed on the Shadows. They start at the loan shark warehouse, a familiar place, with the story of Jo Choong Sun. (He is President Cho who lost his factory and house to the bank.) Out of desperation, he turned to the loan sharks, and put up his daughter Ha Eun, as collateral to extend the loan. When he couldn’t pay off his loans, she went missing. He came to the police for help to find his daughter. Yoon Mi tells Do Hyung that brings them to the Shadows. Jo Ha Eun’s missing case is the work of the Shadows; when they step in, they pay off the loan sharks and, in return, take the debtors who they sell into prostitution, drugs, and even sell their organs to collect the insurance on their death. It was Joo Young who, three years ago, helped the police bust Shadow of Shadows, Song Hak Soo. Do Hyung asks Yoon Mi, “Did you use Joo Young, then abandon her?” She tells him that Joo Young did that so she could go to her first love (meaning Do Hyung, her first love from high school). But, all he says is, “I met Joo Young for the first time three years ago.”

My Beautiful Bride ep 6 Do Hyung finds out Joo Young has left My Beautiful Bride ep 6 Do Hyung in uniform waiting for Joo Young

Flashback: Student Do Hyung rides past the fruit stand, but Joo Young’s mother is gone and a man sells fruit in her spot. Do Hyung waits in the bank. A family employee sits down next to him with information that Do Hyung obviously asked him to search out:  Joo Young never went abroad and never paid tuition or went to class. Her house was demolished as well. He tells him to end it here with that girl and keep the memories. Also, he didn’t tell Do Hyung’s mother. The family employee asks Do Hyung if he needs to do some banking, and that he will take care of it for him. But, Do Hyung answers, “I am going to work here.” Still later, he waits in front of the lounge where he last saw her, dressed in his uniform. Joo Young isn’t there.

My Beautiful Bride ep 6 So Hyung waits for Joo Young My Beautiful Bride ep 6 Jin Sook saves Joo Young

Yoon Mi tells him he doesn’t need to keep anything secret anymore – that she knows everything, he insists he never hid anything. No matter what, he will find Joo Young.

Joo Young wakes up in an unfamiliar place. She is surprised to find that Lee Jin Sook has safely tucked her away, at least for now. Jin Sook felt sorry for Joo Young, so she helped her out. But, she promises to find that banker and bust him up. What does that mean?

My Beautiful Bried ep 6 Chairman Kang and Jin Gi My Beautiful ride ep 6 Jang Ho calls Yoon Mi

Chairman Kang asks Jin Gi why he hasn’t kept his promise to find the one who killed Song Hak Soo. Jin Gi asks for three more days, no – two: one to find out who and one to bring him. Chairman Kang tells him to bring him alive. Jin Gi clearly is not a favorite of Chairman Kang and vice versa. The hunt is on to find Lee Jang Ho.

Jang Ho makes a call to Yoon Mi and identifies himself. At this point, he thinks he’ll be safer turning to the police and providing information in exchange for a way to survive, rather than remain open sport for the sharks. It may be too late, however. Someone is hacking at his lock; he jumps from the window to escape. Do Hyung is in the car when Jang Ho calls Yoon Mi – they head to the location where Jang Ho will call from a pay phone. But, it is a call he doesn’t get to make. He is knocked over the head and dragged away.

My Beautiful Bride ep 6 Do Hyung hit on head with pipe

Do Hyung is close on his trail and finds the car with Jang Ho inside on the floor, but then – yep, another pipe to the head. Ouch.


  • I’m speculating that Hyeong Sik worked honestly with Yoon Mi to get Song Hak Soo three years ago, but what’s in it for him to be working with the baddies? (When Hyeong Sik grabbed Joo Young, one of the goons mentioned to him that he’d better watch it or his girlfriend might get busted.) Another thing, Hyeong Sik seems to have it out for Do Hyung, mocking the bank guy for running to mommy to solve things.
  • Ain’t nobody loyal in the underground world; gotta watch your back 24/7 or else. And cops jump sides, too.
  • Why does Do Hyung keep insisting he only met Joo Young three years ago?
  • For now, Chairman Kang appears to be the one to keep an eye on because he seems to have the most power.
  • I’ve seen comments around that My Beautiful Bride has the gangster thrills of Cruel City. I tend to agree; I like them both for the same well done action scenes, and the story line that keeps me interested. And handsome heroes with over-the-top attitudes. In suits.

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2 thoughts on “My Beautiful Bride episode 6 recap kdrama

  1. Thanks so much for recapping this! This show has so many twists and turns–I find your recaps really helpful in sorting it all out. Can hardly wait till ep 7’s subs come out. Doubt we’ll get the answer yet, but I really want to find out how in the heck Hyeong Sik got involved in this mess.

    I freakin’ love this show!

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    • Yes, answers, please. I hope Do Hyung and Joo Young’s story is interesting in the present, too. Isn’t anyone going to tell her that Song Hak Soo is dead one of these days?


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