My Beautiful Bride recap ep 4 kdrama

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My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부 ~ Ep 4

Who’s who in this episode:

Moon In Sook – Kim Do Hyung’s mother, CEO of SIM

Seo Jin Gi – a level up problem solver

Chairman Kang- underworld boss of bosses

Lee Jin Sook – mentioned at the very end, former health club owner who runs a sushi restaurant

Kang Jung Hwa – Joo Young’s friend from the hostess industry

My Beautiful Bride ep 4 Do Hyung and his mother CEO of SIMMy Beautiful Bride ep 4 Do Hyung cries over Joo Young

After receiving a phone call from Hyeong Sik that blood was found at Do Hyung’s apartment, Yoon Mi becomes hysterical and attacks him in his cell. Just then, Do Young is released from jail and is picked up by a man who calls him young master. Another layer is added to Do Hyung’s background as a Marine UDT, the boyfriend of the missing woman, and now we find out his mother, Moon In Sook, is CEO of SIM – a corporation powerful enough to shake up the Blue House. She has arranged for his release. It is an icy ride as they meet for the first time in two years. Mother asks, “Did you kill him?” Do Hyung and his mother communicate indirectly through an employee in the front seat. When she tosses him an envelope with information on Joo Young’s unscrupulous background, he tells the driver to stop the car and gets out. Mother and son certainly have a rocky relationship.

When Do Hyung arrives home, the lock is busted and yellow tape stretches across the kitchen. He falls to the floor and sobs his heart out crying.  “Joo Young, are you okay?”

My Beautiful Bride ep 4 Song Hun Soo My Beautiful Bride ep 4 Joo Young gets phone call from Song Huk Soo

Yoon Mi and Hyeong Sik get chewed out by their superior for holding Do Hyung with lack of evidence. Obviously, Mother CEO Moon is not happy and the police look bad. There is another lead that takes them to a hospital where Joo Young went after receiving the shocking and threatening phone call from Song Hak Soo. Out on parole after three years, he makes sure to contact her and let her know that he knows where she is and who she’s with. She begs him not to hurt Do Hyung and he tells her she’ll have to behave and treat him better now that he’s out of jail. Joo Young is shaken to the core to hear from Song Hak Soo. She experiences a sudden onset of cramping and bleeding, and by the time she is admitted to a nearby hospital, she has miscarried.

The police take another look at the time frame on the day Joo Young disappeared. Yoon Mi realizes her assumptions may have been wrong. She stops by Do Hyung’s apartment. She knows he is inside, but he won’t answer. Was Do Hyung framed?

Who Really Killed Song Hak Soo?

My Beautiful ride Do Hyung and Tae Gyu My Beautiful Bride ep 4 Do Hyung poops in the car

When Do Hyung arrives at the loan shark warehouse, Park Tae Gyu is being dragged by goons in suits. In order to get to Park Tae Gyu, Do Hyung throws a brick at the windshield as the goons’ car pulls out, takes them on a run for their money with a few choice martial arts moves thrown in, and while they’re scrambling, snags the car with Tae Gyu inside. He speeds off. He drives to a remote spot and stops. The only information he wants from Tae Gyu is the whereabouts of Yoon Joo Young. Come to find out Tae Gyu knows her by the name Yoon Joo Hee through her brother, Yoon Min Soo, who borrowed money from him. But now, it is out of his hands. “Do I really have to tell you this dark legend,” Tae Gyu whines? Since Yoon Min Soo couldn’t pay back the money, the situation went to the “problem solvers.”

My Beautiful Bride ep 4 Do Hyung martial arts UDTMy Beautiful Bride ep 4 Seo Jin Gi

The goons who lost the car to Do Hyung return without Park Tae Gyu. Boss Seo Jin Gi is highly. displeased. When he calls and Tae Gyu answers, Do Hyung grabs the phone and asks Seo, “Are you the problem solver?” Do Hyung tells him he will come there. But Park Tae Gyu has one more move, and uses a Taser on Do Hyung. He falls unconscious. When he comes to, he is in the back seat of a car surrounded by the goons. They place a black bag over his head. He wants out, he tells them, to go to the bathroom. When they ignore his request, he takes a royal crap in the car causing utter unbelief and chaos. Now they pull over. In the restroom, after cracking his neck something fierce, he takes out two goons, and escapes. Boss Seo is furious they lost him, martial arts expert or not.

My Beautiful Bride ep 4 President Kang and Seo Jin Gi My Beautiful Bride ep 4 Do Hyung and Min Soo

However, there’s an even bigger boss to worry about. Chairman Kang summons Seo Jin Gi. They dislike and distrust each other, although Jin Gi is clearly his subordinate. They discuss who might have killed Song Huk Soo. Chairman Kang says he looked into it: it’s not the bank guy. Jin Gi promises to find out who killed him. Joo Young’s name comes as the girl Huk Soo couldn’t get over, and Chairman Kang tells his boys to look for her. No one is shedding tears over the death of Song Hun Soo.

Seo Jin Gi can’t believe his boys lost Do Hyung. But for now, his attention is on Joo Young. He must know where she is, and tells his boys to bring her to him.

When Do Hyung gets back to his apartment, Yoon Min Soo is waiting there. He’s quit his job to look for Soo Young. He’s even made a poster, but needs money to print them up. Do Hyung tells Min Soo he’ll give him the money. But the bigger questions is why did he give the loan sharks Joo Young’s phone number? He pins him against the wall and asks Min Soo why he didn’t ask him for the money? Why did he get Joo Young involved? But, Min Soo heard from Tae Gyu that Joo Young paid off the loan. It’s a situation where no one tells anyone else what is going on.

There’s another person in the midst of all this. Kang Jung Hwa, a former friend of Joo Young’s from the hostess industry, is also tangled in this mess. Do Hyung goes to visit Jung Hwa and asks her if she has seen Joo Young. Jung Hwa tells him no three times. But wait – Yoon Mi happened to be there to question Jung Hwa, too.

My Beautiful Bride ep 4 Do Hyung and Yoon Mi My Beautiful Bride ep 4 Jung Hwa meets Kim Do hyung for money

Yoon Mi is stunned. Do Hyung already knew about Joo Young’s past – her friends, that she was with Song Hak Soo?  He replies, “I told you already that I know everything.”

Now it’s time for Jung Hwa’s story. It is a hand to hand to hand world when it comes to loan money.

Flashback: Tae Gyu shows up to collect money from Jung Hwa. He threatens her that she has one week to pay up. She makes a call to Joo Young and asks for money. Do Hyung overhears. He secretly meets Jung Hwa and gives her the money she needs, but there is a condition: Joo Young can never know.

Park Tae Gyu scurries like a cockroach to skip town. He gets a call from Do Hyung, but doesn’t answer. Tae Gyu wonders how Do Hyung is still alive, aren’t they both dead men, now, with problem solvers after them?

My Beautifu Bride ep 4 Jung Hwa and Jin Gi

Seo Jin Gi and his boys corner Jung Hwa. He’s looking for Joo Young and has come to her for information. He is persuasive (“Want me to slit your gut?”) and finds out Joo Young is in Incheon by checking Jung Hwa’s phone. She tells him that Joo Young has gone to see Lee Jin Sook, someone everyone in the room seems to know – former health club owner turned sushi restaurateur. Seo sends his boys there pronto. Jung Hwa knows she’s betrayed Joo Young, but she didn’t have much of a choice.  It goes with the territory. The last thing she can do is make a call to Do Hyung. “Joo Hee is in Incheon.”

My Beautiful Bride ep 4 Joo Young on bridgeMy Beautiful Bride ep 4 Joo Young on bridge 2

With a swiping U-turn, he speeds towards Incheon, hoping to reach her in time before Seo’s boys get to her. “Wait a bit. I’m coming,” he almost seems to send her a telepathic message. A panoramic view of a bridge in Incheon reveals a lone figure standing there – Joo Young looks out over the vast waters.


my beautiful bride poster 3

  • We still don’t know who killed Song Huk Soo. The conversation between Chairman Kang, who must have scads of power in the underground money world, and Seo Jin Gi leads us to believe that they barely tolerate each other. Chairman Kang implied that Seo Jin Gi would be the happiest of all at news of the death Song Hak Soo, as a rival. 
  • Joo Young must not know that Song Huk Soo is already dead; otherwise, she wouldn’t be on the run or be afraid to get in touch with Do Hyung. So, the easiest thing would be to inform her of that fact. It could speed things up immensely. In that way, I hope the story doesn’t avoid that just to stretch out to 16 episodes. I am actually not concerned, the story is thrilling and suspenseful, and Do Hyung can stay on the screen all he wants putting his Marine UDT skills to good use on loan shark goons.
  •  Still, much of Do Hyung’s past remains a mystery.
  • What’s your take after episode 4?


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14 thoughts on “My Beautiful Bride recap ep 4 kdrama

    • Me neither. Yes, Do Hyung’ and his mother can generate their own Taser shocks towards each other. Makes me wonder why he is a middle manager at the bank. I hope we get to find out about his UDT days, too.


      • I had to rewatch the scene where he first smashes the car windshield, then leads the thugs on a foot chase, then circles back ’round on his bicycle…. and finally steps off the bike while flinging it at the bad guy. And steals the car. Swift. I love this guy.

        Mild-mannered banker bicyclist. Badass UDT. Best of both worlds. 🙂

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      • I loved that whole scene with Tae Gyu in the backseat whining at every other Q he’s asked, do I really need to tell you this? Each time all it took was one slow turn of badass-bicycle-boy’s head to convince him that yes, you really DO need to tell him this and NOW!

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    • There are lots of better and lots of worse female actors in this biz. We might have dodged the bullet with this lady here since the role was not extremely demanding . Besides this is OCN…It can work wonders, right? 🙂

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  1. Its my first time in this site and these recaps are waaaay better than dramabeans! I like how you’re straight forward with the recap. Another awesome detail that I like is that you point out the major plot points of the episode at the end. Good job! you make things easier!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Wow, Nick, that’s quite a compliment. I rely on dramabeans for almost all my kdrama discussion, so I am glad to be in good company. I wanted my recap style to be rather objective, with my rants and raves and thoughts at the end, and plenty of room for comments and feedback from visitors to my site. So, thanks, I’m happy you found me, and look forward to more comments on MBB and other kdramas that may show up here. Are you caught up with MBB recapped episodes so far? Looking forward to 9 and 10 this week, I’ve already watched them raw. \/

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Cimi! I am on episode 5 of MMB. It toke me a while to get into this drama because the first two episodes do not set the tone of the drama at all xD But I am hooked now! The main reason I read recaps is to get clarification on what happens on each episode just in case I missed something and your recaps do just that. So I will be following your recaps for this drama :)!

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