Abnormal Summit ~ Changes Ahead, Korean variety

AS panel

Hello fellow AS lovers, just passing along a newsy rumor that a big shakedown of the show’s format and panel is about to happen.

June 20 – Here is the latest rumor for changes ahead on Abnormal Summit. It has me more than a little worried to think that half of the members are reportedly leaving, including some of my favorites: Julian, Robin, and Takuya. And, while the only thing that is certain in life is change, this much at one time is going to be hard to adjust to. I am holding back from expressing too much angst until I see what the producers at JTBC have up their sleeves. I also realize that some of the members likely chose to leave for various reasons. It has been a good run so far, and with the one-year anniversary coming up on July 7, whodathunk this program, which was originally slated for 20 episodes, would chart new waters in K-entertainment with Korean-speaking foreigners as cast members ~ and be such a big hit? (Plus, we have to keep our fingers crossed that southsubs will continue to provide English subtitles ~ thank you, thank you!)



4 thoughts on “Abnormal Summit ~ Changes Ahead, Korean variety

  1. Hey Cimi! Just dropping in to say hi, long time no see! Glad to see you’ve picked up your new obsession (MBB) – or is it too early to call it yet? I’m currently immersed in Mask and High Society, catching up on Producer, and about to jump into Oh My Ghostess!

    Was sad to see this news about the AS line-up changes, and intrigued by the new recruits – I’m getting the impression that there’s A LOT of ex-pats in S Korea who are multilingual whizzes! Very thankful that they’re continuing with the show and the current MCs, not to mention the subs … in good time! (all good things to those who wait, right?)

    Have a great week!


    • Hey thursdaynexxt ~ glad you checked in! If you find new AS episodes subbed, please let us know here at cimiart. I’ll post it fresh, so we don’t have to keep scrolling down to find our conversations 🙂 I dropped Mask, but High Society and definitely Producers are in my line up. Oh My Ghostess – watched ep 1, I like that ghost-y actress. MBB is an amazing thriller suspense kdrama, and Kim Moo yul, who I didn’t know before, is wow in the lead role as Kim Do Young. There are always a few others on my plate, as well, kdramaland never lacks for shows, that’s for sure.

      I guess WIMFH is also off the radar – please, won’t some kind Korean speaking fan sub this? We are indebted to all those who sub, truly.

      I’m on vacation – heading out today for the Oregon coast – have a good week, thursdaynexxt!


  2. Hey Cimi! Hope you had a nice vacation? What did you get up to along the coastline, if you don’t mind my asking? Were the neighbouring tents full of flower boys/girls? Any antics worthy of a K-drama cliche?

    I can’t wait for my vacation in a couple of weeks. Absolutely frazzled after the longest 5-and-a-bit months of my life!

    Just ducking in to say hoy, and that AS Ep 47 is served: http://kshowonline.com/kshow/3660-%5Bengsub%5D-abnormal-summit-ep.47!!!! I think I might save them up to marathon, since I’m a bit nervous about the new cast line-up, but the comments on kshowonline seem to indicate that it picks up from Ep 53 or so.

    Have a good week, Cimi!


    • Hi thursdaynexxt – good to hear from you. Went up to Oceanside, Oregon, a sleepy town with beautiful, uncrowded beaches. K-drama cliche worthy moments? hmm, only the image of a double line of flower boys hand dipping ice cream at the cheese factory – now, that works! People choosing flavors according to the flower boys: rom/com swirl, saeguk sherbet; melondrama; coffee prince chip; orange marmalade; red velvet; chocopie dough ~ all too delish to choose just one or two! Or picture this: AS members scooping ice cream, yes! Spumoni for Alberto, Belgian chocolate for Julian, Sam – vanilla bean and espresso chip; Robin – cherry cordial; Takuya – melon ice; Blair – kiwi lime; sure to be a crowd pleaser.

      I sure hope some kind soul picks up subbing the new AS line up episodes, it will be a sad thing if no one does. Maybe we could convince southsubs to gather up a team who could rotate episodes and not get burned out that way, maybe?

      Are you watching My Beautiful Bride? I have some catching up to do in the next couple of days to be in sync with the episodes that are subbed. But I am up for the task.

      Your vacation is up soon, doing anything special? I’ll try to squeeze in something on ep 47 just to keep it fresh.

      Thanks, and happy vacation!!


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