EXO Next Door ep 13 web drama

EXO Next Door  13 effects
The Secret Behind the Wall (childhood memories surface) ~

EXO Next Door 13, Chanyeol is ChanEXO Next Door ep 13 Yeonhee and Chanyeol
Younhee and Chanyeol snuggled through the cold night in the unheated hideaway room behind the wall in Grandpa’s house. Younhee proves to be a bit denser than the average EXO fan, and needs another little clue from Chanyeol when he asks if she remembers who he is. Exasperated, he comes right out with, “I’m Chan.” Pause. A slightly dim light bulb flickers in Younhee’s naive little head. “Chanyeol from EXO is my friend Chan?” It is a rather grand realization, after all.

EXO Next Door ep 13 Incheon girl never came home last night

Meanwhile, Baekhyun and Sehun realize Chanyeol’s bed has not been slept in and they begin to worry. An S.O.S. goes out to D.O., whose initial response is to wait it out – Chanyeol might be upset over the comment about Suho’s slow recovery. Chanyeol blames himself for the accident and is determined to find the lost charm that Grandpa gave him. He believes it will break his streak of bad luck. Their worries only deepen when bromance brother Kwang Soo calls and asks if his sister is there: she didn’t come home, either. “What? Ms. Incheon didn’t come home last night?” is all D.O. needs to overhear for the darkest of storm clouds to gather overhead as his imagination conjurers up the only logical conclusion: they must be together.

Chanyeol confesses to Younhee that he doesn’t mind being stuck like this; after all, that’s how she found out who he is. He teases her about jumping rope to hide her red cheeks. She teases him for being a snotty-nosed little kid back when they were six.

EXO Next Door ep 13 Chanyeol and the necklace

Suddenly, they hear voices. “We’re in here!” The lights flicker, flicker. With a loud snap! they go out. Younhee stumbles back as Chanyeol reaches for her. When the lights come on, he sees the necklace charm around her neck that had been tucked inside her sweater, but jostled out in the commotion.

“Why do you have this?”


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