Big Bang on Happy Together with Late Night Cafeteria

late night cafeteria with Big Bang, Happy Together

This may be my favorite Happy Together show yet. Having achieved “spacewide success,” these guys have amazing stage presence and egg each other on like nobody’s business. It’s entertainment 24/7 with G-Dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. They are so comfortable in their shoes, something that seems to have come with success and knowing themselves. The producers even threw in Late Night Cafeteria as a cherry on top. Watch an hour and a half of pure, quality talk show entertainment with Big Bang. What a midweek mood booster!

Yang Hyun-Suk YG 2014-04-14_10-

Yang Hyun-suk, YG

It was like listening to YG (Yang Hyun-suk) the entire time with Big Bang’s killer impressions of their boss man. PR to the max, just what the boss ordered.

G dragon portrait 001G dragon star 001

G-Dragon, the man of many faces ~ gotta love him.

g dragon WINg dragon ink drawing 001
original marker and ink drawings by Cimi

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2 thoughts on “Big Bang on Happy Together with Late Night Cafeteria

  1. Love the artwork, Cimi! Did you watch their episode on Running Man? (“Dashing Through Time” with the Back To the Past car)

    I haven’t laughed so hard in ages – I was in stitches and gasping for breath during the basketball game in the river!
    Plus, it was truly a thrilling, nail-biting race – I’ve a new-found respect for Jae Suk the Semi Pro Race Car Driver!

    I saw the HT episode too – Dae Sung’s explanation of his bangs was hilarious, and Seung Ri gives me Hong Ki vibes, kinda.
    The Late Night Cafeteria was a welcome bonus (another anecdote about starving artists…!) – I felt sorry for Tae Yang, who went to all that effort for a (relatively) healthy snack. But I can get honey bread at my local Korean store … hmmm, should I try recreating the Honey Butter McNight?!


    • I’m not sure where I saw this, but G-Dragon’s mom used to (and maybe still does) come and cook for the group, as any good Korean mother longs to do for her precious son. It was hilarious how TOP wanted to squelch the rumors about the YG Cafeteria. I wonder if the cafeteria ladies took offense to that.

      I want to do a G-Dragon portrait from HT with dark hair (I like it, although G-Dragon and Joon Hyung are two celebs that I can think of who pull off blonde pretty well as an Asian.) Haven’t seen Running Man, I’ll check it out this weekend.

      I am also liking Kwanghee as the new member of Infinity Challenge. I am really looking forward to the free Concert/Festival they do every other year.

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