Abnormal Summit and Spin-offs, Korean variety

Abnormal Summit ep 38

abnormal summit 38 Yuan, Takura, Daniel, Sam, Blair, Robin, Julian

I can’t thank southsubs enough for continuing to provide subs for Abnormal Summit.  I miss our discussions on the comings and goings of our international representatives, so I thought I’d do an Abnormal Summit and things related post. After all, the show was originally slated for only 20 episodes, they even had a 10th episode cake to celebrate the halfway mark. Its popularity and charm have beaten the odds and apparently the producers and sponsors have decided to keep the ball rolling. We thank you for that. 

Australia wins hands down for weird stories in the news this week. Blair reported not one, not two, but three very odd newsworthy occurrences.

abnormal summit 38 bats dying in Casino Australia, Blair abnormal summit 38 lightning strikes in Victoria Australia

It must have been a nightmarish scene for residents of Casino, Australia when hundreds of bats hanging in trees dropped dead from sudden heat that reached 44C (111 F). Holy bats, Robin!*

So much for the saying, “Lightning never strikes in the same place twice.” The good folks in Victoria, Australia experienced 173,000 recorded lightning strikes in one day! Myth buster.

abnormal summit 38, Blair, Kangaroo Care

The third story was about a woman in Australia who gave birth to twins, but one died. However, she continued to cradle the baby and say, “I Love You.” Two hours later, the baby revived. Whoa.  Australians call embracing and sending love “kangaroo care.”

abnormal summit 38 pizza, Alberto

Alberto presented a newly discovered document  for the origin of pizza. Yuan added a story about Marco Polo and the connection between mondoo (dumplings) and ravioli, which Alberto acknowledged. But when Ilya claimed that Russia had a type of pizza even earlier than Italy, Alberto dismissed it as pure nonsense. It was hilarious.

You can watch the entire episode at  http://kshowonline.com/kshow/3555-[engsub]-abnormal-summit-ep.38

Have you seen Where is My Friend’s Home, a spin-off of Abnormal Summit?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Where_Is_My_Friend%27s_Home

Our international intellectuals seem to be in demand these days and have been cast in other shows including:

  • Abnormal Summit
  • Where Is My Friend’s Home – Yuan, Guillaume, Alberto, Tyler, Seyoon, Julian (Sujan joins the Belgium trip)
  • I Can See Your Voice– Julian Quintart
  • Cool Kiz on the Block – Sam Okyere
    • (you can view these at kshowonline.com)
  • Hot Brain (tvN) – Tyler Rasch (cast), Jun Hyun-moo (host)
  • The Lover (kdrama, dramacool) – Takuya Terada

Are there any other shows featuring our handsome abnormal representatives?

*Speaking of “holy bats,” here’s a 3-minute clip of Robin’s holys (Batman, of course). Randomness begets randomness.



10 thoughts on “Abnormal Summit and Spin-offs, Korean variety

  1. Yay~~!!! Thanks Cimi! Hope you’ve been well!

    Glad to see Angel Hyun Moo won a Daesang award for best Variety MC, and even more that AS got Best Variety!! (though I think Se Yoon also deserves a round of applause. After all, he’s also in the spin off WIMFH!

    Interesting ep on tv trends and records, ranging from the propaganda to the plain silly. I’m also really glad that Blair’s the Aussie representative – he’s very good at promoting his country and giving interesting tidbits!

    Other variety I’ve been catching up on – watching more Weekly Idol. I’m currently hooked on KARA’s “Cupid” – glad to see that our Young Ji’s doing so well, and even more that the song features Joon Hyung’s favourite word: BAM!! He must be happy!

    I’ll need to catch Seungyeon’s turn on Problematic Men, but that’s a nice cross-over between KARA and Abnormal Summit!


    • I’ll track down that clip, go Hyun Moo and AS crew! Blair came on later, and is doing a good job representing Australia, I agree. I was going to say he is the youngest, but now that I think about is, I’m pretty sure Takuya is the maknae of AS. (Tyler was the traveling group’s maknae, but overall, it’s Takuya.) Weekly Idol is so random, isn’t it? The last one I watched was with Jung Joon Young , who is Mr Off-The-Wall himself! I wonder if he’s just that way or if he pushes it, but considering he’s on 1N2D and The Lover, and pretty much acts that way, well – I think he’d be hard to sit in a room with. Love him, tho.

      Doesn’t Sam seem more subdued these days? Did the producers tell him to settle down, I wonder? He was natural and really good, I thought, when he did the makjang role playing – I love his voice, so smooth. Hooray for southsubs, our faithful and much appreciated subber, thank you, keep up the good work.


  2. Forgot to mention the Digital Single of the Year went to Hyun Moo’s unofficial AS anthem: “Some”!! No surprises there – it’s been absolutely everywhere, but I liked JHM’s ahjusshi take on it!

    As for the clip, I can’t find many live ones, and none with Eng subs, but someone posted a short raw clip on kshowonline: https://youtu.be/g9ZCxuaYBLc.

    Congrats also to Lee Gook Ju for her Daesang in Female Comedy! Love my Roommate homies getting the recognition they’ve worked so hard for! Saw her in Hello Counsellor recently, too. Only thing is, I wish they’d do something more to positively reinforce her sexiness – she’s a woman of many talents, and her dancing is better/sexier than a lot of idols, but the whole “you can’t be big and be a woman at the same time” mindset is really getting to me.

    Jung Joon Young is the definition of 4D, no doubt about it! And I can’t get over how deep his voice is. Every time he opens his mouth, I’m surprised, because I’m not expecting him to sound like that! Pretty awesome band, though.

    About Sam, yes, I’m noticing a trend, and a little saddened by it. True, he did make some comments I thought were rather bossy and looked like he was trying to put people “in their place”, but I put it down to his trying for some screen time. I’ve noticed some comments recently about Tyler being a bit oversensitive too, which may be true.

    I’m glad that newbies like Blair, Sujan and Ilya are opening up more, but some people are fading into the background during the editing, like Sam, Takuya and Guillaume (but particularly the first 2, since they haven’t been on any WIMFH trips yet) – let’s not forget them! I did hear they were going to “make some changes” to the show – can’t remember where I saw this recently, and no idea what it means, but we could start with another seat shuffle?

    Last but not least, YES!! big thanks for South Subs and Hongbae’s subs! Was so happy when I saw not one, but TWO AS episodes up online! Off to watch Ep 45 now!


    • Hi thursdaynexxt,

      Thanks for the link. I posted EW because it highlights the awards ceremony you mentioned, features JJY, Mr. 4D – love him for it, and KARA is the Guerrilla Date group – so many favorites in this episode.

      I hope the AS changes aren’t too shocking, love how it has developed into its present format. Why mess up a good thing? Somewhere I saw a clip with Min ho (SHINee) as the guest, but so far the episode hasn’t been subbed. Well, I’m willing to wait, seeing as our subbers are volunteers and do such a good job. As for WIMFH, not sure when we’ll see another episode, but here’s hoping for subs for that, too.


  3. Wow, what a jam-packed episode of EW – thanks, Cimi, that was full of fun tidbits! Was funny when Song Joongki said Kwang Soo was the girl group that sustained and energised him in the army (and nicely dodged, sir)!

    The date night with the JJARA fan group was quite alarming! I was a little scared, myself – as I imagine the girls must have been too! Looks like there’s no Eng subs for the full Guerilla Date yet, so I’ll keep an eye out!


    • JJARA were scary, taking over the segment with wildness! I watched I Can Hear Your Voice ep 10, or was it 11, with Julian and Seyoon as fixed members and had to laugh at the reference in Producers to a new pilot, Star Wars, which is what the voice winners’ competition next week is called. Producers is so clever, truly sophisticated humor. I feel like I am ricocheting all over the kdrama place!


      • Heh heh, the more metas and cross-overs, the more fun for us! Like all the cameos in Producers, too – I think Joo Joon Young said in the EW ep that he also wanted to go on it!


      • I’m sure JJY wrote in himself an intellectual anti-fan of Cindy, right? So funny, I just love the clever humor and natural acting of everyone in Producers.
        I never did get AS 45 to upload; did you find somewhere to watch it? Or was it just that 2 min awards clip ? I hope southsubs gets the good, fast help that he solicited!


    • I finally got it to work on Chrome, thanks, thursdaynexxt~ Buying real estate around the world is complicated, it seems, but especially in Korea.


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