EXO Next Door ep 12 web drama

EXO Next Door ep 12, Chanyeol  and Yeonhee

I didn’t forget about EXO Next Door, I was just out of town, but now I’m back! Look forward to even more EXO fan art.

EXO Next Door 12, Suho, Chanyeol, BaekhyunChanyeol, D.O., Sehun, EXO Next Door

Chanyeol is dazed at the mention of Suho’s injury and is determined to find the charm. Losing it has made him feel like everything is going wrong, something of a curse. He’s a bit touchy these days and barks at D.O. and Sehan for looking at him wrong. He starts searching for the lost charm more earnestly than ever in grandpa’s house.

Chanyeol finds a secret room in grandpa's houseYeonhee, coat rack, EXO Next Door 12

How cool is a wood coat hanger secret door lever that mysteriously opens to a room filled with memories for Chanyeol. Meanwhile, it’s laundry day and Yeonhee grabs Chanyeol’s sweater that is hung over the coat rack. She notices the open wall and enter as it slowly closes behind her. Cutest scene ever when she places her hand in Chanyeol’s as he reaches back for…her cellphone. Oops. Looks like the two frenemies will have to spend a cold night trapped inside the room behind the wall. No one can hear their cries for help over video games. Plus, Mom and bromance brother are sound asleep. Chanyeol tells her to scooch over and share his sweater blanket. The floor is cold, there’s no heat – it’s an emergency situation. Aw, forced to be close, pit-a-pat!

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3 thoughts on “EXO Next Door ep 12 web drama

  1. Thanks Cimi! I did finish watching this – nice, short and snappy, with a charming heroine and a couple of charismatic male leads. I barely knew who EXO was before this (except Chanyeol, courtesy of Roommate, of course; and D.O. from IOIL), but I was certainly entertained by the whackiness of Sehun and the bromance!

    I kinda covet EXO’s house next door, as well – it’s pretty cool!


    • EXO Showtime was fun, too, that’s when all 12 were still on board. Looks like they’re losing Tao, too, in addition to Kris and Luhan? Who can know the inner workings of the entertainment industry, ah – the trials and tribulations of being an idol. Just hope they end up okay in life :/

      Grandpa’s house really is cool, that secret door is my dream in a house, that – and a narrow back staircase for quick escapes.

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      • Haven’t followed it all very closely, but I heard something about one of them setting up his own agency? Good for him. Agency life/training is already difficult, but it must have been particularly hard for non-Koreans, in ways I can’t imagine. I’m encouraged by the news of KARA’s Nicole finally making her solo debut (is that another “comeback”?) in Japan.

        A priest’s hole in a wood panelled wall, or a secret staircase hidden in a wardrobe? Yes please! I always remember the Count ‘s torture chamber in The Princess Bride, hidden inside the base of an ancient tree – and the Prince is standing there trying to figure out which knob on the tree is the secret button for the entry panel!

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