Seo Taiji

seo taiji, seo taiji and boys, Happy Together interview,

Seo Taiji, markers by Cimi

Seo Taiji, Korean singer, musician, songwriter

(Seo Taiji and Boys)

version of Come Back Home

seo taiji photoshopYang Hyun-Suk YG 2014-04-14_10-


3 thoughts on “Seo Taiji

  1. Thanks Cimi! Maybe I’m an 80s child through and through, and I’m getting old, but … I liked the old MVs better – they weren’t that sophisticated, but I feel like they’re more creative. They’ve stood the test of time!

    Liked the Sogyeokdong MV too – it’s kinda Pet Shop Boys. The history behind it is fascinating.

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    • Do you have a youtube of seo Taiji boys “come back home ” where they’re dancing ? I could only find the soundtrack with a still. If so, feel free to post it, I’d love to see it. I’ve seen clips but not the whole original song performance.


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