EXO Next Door ep 11 web drama

EXO NEXT DOOR 11 post picture

original marker drawing by Cimi

EXO Next Door episode 11

EXo Next Door 10, D.O. and Yeonhee

When Chanyeol comes downstairs, D. O. instinctively rehearses his lines with Yeonhee. “Don’t come too close. One more step…what comes next?” she asks. On that note, Yeonhee gets back to cleaning.

Yeonhee wonders if she’s D.O.’s…. that’s it! She is his permanent acting partner! She’s learned so much from religiously watching kdramas that she’s practically a pro.

Flashback: Chanyeol recalls a playground incident where he got back Yeonhee’s bear that was taken from her. He was six years old. Yeonhee made him a drawing.

The present: That drawing is on his desk and he wonders, “Does she really not remember me?”  To spark her memory, Chanyeol pretends to scold her. He tells her that he’s put things in the trash, worn white shirts, been allergic to dust, and played tag since he was six. “Do you remember me, now?” he thinks in his head. Dense Yeonhee wonders if he was always a good little boy. Up against the wall, he asks her, “Are you really that dense?”

Her popular world-wise friend can’t believe concrete dense Yeonhee is so naive.  If he talks about himself when she doesn’t ask, it means he wants her to join his fan club. It’s the official global fan club,  EXO-L. Insulting EXO, who does that?

exo next door 11 D.O. and Sehun

Sehun is a regular Sherlock Holmes. When a childhood picture  falls out of the brother/friend bromance’s Martial Arts book, he figures out that it is none other than Yeonhee, bro, and Chanyeol when they were little. Sehun shows the picture to D. O.  They both shout,  “Chanyeol!”

Bonus ~ enjoy!

“Kabe-don” trend event



EXO Next Door 11 photo image


2 thoughts on “EXO Next Door ep 11 web drama

  1. Raising your hands in the air, a la high school punishment pose, is supposed to stop the bleeding quicker? Quick, someone get Mythbusters onto the case!

    Kinda funny about joining EXO-L – this week there was an article about Chanyeol being stalked by sasaeng fans on the streets of Tokyo and having to make a run for it, though from the video, it didn’t look too dramatic.

    As for Gu’s kabe-don, I’m glad the guys got a turn being the kabe don recipients too, although from a kdrama perspective, it kind of looks like he’s a schoolboy about to be relieved of his lunch money (or maybe I’ve just been watching Angry Mom and a bunch of other highschool dramas)!

    My favourite kabe don remains the cat one: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2013/12/17/kabe-don-how-tough-guys-show-their-love.


    • Omo, cat kabe-don and the cartoon drawings after – ha! Yeah, the kabe-don pose was on WGM this week, too, for an upcoming photos shoot with Jong Hyun and Seung Yeon (I like this couple a lot). Seems like WGM has moved away from a wedding ceremony and pictures to just photo shoots, no wedding? Dunno, but I always liked the ceremony, so it’s a void for me. Jonh Hyun is in Orange Marmalade (vampire show, have you seen it?) and Interesting India. I may be repeating myself with this info…but I like him. Not sure about OM, yet.


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