EXO Next Door ep 10 web drama

EXO Next Door ep 10 drawing

EXO Next Door episode 10 web drama

EXO next door image

Kai is highly entertained by the love triangle in the household and Yeonhee’s cluelessness that she is in the middle, and asks Baekhyun to keep him updated on the two guys and Incheon Gal situation. D.O. isn’t so thrilled; even though Chanyeol treats Yeonhee gruffly and carelessly, she watches over him as he sleeps off his cold. Chanyeol restlessly dreams about the lost necklace and Grandpa.

EXo Next Door 10, D.O. and YeonheeEXO Next Door ep 10 Sehun, bromance

When Yeonhee cuts her finger on a broken plate, D.O. bandages her wound and takes the opportunity to talk with her comfortably. “Can’t I be the guy you like the most?” he asks her directly. “What?” is all she can utter. Who could refuse such an EXO-cute request and darling face?

Unconditional bromance, there’s nothing like it. “My friend!”

Each 15-minute episode is just enough to give EXO fans a daily dose of their favorite idol and a teeny tiny story plot as a bonus. But, before you can say Exoplanet, it’s over. Stay tuned for episode 11!

EXO Next Door 10 drawing

Behind the scenes article:



4 thoughts on “EXO Next Door ep 10 web drama

  1. Hey Cimi, happy weekend! Still having fun with the EXO boys (I realised some of my comments for Ep 9 were a bit premature – they were probably for Ep 10 instead)! Yeon Hee certainly takes the cake for the densest heroine ever, but I prefer dense to amnesia tropes.

    In variety news, I noticed Hong Ki and Jong Hoon were on Hello Counsellor last week (with Dal Shabet).

    Meanwhile, just randomly posting our dose of AS (Ep 37) and WIMFH (Eps 7 & 8):

    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2pzv40_eng-sub-150321-wimfh-e07-1-2_fun – Baarle looks really interesting. And as promised, there’s beer. Lots of it.

    Plus a bonus segment from AS Ep 37 (Guillaume attempts to cook for the G12, and Blair’s fashion follow-up for the members – it looks like they had to buy stuff for 10,000 won – I wonder if that’s a new segment/corner they’re introducing?):


    • Hi Thursdaynexxt, These are great! I especially liked Blair’s shopping trip – what a good shopper with his 10,000 won. Is that even possible? Thank goodness he brought Iiyl a new pair of jeans – anything is better than the white stitching on those Texan pair he wore 🙂
      I love the boys in Belgium , how cool was it that they stopped and visited Julian’s 85-year old grandmother, who was quite the belle in her day, and is still going strong. We are so lucky southsubs is subbing in English for us, aren’t we!

      I saw Hello Counselor, poor Hongki was horrified at the bad boyfriend, steam was practically coming out of his ears. I like how expressive he always is. Meanwhile, Fluttering/Exciting India continues to bring us a glimpse of five other idols wandering aimlessly around India. But, I think the show is starting to take form now that, with luck, they hung around a bollywood site where they were doing a movie. And Jonnhyun on WGM – he is a sweetheart. A hidden gem who can’t dance, but what a guitarist!

      Thanks for the links, AS is one of my favorite shows, for sure! Have a great weekend!

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    • Yes, the boys are going strong! Ilya was so excited about his trumpet flares! (they looked pretty short, but who knows…) I loved how the boys were ribbing Si Kyung about his “Smiling Angel” days – he’ll never live that down! Although I bet if Yoon Eun Hye walked in, he’d dance it for her in a heartbeat!

      I’ve been looking forward to the Belgium trip – Julian’s so sweet and effusively affectionate, I thought his family would be similar too! Poor Guillaume’s passport misadventures, and Julian’s manual driving! Alberto was so scared, hee hee! It comes as no surprise that Tyler speaks pretty fluent-sounding French. Who on earth thought the Stair Competition would be a good idea? I seriously thought someone would keel over. Waitaminute, I think the cameraman actually did!

      Hong Ki’s facial expressions are priceless. He was so cute/shy/horrified when he was supporting Young Ja during her sit ups, and she reached up and grabbed his face every time! Speaking of MMA/FC Road fighers, I’m sad we couldn’t see Ga Yeon on the same stage – the FT Island/Dal Shabet combination was rather odd.

      Always thought the FNC bands were unique because they don’t have to dance (like SuJu, EXO, Shinee, etc), and I’m a bit sad that AOA also had to become one of those ‘dancing girl groups’ to make a hit (though at the same time I’m really happy for them). But Jonghyun’s ‘dancing’ was just weird. He’s got a bit in common with FT Island’s Choi Jong Hoon – they’re both quite awkward and cheesy, though sincere!


      • the stair competition – geez, I thought at least a couple of them would have a little more oomph when it came to jogging up the steps! C’mon, show us some athletic ability (haha the guy who bounced up and headed down, probably training for marathon).

        The whole dancing idol group thing is so Korean, that it hand’t dawned on me until you mentioned it that CNBlUE and FT Island are bands (not dancers) – right! Speaking of AOA, I watched the first 2 eps of Orange Marmalade, and I’m hoping the AOA actress lead won’t be like Crystal in She’s Lovable. Ahem. Yeah. Lily M, kpop-star top 5 finalist season 4 is from Australia, and sings Afraid, the OST for this kdrama. I’ll see if I can muster up the stamina to recap it – no promises 🙂 I think it was released today as her debut !


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