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Blood 블러드 episode 20 Final

The time has come to say our final farewell to a kdrama that has enjoyed international popularity. My site has received a lot of love and views that far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to all of you for supporting my first recapping effort. It made the hours of viewing and writing worth it, and I appreciated the  points of view expressed in the comments. So, let’s wrap this thing up.  Kochenia power, fighting! ♥

blood 20 recap kdrama, hyun woo dies, Ji Sang, vampiresblood 20 recap kdrama Ji sang asks Ri Ta to watch over Hyun Woo

The realization that Hyun Woo is dead hits Ji Sang hard. Ri Ta is rightfully worried when Ji Sang asks her to watch over Hyun Woo. She can only imagine that he’ll get himself into a dangerous situation if he goes after Most Evil Director. But the look in his eyes tells her there is no stopping him.

blood 20 recap kdrama the director subdues Ji Sang, attacked by vampires blood 20 recap Ji Sang apologizes to Hyun Woo

He is welcomed by  a vampire pack along with Dr. Creepy at the Director’s apartment. Although he puts up a tough fight, Ji Sang is outnumbered and ultimately subdued. Evil Director sadistically blames him for Hyun Woo’s death for keeping the research to himself. In a condescendingly arrogant manner of only the most ruthless, power-hungry narcissist, he tells Ji Sang that Hyun Woo’s death was his punishment for not sharing the research. A quick phone call reveals that someone is with Ri Ta – another blow to Ji Sang. Evil Director makes it painfully clear that Ri Ta’s life is in his hands and Ji Sang’s cooperation will determine which way that goes. Evil Director tells Ji Sang to accept his limitations and do what he asks. Poor Ji Sang is at a low point – he has lost so much already –  and is coerced into agreeing to do exactly what Evil Director wants. When he gets back to the apartment, he is relieved that Ri Ta is all right. He holds her closely. They send off Hyun Woo with such deeply felt sorrow. Ji Sang tells his one and only friend to make sure that in his next life he is born far away so they won’t even meet by chance.

blood 20 Ga Yeon and the Director, vampires blood 20 Ji Sang and Dr. Jung trust

Ga Yeon, who has given Evil Director the benefit of the doubt all this time, realizes that he ordered Dr. Creepy to kill Hyun Woo. Evil Director doesn’t flinch, and tells her that his order to kill Yoo Ri Ta still stands. Her loyalties are more conflicted than ever. With Hyun Woo gone, Ji Sang turns over Ward 21A research responsibilities to Dr. Jung. Stopping the side effects is the number one priority. (Unfortunately, that is what Evil Director wants too, so he can continue on his path to create superior beings.) Dr. Jung comforts Ji Sang and says that giving their lives for the patients is what they do if duty calls, like Hyun Woo did, and not to blame himself for his death. Ji Sang and Dr. Jung have grown to trust one another. Dr. Jung tells him not to grow weary and that he is their inspiration to find a cure.

blood 20 recap hyun woo's memorial picture blood 20 hyun woo and love

It is a sad scene at the house with everyone dressed in mourning black. Ji Sang holds a memorial picture of his dear friend. There are no words.

blood 20 hyun woo and ji sang, bromance

LUUVY made it! He has a recorded birthday message from Hyun Woo that brings everyone to tears. It is a memory to keep forever, an endearing bromance message that Ji Sang wouldn’t trade for the world despite the anguish it brings to see Hyun Woo. His final message, “I love you, Ji Sang,” is almost too much to bear.

blood 20 recap kdrama Ri Ta warns Assistant Director Aunt not to show up at the board meeting blood 20 recap,  Ga Yeon and Ri Ta talk

Ri Ta marches into Aunt’s office, tells her to get her things in order, and get out. If she dares to show up at the shareholder’s meeting, the recording of Aunt and Uncle will be playing loudly. Ri Ta has a completely new view of Ga Yeon and tells her she shouldn’t remain with Evil Director. However, Ga Yeon keeps her emotional distance and tells Ri Ta that this is the last time they can meet alone. Next time, she might hurt her. As she leaves, she tells Ri Ta to stay by Ji Sang’s side; she has orders to kill her. However, it is not Evil Director who has given the latest order, but  Assistant Director Aunt. (Well, yes and no. Ga Yeon was ordered by Evil Director at least twice to kill Ri Ta and he is only too happy that Aunt has enough of an axe to grind with Ri Ta to ask for his help.) Of course, at this point, it isn’t even shocking information to Ri Ta.

The Set Up

Evil Director watches as Ji Sang goes into surgery. Ri Ta is at home, reading the 100 Vampire Questions. To the question, “I you could die, what would you do before you die?” Ji Sang answered, “Watching the sunrise with the person that I love.” Without a sound, a hooded Ga Yeon and Chul Hoon enter her apartment and kidnap her. Ji Sang comes out of surgery, receives a phone call, and takes off running down the hall. Two other people get a text picture of Ri Ta tied up and gagged. Evil Director gets a call from Chul Hoon: the body was thrown in the reservoir and Ga Yeon is trying to calm down since this was her first time. Evil Director is satisfied. The second person is Aunt who is now assured that Ri Ta is out of her way and she can proceed to take Taemin Hospital for herself. Ji Sang shows up at Evil Director’s and asks where Ri Ta is. Evil Director assures him that she is alive, but Ji Sang must fulfill his duty and speed up the research to take care of the side effects. Only then will he tell him where Ri Ta is. (Evil Director tells Ji Sang that Ri Ta is alive, even though Chul Hoon just told him they’d thrown her in the reservoir. He is messing with Ji Sang.) As Ji Sang leaves, he strangely smiles.

blood 20 Ri Ta tied up and thrown in waterblood 20 recap kdrama, Chul Hoon, Director, Ji Sang, vampires

The Tables Are Turned

Well, this is an interesting change of fate. Ga Yeon is with Ri Ta at her apartment. So, they (Ri Ta and Ji Sang) got Ga Yeon and Chul Hoon to step into the light. Ri Ta wonders how Ga Yeon got Chul Hoon to agree to go against Evil Director. Ga Yeon says that they trusted the Director unconditionally. Too much trust, like love, can make one blind. In the end, they followed their feelings. But, what happens when Evil Director finds out….

Dr Jung has the heavy burden of informing Ji Sang about Hyun Woo’s final findings. As he begins to explain it, Dr. Creepy is simultaneously explaining the same thing to Evil Director (remember, Hyun Woo gave him the files before they killed him). Here’s the deal: Ji Sang’s decomposed blood has a unique feature that can prevent the VTH-16 antibody from killing all cells. (This was always the problem – healthy cells along with infected cells were killed, resulting in death.) Hyun Woo isolated and named the enzyme Julino-01. Snag #1: it is released only after the infected dies. When mixed with VTH-16, it will be completely successful in returning the infected back to human because only the infected cells from the VBT-01 will die. This is exactly what Dr. Jung wanted to do – or, rather, undo what his father’s original research caused. Snag #2: Ji Sang’s blood is the only blood that can culture this new antibody (he is the only one who has ever been born of two infected parents). Snag #3: Ji Sang has to die to make the culture.

Dr. Creepy lays it out for Evil Director like this: Ji Sang must die so that Julino-01 from decomposed blood mixed with VTH-16 creates the new antibody which, in turn, is the perfect antidote to VBT-01. When injected into the infected all side effects will be gone, and there will no longer be anyone infected. Of course, this means Evil Director’s plans will end. Evil Director thinks all this is good to know. Been nice knowing you, Dr. Creepy, but your usefulness has expired. Evil Director didn’t bring him back to be his best bud, and hands him over to Chul Hoon who has been chomping at the bit to do him in, anyway. With a dose of his own medicine, literally, Dr. Creepy is gone. Evil psychopath dictators always dispose of their right-hand men; he must have forgotten that history lesson.

blood 20 recap kdrama, Chul Hoon kills Joo in Ho blood 20 Dr. Jang tells Ji Sang about his blood

Ji Sang wants Dr. Jung to prove this theory, but Dr. Jung says there shouldn’t be any more lives sacrificed. Ji Sang insists and says that this will make Hyun Woo’s death mean something. How can Ji Sang even think of relaying all this to Ri Ta? She is dumbfounded and tells Ji Sang that, of course, she is opposed. He is the only person left who is close to her, shouldn’t she have just one person who brings her happiness? He holds her close, but his words, “Please understand and forgive me,” are the last thing she wants to hear. She tells him she can’t understand and won’t forgive him, and begs him to stay by her side. His silence is like a death sentence to her.

blood 20 recap kdrama, Ji Sang tells Ri Ta that he must dieblood 20 recap kdrama, Ji Sang tells Ri Ta he must die

Aunt, who thought Ri Ta’s body was neatly dumped in the reservoir, must surely think she is seeing an apparition when Ri Ta enters her office. She defends her actions and tells Ri Ta that, if she were in her position, she would have done the same thing. Not so, Ri Ta replies. The police handcuff Aunt and haul her away. Everything is over now. Finally, there is at least some small justice for the murder of Ri Ta’s parents. Crazily enough, the police enter Evil Director’s office and charge him with Ri Ta’s attempted murder. He leaves behind a roomful of badly injured or dead officers, and now he is on the run. He knows Ri Ta is alive,  and that Ga Yeon, Chul Hoon and Ji Sang all went against him.

blood ep 20 recap police try to arrest Director

Back in the lab, Dr. Jung and Dr. Choi have the vial prepared and ready to inject into Ji Sang for it to cultivate (meaning, he must be dead for 20-30 minutes). What a strange comment by Dr. Jung, though, that Ji Sang’s unique blood auto-genesis may mean that he may even be able to live without a heart. Rather than the heart circulating the blood, it is the blood that makes his heart beat. There is one more new discovery: when Dr. Choi put the most decomposed blood into the infected blood, the telomerase began to separate.

Evil Director has gathered his enemies – Chul Hoon and Ri Ta – and is holding them in the old abandoned lab. He demands to know where Ga Yeon has run off to, but Chul Hoon tells him to let her go. Chul Hoon offers to kill Ji Sang if he will let Ga Yeon go, and vows that he only wants to help Evil Director with his research. A call to Ji Sang lets him know Evil Director has Ri Ta. She yells for Ji Sang not to come, that they will kill him. Dr. Jung tries to stop him, but of course he must go. Dr. Jung wishes him luck and gives him something to take with him. Ji Sang says he doesn’t need luck and that he will be back.

blood 20 Ji Sang fights Director, vampiresblood 20 Ga Yeon takes the stake for Ji Sang

The vampire fight is on. Now that he is here, Ji Sang tells Evil Director to let Ri Ta go. Such a waste, the Evil Director laments. They could have been such good partners. That would never happen, Ji Sang tells him. Evil Director has lost all patience; it’s time to end things. Suddenly, Ga Yeon pops out of nowhere and begs him not to do this. Evil Director tells her that she is his enemy now, and that she should have just run. She wants to hear that he is still her father, she pleads. As his anger flares, Chul Hoon steps between them to stop him, but it is a fatal move. Evil Director, cold as a tombstone, tells Chul Hoon that he gave him life so now he is taking it back. Only an egotistical monster could utter such villainous words, ‘You no longer have the right to breathe for me.” Poor Chul Hoon avows his complete loyalty until the very end. Next, Evil Director turns to Ji Sang. It’s curtains for him, too. As he thrusts the stake towards Ji Sang’ heart, Ga Yeon jumps in front and takes the blow. Evil Director has killed his own.

blood 20 recap kdrama Director and Ji Sang wounded, vampiresbood 20 ga Yeon dies, vampire

Ji Sang and Evil Director violently battle it out ’til the end: a syringe to the neck for Evil Director and a stake to the heart for Ji Sang, what else is left? It is a pitiful scene with more senseless deaths, as Evil Director can only think that all this means taking steps backwards in his master plan. Ji Sang says that, rather than leaving a wound on humanity, it is better this way.

Ri Ta brings the wounded Ji Sang to the lab. When Dr. Jung tells him he should be in ER, Ji Sang replies there is no hope for him, now. He asks for the blood. It must be cultivated today, minutes after his death. Dr. Jung hesitates, but Ri Ta speaks up and, with a heavy heart, tells him to do as he says. “Please do this for me,” he tells Dr. Jung. It is a most solemn moment, indeed.

Evil Director is aging rapidly towards death. Facing the huge, grotesque relief on his wall, he remains unrelentingly steadfast to his cause. Depraved until the bitter end, he will not relinquish his position and, whether speaking to himself or deity utters, “Angels make the world a beautiful place, but changing the world is the work of the devil….I gave up being human and I became the devil.” Fully delusional, he has no regrets or remorse and vows to come back again. (My theory is that when Ji Sang went to meet Evil Director at the abandoned site,  Dr. Jung gave him a syringe of the serum that separated the telomerase that Dr. Choi just discovered. When Ji Sang stabbed Evil Director with that, the telomerase effect of anti-aging broke down, causing Evil Director to age rapidly and (we assume) die.

The Parting

blood 20 Ji Sang, sunset, vampire, Ri Tablood 20 Ri Ta and Ji Sang watch sun rise

On the rooftop, Ri Ta and Ji Sang watch the sunrise. It is his last wish – to see the sunrise with the one he loves. Dying seemed like going on a long vacation, but now, Ji Sang, admits, he is scared. Dying has always been scary, Ri Ta comforts him, it’s just that everyone pretends it’s not.  No, Ji Sang, doesn’t mean that. What is scary is leaving someone behind. He can no longer protect that person. And that he will have to miss that person…forever. Ri Ta tells him she will follow his footsteps someday soon. Ri Ta helplessly watches as the sunlight decomposes Ji Sang’s body. He wishes they had met earlier and that it was such a waste that it was so short. Better than not at all, Ri Ta tells him. He says they will meet each other again somewhere. No matter what, she answers.

blood 20 sunrise

Looking at the sunrise Ji Sang says, “It really is beautiful.” His eyes close. Ri Ta holds him in her arms and sobs.


Ri Ta strolls along the streets of Kochenia. Street musicians create a festive, old world atmosphere. In a store window display she spots Frumoasa Bestia (Enchanted Forest). She approaches someone in the square. It is lovely Young Hee with her guardian. They sit on a bench, Young Hee reads a letter from Ji Sang with doll at her side. “I love you, Mister,” she cries. It is a tender moment between them as Ri Ta embraces her. That night, Ri Ta sits at an outdoor cafe and looks at a picture of her and Ji Sang. As she leaves, she senses she is being followed. There is a shadowy figure. Her steps quicken. Then, she begins to run. Hooded figures chase her down a dark alley. Vampires. They surround her and move in for the attack. Just then, another figure arches through the air, seemingly from nowhere. Huddled against the stone wall, Ri ta watches, frozen with fear and amazement. Déjà vu. After a vicious fight the vampires flee.

blook ep 20 kdrama recap, Ji Sang and Rita in Kochenia

The tall, dark figure approaches her and reaches for her hand. As their fingers touch and their eyes meet, Ji Sang and Ri Ta are united again in that place, far away, where it all began.



Finished! Didn’t skimp on the treats, either. Delightful pastries from the Mexican bakery and coffee kept me going strong.

What did you think of Blood? I’m going to take a different approach in my final comments and pretend that the holes in the plot are dots that the writers created that can be, with a vivid imagination and searching for clues, connected in part for an ending that is somewhat satisfying. I have managed to avoid any comments about the final episode, but after this post is completed, I will read up on other people’s thoughts.

  • Who is left? On Ji Sang’s side: Ri Ta, Dr, Jung, and Dr. Choi. Actually, that’s everything, though. Hyun Woo left behind the theories and serum concoctions and Dr. Jung proved them. Even unproved effects can be assumed that can answer how Ji Sang returned. (Come on, he is the main character and a unique vampire at that; of course he didn’t die.) Ji Sang’s blood that can pump a heart that even had a stake driven through it is its unique quality. Other unique, undiscovered features might exist, as well. Dr. Jung (by virtue of his father’s original research and his desire to reverse the effects of his father’s discovery of vbt-01) and Dr. Choi (by virtue of her relationship with Hyun Woo and her desire to make his death meaningful) have deeply vested interests in the ongoing research and application of the findings to end this nightmare for the patients. In my mind, they are busy the hospital injecting the antibody that was cultured in Ji Sang’s blood after he died in the patients to return them to fully human status.
  • Ri Ta followed through and traveled to Kochenia to meet Young Hee and bring her the doll and letter from Ji Sang. It was her way of paying tribute to Young Hee’s and Ji Sang’s special ties, and to close the chapter for Young Hee (and herself) in a meaningful way.
  • But, now I have a dilemma. I was certain that the results of Dr. Choi’s research that separated the telomerase (anti-aging) aspects of the virus brought down Evil Director once and for all. Putting two and two together, it looked like Dr. Jung gave Ji Sang a syringe filled with this new telomerase-obliterating potion as he headed to the final encounter with Evil Director. We saw Evil Director age rapidly before our eyes, but his ominous comment that he would return left the door open. (Although, how he would return, I can’t come up with a scenario that I am satisfied with. This is a plot sinkhole.)
  • Yet, who else would send a pack to stalk Ri Ta in Kochenia and attack her? There isn’t anyone left, other than to assume Evil Director did not, after all, die. Or at least, he didn’t stay dead. Hopefully, Dr. Jung and Dr. Choi took care of all the Ward 21A patients (poor souls, what a rotten lot in life). But, there were at least four vampires who attacked Ri Ta, and another unidentified figure who drummed his fingers at the table at the outdoor cafe on the streets of Kochenia. Evil Director? Obviously, someone is keeping other infected alive with the despicable reconstituted blood from children from the black market in India (horrors). I’ll admit that Evil Director’s existence is a hole that I can’t fill, hard as I try.
  • Finally, there’s the return of Ji Sang, looking more handsome than ever. He and Ri Ta can burn the remains of the vampire corpses at the Kochenia gravesite where it all began, and obliterate vbt-01. Then, all they have to do is inject the remaining infected with the cultured VTH (including Evil Director), and the nightmare will end.
  • An aside: did I miss something in Hyun Woo naming the enzyme Julino-01?

Or is that just too much of a stretch? 🙂

Thanks for joining me at for the last few months. Now that I’ve been bitten by the recapping bug and have one kdrama recap under my belt, I am anxious to find another one that will generate as much exciting discussion and bring such a loyal following.



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    • Thanks, Elle. What’s next? I don’t know, nothing jumps out at me at the moment, and I don’t see the point in duplicating recaps on db. I see you’re working on a couple of recaps yourself. I am mulling over a variety show post, but don’t know how that would work. Maybe Wook’s Food Odyssey, the Human Condition, Brave Family, even Immortal Song 2 – all things I watch, but not sure how it would gel. For now, I’ll keep up with the EXO snippet – it’s a fun way to get in some art, too.


      • Yeah. Have no idea what possessed me to recap a currently airing show. It was this impulsive split second decision. I was watching the show, decided to do wee caps (b/c no recaps were up yet) & realized I don’t know how. I just find myself churning out full recaps each week & now I’m wondering if I can keep up. The next recap will be delayed, for ex, b/c I am preparing for a big hearing I have on Thurs morning.

        Anyway–There are lots of new shoes on the horizon though so I think there will be a chance to pick up something for your site.

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    • Hi!!! I was so shocked about knowing he will die on the last episode and you were asking about how he survived his death, I do think it may be about Julino-01… if he cultured his blood on it then died, then the VTH will be effective, it was said that He has a better chance since his pure blood…


    • Good k drama…. But I think… Just maybe that guy at the last episode is not Ji Sang… Maybe it’s some other guy who looks like him….. At the rooftop scene they both said that they should see each other again (reincarnation) but the problem is its too early for ji sang to reincarnate but if he really is alive….. Ri ta would know but it seems that she doesn’t….. And for what I understand that serum or whatsoever. That Dr. jung injected on him would kill him and Ri Ta is with him when he is being decompose by the sun (which is not seen in the drama but still…..) so theirs a big chance that he reincarnated or maybe theirs just a guy who looks like Ji sang and knows about vampires……….


      • Hi kdrama lover,
        Huh, hadn’t thought of that theory. I wish it went back to his mother’s serum somehow. Did you just finish the episodes? It’s been a while since I watched it. Are you watching Ahn Jae Hyun in Cinderella and Four Knights? Thanks for your comments!


      • What I thought was it was another Vampire but she was seeing him as Park Ji Sang because that was the good Vampire she rembers and the only good one who would save her so it just seems that she was seeing him as Park Ji Sang and not the actual Vampire! But I don’t know maybe not maybe it was him and I’m just going crazy! All that crying has got me shook


  1. Ugh, how i hate that ending. Why killed him off and brought him back in Kochenia and without an explanation. I’m pretty sure Ji Sang died on the roof top why else would that scene be made. Why killed him off in the first place?? Ji Sang spent the first 19 episodes being cool and arrogant and smart but kinda falls apart in the final episode. Rushing off to Director Evil house without a plan after Hyun Woo’s death, rushing off to save Rita. Ok i can understand his anguish but i really, really hope the writers would have come up with a SMART twist to ensure the dream team victory and Director Evil defeat. Chul Hoon and Gayeon perished as well but what about the other hoodie vamp goons?? I swear i saw like maybe 20 or more during Chul Hoon bonfire gathering in a somewhat abandoned place.

    Having said all that, i was satisfied with tying up of the other loose ends; Aunt Choi arrest, the cure that Hyun Woo and Dr Jung came up with. I kinda expected that Ji Sang would play a big part in the cure but i wasnt counting on the writers killing him off for the cure!!!!!! Ahhh i am so upset!!!!! Why couldnt they came up with a better ending, one that doesnt involved Ji Sang dying??? We have been treated with sweet and cute moments between the OTP all this time and suddenly the writers decided to go all romantic heroism, tragic for ONE final episode!!! Tragic indeed. I almost, almost, almost wished i did not waste 20 hours watching Blood. Well, almost.

    To Cimi, congrats on completing your first drama recap and thank you so much for bearing with us. Good job!!


    • Yeah, the remaining vampires (there were plenty at the bonfire, which – by the way- had my hopes up for a successful vampire coup, but no, another Blood thread lost in space) are an issue. The obvious focus was the infected in Ward 21A (I really hate typing that stupid ward name over and over) and I trust Dr. Jung and Dr. Choi will take that on and make everyone human with the new and improved enzyme-boost antibody. Maybe Ji Sang and Ri Ta will travel the globe with a supply of anti-vampire syringes and just stab as they go with the motto: one vampire at a time.


      • Yeah… I hope so. Well, it is up to our imagination of how the things will happen. Maybe, the answers to everything might be the clues left. Just what Dr. Jung said that Ji Sang doesn’t need a heart after all, it is his blood which makes the heart pump for it. With this line, we can barely think that the time Ji sang was stabbed, there had been a chance of survival. It might be recovered by his strong blood but I’m not so sure.

        In your comment, I laughed hard. One vampire at a time, well they can make it too since they have their own technology. Just let Ji Sang to be the tanker and Ri Ta long ranged

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      • Hi Benny,
        Yep, there are a lot of ways the story could continue. I like your comment about clues that might have been left, especially Ji Sang’s unique blood and not needing a heart to pump it, so yeah, he could have survived beyond even “normal” vampire expectations.


    • Tanks for the recap…but Ji sang dying n appearing at kochenia was meant to leave the reader with imaginations n thoughts..And dats totally cool,you cant always expect a happy ending where all the bad guys die and the protagonists live.Ji sang at Kochenia could even be another Ji sang entirly different from the real Jisang,it could be another him living der.Thats all for you to tink about..And dats totally cool.Ahn Jae hyung was so good for his first lead role.Oppa fighting!!

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  2. Dear Cimi, this is maybe a long shot since you just finished recapping one vamp drama but for your next drama recap, maybe Joseon Vampire?? I really hope the team at DramaBeans would do a recap but just a suggestion. I love Lee Jun Ki and am excited to see him paired with Lee Yubi, would be interesting to see if they have chemistry. Cheers!

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    • Actually, I’d kind of like another vampire theme, and what the heck, set in the Joseon era while we’re at it. Two things I know practically nothing about. But, it would make me work hard to get it right 🙂 A vampire scholar bookseller – how novel :). Looks like Lee Yubi was already in a vampire drama – Vampire Idol. I didn’t see it. Changmin, too? We can only hope his acting has improved, although he’s undeniably adorable. Thanks for the suggestion, JanuaryBlues.


      • hello i just finished watching blood today. but im confused, i thought ji sang died? how come he returned/alive? did i miss something??? can u help me here? thanks.

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      • Hi marina bertiz,
        It’s been a while since I watched Blood, maybe I should marathon rewatch it – I always learn something more or figure out things that were unanswered when I do that. Right now I’m watching Cinderella and Four Knights with Ahn Jae Hyun. Are you watching that kdrama? Thanks for commenting on cimiart!


  3. Hi Cimi, January, Elle,

    Thank you so much Cimi.
    I am grateful you stayed faithful to this show. Just like Park Ji Sang and the amazing team. Faithful till the end.

    I only watched the final ten mins without subs and I cried. When I watched Healer, I was very moved and yes I shed some tears but nothing like how I felt for Blood. The last rooftop scene was very poignant and deep. I was upset the production had to kill off Ji Sang and then “surprise” us with his final reappearance. Yes it is a consolation but it’s not enough. Hopefully, the director’s cut would reveal the missing parts.

    – How did Ji Sang come back to life? Did Dr Jung inject him with his original blood sample?
    – If yes, when did he inject Ji Sang? Since there was no scene showing they burnt his corpse – likely, they buried Ji Sang.
    – So why did Ji Sang hide for one year? Is it to protect Rita?
    – Do you think it was Ji Sang watching Rita when she was gazing at the picture…. Was there a much earlier scene of Ji Sang or Evil Director drumming fingers on the table? Hmmm…..

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    • Hai Shuerei,

      I feel just like you do. So many questions left unanswered, it’s mind boggling. I think like Cimi commented, we do need to stretch our own imagination to answer all those questions we have.

      I really dont like vague endings. Have you watched You Who Came from the Stars? I’m not really a rom com girl but i like that show and i was really satisfied with the ending. I was worried the writers would give a lame vague ending but they came up with a good one, ok, it doesnt answer all questions, but at least we know the lead is REALLY NOT dead unlike in Blood. I’ve said it and i’ll say it again, i wish the Blood writers could have come up with an alternative ending.

      I like your take on Ji Sang hiding that one year to protect Rita though. It gives me consolation at least.

      It’s been so much fun interacting with you girls here and i’m going to miss this. Here’s to Cimi and new recaps hehe 🙂


      • YFAS was a great kdrama. Vague endings are practically synonymous with kdramas, though. City Hunter was vague, Faith was vague (but both were still fun to watch). I agree, the interaecitn with all of you was a blast. I will definitely take on another recap, it was something new and fun, so stayed tuned!


    • Well, I hate to contrive a satisfactory ending too much, but your thought that the one watching Ri Ta was Ji Sang, then I don’t have to undo my premise that Evil Director is gone for good. Which means the remaining vampires only have to be injected with the new stuff to return to their human condition. I like that. So, let’s see, what else is problematic. I am okay with Ji Sang’s death and revival, because I do believe Dr. Jung would inject him with the new and improved stuff. Shuerei, did it say a year went by when we are in Kochenia? Did I miss that? If you find the director’s cut, please please list the link here, would you? It may prove helpful in filling in the gaps. Ah, well we must live with what we were given. All in all, I’m glad I watched it.


    • All I know is that the dough is not really sweet but the frosting and crusted sugar on many of the pastry items is to die for. I love this little hidden gem of a bakery so much that I put up 3 more thumbnail pictures of it at the end of Blood 20. Heh, no one will know why they are there but us. 🙂 Random.


    • Thanks, I liked the article. I had just missed the time frame, don’t know how that happened. It’s possible that Ji Sang appeared as fully human. Remember when Evil Director told him not to use his powers to fight against others and Ji Sang replied that he was a pretty good fighter (and didn’t use his powers). I think he returned to Ri Ta human. What other ending could be as satisfying, since that was his only wish and that’s what his mother, Hyun Woo, and Dr. Jung worked towards.


  4. Thanks Cimi for suggesting the return of Park Ji a Sang as human. That would be the ultimate and splendid ending or rather the beginning.

    Scenario 1. Ji Sang was first injected with the vampire virus to revive him. And then Dr Jung turned him into human. As you have noted he has always been a good fighter…

    Scenario 2. Ji Sang remained as a vampire in order for him to fight strong vampires. Upon mission accomplished he will receive VTH (vampire-to-human) serum …

    Scenario 3. Blood 2


  5. Thanks for the new pics of the bakery Cimi. I actually thought i missed the pics, it’s a good thing you left an explanation of adding them. Ah those shelves of biscuits and pastries, i’m drooling and it’s tea time…gosh i have to haul my lazy ass to the nearest bakery now, seeya 🙂


  6. Hi January
    I am having mushroom soup now..I will check out Cimi’s cakes in a while

    I am just following Cimi’s hunch on his appearance. And I have been desperately trying to fill in the missing parts. But again some questions:
    1) As Dr Jung is likely to keep all the blood samples, surely Dr Evil could do the same…do u think Dr Evil could have injected himself as well? Now an old vampire bent on the same quest? Or that’s impossible coz the VTH serum is not reversible?

    Director’s cut is not out yet… Not sure if the people would post it..but I will try to follow up…

    And yes I support Joseon Vampire recap!!! Lee Jun Ki is an amazing actor


    • But with Evil Director aging before our very eyes, can’t we posit that he is gone for good? it helps to think that so the eventual injection of the remaining infected (however many that may be) is a possibility to restore all back to a right world – Dr. Jung’s desire and ultimate payback for his father’s discovery and results (not that his father was a bad guy, but it resulted in the evil use of vbt-01). I was awake last night thinking of the plot holes and thought that it would have made so much more sense if the forest scene when Ji Sang and Ri Ta were young had some correlation to Uncle and Evil Director. It was disturbing to me that their ties didn’t go way back, and that it was a coincidence that Ri Ta’s Uncle wanted to do her in, and Evil direcctor – who sic-ed the vampires on her – ended up at her family’s hospital??? That never did make sense to me. At all. Oh well, the things we think of in the wee hours of the morning…


  7. Hi Cimi…
    Wow Blood keeping awake. I know how you feel. I read some comments elsewhere – some Blood readers couldn’t sleep, some could not eat, some cried… I had all the symptoms. It was a really dramatic final episode.
    1. Yeah I really hope evil director meets his keeper in the afterlife coz he killed our Ji Sang and others!
    2. You have a natural aptitude for mystery solving. It’s too bad that Jeju forest turned out to be a coincident. A case of wrong timing and place for Rita’s parents …but right timing and place for Rita who met her one and only love in this lifetime, Park Ji Sang.
    3. By the what happened to Rita blood or possible hereditary illness? Is she gonna be ok? Did I miss out anything?

    Gosh how I miss this OTP. I am surprised at how invested I am in this OTP after Healer…


  8. I really could not understand Ri Ta and Ji Sang meeting again in kochenia. Could you help me out Cimi.I really liked your recaps. Thank you!


    • Hi Kajal – thanks for stopping by cimiart!

      Just my thoughts…Remember they said they’d go there together to see the girl he operated on and saved and had kept in touch with all that time? Also, that’s where the whole vampire story began, at the gravesite in Kochenia, so I kind of like that the writers chose it as the place for them to meet again and go from there (left to your imagination as to what would come next with them). Ri Ta had one big thing going for her, and that is the ability to land on her feet even after so many terrible experiences in her life, the losses, the betrayal, the vampire infiltrated hospital, so – once again – she pulled herself together to make that trip a year later after losing Ji Sang. Of course, his special vampire-ness – the fact that his blood flowed without a heart even – gave room in the story for his return. I really liked the last vampire fight, and then when their hands reached out in the falling snow – that was a sweet final moment. So, going back to the Kochenia where Blood began and the place where the vampire story secrets hide makes for a good ending, at least that’s what I’ve concluded. Any thoughts on it?



  9. Thanks alot 4 dis recap. I was so sad that ji sang died…ooofff! 😦 I was like how can such an important, handsome and cool vampire just end like dat??? But yaah thanks to your great thoughts that when i read it i felt happy and satisfied that we didn’t lose doc park ji sang. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Didiee~

      It was a great way to continue the story with RiTa and Ji Sang meeting again in faraway Kochenia still being chased by a story line that only they know …


  10. Actually in my opinion both Dr.lee and Jisang lived. Because if you notice, Dr.lee just aged up and closed his eyes by mentioning his return on future. And by a bit of focus you can get the person in the Coffershop Tapping his fingers could truly be Dr.Lee cause we’ve seen him doing it multiple of times since beginning as ONLY person doing that. Simply he might have turned himself again at some time. And ji sang, wouldn’t have died on the roof scene, Because His blood is special, that can even keep him alive even without a heart.

    What do you guys think?


    • Hi Dae-Hyeon, I could agree with that, especially thinking that a sequel might come along. That scenario leaves it open to a continuation later, which I would like to see.


      • Actually in my opinion as well as many others, it would be great if Blood can have a season two. But hardly think that it comes to reality. There could be a lot more episodes after what we’ve seen.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Koala’s comment on the finale, from ‘A Koala’s playground’
    (words in block brackets are mine)

    “Blood mercifully ended today, wrapping up a 20-
    episode run that was probably 20 episodes too
    long. This drama can best be described as the
    narrative crap equivalent of Hyde, Jekyll, Me but
    without good acting from at least one of the
    leads. Ji Jin Hee probably feels like he did the
    best he could for the paycheck, but I want
    nothing more than for male lead Ahn Jae Hyun to
    go back to supporting roles for the foreseeable
    future until he learns how to up his acting game,
    while Gu Hye Sun confirms for me that she’s about as hit-or-miss depending on role and story
    as it gets.

    After quitting in episode 6 [Imagine that? Judging a whole with just 7 eps, isn’t that a poor evaluation?], I checked back into Blood to watch the final episode and actually understood everything when it came to the vampire virus and whatnot. It still didn’t make
    the drama good but what boggles the mind is the production electing to go with an ending that makes Hyde’s lame ending look like a masterstroke of sense and logic. In the eternal drama telling struggle between a sad ending with tears and death and a happy ending with smiles, the drama chose both and never bother to explain why or how. Now that’s a bitch slap if I ever saw one to the remaining loyal Blood viewers. Oh KBS , way to join SBS in the fail department to start off this year.

    At the end of Blood, Ahn Jae Hyun’s male lead
    dies in the arms of Gu Hye Sun’s female lead,
    complete with the vampire poetically watching
    the rising sun on the rooftop before expiring so
    very dramatically. Cut to sometime in the future
    and Gu Hye Sun’s character is in the fictional
    Eastern European country of Kochenia, where
    she encounters vamps and is saved by none
    other than Ahn Jae Hyun’s character. He smiles
    and reaches out his hand, she smiles back takes
    his hand without a word. THE END.

    No explanation of how he’s suddenly alive, or
    this was a figment of her imagination, or his
    doppleganger or twin, or anything that could
    pass for providing a reason however far-fetched.
    Maybe the Blood team got confused in the very
    end by how very bad the writing has been for
    this drama and thought it was a story about
    zombies. I’m so glad this drama is over, this year
    alone both Hyde and Blood have shown how low
    K-dramas can possibly go in terms of producing
    utter waste of celluloid and the audiences time.”

    This is just fraught with so much undeserving vituperations. Not a single encomium for even one of the actors, actresses or behind-the-scene crew. I quite agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but at least, one should churn out as much as one could take. To be candid, can she stomach this vitriolic comment if it were written to her as the actress and/or producer/director?


  12. The drama was awsome and the last episode was heart breaking, it made my eyes filled with tears. But i wish this drama should extend some more to show like the explaination you have made here for last episode, and add up what happened next because I was dying for curiosity after the drama ended and made me wonder did Ji Sang actually died or not. Anyway thankyou for the brief conclusion you made here, at least I know that both Rita n Ji Sang were together again 🙂


    • Hi soya, so you finished Blood, great! The ending was vague – who lived, who died – and what happens from here on in. I thought it was left for a sequel, but I haven’t heard anything like that recently. Thanks for stopping by cimiart and joining in the discussion!


  13. Hey Cimi
    First of all, thanks for such wonderful recaps, I also am a big follower of dramabeans, but am glad you took the plunge and recapped this show. So thanks a bunch for that.
    Now, about the ending of this show, until I read your thoughts about the ending, I was very confused. First, they killed Hyun Woo(which like you said, gave away city hunter feels, but I didn’t feel as much heart break for daddy long legs, as much I did for Hyun Woo) , it was traumatic.
    After reading your recap and the comments, am finally feeling at ease now. It makes a little sense now.

    Otherwise for me, I could only think of this as plausible, maybe Ri Ta injected(consumed) herself with Jisang’s blood on purpose or accidently(her walk, expressions and attitude after realizing, she’s being tailed was rather different) so she became a vampire, fought those vampire goons herself, but believed that it was jisang who save her. It sounds foolish. Hehe
    But the ideas, shared here are much better and acceptable. Also, even if a little vague, this gets a free pass, because the OTP is cute and of course because they’re getting married. So yayyy..!! Stay Blessed 😊

    So that concludes this show, and many thanks for taking out your time to recap this show. I hope to read more from you in future, your writing style is easy to read and enjoyable. All the best Cimi 😇 gumawoyo!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Yogurt,
      I’m glad you stopped by my blog to comment on the final episode of Blood. I wonder, now that our OTP is getting married in real life, if the chance of a sequel is even better than ever? Let’s hope they reunite on the screen as Ji Sang and Rita and give us more of the story in Kochenia and how stopping the super-charged vampires will finally happen! Fighting!


      • I’d like to see them reunite as Jisang and Rita as well, that too, after being married.
        I was googling about the ending, and saw so many negative comments, criticizing Ahn Jae Hyun’s acting and of course Gu Hye Sun’s acting as well. Though, Gu Hye Sun’s acting was a bit off here and there, I don’t think Ahn Jae Hyun, did a bad job as a lead, in fact , I don’t really think there were any flaws that deserved such harsh criticism..
        For me blood was a fine drama, so much so that, I’d be willing to watch a sequel, set in Kochenia, if it so happens. 😊
        Thanks Cimi! Fighting!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, a lot of people didn’t end up supporting Blood, but I stuck with it even though there were some whack tangents (like the guinea pig patients and Rita’s family – really??). It was fun. I hope I find something as exciting to recap with such a great following as Blood!


  14. Hi Cimi..

    Im jhon from philippines..
    Its been 1 year since Blood was televised to Korea.. but today May 15, 2016 i’ve done watching Blood.. very nice Kdarama.. but just like the others.. i think the ending of this kdrama is quite a lot of questions not answerede.. i hope Blood has a part2 and im gonna watch for that! 🙂 reading those comments above my comments it realy makes my heart happy.. those people really enjoy that kdrama wether thier comments good or bad..still they enjoy that kdrama.. also thank you for your review for this kdrama! Godbless you always! 🙂


    • Hi Jhon,
      Has it been a year already since Blood aired in Korea? Time flies! I like the comments, too, about the possibilities with the ending. A Part 2 would be great and now that our OTP are getting married, maybe that will happen, who knows? Thanks for your comments. Happy kdrma viewing ~


  15. Hi Cimi, I just started watching Blood after I learned that the two leads married each other haha and I think it was only you who did these recaps/reviews about Blood so thank you very much and you did a great job 🙂

    well, the ending just really frustrates me because I was expecting a more romance side of the two leads (and I believed that the I am not the only who feel the same haha) because the whole episodes were more about medical things and vampires though I was a fan of any vampire k-dramas but still, the director should expounded more about the two leads on the final episode’s last part. anyway, they married each other in real life and I guess that’s enough ^.^


    • Hi Nica,
      It makes sense that you and others picked up Blood because the two leads married each other, how great! Several people have commented that they hope there will be a sequel which I think the ending left open as a possibility. I’d like that, too. Have you seen Ahn Jae Hyun on The New Journey to the West? He became the new member when Seunggi went into the military service and he’s a fun addition to the team as they travel in China on adventures/missions looking for dragon balls. Seunggi and Jae Hyun were both in You’re Surrounded, another kdrama which was pretty good.

      Thanks for stopping by, I hope to recap yet another kdrama soon! \/


  16. Hi Cimi!
    i just finished the episodes yesterday…. i didn’t sleep well at all. first of all, i cried my eyes out after Hyun Woo’s death, to me that was the most painful… hahahaha, he is such a handsome guy and his smile plus he was a loyal friend and brother to Ji Sang…. anyway, i couldn’t sleep well because there are actually unanswered questions on the last episode, i feel they should have showed us how Park Ji Sang’s decomposed blood helped the patients at ward 21A come back to normal (human) and how he appeared at Kochenia? really.

    Having said all that, i am happy i woke up this morning to check on your recap, i didn’t really know about it, but it was the first thing i saw after i googled. At least now i can guess how Park Ji Sang reappeared.

    Yes Yes !!!! i have watched Cinderella and the Four Knights and My Love from the Star…. the ending in My Love From the Star was vague also but at least we all know that Do Min Joon came back for a year and two months and possibly found a way to spend the rest of his life on earth. Lovely characters though.

    Did i fail to mention this? I’m happy Ahn Jae Hyun is married to Ku Hye-Sung. Happy married life to them!!!!!!!!!


    • Hi matilda952,
      Hyun Woo – gah! One of the saddest kdrama deaths (there are other gut wrenching kdrama deaths of heroes and undeservinsg characters, but Hyun Woo was such a vitamin and so cute!). You can watch Newlyweds Diary which is a reality show about Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sung that just started a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on cimiart! ♥


  17. What I thought was it was another Vampire but she was seeing him as Park Ji Sang because that was the good Vampire she rembers and the only good one who would save her so it just seems that she was seeing him as Park Ji Sang and not the actual Vampire! But I don’t know maybe not maybe it was him and I’m just going crazy! All that crying has got me shook


  18. Well… my thoughts about this ending (its my second time watching this Kdrama) is that we are all asuming Ji Sang is like other vampires, breaking our heads trying to understand why he came back (????). The Evil Director and all the other vamps, where infected BY, not BORN like Ji Sang, that is enough answer for us.

    As a Born vampire, maybe… and JUST MAYBE, Ji Sang, should have suffered a temporary death, burning on the sun, dying, loosing conciousness and maybe suffering a time of “lethargy”. His body where dying, maybe Rita, took him inside, when she thought he was already dead, Dr. Jung might have extracted what he needed of his blood, and maybe they buried Ji Sang after that.

    What could have happened after that?
    Like I said, maybe Ji Sang, being a BORN vampire, was only pushed in to lethargy (of course, he might have been near a complete serious death, but maybe Rita didnt waited enough for him to really die under the sunlight) and maybe… during his time buried, his body took that YEAR to recover itself. None of his friends, knew the capacities or limits of his pure blood, not even Evil Director. So I think maybe we are all forgetting this actual and interesting fact, that maybe, MAYBE, as a pure blooded vampire, he could be harder to kill, even in the sunlight. So is not crazy for me to think, that at the end… that was altually a recovered and alive Ji Sang, after a “lethargy”.

    I hope I have share you my crazy thoughts in a clear way.
    English is not my lenguaje so… Im a bit clumpsy >.<


    • You go deeper than what’s on the surface. Ji Sang is different than the vampires we know on the show so your speculation may open up doors of possibilities for how Ji Sang returned. Good sleuth work, thanks!


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