EXO Next Door web drama ep 9

exo next door ep 9 pic

It’s an Exoplanetary explosion when Kai, Chen, Lay, Suho, Xiumin, and Tao meet up with Chanyeol, D.O., Baekhyun, and Sehun in the neighborhood for a photo shoot before catching a flight. It’s chaotic. But we love it.

exo next door 9exo next door 9 hugs all around, Xiumin, Tao, Kai, Suho

Word’s out – Yeonhee’s fame goes before her ~ she is already know among the members for her expert cockroach killing skills and she is in demand. Let us see. Let us see. Let us see. Score.

But she’s blinded by the brightness of her  fairy tale RL  and can’t seem to get her bearings. (However, RL for us is ruined.)

EXO cute bromance: Suho and Kai kill it.

Poor Chanyeol ‘s fretful dream is haunted by the meaning of losing the charm necklace, not once – but twice, scolds his grandfather. Is it the charm he is worried about losing, or something else? Kai’s art of seduction at the freezer (hand cream for m’lady) gives Chanyeol the chills.

p.s. Missing the bro. What’s your favorite thing about this web drama?

Bonus: Guerilla Date with EXO

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3 thoughts on “EXO Next Door web drama ep 9

  1. Blatant fan service with the photo shoot this ep (which is lost on me, since I’m still learning who’s who). But if I keep watching Exciting India, I might learn some more about EXO. The more I look at D.O., the more attractive he becomes – Kai as a master seducer … well, I don’t really see it myself, but Suho is a cutie.

    The bromance between the brother and Sehun is probably my favourite bit!


    • Haha, blatant fan service photo shoot, that’s right. Gotta share the air time. They all have their charms, don’t they? Totally adorkable brother + Sehun = unconditional bromance! I also think it’s pretty funny that a snippet of a story about Chanyeol and his grandfather is thrown in to make the show seem more, um legit?


      • Legit? pwahaha *cough, cough*!! 🙂 Must admit, one of the perks of an idol-based show is that you automatically get an EXO soundtrack and EXO members randomly singing, dancing and playing guitar in each episode! Glad that the other members got more lines this episode!

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