Blood ep 19 recap kdrama

blood poster ep 19

Blood 블러드 episode 19

blood 19 recap kdrama, Ri Ta mourns Uncle's death blood 19 recap, kdrama, Ji Sang comforts Ri ta

Ri Ta mourns Uncle’s death alone in the morgue. Aunt, the Director, and several others march down the hall, but Ji Sang stops them. Leave her alone, he tells Aunt. Ri Ta asks Uncle what should she do now that he is gone – he should have taken his secret to the grave. I so agree. Ji Sang enters and tells her it’s time to go. Is she supposed to forgive him she asks? He tells her she doesn’t have to. It’s too early for forgiveness. Once everything has been set right and there is nothing left to do, then forgiveness can come. He gives her permission to be angry and unforgiving, at least for now. Best advice, ever. Ri Ta curtly tells Aunt they will talk after Uncle is laid to rest. It is a sad scene as Ri Ta sits alone in the chapel. ( Ji Sang watches over her from the doorway.)

blood 19 recap kdrama. a tree grows on blood

Standing outside the hospital, The Director comments to Aunt that the tree is hers, now. She flatly replies a tree grows on water but now this tree grows on blood. The Director smugly adds that a tree cannot grow on water alone. He tells her to do well at the shareholder’s meeting. And, if anything gets in her way, be sure to let him know (no need to expound on that offer).

The Director’s cruelty knows no bounds. Ji Sang is furious when he admits that he told Uncle he would die. What could he do, the Director asks sarcastically? Uncle went against his advice and took the injection, anyway. The Director clumps himself and Ji Sang together as those who sold their souls for eternal life, but holds Uncle in contempt for selling his soul for only 100 years. The philosophical differences between the Director and Ji Sang flair once again; Ji Sang calls the Director a monster; the Director tells Ji Sang to realign his thinking and loyalties. (I have to break my style of not commenting until the end and strongly express my disagreement with the Director’s premise that “they” sold their souls for eternal life, because Ji Sang was born from two infected parents and did not choose to be infected.)

blood ep 19 kdrama, recap, ji Sang and Ri Ta in chapel

Ji Sang joins Ri Ta in the chapel. She had hoped that Uncle and Sister Sylvia might meet, but perhaps that will be hard, now. Judgment call. She wonders why Uncle confessed. “Agent #5,” replies Ji Sang. He explains that agent #5 is a truth serum used in war to obtain confessions. So it was the drugs, Ri Ta says listlessly. That’s what Ji Sang thought at first, he tells her, since people don’t change easily. But, the drug can’t make one pay for one’s sins, so now he thinks Uncle’s confession was his last sincere words to Ri Ta before dying. I like the consoling Ji Sang.

The Director makes sure Ga Yeon is ready to kill Ri Ta tonight. Ga Yeon tries to stall, saying it was the funeral service today. So? The Director tells her to take Chul Hoon with her. She says she will go alone. Take him, the Director orders. In the hall, she begins a text, “Dr. Yoo Ri Ta is in danger…” but erases it. Instead, she tells Ji Sang to stay by Ri Ta’s side since it looks like she is having a hard time. Telling him to make sure to stay by her side is the best warning she can come up with under the circumstances.

blood ep 19 kdrama, recap Ga Yeon warnsblood ep 19 recap kdrama, Ji Sang's blood

How can the meeting between Ri Ta and Aunt be anything but despicable? Poor Ri Ta tells Aunt that she grew up happily thinking she and Uncle loved her, but now her feelings toward her are revolting and hateful. So here’s the deal, Auntie: turn yourself and those involved in or a voicemail of the recorded conversation between her and Uncle goes out to all the shareholders. Aunt pleads and assures Ri Ta that she loved her. But Ri Ta is right –  with a lie, at first it is to fool others, but eventually you end up fooling yourself. Aunt has come to another crossroads: Ri Ta is in her way.

Ward 21A patients are experiencing infected symptoms. Dr. Jung and Ji Sang agree they can’t keep up with the deteriorating side effects. Dr. Jung asks Ji Sang for his blood; he thinks it might help. Ji Sang agrees in order to advance the research.

blood 19 recap kdrama, Dr. Park gets called for emergency surgeryblood 19 recap kdrama Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyun

Ri Ta goes home to rest. Ji Sang insists on staying by her side. But, he gets a call for emergency surgery. He tells Ri Ta to text before she goes to sleep and when she wakes up. After drinking a glass of water, Ri Ta hits the hay. Ga Yeon is surprised to see Ji Sang at the hospital because she expected him to go home with Ri Ta. Of course, this means Ri Ta is not protected. Ga Yeon hurriedly sends Ri Ta a text, “Get out of the house now and run.” She and Chul Hoon arrive to do the dirty deed, but she tells him she doesn’t want him to see her kill. Well, okay, he’ll wait in the car, then. Ga Yeon enters Ri Ta’s apartment. Strangely, the door is unlocked. She’s asleep and Ga Yeon can’t bring herself to follow through. As she steps into the living room, the Director is waiting. Shocker. He figured she’d have second thoughts. He holds up the phone with the text she sent to Ri Ta (who never saw it). The mission is aborted.

blood 19 recap kdrama. Ga Yeon, The Director, Chul Hoon blood ep 19 recap kdrama. vampires, Ji Jin Hee

Ga Yeon and Chul Hoon stand before the Director in his apartment. Explain it, he demands. Ga Yeon says she didn’t  think killing Joo Hyun Woo and Ri Ta was necessary. What? Is she saying he kills unnecessarily? That betrayal to the cause isn’t reason for disposing of them? The Director is highly displeased. If he hadn’t taken drastic measures she – and Chul Hoon – wouldn’t be here. He threateningly moves towards her, veins bulging and teeth gleaming, reminding her that she was supposed to keep an eye on Ji Sang, but she became his student. That’s not it, she cries, she still thinks of the Director as her father and respects him. It’s just that she thought he would change. Change? Change is only justifiable betrayal, he spits out. He grabs her neck and shouts that if she doesn’t accept him then she must disappear. Chul Hoon yanks his hand from her throat; the Director turns on him. He growls that they were not to become his weakness. He is ready to eat his young. Ga Yeon doesn’t know when to stop and says that the only thing they want is the heart he had when he saved them and the look he had in his eye then.  He shouts at them to get out of his sight. However,  Chul Hoon remains on his knees before the Director. He will never leave him, that it is the promise he made when the Director saved his life. He adds that Ga Yeon feels the same way. The Director sadistically says that he just might not need them anymore and will kill them. Pitiful Chul Hoon begs him not to throw them away. Is it fear or devotion?

blood 19 recap kdrama, Ji Sang checks on Ri Ta blood 19 kdrama recap, Hyun Woo

After surgery, Ji Sang feels uneasy. He rushes to Ri Ta’s and, to his relief, finds her sound asleep. Hyun Woo has made a mess. He turned off the power to clean and forgot to turn it back on. The blood samples have deteriorated. He decides to run a test on a vial.

blood ep 19 recap kdrama. Hyun Woo testing bloodblood 19 recap kdrama, Park Ji Sang and Ga Yeon

Ri Ta is back to work, but she is sluggish and has a headache. Ji Sang notices that the paper she is reading is upside down. Dr. Choi runs a blood test on Ri Ta and emails the result to Hyun Woo. He discovers a sedative in her blood, and Ri Ta recalls that she drank water before falling asleep. Ji Sang has had enough. He finds Ga Yeon and interrogates her. He’s put two and two together – she warned him about Hyun Woo and Ri Ta being in danger – just what does she know and how is she involved with the Director? Ga Yeon reminds him that she is no good. She confesses that she was the one who changed out his meds and shot him in the neck. And now, the Director has ordered Dr. Yoo to be killed. But, Ga Yeon couldn’t do it. She is conflicted; after all, no matter how bad or wrong, a daughter can’t leave father. He realizes she is the young girl with the Director in the photograph. Ji Sang tells her to make up her mind. Will she come over to the light, or stay on the dark side of the full moon?

blood ep 19 recap kdrama, Assistant Director Choiblood 19 recap kdrama, Ji Jin Hee, vampires

There is no stopping Aunt now. Her narcissism takes full hold and she is bent on getting everything she wants. Now she is sleeping with the enemy. She lets the Director listen to the recording. He is pleased. He gushes, ‘Let’s be friends.” Two crazy masterminds commiserating is a dangerous thing. Their only obstacle is Ri Ta. Aunt’s request to the Director to make it painless and make sure there’s no fear is repulsive and sickening.

So, the Director decides to give Ga Yeon a chance to restore their relationship. The order to kill Dr. Yoo was just a test. However, this time it’s for real. No?  Then she can choose: kill Yoo Rita or he will kill Na Jung. Such a dirty, controlling player, creating choices that are not choices at all.

blood 19 recap kdrama, vampire, Ji Jin Hee blood 19 recap kdrama, Hyun Woo and Dr. Choi

Look-y who they found: Dr. Creepy. He is brought before the Director bloodied and apologetic. Chul Joon is ready to take him out, but the Director stops him. Not sure why. Maybe he knows he’s the most committed and, therefore, the strongest. The Director is curious: can psychopaths repent and can they have respect for others?

blood 19 A hero dies for the person who recognizes that he is a hero blood 19 recap kdrama. Dr. Choi and Hyun Woo passed out

Dr. Jung and Dr. Choi have more information. She decides to take their findings to Hyun Woo in person. They look over the results of Ji Sang’s blood tests. He is excited to see her as well as the breakthrough to creating a virus to make Ji Sang and the infected patients human. To celebrate their progress, they have a beer together. Dr. Choi asks when he met Ji Sang. It was six years ago. He was kicked out of the research lab and his professors expelled him for his vampire thesis. Then Ji Sang found out about his research and they connected. She asks if he was afraid when he found out who he really was. Only when he first saw him transform and couldn’t sleep for three days, he tells her. But, they have been friends ever since, like brothers. A hero dies for the person who recognizes that he is a hero, Hyun Woo thoughtfully adds. They go from beer to bombs. Ji Sang walks in on the results of that: both are passed out on the couch. Just keep doing what you’re doing, he dryly comments. LUUVY replays their embarrassing drunk behavior Hey, we don’t get to see, not fair!

blood 19 kdrama, recap, Park Young Hee, Kochenia, vampires blood 19 recap kdrama, Ji Sang and Ri Ta, Ahn Jae Hyun, vamplires

Ji Sang brings plenty of bottles of water to Ri Ta’s and tells her to drink only this. There is a doll on her sofa – its name is Park Young Hee. They agree to go to Kochenia together after everything is in order.

blood 19 recap kdrama, Ri Ta and vampire questionnaireblood 19 recap kdrama, Ri ta doesn't like Ji Sang's answer

While Ji Sang rests, Ri Ta looks over her vampire questionnaire. “Do vampires transform when they kiss?” She writes: “He didn’t transform at all, he was pretty good at it.” #100: “If you could die, what would you do before you die?” She is surprised that Ji Sang’s answered it. She sits beside him and, stroking his hair she quietly whispers,  “I don’t like it, change it…your answer to question #100.”

When Ga Yeon and Ri Ta meet in the hospital, Ga Yeon seems to want to say something to her, but doesn’t. Words aren’t necessary after all; Ri Ta sprayed on the vampire identification perfume that morning. As she passes by, Ga Yeon coughs. Ri ta turns as if to say, “What’s this. Really?”

blood 19 kdrama recap Hyun Woo reads the test results blood 19 recap kdrama Hyun Woo, lab, VTH-16, VTH-17,

Hyun Woo must have gotten bad results from the tests. This can’t be, he says aloud. His downcast glance indicates that the findings are grim. He shows up at the lab. The new discovery is that VTH-16 is now VTH-17 – a perfect antibody. In her excitement, Dr. Choi runs over and gives Hyun a hug. Her reaction may be premature. Dr. Jung asks what his somber expression means. What’s the bad news? What?

Dr. Creepy seems all too pleased to get an assignment from the Director to go in person and get the files from Hyun Woo. Do whatever is necessary to get that password from Hyun Woo no matter what, he is told.

blood 19 bromance blood 19 bromance Ji sang and Hyun Woo

Hyun Woo tries hard to cover the bad news from Ji Sang. He suggests doing something fun together. Shopping? Bromance date! It’s an early birthday present, he tells Ji Sang. Even though his birthday isn’t until next week, Hyun Woo tries to cover his deep concern. Something is very wrong. But we do get a modeling session as Ji Sang tries on several outfits. The two are so cute together. Hyun Woo approves of a long coat outfit and buys one for Ri Ta, too. Couple coats.

blood 19 Hyun Woo is surrounded blood 19 Joo In Ho, Hyun Woo

As they leave, Ji Sang gets a warning text: Yoo Ri Ta is in danger. (This is getting old.) He tells Hyun Woo to go home, he’ll check on her himself, and takes off. Moments later, Hyun Woo is surrounded by four hooded men and, oh, no – Dr. Creepy. Big trouble is brewing, I fear. When Ji Sang arrives at Ri Ta’s she is okay. It’s another set-up, the Director’s sinister doing.

blood 19 Joo in Ho hurts Hyun Woo

Then the phone call comes. Dr Creepy has Hyun Woo. This is really, really bad. Our poor baby Hyun Woo is on his knees. He is terribly beat up and bloodied. Dr. Creepy lets Ji Sang talk to him. Hyun Woo can only apologize over and over. They made him give the information or it was curtains for Ri Ta, he cries out. Ji Sang tells Dr. Creepy to take everything – he doesn’t care – just don’t touch Hyun Woo. But, there’s more. Dr. Creepy recognizes the real identify of Hyun Woo now, the famous researcher on VBT–01 whose findings are far more developed than his. What shall he do, he is rather jealous. Hyun Woo is in tears and begs Ji Sang to forgive him.”You’ll forgive me, right?”

blood 19 Hyun Woo and LUUVY dead blood 19 recap Ji Sang cries over Hyun Woo

*gasp* OMG. NO! When Ji Sang and Ri Ta arrive, they find Hyun Woo lying in a pool of blood. There is no heartbeat. His dear and only friend like a brother – Hun Woo – doesn’t move.

“Hyun Woo. Hey, stop playing around. Get up, Hyun Woo…Hey, I’m sorry I’m late. Hyun Woo.” And so it comes to pass: A hero dies for the person who recognizes that he is a hero. Through tears and anguished cries, Ji Sang can only repeat, “Hyun Woo!”


  • It is a City Hunter copycat. Gah. Both scenes (Hyun Woo/Prosecutor Daddy Longlegs) – they get me every single time.
  • NO! This is all too much. Evil Director and creepiest Dr. Creepy rely on each other’s worst traits and psychological aberrations to achieve their dastardly plot. I hate them for killing Hyun Woo to break Ji Sang. How could the writers do this to us?
  • I suspect what Hyun Woo discovered was that Ji Sang’s mutation won’t allow for him to become human. Remember, they abandoned the original VTH-16 research because it killed all the cells and resulted in death. I’m guessing the new VTH-17 doesn’t change that; Ji Sang’s blood may help others, but there is no cure for him.
  • So Ga Yeon, why are you still alive and Hyun Woo is not? Furthermore, Ri Ta does not need you and the problems you’ve caused in her life – another betrayal in a long line of soul-wrenching betrayals she has had to deal with. Just this week, no less. I am so not happy with Ga Yeon.
  • One episode left. What. Just what. How’re they gonna do this, I ask you.
  • Because this drama is just too complicated. Not the story but with too many people – some who have eternal life that just plain makes me boil with rage. Others – well, the good they die young.

Thanks for waiting for the recap – and thanks for stopping by!

I couldn’t eat watching this episode: no food pic. Taking this pretty hard. Distraught. *sigh* Hyun Woo~ *sniff* *wah!*

blood 19 recap kdrama Hyun Woo, vampire

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12 thoughts on “Blood ep 19 recap kdrama

  1. Ah, been so busy i had to cram 4 episodes back to back this weekend.

    Oh my god, why did they killed Hyun Woo!!!! I cant believe this, it feels like it’s a bit unnecessary to kill him off, feels like its just a convenient way for setting up the finale. I could have understand if they had killed Hyun Woo much earlier but now? Arghhhhh…..

    Watching ep 18 and ep 19 feels like watching filler episodes to complete the series. Everything is like dragged out to fill time, Rita’s uncle death, Director evil dilly dallying with his minions…..i do think though that Gayeon, Chulhoon and J’s back story could have make a great spin off drama or at least explored a bit in this drama. They are interesting characters, especially Gayeon who is not straight up evil.

    One more episode to go. I really hope it’s not a let down. I honestly dont like the way this drama is going. Been feeling bad since Ji Sang read Rita’s 100 vampire questions. But Hyun Woo, why, oh why.

    Thanks Cimi for sticking it out this far.


    • Hi JanuaryBlues ~ Really, like, um…the bad guys are winning. I hope I hope I hope we aren’t disappointed, too.
      Hyun Woo, why, oh why. Wah!!


  2. Hi January
    Be strong Cimi, I am reminding myself that it’s just a show… But I am still in a state of shock. You are right / too much deaths / I can’t take it…
    Frankly I didn’t pay much attention to hyun woo until lately.:: and today is his best episode – he is the best pal ever in kdrama land .. Sob sob


    • Right. It’s just a show, it’s just a show. But, can’t Ji Sang find something in the refrigerator of serums and vaccines to give to Hyun Woo?


  3. @ cimi
    I wish he could revive hyun woo with his blood…but looks like it’s not gonna happen.
    I dunno what’s the deal with ji Sang’s blood…
    This part is heartbreaking coz it looks like the bad guys are winning. And it was totally unexpected for them to off hyun woo – I thought they might zero onto dr jung instead ..,,


    • I know, it was just a long shot hope. I thought Dr. Jung might be a target too, especially because of his dad the director Wook’s strong past ties. Also, Dr. Creepy alluded to knowing Hyun Woo, too, but maybe they were only referring to his notorious research and the fact that he got kicked out by professors. Still, Dr. Creepy said he was using a nickname, so it seems he was more familiar or knew Hyun Woo before and was jealous and killed him rather than leaving it as a warning. Wah!

      I haven’t been able to bring my self to watch the final, yet. I’m mulling over the ways it may go – and I can’t quite see how it could tie up all the issues, but I will soon find out. Stay tuned!


  4. I think it’s silly of them to kill hyun woo when they could have used him to continue with some research and steal from him again and again.
    This was a very dramatic scene and I watched it without subs. I felt that Ahn Jae Hyun was really good. He really embraced his role well and I really hope to see him in another kdrama role soon….


  5. I know how you feel Cimi… about watching the finals…
    From whatever online info I gathered, it’s really gonna be packed with lots of blood with a promise of “happy stuff”. There are lots of reaction and theories so I look forward to having long discussion at Blood finale recap at this awesome cimiart site…
    Fighting fighting


  6. Is ri ta stupid or what she knows the director is targeting her yet still she insists of staying in that stupid house alone which can be easily accessed by vampires so she should have stayed with ji sang so the cute but would have been still alive. Simply that killed him off dammit ji sang is so weak In disappointed In him.


    • Hmmm, it was awfully sad to lose our cute researcher to a stupid mistake like that, you’re right. It reminded me of the prosecutor in City Hunter, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Dark knight!


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