EXO Next Door web drama ep 8

EXO Next Door 8 drawing

XO Next Door ep 8 ChanyeolEXO Next Door episode 8 Sehun, drip coffee

Yeonhee, slave for life, cleans EXO’s house at the beck and call of her grumpy next door neighbor, Chanyeol. A Korean Cinderella in exchange for the rent she owes her business savvy Realtor Mother who doesn’t give her daughter an inch. The brother? That’s a different story. Mother gives him a royal pass. His oddball character attracts Sehun and, by chance, a juicy gossip tidbit comes his way during a coffee break in the man-tent: Yeonhee likes one of them.

D.O. EXO Next DoorEXO Next Door ep 8 Baekhyun

But, the one she likes is not among the four resident EXO members who take that news hard. Sehun reveals Yeonhee likes –  Kai. “I didn’t see that coming,” is Baekhyun’s droll response. As if her first love, Prince Cho, isn’t enough for our EXOs to be jealous over, in walks Kai – the man of the hour.

EXO Next Door ep 8 Kai

“It’s me.” Kai  has come to join his friends. 14 minutes isn’t enough for this cute story line that is going…. (Where is it going?) Stay tuned!

Double Bonus:

백현 BAEKHYUN_두근거려 (Beautiful) (From Drama ‘EXO NEXT DOOR’) Music Video

EXO – “Call Me Baby”

EXO Next Door episode 8 Chanyeol Yeonhee watching EXO reruns before Chanyeol became grumpy 🙂

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3 thoughts on “EXO Next Door web drama ep 8

  1. Thanks. As always…fun drawing!

    I especially loved the vintage melodrama flashback (I guess that’s what you’d call it?) between Yeonhee and D.O. Adorable.


  2. Thanks for picking this up, Cimi! Looks like injecting Kai into the mix will make for a nice comedy of errors and help keep up the pace – think it’s 16 eps in total?

    If you discount the intro, previews, flashbacks, etc, each ep is really only about 8 mins, so it’s over before you know it!

    An aside: why is it that a lot of stars’ managers are shown as being (1) overweight and (2) usually not from Seoul, with a thick provincial dialect? I also noticed this with KARA’s managers, and some ppl at FNC (I guess a lot of stars aren’t from Seoul themselves, but have to perfect that Seoul accent, as part of the city glamour image)


    • Hi thursdaynexxt, Yes, this is fun, short and EXO cute! 8 minutes of actual new material is about right. It is a fake slice o’ life, I guess you’d say. Managers, hmmmm, I think the idol image is so manufactured – including nailing the Seoul accent – that ordinary people next to them seem too real? Dunno….haha


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