EXO NEXT DOOR web drama ep 7

EXO Next Door

Our flower boys next door (for real) couldn’t be any cuter. Lucky Incheon Gal can rest assured that her four handsome bodyguards will do their jobs well, even without asking.

D.O. EXO Next Door

D.O. is thoughtful and sensitive. Baby blue is his color.

chanyeol next door

Chanyeol – our uncharacteristically broody neighbor just needs time to get his head straight. Crusty doesn’t suit him.

Bakehyun EXO Next Door

Baekhyun is who he is, he just can’t help it. Overflowing with boyish charm, he is an instigator who then steps back and watches.

Sehun EXO Next Door obsessed with drip coffee

Sehun is obsessed with hand drip coffee. I can relate.

Ga Young EXO Next Door

Yeon Hee takes a too-good-to-be-true magic carpet ride in EXOland. Who can blame her if she keeps it all to her adorably blushing self?


EXO profiles:  https://kpopcolorcodedlyrics.wordpress.com/exo-members-and-profiles/

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