Blood블러드 ep 14 recap Korean drama

blood poster krama recap

Blood 블러드 episode 14

blood ep 14 Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyun blood 14 Yoo Ri Ta finds out Director Lee is a vampire

The Director has such gall. Lies and more lies. Like Hyun Woo said before, anyone who lies that much has something to hide. Ji Sang confronts the Director with the projected image of his parents, Jung Han Su, and the Director photographed together in the 1970s and demands to know what is going on. He asks about the two infected men who killed his parents and how they obtained the reconstituted blood to appear human like. Explain it all, he demands.

Meanwhile, Hyun Woo comes upon more information about the blood analysis, while Ri Ta – who proves to be a darn good researcher herself – stumbles upon contradictory statistics about the Director. His bio lists his birth date as 1971, but how is it that in the 1977 article where he is pictured with the group, he is an adult?  The Director blames everything on Dr. Jung Han Su, saying there were test subjects no one knew about, he lied to the others, and that he was a victim. Dr. Jung wanted to  continue experimenting but he claims he and Ji Sang’s parents didn’t agree with that.

blood 14 Park Ji Sang's mother, vampire, vbt-01 virus blood 14 Hyun Woo, vampires

The story continues: They preserved the virus by injected it into themselves. Ji Sang thinks that is incredulous, who would intentionally infect themselves for science’s sake? And, what about the Director’s two friends (his parents)? Who and where are the other infected who ran away? How many are out there? Ji Sang tells the Director that the other infected test patients must have been the ones who killed his parents. But, he claims to know nothing about that. He even says Dr. Jung (son) is continuing his father’s research.

Ji Sang reports everything to Hyun Woo, who is happy to learn that Ji Sang now suspects the Director and realizes that he has been lying all this time. Now, they need to expose the Director.

blood 14, J vampire, director Lee, Ji Jin Hee, vampires blood 14 Park Ji sang, Yoo Ri Ta, vampires, Ahn Jae Hyun

The Director does not take kindly to J for meeting up with Ji Sang and not telling him. He blames him because now Ji Sang knows he is infected but not detectable because of the reconstituted blood they take. J gets a vampire spike to the neck and a stern warning from the Director that his life is spared only because of their long history together. Even silence is lying and this is J’s painful last warning. I’m positive his days are numbered.

blood 14 yoo ri ta's hand on ji sang's shoulder, vampires, Ahn Jae Hyun blood 14 yoo ri ta comforts Ji Sang, vampire, hand on heart

Ji Sang tells Ri Ta to get some sleep because she has lots of surgeries in the morning. No nonsense Ri Ta says that according to her research the Director should be in his 70s, but why is he so young? She is tired of all the mystery and confusion. How is it that he knows Ji Sang’s parents and Dr. Jung?  And why has Ji Sang kept it from her? Ji Sang says he wanted to keep her from danger. If she knew the Director was infected she would put herself in danger to protect the hospital. Which is exactly her point, the hospital is her family’s and not Ji Sang’s or the Director’s. He tells her the Director will kill her and that he may have been behind his parents’ deaths. The conclude that the infected man his mother refers to in her video is none other than the Director. Ri Ta asks him if he is feeling okay about his parents. He is not sure. Hyun Woo asked him the same thing. He admits to being angry but he will handle it. I’m not so sure about that.

Alone in his study, he looks at the only picture of his parents with Dr. Jung and silently holds it to his heart. Sweetly, Ri Ta steps in and places her hand on his shoulder. Anger, sadness, and pain, he should feel those, and vent on those days he finds it difficult she advises him. Just for today, let yourself feel those emotions. Ri Ta is good at reading Ji Sang. (Remember Director Wook told Ga Yuck that her job was to read Ji Sang well? I am glad she didn’t get the chance. Too bad, so sad.)

blood 14 Ri Ta and Sister Sylvia, virus, vbt-01

Ri Ta sits by Sister Sylvia’s bedside. Sister Sylvia has a good feeling about Dr. Park and says he is warm-hearted and seems to believe in God. Ri Ta seems pleased to hear this. A patient in ward 21A has an uncontrollable outburst and flings the hospital food across the room. It is the effects of the experimental injections. He catches himself and apologizes to his wife, daughter and Ga Yuck. His behavior is unsettling.

Hyun Woo gives Ji Sang the analysis of the serum contents. It contains the Nebilo virus that killed 170,000 in Africa alone and causes paralysis and other serious effects. It falsely regulates body temperature and makes emotion control difficult. It actually has the opposite effect and makes one more monster-like rather than more human-like.

After considering Ji Sang’s words, Ri Ta meets with Aunt Choi and tells her she is worried. She thinks the Director might go after Aunt Choi and tells her to be careful. Leader Suh comes up in the conversation; Aunt Choi didn’t know that she transferred to the U.S. so suddenly. As Assistant Director, this is something she should have been informed of. She puts in a phone call to her source to find out more about Leader Suh’s suspicious disappearance.

When Dr. Park meets with Dr. Jung he asks if he will continue the research even if his life is in danger. Dr. Jung replies that he is committed and isn’t put off by the threats. Dr. Park asks him to come by later tonight and to be mentally prepared for what he will learn.

Uncle Chairman ponders the recording from Aunt Choi. It has put them at odds, but Aunt Choi says she is protecting Taemin. He tells her to take it to the police because it will actually be her downfall. Aunt Choi, who feels up against a wall, counteracts by asking him what would happen if Ri Ta finds out. This seems to be an ultimatum: all she asks is to keep her position and responsibilities and she won’t tell Ri Ta. Tell her what?  We’re not sure what the secret is, but it is bound to be big and likely has something to do with Ri Ta’s parents in the forest.

blood 14 creepy replacement doctor ward 21A blood 14 vampire, new drug research leader

In the children’s room in Ward 21A, Dr. Creepy Replacement and Dr. Yoo treat their patients. Just as Dr. Creepy is about to give Jang Joo Yin an injection that she dreads, in walks Dr. Lee. He asks for the files again and they get in a scuffle. When Dr. Creepy wrestles Dr. Lee’s arm, Dr. Yoo tells him to let go of his hand. He is rude to Dr. Yoo. Ga Yuck observes all this from the hallway. Dr. Park doesn’t like hearing how Dr. Creepy treated Dr. Yoo and angrily confronts him in the lab. He warns him that if he is rude to the doctors again he won’t let it go. Although polite on the outside, Dr. Creepy’s eyes flash vampire green. What is this dude up to?

It is time to reveal some big, big news. Dr. Park gives Dr. Jung the picture of his father, Dr. Jung Han Su, with Ji Sang’s parents, and Director Wook. Dr. Jung is obviously shocked and wonders how this can be. Dr. Park lets Dr. Jung view the video that his mother left. After viewing it, Dr. Jung is speechless. He realizes the virus is really out there and that the Director and Dr. Park are infected. He is very upset and confused. As proof, Dr. Park cuts his hand with a blade. Dr. Jung watches it heal right before his eyes. They wonder just how many other infected are out there. He also tells him the virus is being used experimentally in Ward 21A. They conclude the Director stole the virus for himself and is using it as he pleases. Dr. Jung asks if it is possible that the Director got rid of his father and Ji Sang’s parents. Dr. Park says there isn’t evidence of that. So far, only Hyun Woo and Dr. Yoo know about this other than the two of them.

blood 14 kdrama recap Dr Jung apoligizes to Dr Park, vampires blood 14 recap kdrama Ri Ta asks Ji Sang how much he drank

There is nothing left to do but drown his sorrow and guilt in alcohol. Poor Dr. Jung is burdened with knowing that the virus his father created is out there in the world and is dangerous. Dr. Park assures him that he trusts him like his parents trusted his father. They are bound by that history. Dr. Jung asks for forgiveness and bows, but Dr. Park stops him and tells him this is not his fault. They will figure this out together. Back at the house, Dr. Park reeks of alcohol – 26 1/2 shots worth to be exact. Yep, vampires can drink. Dr. Yoo recalls that he refused to be her Black Knight at the convention. He says he didn’t like her back then. But now, he would maybe drink 4 shots for her. It is all in fun, but there is a serious undertone always. With all that has been exposed, Dr. Park says that now he has to make the Director confess with that mouth of his.

blood 14 Dr. Park and Director Lee, vampires, ward 21A

The Director and Ga Yuck discuss their goals and loyalties. Is there a sense of concern by the Director that Ga Yuck is wavering? Is there a feeling in Ga Yuck that the Director isn’t all that? Dr. Park reports to the Director that he will no longer treat patients in Ward 21A. They openly talk about Ward 21A being all about experimentation on their virus. Dr. Park distances himself from that and tells the Director that his business lies elsewhere. The Director seems concerned.

Dr. Choi asks a very hung over Dr. Jung just how much he drank. Dr. Jung tries to nonchalantly bring up the promise he made to run the hallway in his underwear if Dr. Park is a vampire. He wonders if that is still on. When she says of course,  he claims it will never happen, and besides it is a childish bet between mentor and student. Shouldn’t they just drop it? Now that he knows the truth about Dr. Park, he is envisioning himself nakedly fulfilling the bet and tries to weasel out of it. Oops! Later that day, he sincerely asks for Dr. Park’s and Hyun Woo’s help to discover a cure for VBT-01. When Dr. Park comments that it won’t be easy, Dr. Jung says he wants to try as repayment for what his father did.

Sister Sylvia is fading fast. She can barely see Ri Ta’s face before her and tells them all to just let her go, she is ready. Ri Ta dearly places her hand on her face. In the break room, Ji Sang tells Ri Ta she has to prepare to let Sister Sylvia go, it is only a matter of time. Ri ta touches Ji Sang’s face, and says it is warm, like the person Sister Sylvia says he is. Warm heart warm person, aren’t they the same thing? She recalls a warm boy who saved her in the forest.

blood 14 vampires, Assistant Director Choi blood 14 Sister Sylvia, Director Lee, Ji Jin Hee

As she suspected, Dr, Choi receives a confirmation phone call that there is no record of Leader Suh leaving the country since she entered a year ago. Aunt Choi knows something is up with that.

No good can come of the Director standing at the bedside of semi-conscious Sister Sylvia. The scene gives me the shivers: it is good versus evil incarnate. She senses a presence and he tells her it is him. She thanks him for coming by when he is so busy. He tells her she has a chance to live longer. She doesn’t want to and asks, “Why are you trying to imitate the Father?” Although physically weak, spiritually she remains strong. An explanation of the Father as a chair to rest on for the weary expresses her understanding that God is not a vending machine of favors. She leans on Him in a way that is deeper than expecting Him to fulfill her every request. The Director leaves with the thought that his work is so he doesn’t have to rely on God.

blood 14 Ji Sang and Ri ta in the chapelblood 14 recap kdrama Ahn Jae Hyun

In the morning, Ji Sang enters the bedroom as Ri Ta gets ready. (She is still staying at his place for safety.) She scolds him, but he can’t joke today. He solemnly tells her the hospital called. She understands what he is saying. Staff and family gather around Sister Sylvia’s bed. Ri Ta begs her not to leave, to stay a little longer. But, she releases her, as she knows she must, and tearfully tells her it’s okay. In a moment’s time, Sister Sylvia passes away. Everyone in the room silently bows their heads and only Ri Ta’s pitiful sobs can be heard. Ji Sang and Ri Ta sit side by side in the chapel. His words that Sister Sylvia (goodness and good works) will be present in this world bring comfort to her.

blood 14 coloring the enchanted forestblood 14 Enchanted Forest coloring book, Ahn Jae Hyun, Rita

Ji Sang brings out the Enchanted Forest coloring book and colored pencils for Ri Ta to color her stress away. He keeps it hidden in case Hyun Woo sees it and makes fun of him. He tells he it relieves his mind, stabilizes him. She opens the pages and says it is just like the woods in Jeju Island. He gives her a pink crayon, like the pink she wore in the forest, and they color together. Ji Sang’s artistic flair looks good on him.

blood 14 Ji Jin Hee, vampires blood 14 Park Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyun, Ji Jin Hee, vampires, kdrama

The Director sips on his signature glass of red wine in his flat. Ji Sang show up at the door. When the elevator opens, J drops to the floor. Ji Sang stands behind him. He tells the Director that he was hanging out at his house so he brought him back. He tests the Director’s story by saying this is the infected who was after both of them, so he has caught him. Ji Sang tells the Director to kill J.


blood snack cookies and chocolate

Midnight snack – triple ginger cookies and dark chocolate pistachio toffee. I like my sweets. 🙂

  •  I feel sorry for Dr. Jung and the burden he feels over his father’s research. But, we don’t know the whole story, yet, so I look forward for a better understanding of what Dr. Jung Han Su was really up to when he was killed by the Director. We don’t know if Dr. Jung’s mother is alive, either, and if she knows anything. And, I wonder if Dr. Jung Han Su’s research is more complete, but undiscovered, than has been revealed so far. If so, I think our Hyun Woo will discover that.
  • Ji Sang asks Director Wook to kill J as a challenge to see how they are connected. But, what does the Director care? He’ll ruthlessly do away with anyone to promote his plan and its progress.
  • I worry that Director Wook won’t let Sister Sylvia R.I.P.
  • I hope Aunt Choi lands on her feet in all this. She is smart, but with Uncle Chairman turned against her (Director Wook’s plan, of course), she continues to run into walls. Still, you would think that by now, she and Ri Ta would have gone outside the hospital and over the heads of Uncle and Director on ethical grounds alone.
  • There are too many patient stories going on. Boring. And, maybe it’s that too much of the story takes place in the hospital.
  • I wish there was more vampire action.
  • LUUVY continues to be the most underutilized piece of metal.
  • I love my own copy of the Enchanted Forest coloring book.
  • cropped-enchanted-forest-and-supplies.jpg

5 thoughts on “Blood블러드 ep 14 recap Korean drama

  1. Two lovely scenes between Rita and Dr Park
    1. Right after he threatened Dr Psycho, Rita playfully bumped into Dr Park and he did the same to her and they both continued ..nice to see how agitated he was at Dr Psycho and how protective he was towards Rita

    2. The coloring book scene was lovely. How he confessed the memory of Chae Yeon calmed him and the hint that she is pretty …
    Something like that. Sounds to me that the little girl he saved meant a lot to him…


    • I am glad to see more aggressiveness on the part of Ji Sang – standing up to Dr. Creepy and confronting Director Wook with the J situation – who is on whose side, anyhoot? Dying to find out; I am off to watch ep 15.


  2. Hai Shuerei and Cimi,

    Cimi, i would love me some of that pistachio toffee *drooling*

    Shuerei, i ike that all protective Ji Sang too, Rita whines about being mistreated by Dr Creepy he’s off to Dr Creepy lab and warning him, but afterwards he was feeling silly about it and Rita just teased him more.

    So Dr Park told Dr Jung the truth about him being an infected, what will Dr Jung do about his bet with Dr Choi?? Hahaha Poor Dr Jung having to shoulder the burden of what his father has done. It’s a good thing his a doctor and a Hematologist at that otherwise he wont be able to do anything to atone for his father mistakes.

    The scene between Sister Sylvia and Director Evil was i think another glimpse into the Director’s mind. He could have forced fed his blood to an unconscious Sister Sylvia and for a moment i thought he would, but i think he has too much respect for Sister Sylvia to do it. I think what Sister Sylvia said did get to him but he just chose to ignore it and continue playing God even though he realised what he is doing is morally wrong.


    • I don’t know, I am not willing to give the Director that much credit for the encounter with Sister Sylvia. Although, what was her purpose in the kdrama if not to show that even the Director let someone die in peace? Hmm I’ll have to consider that he respected her, then, and perhaps will be the angel on his shoulder conscience. Still, his methodology is downright evil, and his facade has bought him too much benefit of the doubt which actually gives him more leeway to do his dirty work. We have to consider his long list of murders. No sympathy for the devil.


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