Roommate season 2 episode 26 Korean reality show – Final Episode

roommate season 2 ep 26 family picture

Well, friends, Random, er, I mean Roommate Season 2 has come to an end. I am not sure what to think, I guess the hype for a season 3 went pfft and that’s all she wrote. It was the group discussions and comments, even more so than the show itself, that made this post fun for me. Our favorite moments, biases, rants, and diversions made the comments section a great go-to place for a break in the daily routine. So, here is the last hurrah with the group of roommates who brought us lots of laughs and memories and good times together.

roommate season 2 ep 26 ryohei, se ho, dong wook, jong ok endoscopy


What is with Korean reality shows lately that the producers think air time at the doctor’s office is entertaining? First, it was 1N2D, then The Human Condition, and now Roommate. I wonder if it is a public service push on health via the celebrities? If so, they might want to think about anti-smoking campaigns and moderate alcohol consumption, as South Korea is way up there in both categories for very high rates. Anyhoot, I cringed several times over tmi and plenty of poop talk, but what can I say? Jong Ok, Se Ho, Dong Wook, and Ryohei took part in physicals that included an endoscopy and colonoscopy (if they chose). I had to laugh when Jong Ok told her blood gushing horror story experience at her last endoscopy and Ryohei was sweating bullets.

roommate season 2 ep 26 ryohei horrified at jong ok endoscoy story roommate season 2 ep 26 in the waiting room, dong wook, se ho, ryohei

The guys’ sick humor in their sad patient pajamas was pretty pathetic, but it helped pass the time until they were called. Se Ho was non-stop talkative in the procedure room and asked for a blow-by-blow, bad news or good. Ryohei was just plain terrified, I don’t think he likes needles or hospitals in general, for that matter. roommate season 2 ep 26 health report roommate season 2 ep 26 dong wook health report

Poor Dong Wook was a whiter shade of pale when the doc told him he had some irritated spots and he removed a polyp. (Dong Wook said he felt when the doctor removed it, ha. No way, said the doc.) The guys were such mega babies about the whole thing, and Jong Ok took it like a pro. Overall, they received good health checkups with no major worries.

Flying Yoga

roommate season 2 ep 26 flying yoga roommate season 2 ep 26 joon hyung, nana, sunny, youngji yoga

I’ll start out by saying that I am pretty sure Joon Hyung wished he had gone with the colonoscopy crowd. The yoga instructor prepared a session of flying yoga for Sunny, Youngji, Nana, and Joon Hyung (one of these things is not like the others…). She gave a lovely presentation of graceful yoga positions with the hammock. Nana and Sunny were naturals and produced lovely lines with their lithesome limbs. Youngji easily picked up the moves and stretches as well. Just watching them was relaxing. Except for the thud that Joon made when his fists hit the ground as he hung helplessly from the hammock. Once, if not twice, the instructor and Nana had to untangle him from his precarious positions. He made it painfully clear that the family jewels were not made for such an apparatus. The vampire position was especially appropriate in light of the fact that several of us are watching Blood. Sunny and Nana were folded nicely into their best vampire position, and received the shoulder stretching benefit of the pose. Count Joonacula, not so much. (I am a Pilates aficionado and know what I am talking about when I say that Joon Hyung does not have a strong core.) Poor guy was tangled and twisted and miserable the whole time. There was a round of applause in appreciation of the graceful flying yoga instructor and the effort by today’s students.

roommate season 2 ep 26 joon hyung vampireroommate season 2 ep 26 nana and sunny vampire position flying yoga

Namsan Walking Event

roommate season 2 ep 26 walkathon Min Woo, Youngji roommate season 2 ep 26 final episode

Gook Ju signed up Se Ho, Ryohei, Min Woo, Youngji and herself along with 3,000 other participants for the 5.2 meter walk along the Namsan Trail. The cherry blossom lined trail is a couple’s destination, and Youngji suggested that Se Ho consider it an opportunity for meeting his destiny. That gave him the needed encouragement to suit up and sprint along the trail in search of a soul-mate. When they announced that Min Shin Ah would join the walkers today, Se Ho rushed to the stage to get a glimpse of the goddess. It was too far-fetched, even for Se Ho, to approach her as his destiny.

roommate season 2 ep 26  my destiny Se ho roommate season 2 ep 26 2

The next stop was a music group playing outdoors. Se Ho teamed up with the singer for a Samba number. She politely joined in, but sent him on his way with wishes that he meet someone good today (meaning, not her). There were several shots of Min Woo, but not much action and even fewer words. Still, I was glad he made an appearance on the final episode. Always on your side, Min Woo, fighting!

roommate season 2 2p 26

I’m not exactly sure why they did tae bae bo and the winner had to carry Gook Ju on his back, but Min Woo went flat as a pancake when he tried to lift her, Se Ho struggled miserably, and Ryohei toppled over head first. In the end, Gook Ju carried Ryohei which made her just as happy. The sun and glorious cherry blossoms made for a successful afternoon for our outdroors-y roommate group.

White Elephant

After eight months at the Roommate Household, it was time to say goodbye. They decided to bring a prized possession to give as a gift and drew numbers.

roommate season 2 ep 26 gift exchange roommate season 2 ep 26 Jackson nana

Actually, several members were absent (Kang Joon, Dong Wook, Min Woo, and Youngji). Sunny was so excited to get first pick, but ended up with Youngji’s silly large pumpkin zonk gift. Gook Ju received g.o.d. paraphernalia from Joon Hyung, including well-worn idol socks. Nana scored big with matching chipmunk pajamas from Sunny. Joon Hyung received the most useful gift from Jong Ok. It was an herbal relaxation rock and incense. He placed on his stomach the rest of the show. What could be more fitting than for Jackson to receive Nana’s costumes – the very ones she wore on stage- as a gift. Of course he had to model them and looked charmingly manly in her dress. One last shot of Cucumber, whose fate we can only hope and pray will be one of care and proper attention, and Roommate Season 2 will no longer be there for us on Tuesday nights. It’s been swell.

안녕히 가세요. [an-nyeong-hi ga-se-yo]

roommate season 2 ep 26 jackson nana costume roommate season 2 episode 26 Cucumber

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58 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 episode 26 Korean reality show – Final Episode

  1. Aww I like Wookie the best in this environment. This show did more for my opinion of him than all his dramas I’ve seen put together (…all 2 of them).
    Haha poor Joon Hyung. that would’ve been me XD
    It would probably kill me but carrying Ryohei would make me happy too. I’ll miss his sweet nature.
    Good luck Cucumber! (Lord help her)
    Despite the poor ratings, I hope the show acted as a sufficient career boost for its cast.
    Congrats for finishing! Sorry for the long comment. It was commemorative.


    • Ryohei is just too sweet, ins’t he? I was thinking of the memorable feature of each Roommate, and a sweet nature is the best description for Ryohei. I, too, hope the cast members all benefit from their appearance on Roommate. I thought it was funny when Joon Hyung said to Nana that her face is her bread and butter. I ended up really liking Joon a lot. Well, Nana for that matter, too.
      Loved your commemorative comments, thanks museofmanymasks. I am considering what to do next, isn’t that the curse and love of K-blogging?


  2. All good things …
    A hodgepodge episode, as usual, but it was a fun note to go out on!

    This show introduced me to people I’d never otherwise have seen, like Joon Hyung and Gook Ju and Ryohei, and showed a side to k-stars that you’d never see in garden variety shows and game shows – like ahjussi Wookie and earnest Min Woo. Plus who could forget the sweet but fierce Ga Yeon and adorable JackJi? The members really did everything, from pansori to Taekkyeon to eel catching, kimchi and tofu and coffee making, community briquette delivery, to stuffing cushions and raising donkeys.

    Thanks for picking this one up and sticking with it, Cimi! I’ve enjoyed your recaps immensely, and look forward to whatever you decide to turn your mind to next!


    • Just the mention of some of the activities the roommates were involved in brought back many good memories from this show. Ga Yeon was quite the highlight in finding about someone who otherwise I would have never known. I think Se Ho’s career kicked off totally because of Roommate. I also liked this show because so many are male-only or male dominated, and this was a nice mix of ages, careers, and backgrounds of males and females. What will SBS replace Roommate with, I wonder? I’ll have to see what strikes my fancy for recapping next.

      Thursdaynexxt, any word on AS or My Friend’s House subs? Wah, hate it when subs are dropped, although I understand the time and effort and am grateful to our valuable subbers!

      Well, two seasons down, it was fun y’all.


      • Se Ho was a guest in this week’s episode of 1N2D. It’s a very funny episode all-around, their 2nd Cooking Special. Se Ho is teamed up with Cha Tae-hyun. It’s a two-parter so he’ll be there next week as well.

        Chanyeol has top billing in EXO Next Door. And he’s doing well in the role. Yea!


      • I like EXO Next Door. Did you happen to watch EXO Showtime last year? I really liked it too, in fact, it was the reason I started out drawing the EXO members. Maybe I can finish up the group with this show.


      • No, I didn’t see that.

        Watching this I keep wondering what kind of advice Mama Shin would give him as an actor. I do hope they’ve kept up the contact, they seemed to have such a genuine relationship. D.O. hasn’t done a lot in this yet. As much as I disliked It’s Okay, That’s Love, I thought he was quite touching in that.


      • Loved ep 36, the group has grown so close and thoughtful of each other over the life of the show. The discussion on mid-life crisis, 30s-40s-50s puberty was interesting. Loved the scenarios and boy, does Yuan ever get a lot of air time, the Chinese poems were pretty much lost without understanding the language. Initially, I was concerned about Yoo Seo Yoon as an MC because he’s pretty unpredictable, but the show fits him somehow. Wow, next week’s perview with Daniel rating #1 handsome from 14,000 voters was shocking to poor Takuya (who got 3rd place). Alberto and Tyler are always so philosophical and logical at the same time, I love listening to their perspectives.

        Thanks for the link, I really enjoyed this episode.


      • Hey, thursdaynexxt, revlow suggested The Lovers, and guess who is one of the actors in it – Takuya – our Japanese Abnormal Summit representative. It is as if he is playing himself. It is quite the intriguing kdrama all around.


      • EXO Next Door is light, frothy and fun. One of the things I loved most about “It’s Okay It’s Love” was D.O.’s acting – he really blew me away! Looks like he has a small but significant part, so it’s all good practice!

        Another great AS episode this week (36), that had me nodding, bopping, clapping and crying with laughter! Of all the weird ideas, I think inviting UN Sec Gen Ban Ki Moon is less weird than translating “Die Hard” as “Die Slowly”! I was happy with the shout-out to us foreign viewers. *AS hwaiting!!*

        That was some epic role play between Robin and Tyler, and Alberto and Zhang Yuan! Looks like the conclusion was to wait it out, which (from a k-drama pov) sounds exactly like stock second male lead behaviour – and we all know how that ends. Or maybe the take home message is that alpha male leads aren’t so great to live with in real life?

        As for the crying segment, it was nonsensical, but Zhang Yuan’s over-enunciation was really too funny! Guillaume really is the Heartless One – imagine an onion not being able to make him cry!

        Yes, thanks for the suggestion, revlow and Cimi – I mean to check out The Lovers soon!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Just FYI: It’s The Lover (singular). Don’t know if that will make a difference in searching for it. It’s at Viki, dramacool and myasiantv.


    • Hey thursdaynexxt,
      I was crazy about D. O. too, in It’s Okay, It’s Love, moreso than what I’ve seen him on in the way of interviews and talk shows. I hope he continues with acting.

      I am kind of sad they will name the three least handsome G12 members next week (except we know Hun Moo is in last place) and that all 3 MCs are 3 of the 5 bottom votes, ha. The show has developed its own life, somehow, which makes me very happy.


      • Re EXO Next Door: I actually didn’t know D.O. was in EXO until IOIL, or that he’s such a fantastic singer! Boy’s a triple threat: he can sing, dance and act!
        To be frank, I’m still trying to adjust my mind between his schoolboy image in IOIL and his EXO coolness elsewhere, but I’m definitely okay with seeing more of him (in “Hello, Monster”, for starters).
        I’m also intrigued by this formatting – it certainly keeps the plot short and snappy (okay, not that it’s complicated to begin with)! Maybe that’s something they should have done in High School Love On – some shows just aren’t made for 50min episode formats!

        Re AS: yes, I was also thinking “let’s not go there” with the bottom rankings. Having just finished watching “School 2013” recently, it brings back fresh memories of school life humiliations!
        Poor Si Kyung without his glasses! (although I’m glad he hasn’t had any work done, despite being in the industry for so long.) I actually think Hyun Moo isn’t bad-looking, except you’re kind of outclassed when surrounded by a bunch of glamorous foreign guys, all younger and half of them models … It does nothing for a guy’s sex appeal either if you’re a self-appointed “Nipple Angel”! 🙂

        I think the AS format is established firmly enough now that it would continue being popular even if they switched up some MCs and members (at some future point a looong way away). They’ve been through quite a few changes already anyhow, to get to where they are. It’s also a successful international franchise. I’d be sad to lose the core members, though (even though it keeps shifting – for me, it’s Alberto, Julian, Tyler. Oh, okay, alright: Zhang Yuan too, then!)


      • EXO Next Door really is fun and the format works well. Did I already ask if you watched EXO Showtime last year? It was more of a reality show with the 12 (at that time) members. It’s on kshowonline, I could finally keep track of who’s who after Showtime.

        Looking forward to the next AS, and – if we’re lucky – another subbed WIMFH…


      • Haven’t watched EXO Showtime yet, Cimi, but thanks for the rec. (just by way of background, I’m the same person who’s been living under a rock,not knowing that Yoochun used to be in TVXQ!) Is it kind of like Cheongdamdong 111 with FT Island and CN Blue?

        Re AS – yikes, hope I didn’t jinx myself, but some SSK fans are speculating if he’s going to take a break from AS or something (‘cos it’s not scheduled in his calendar, like his other programs – Witch Hunt and What Shall We Eat Today). Eyes shut tight, praying v hard!


  3. I just saw an article on DramaFever that Roommate wouldn’t be back for Season 3 and I thought of you! I never did get around to watching an episode, but I liked your recaps. I’ll check the episodes out one of these days though.


    • i know, we’re all so sad the rumor of a third season isn’t going to pan out. Several of us here have grown quite fond of our mismatched roommates for season one and two, and now it’s time to say goodbye. One of the reasons I liked it so much was the variety of ages, backgrounds, and fairly even male-female participation. So many K-shows are male dominated, and quite a few are male-only casts. It was fun and I feel like there will be a little hole in my blog now that it is over. I feel like I know 24 Korean celebs that I knew nothing about prior to Roommate and that makes it fun when I recognize them in other things. I wonder what will replace it?


    • I really loved ep 5 Where Is My Friend’s Home with Chefs Julian and Alberto, Tyler – the intellectual masseuse, Yuan Casanova, and Guillaume whose before and after salon pictures looked the same. Did you see hippie backpacker Alberto’s long curly fro from 8 years earlier? So, what do you mean you’ll take care of it, Yuan (the date follwo-up). huh? Details, please. Next, Belgium. This is so much fun! I’ll have to figure out a weekly post spot so that we can continue with AS and WIMFH, and even EXO and Lover! Thanks thursdaynexxt, and thanks singversation – I am going to find out where I can post encouragement to continue subbing, please!


      • Great idea, Cimi! A rotating mix-n-match roster, perhaps?

        They managed to make a great episode, thanks to ZY’s mum. Her Guangchang Wu dancing in the park was better than my dancing!

        As previewed, Zhang Yuan’s date was suffocatingly awkward (it could definitely be a problem picking up Korean girls)!! Dunno if the cameras threw him off balance, but the girl was pretty natural and honest. I think he has a lot of romantic scenarios in his head, but has absolutely no clue of steps ABC to make that moment real! I’m glad he got to see another side to his mum. I got to see another side to Tyler and Alberto too – Tyler would actually be a great son-in-law and BF; and Albe – is there anything he can’t do?! (well, dancing, maybe)

        Fascinated with the alcohol sold in jars and packed in clear plastic bags – I half expected them to pop in a goldfish as well! Just skip the brown paper bag altogether!

        That was a very touching mother’s farewell at the end – I hope she gets to visit S Korea soon! Look forward to Belgium and Germany eps!


  4. From today:

    SBS’ New Variety Show “Some Guys, Some Girls” to Replace “Roommate”

    With SBS’ “Roommate” coming to an end with its final broadcast last week, it has been reported that new variety program “Some Guys, Some Girls” is expected to be taking its place.

    On April 21, a broadcast representative revealed that “Some Guys, Some Girls” is scheduled to fill in the empty time slot every Tuesday at 11 p.m. (KST).

    The SBS rep shared with OSEN, “It is currently being discussed but nothing has been confirmed.” “Some Guys, Some Girls” is a show that focuses on single stars as they spend time with one another and discuss dating and marriage. It was initially aired as a Lunar New Year special and received a positive response from viewers.

    It is said that the same stars that appeared during the pilot special—Kim Ji Hoon, Sun Woo Sun, Kim Jung Nan, Shim Hyung Tak, Chae Jung Ahn, and Chae Yeon—will continue to appear on the show.

    The official English version of theRoommate Facebook page has some nice photos and translated posts by some of the members:


    • Thanks revlow! Would definitely check it out for Kim Ji Hoon and Shim Hyung Tak! Fingers crossed for subs!

      Cimi, I think you mentioned WGM’s Henry-Yewon couple a little while back? Just caught the latest episode, and I gotta admit, they’re all pretty adorable! Henry’s cooking ‘mishap’ backfired in the best possible way, and as for So-lim’s XXX-rated adventures, hahahaha~~!


    • This is great news! What a natural segue from FT Island Hangul Live AND Roommate to an FT Island Roommate-like show. If nothing else, it can serve as a weekly highlight for us to continue meeting like this. 🙂

      p.s. Providing there are subs, of course.

      Thanks, thursdaynexxt!


  5. Ok this is a tad random but I just read some comments that left me confused. Lee Dong Wook was being said to be a womanizer? Did I miss something?! I’m not taking it as fact necessarily but the reference given was Roommate and I couldn’t think of anything that would give that impression.


    • No way, you think? I was racking my brain to recall if his sister said something, or anyone made a flip comment, but I am sure that never happened. I don’t think those comments are from people who actually watched Dong Wook on Roommate. He was more like a big brother (oppa, as museofmanymasks put it) or a babysitter to everyone in the group he happened to be with. So silly. I hope he continues to get some sleep at night and eat good meals (what a novel idea) and not go back to that sad, overworked, gaunt shadow of a Hotel/Blade man. He is looking so much better these days. What will he do next, I wonder?


      • Is it totally far-fetched to hope they’ll pair him up with Lee Seo Jin in a travel-cooking program as the two Dashingly Handsome but Grumpy Oppajusshis? They’re both a pair of grumpypants, but in different ways: I feel like maybe – just maybe – they might complement each other!

        Besides, they’re both pretty fit, and both fairly good singers, so they could compete in lots of ways. Just throw a femme fatale into the mix (Choi Ji Woo, anyone?) and let the petty jealous antics fly!


  6. Hey peeps,
    Since we’re still congregating here for post-Roommate sightings and other randomness, here’s a fun Happy Together episode. Se Ho invited Chef Choi as his special guest. You have to watch until the end to catch his performance. Also, Suzy is on the show, with a smidgen of Lee Min Ho dating confirmation, and last and least – Jessi (Unpretty Rap Star).

    Couldn’t resist Gag Concert’s Unpretty Rap Star parody clip ~ fo yo entertainment, les go, yeah!


    • Haha, thanks Cimi. Gag Concert’s segment was pretty funny.
      That was such a random assortment of guests on HT, not to mention that Suzy and LMH would have been old news by the time Eng subs came out! Still, except for Suzy, everyone was pretty straightforward about themselves, and the Late Night Cafeteria just moved to the main show … despite being bagged out for his flamboyant moves, Chef Choi’s pretty awesome!


    • Thanks, thursdaynexxt. I caught up on k-variety entertainment last night. The Human Condition reading – 2 episodes- was excellent, I thought (and I rarely think variety is excellent); Entertainment Weekly brought on Lee Da Hee as a co-anchor – like her a lot from kdramas; Happy Together featured Se Ho’s guest Chef Choi from a Roommate (see above, link provided). The Lover and EXO Next Door are very entertaining. Not exactly variety or kdramas – both have different formats that I really like. I am mulling over how to do a blog format for variety talk among us – stayed tuned.

      Anticipating AS and WIMFH today, hopefully. *happily skips off to watch Grandpas Over Flowers in Greece*

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Cimi and revlow!

    In the mood for a little Summit? Got lucky on some subs searches!

    AS Ep 35 & 36 by South Subs:

    WIMFH Belgium trip to Julian’s home is being subbed in 2 places:
    singversation subs:
    Hongbae_ subs:

    It’s nice that the boys actively support the relief efforts in Nepal, too. #Pray for Nepal


      • Awww, he’s getting married at last? He’s such a sweet and genuine guy, I hope he has a happy family, and that he remembers to bring his hilarious pearls of wisdom and his BBAAAMs!!! back to our screens every once in a while! If he had a child, he’d be so great in Superman Returns or something like that!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Actually, I might’ve seen Ep 36 already, so apologies if you have too! (I don’t remember seeing Ep 35, though, so not sure how I missed that the first time round) Our G12 friends are in fine form!


      • Yeah, me too, but I gladly watched it again. I really liked the content of ep 35 – the fashion (or not) show was hilarious. I can’t believe the guys leaned towards Guillaume’s fashion from a comfort and personality stance – really, those jeans were the worst. Oh, wait – i take that back, Illya’s jeans were the worst ever – from Texas? Yeah, i guess I could see that, but on him – and that awful green grandma sweater, umm no. Not to mention that the mission was dressing for a date! It was very cute and funny. When you see their picture montages when they are introduced at the beginning of each show, they all can look like fashionistas! Anyway, it was fun. AS sure has developed a life of its own. The PDs must be very happy (as well as the MCS!)

        I really like that Sujan joined the WIMYH members for the Belgium trip. The guys will remember these trips together and growing close for the rest of their lives. Julina Square – haha, full of Julians!

        Have you seen Exxciting India – (KBS world TV ep 1, also). It has a bit of WIMFH feel to it. Also Brave Family ep 9 – you can watch this even without knowing the background and enjoy it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • The AS fashion show. Guess it’s not ‘Abnormal’ Summit for nothing – the clothes (if you can call them that) were outta this world! Guillaumeat and Ilya’s wardrobes really embody the definition of ‘fashion terrorist’! The green plaid shirt thingummy, the Texas jeans with stitching in all the wrong places … and Guillaume was so proud of his glittery tight red tee. I couldn’t look. I had to avert my eyes. The look of physical pain on the other guys’ faces was priceless, too!!

        To be honest, Blair’s was not entirely what I expected, either. His sock collection is a wonder to behold, but I’m not a fan of short trouser legs on guys! He also goes for the “clean” preppy style, so I could understand some of the others criticising his taste for lacking ‘individuality’. I suspect half the guys could look like real slobs on non-filming days (definitely the 3 MCs for sure!), but notable exceptions would be Albe, Julian and Zhang Yuan. I wonder if Gerniel wears white socks on his days off?

        The Belgium trip is shaping up to be pretty interesting – Julian’s sister is amazing, and so is her flat! His parents made a big impression on me during video calls in earlier episodes, so I’m looking forward to seeing them. Sujan was taking photos/videos of everything, just like a little boy! I think Julian may have met his Energizer Bunny match … hee.


  8. Thanks for the Fluttering India and Takuya vids, Cimi!

    Caught Ep 2 of the India show – you’re right, it’s got the WIMFH travelling with friends, Idols Over Flowers feel to it. It’s a bit Roommate-y (they don’t have a whole lotta direction!) too, but I might keep watching. It was funny when the boys were trying to blow up the balloons but couldn’t even tie them (they really sucked at it, lol), and they said all the girls can do it so easily … cut to the concert stadium full of screaming female fans all waving their balloons, ROFL!!

    Liked the disco taxi (too bad there was some fine print attached!), and it was a great meta moment to see that Minho and Sugo were singing Kyuhyn’s “At Gwanghwamun” in one cab, while Kyuhyun was singing a SSK song in his cab! Kyuhyun’s impromptu serenade was pretty impressive (and he knew it)!

    Am clueless as to the ‘concept’ behind that Cross Gene MV, but yes, he does look hot (even if I find the nurse motif slightly outdated and offensive). I remember seeing a picture of Takuya with strange make up at some fan signing event – now I know where it comes from!


    • Takuya – he’s all over the place, wanting a traditional wife who makes dinner and stays at home. But he’s a Japanese idol and must be very edgy (his role in The Lover is more mistaken edgy, what you see/assume may not be what you get. His political and social comments on AS tend to sound conservative. Outdated and slightly offensive nurse motif – agree.

      Fluttering India – I am a big Jonghyun fan (CNBlue). Really like his sincerity and happiness on WGM – love this couple. He is definitely one of the better guitarists – love is style and voice.

      I’m kinda drumming my fingers, though, antsy for that next “it” kdrama – waiting waiting …
      Have a great weekend, thursdaynexxt!


      • Have only seen the first ep of The Lover, so the jury’s still out on that one. Must say I haven’t really followed Jonghyun so far, but I think he’s the main vocal in “I Will Forget You” (from the Heartstrings OST)? That’s a great song, and yes, his voice is beautiful and earnest in that! Hope each of the Fluttering India boys get to showcase their talents on the show!

        Checking out the Ex-Girlfriend’s Club right now – bit of a slow start, but I guess with that many characters, they’ve got to establish some foundation. Byun Yo Han’s a serious cutie, though!


      • I watched 1 and 2 of Ex-Girlfriend’s Club – I think I might like it – light and silly but a story one can follow.


    • I know lo_mur, they were adorable. I really miss everything about Roommate and wish they would have made good on the rumor of a season 3, which was axed before it even materialized. Somehow, the Roommate household worked for good times and laughs.


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