Blood 블러드 episode 13 recap Korean Drama

blood kdrama, cimiart, vampire, Ahn Jae Hyun

Blood 블러드 episode 13

blood episode 13 recap kdrama vampire blood 13 recap kdrama Ji Sang, vampire, Ahn Jae Hyun

The vampire fight is on. Ji Sang recognizes vamp J from the attackers that killed his mom. J grabs Ri Ta as a hostage. Ji Sang tells him to leave her alone and that next time he will die. J tosses Ri Ta who hits the wall and is knocked out. Ji Sang runs to her side as J disappears out the window.

blood 13 recap kdrama Yoo Ri Ta gets thrown by vampire, Dr Ji Sang Park, Ahn Jae Hyunblood ep 13 recap kdrama, dr. Jung, vampire, Ahn Jae Hyun

Dr. Jung has his own problems in the parking lot with vampire Nam Chul Hoon. It seems as if Director Wook wants to send a clear message to stop the virus research. If he doesn’t, it won’t end well, he is threatened. Dr. Jung is roughed up, and calls to check that Dr. Choi has not been harmed as well.

The vampire goons stand before the Director in his office. He tells them to stay away from Ji Sang for now and to just give Dr. Yoo Ri Ta a scare. J pretends he hasn’t been around them. Is J up to something on his own that he is not sharing with the Director and Chul Hoon? Is he holding a grudge for being second banana? (It makes me wonder why Chul Hoon and J were spared when Lee Jae Wook killed the others and burned their remains.)

blood recap kdrama Dr Park Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyunblood 13 recap kdramas, J, vampires, Ji Jin Hee, Director Lee

Ji Sang waits at Ri Ta’s bedside until she gains consciousness. He wants to take her to the hospital for a checkup, but she says she knows her body well enough to know she is okay. She asks who the attacker is, and if they know each other. She wonders why he would threaten her and wants to know everything. Since it was Ji Sang that got her in trouble, she asks for him to be honest about what is going on. Ji Sang wants her to stay out of it, but she insists. He tells her that the attacker is an infected one who kills people without a second thought. She asks who he killed without a second thought and he answers her: his mother. Ri Ta says she can handle the truth and asks for a chance to be by the side of the one who saved her. Ji Sang says saving her is nothing compared to the danger she will be in if she gets involved. He wants to protect her knowing the infected will stop at nothing to get whatever it is they want. (He knows it is the research that his mother and Dr. Jung Han Su did.) Since it is dangerous for her to be alone, he brings her to his house.

blood 13 recap Ga Yeon and the new researcher in ward 21A, vampires, Ahn Jae Hyun, kdrama

Dr. Creepy Replacement does his best work a night and checks on the young female patient, Na Jung . Ga Yuck stops him, as she figures he is up to no good, and reminds him that Na Jung is not to be used for experimental purposes. Clearly, the infected ones do not trust each other in this scary vampire business. Aha, so Ga Yuck doesn’t know that Director Wook has brought him in to perform experiments on the only child cancer patient. For the time being, he is told by the Director to leave her alone (I assume, to avoid suspicion). Rather, he is to begin round three of injections on the other patients. Dr. Creepy Replacement says the drug is not yet perfected, but Director Wook refers to him as the intelligent problem solver who can deal with that. But does the new doc have his own agenda? He seems as highly untrustworthy as they come.

blood 13 recap kdrama Ri Ta watches Park Ji Sang' motherblood 13 recap kdrama Ri Ta tells Ji Sang that he turned out much better than his mother hoped

At his house, Ji Sang asks Ri Ta once more if she is sure she wants to be deeply involved and open Pandora’s Box. She says she wants to see what’s in that box, so he rolls the video that his mom left for her to view. His childhood, her message to her son, and her hopes for him are all there as Ri Ta watches. With tears running down her cheeks, she listens to Ji Sang’s mother’s last words to him: “Just as you saved the child in the forest, you can save yourself, you will save many lives, my son…Park Ji Sang.”

Hyun Woo interrogates Ji Sang about his encounter with J. Although Ji Sang could not detect smell or sense his presence this time, he clearly recalls that he could when the infected ones attacked his mother twenty years ago. Hyun Woo and Ji Sang conclude that J must also take the injections that make the infected more similar to humans. (Which seems to confuse Ji Sang since the Director’s story is that he accidentally created the serum and takes it so that the other infected ones can’t detect him.) Thank goodness Hyun Woo is not willing to give the Director a pass (and never has, actually). He reminds Ji Sang that the Director’s story is contradictory. Shouldn’t the Director be the only one taking the injections if he is telling the truth? Wouldn’t that mean that the Director and J are on the same side (and therefore, both were involved in his mother’s death and now coming after him)? Hyun Woo is sure the Director is up to no good, but for some reason Ji Sang gives him the benefit of the doubt and says they have to confirm it.

blood 13 recap kdrama Hyun Woo makes face tasting Ri Ta's foodblood 13 recap kdrama Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyun, vampires

Ji Sang brings Ri Ta some covers and tells her to sleep in his room and turn down the air conditioner. When she looks sideways at his bed and then at him, he asks if she thinks he sleeps in a coffin. She replies she can cross that question off her list. She says that what she is about to say may be out of line but asks if she can anyway. When he doesn’t say anything, she tells him that what his mother had hoped for, he turned out much better than she could imagine. Sweeter words could not have been spoken.

LUUVY trumpets a good morning wake up call. (You can’t imagine how fast I’d yank his wires for that.) What’s that smell? The guys are treated to breakfast compliments of Ri Ta. She apologizes that it is simple as she had to work with what was in the kitchen. Hyun Woo excitedly digs in, but can’t help but make an adorably scrunched up face. I can’t imagine that he is a picky eater, so it must taste terrible, and while he fumbles for words, Ji Sang’s translates, “It tastes crappy.”

blood 13 recap kdrama Dr Park tells the director he wants to live as a human, Ji Jin Hee, Ahn Jae Hyunblood 13 recap kdrama Ji Sang and Hyun Woo discuss the Director

Dr. Park waits for the Director at the top of the hospital escalator. He tells him that, although he still is not interested in drinking blood, he wants to experience living like a human being. The Director tells him to come to his place that evening and he will gladly give him a dose of reconstituted blood.

Dr. Choi reports to Dr. Yoo that Dr. Jung was attacked and threatened if he didn’t stop the research. As a side note, she asks for Hyun Woo’s phone number. Dr. Yoo tells her to get it herself. Dr. Jung is not happy when he enters Dr. Park’s office. He tells him he was attacked by a goon who lifted him by his neck and warned him to stop the virus research. He is angry because he knows there’s something more to all this and that was not their deal. Dr. Jung asks why these things are happening when Dr. Yoo enters and says she was attacked too. They decide to meet tonight and talk it over as there are rounds to be made.

Dr. Yoo asks Dr. Park why she and Dr. Jung were attacked but not him. He says it is because the infected do not reveal their identity. How is it that he turned up at her house just in time, she wonders? Aw, he has been checking on her every night since she said she felt someone was hanging around her place. She laughs that it wasn’t his supernatural perception, but it was more like he was being a stalker. Ga Yuck eavesdrops. It is her nasty little specialty.

blood 13 recap kdrama Assistant Director Choi and the recording with Chairman Yoo blood 13 recap kdrama Ahn Jae Hyun, Ji Jin Hee, vampires

Uncle Chairman lets Aunt Choi know that the Director told him about her unsuccessful attempts to collect blood from ward 21A patients behind his backs. Aunt Choi holds a very powerful card and lays it on the table. She has a recording of Uncle Chairman and tells him to take a listen. It’s their history, she reminds him. I don’t consider what she does so much blackmail as a desperate attempt to protect Taemin against Uncle Chairman’s unreasonableness and blindness to what is happening and the absolute power he has given to sinister Director Wook.

blood 13 recap kdrama Dr Lee and Dr Jung disagree blood 13 recap kdrama, Sister Sylvia, Dr. Yoo, Park Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyun

The Director runs into Dr. Jung in the hospital and asks what he thinks about officially launching his father’s research at Taemin. Boy, Director Wook has no shame. He tells Dr. Jung that he would be the principal investigator. Dr. Jung doesn’t mince words and says that since the Director read the research (stole it off the computer), he should know it is not something that should be exposed to the world. The Director plants the thought that if it were controlled perhaps it could be a good thing. Furthermore, his father never had the chance to complete his research. Dr. Jung doesn’t like the attention the Director is giving to the whole matter and tells him this conversation didn’t happen. He wants him to stop being interested in his father’s research and focus on his own work in Ward 21A.

Sister Sylvia knows that everyone is lying about the success of the operation. In fact, she tells them they are terrible liars. It was a lot of work for her to pretend to be fooled. She asks them to let her go in peace. Uncle Chairman promises her he will take care of her until the end.

Dr. Undervalued Lee stops in the children’s ward and notices dark veins on the 25-year-old patient. When he asks for the files from Dr. Creepy Replacement, he is told he can’t have them and throws the wackiest hissy fit tantrum that gets him dragged out by security. So childish. Ga Yuck sticks close to Dr. Undervalued Lee and seems to have taken to him as both are ridiculed by peers. She brings him coffee this time, but her interest or attachment to him cannot be for the good. How does he fit into her (and the Director’s) scheme, I wonder?

In the break room, Ga Yuck lets Dr. Yoo know she felt Dr. Park’s cold skin against hers while doing a procedure together. Dr. Yoo fires back that she must be mistaken; when she brushed against his arm, it wasn’t cold at all. The conversation ends.

blood 13 drama recap Ji Jin Heeblood 13 recap kdrama Yoo Ri Ta and Chairman

Apparently the contents of the recording that Aunt Choi gave Uncle Chairman worked. He tells Director Wook that he will leave her in her position, she is too good to go work in a lesser capacity. The Director is not pleased, but quickly targets Dr. Yoo and says she has crossed the line and needs a good talking to. Uncle Chairman waits for Ri Ta to finish in O.R. He is direct with Ri Ta and tells her not to cause trouble again. She defies him and says she will continue until the truth is revealed. Her father founded this hospital and she means to keep its reputation intact. Uncle Chairman yells that he, too, has taken good care of Taemin and wonders if she is insinuating that he is not. If only Uncle Chairman would stop and ask himself what the Director means by crossing the line, he would realize that Ri Ta and the others are just doing their jobs and that it is the Director whose actions should be suspect.

blood 13 recap kdrama Dr Jung and Dr Choiblood 13 recap kdrama Park Ji Sang lies that he has told the team everything

In their meeting, Dr. Jung is rightfully angry and tells Dr. Park to fill him in on what’s going on. Dr. Park decides he can’t reveal his identity to Dr. Jung just yet, and in their meeting lies that he has told him everything. He said he was attacked, also, to make it seem less suspect that he is not providing all of the information. Dr. Park suggests they stop the research temporarily in order to find out who is behind the attacks and threats.

blood 13 recap kdrama painting of dawn by Park Ji Sang

Ri Ta asks Ji Sang about the artwork in his room. He tells her that he has never seen the light of dawn. The dawn can be lethal to those infected. He painted it because he has never seen it. She is fascinated that he has never seen the sun rise. On his way out (to go to Director Wook’s place), she tells him to bring back ice cream. He acts annoyed, but asks what flavor. Melon, she answers.

blood 13 recap kdrama Ji Sang takes the drug, Ahn Jae Hyunblood 13 recap kdrama Ri Ta feels Ji SANG'S TEMPERATURE

Director Wook provides him with two doses of reconstituted blood. Ji Sang comments that he will be the second only after the Director to take the reconstituted blood, right? The other infected ones don’t take this, is that correct? Yes, the Director replies. However, there is one possibility. He says it may have been discovered by others 20 years ago when those chasing him discovered his hiding place. Some blood was left there. He doesn’t know if they have it and hopes they do not. But he cannot be sure. He talked his way out of it in the end, Ji Sang tells Hyun Woo, but with  two doses, he wants Hyun Woo to analyze one of them. Hyun Woo asks if he plans on taking the other one. He didn’t plan on taking it, says Ji Sang. But he wonders how it would feel, a human’s heart rate, temperature: he wants to feel it just once. Hyun Woo supports him if he wants to try it. Ji Sang doesn’t want Ri Ta to know about it, and LUUVY verifies that she is asleep by playing her snoring through the intercom.  Ji Sang injects it, knowing it might hurt a lot. Hyun Woo is worried. Ji Sang endures the painful effects, falls asleep, and wakes up to a body temperate of 36.5, a heart rate of  67, blood pressure of 122/79 –  everything is normal. Whoops, Ri Ta overhears the stats. He quickly tells her that infected ones can get the flu, too. She is worried about him being sick. He puts her hand to his heart and her other hand to his cheek. He tells her how he hated being different when he was younger and that hasn’t changed. If having the flu means being more human, then he doesn’t mind.

BLOOD 13 recap kdrama Hyun Woo, Dr Jung, Park ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyunblood 13 recap kdrama the picture

Dr. Jung isn’t happy with what is going down. He decides on his own that he will continue with the research in spite of Dr. Park’s plan to temporarily stop it. When he loads up the files and they show up on the computer system, the Director gets a call that Dr. Jung is continuing the research. Dr. Jung is met by a vampire in the parking lot. After all, he didn’t heed the warning.  Out of the blue Dr. Park appears and puts up a decent fight. Just as we fear that his identity will be revealed, Dr. Jung takes a hit to the jaw, is knocked out, and misses Chul Hoon and Ji Sang battling it out. This time, Chul Hoon gets the better of Ji Sang. Hyun Woo screeches his car to a halt and helps up the scuffed guys. Some timing. So, Dr. Jung still doesn’t know that Dr. Park is infected.

Now Ji Sang seriously thinks over the inconsistencies with the Director’s story. He says he doesn’t know Dr. Jung Han Su and that he is the only one who takes the reconstituted blood. Ji Sang asks him to stop in the small conference room as he has some questions about the effects of the reconstituted blood. When the Director shows up, Ji Sang projects the old picture of him, Dr. Jung Han Su, and his parents on the wall. It is time to get to the bottom of the truth.



Going over the final draft with warm donuts from the local bakery. Food for thought.

  • I am completely baffled by the vampires’ distrust of one another. J doesn’t trust Chul Hoon or the Director. Ga Yuck doesn’t trust Dr. Creepy Replacement. The Director has not told Ga Yuck what Dr. Creepy Replacement is up to. But not one of them is on Park Ji Sang’s side, either. Surely they know that no vampire is an island, and they can’t possibly get very far as a loner, especially since every last one of them is somehow beholden to Lee Jae Wook. And, they all have firsthand knowledge of how he disposes of burdensome vampires without a second thought.
  • Remember the girl who Dr. Park operated on at Kochenia in episode 1 and gave her the name, Young Hee? So, will she appear again? When and why?
  • I am unhappy with Uncle Chairman who must have major strikes against him concerning Aunt Choi’s recording in addition to whatever the Director has on him, too. He is unreasonably blinded by what the Director offers him to the point that the good doctors have become the bad guys. If he just gave it a moment’s thought, he would see the unbalanced state of the hospital, but he only goes deeper as the Director leads him into more darkness.
  • I wonder if Sister Sylvia will hang on long enough to slap some sense into Uncle Chairman. I mentioned this before, but why did Ri Ta go to the orphanage if Uncle Chairman was the one who sent the family on the woods-y trip?
  • Dr. Jung is a bit of a loose cannon. I am not sure how to read him.
  • What does the Director want from his experiments, anyhoot?
  • Hyun Woo’s Twilight sweatshirt is adorable. What is that big, white, shell vase thing in the background? It is distracting and really ugly.
  • blood 13 recap kdrama Twilight sweatshirt Hyun Woo

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14 thoughts on “Blood 블러드 episode 13 recap Korean Drama

  1. Donuts yummmm.

    Whew, i thought Dr Jung was a goner.

    I like the new drug research team manager. He’s creepy just like a villain vampire should be hehe…

    ”No vampire is an island” wahahaha Cimi, that was really funny but yeah J should trust his superior more, Chul Hoon did know he was lying about his violent encounter with Dr Park but he did not reveal the matter to Director Evil. As for Miss Ga Yuck, hehe, turned out she really cares for her patients, i like that. Now that Rita have moved in to Ji Sang’s house, i dont think Ga Yuck has any chance with Dr Park hah.


  2. Ji Sang again behaving like a typical boyfriend/husband, getting annoyed with Rita packing everything but the kitchen sink and again annoyed that Rita asked him to bring back ice cream but asking which flavor she wanted LOL this OTP is just too cute.


  3. @ I luuvy Cimi for her recap …
    @ Hi January, I love this episode!!

    1. More baddies better!
    2. Yeah Vamp J is not supposed to encounter Dr Park who will detect his camouflage serum….
    3. Hahaha…. I am really excited for both of their new living arrangement. And it tickles me when you pointed out Ga Yuck has no chance.
    4. Hahaha… Except the kitchen sink. That’s a good one. I like the way she fits into their bachelor pad like her own home.
    5. And the song and her aristocratic assessment of the painting is pretty cute. He opens up to her very easily…
    6. The “stalker” admission scene was quite revealing of his concern. I love that he took off nightly to check on her. And hyun woo with amused exasperation noted his weirdness – left your honey pot somewhere – so I guess Rita is the honey…
    7. And what’s this wrist holding scene – heart and face. She was literally blushing – and that’s it. No follow up with warm lips kissing??


  4. Hi Cimi,
    Sister Sylvia is indeed full of wisdom and insight. I think Rita was probably educated in the convent school which was managed by the nuns. Probably due to Sis Sylvia’s dedication to help the poor and the orphans, her family donated to the charity and school. And that’s how they became close to Sis Sylvia. I suspect so coz my K-12 educations were all operated by the nuns and we also have a chapel.


    • Hai Shuerei,

      Ah yes, convent school, that could be the explanation for Rita and Sister Sylvia’s connection. Good one.

      I’m replying to your other post in previous episodes, cant remember which one, Dr Park said Rita looked like Golum once when he was visiting her at her house while she was sick with frustration, as she put it.

      The stalker admission and wrist grabbing scene with Ga Yuck lurking around the corner, poor Ga Yuck, oh my did i just said that??!!


  5. Isn’t LUUVY an annoying robot ever? Luuvvv him. I laugh so hard at the wake up call and HW’s reaction to Rita’s breakfast.


  6. The episode is getting better and better. I just hate the Creepy drug research manager. His smile is so creepy. He really fits to be a vampire. And somehow I really like the vamp J. Even thought he work for the Evil Director, he is such a cool vamp with a cool voice (especially when he whispers to Rita’s ear…hehe) dont you think so.


  7. Hi January,
    Thanks a lot, ok he called Rita – Paris Hilton, LA girl, golum.. He questioned her whether he is a bat/transformer… He called Ga Yuck akaboshi whatever – rare animal/insect..

    Ga yuck didn’t seem happy about the wrist holding and that flirty thingy between Rita and dr park…. But seriously, he actually stalked her:house … *giggling*

    Do u notice his half smile everytime he was about to hop over to stalk/check on her?


  8. Hi recap lover…
    Yeah luuvy is sweet …
    I think Dr Park was annoyed that he couldn’t taste the cooking even though it was crappy… Is he ever gonna realize that it doesn’t really matter to Rita?


  9. Hi rozie, yeah the new psycho vampire is interesting. They should have added characters like him in the earlier episodes.
    Vampire J is very boyish in appearance and he has that decent boy look. They should have added some spice and competition for Rita’s affection – but too bad they didn’t write his character to be more complex. Looks like for the past 20-40 years the evil vamps did nothing much except killing and killing. And what has Ga Yuck been doing for the past 20 years-30 years?


    • Hi Shuerei…yes I agree with you about vamp J boyish look. He is so cute aside from Dr Park….hehe..I really love them both…


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