블러드 Blood episode 12 recap Korean Drama

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Blood 블러드 episode 12

As Dr. Yoo enters her apartment elevator she brushes past someone getting off – it is none other than our sinister vampire hit man, J. She feels a chill and draws her jacket around her. Opera music plays in her apartment and Dracula has fallen from the shelf. When she flips on the light, a sleepy Dr. Choi stands before her and scares her to death. Even though something seems off,  she is relieved.

blood 12 recap Dr. Yoo and vampire dollblood 12 recap Dr Jung, dr Park, Dr lee

After reading his journal, Hyun Woo believes Dr. Jung Han Su discovered VBT-01. At the same time, Director Wook reviews a copy of the journal in his office, having received it from security who intercepted it online. Ji Sang goes over the story in his mind of how the Director told him he contracted the virus in Kochenia 40 years ago. What was he really up to? With the information that Hyun Woo read in the journal, it seems as if he was part of the team who took cultures at the gravesite from the vampire remains. The stories don’t add up.

Leader Suh converses lightly with Ga Yuck as they walk down the hospital hallway. She confesses that she is envious of Ga Yuk’s relationship with the Director. Ga Yuk throat holds Leader Suh in the stairwell, and tells her not to address her in the hospital any longer. Okaaay, guess they’re not on friendly terms.

Dr. Park suggests to Dr. Jang that they meet in his home rather than the hospital to discuss the research because there are too many eyes watching. Dr. Jung asks who the members of the research team are. Besides the two of them, Dr. Park names Dr. Choi, Hyun Woo, and Dr. Yoo Ri Ta as an observer. There is a knock on the door: it is the Director. He asks if he is interrupting anything. He clearly lets them know that he knows about Dr. Jung’s father, Jung Han Su, renown scholar and a Nobel Prize candidate. Dr, Jung asks how he found out he is his son. Director Wook’s callous answer, “There are no secrets in life,” is cold and invasive. Dr. Park advises Dr. Jung not to put his files on the hospital computer in his lab. They aren’t sure if the Director saw what they are researching. When Dr. Park confronts the Director and asks him how he managed to steal Dr. Jung’s records, he simply replies that they were flagged and brought to his attention. Dr. Park asks if he knows that Dr. Jung Han Su went to Kochenia and obtained culture samples. The Director says yes, he is aware of that. He denies, however, that he ever met Dr. Jung or knows anything more about his research. Dr. Park knows that’s a lie because he has seen the picture of him with his parents and Dr. Jung Han Su.

blood 12 recap leader suh watched dr lee inject bloodblood 12 recap assistant director choi and dr lee

Aunt Choi meets Ga Yuck outside the hospital and apologizes to her about putting her in a position to get caught for obtaining blood samples. Aunt Choi is too trusting, and offers to help Ga Yuck with any difficulties she may face even though her ability to do so is limited. Leader Suh reports to the Director and asks for infected blood to continue the research. He warns her that infected blood is very dangerous and that she cannot use it for any other purpose. She promises she will only use it for research. Director Wook draws a vial of his own blood and gives it to her.

Oh no, Aunt Choi has yet another mole betrayal. The Director enters her office and tells her to step down from her administrative duties. She refuses. He tells her to stop playing tricks and brings in spy nurse who was caught or confessed, we can’t be sure. Yet another attempt by Aunt Choi to obtain blood samples from Ward 21A has failed. She is running out of options.

blood 12 recap meeting at Park Ji sang's house, LUUVYblood 12 recap Lader Suh killed by vampire

LUUVY welcomes the research members to their home for the first meeting. Hyun Woo cannot contain his joy at seeing Dr. Choi again. LUUVY reports their increased heart rates at seeing each other. Aw. The team discusses information in Dr. Jung’s journal. VBT-01 stands for Vampire Basic Type, first one. It is a virus that spreads only by blood contact and only humans can become infected. Dr. Jung asks Dr. Park how he knows this information and he says his mother left some notes and offers to share them with Dr. Jung. They also discuss telomerase and its effect on aging. Dr. Choi glances at Dr. Park, as it has always been a mystery to her as to why he appears so young. He and Dr. Yoo play it off, as if they don’t know what she is referring to. Alas, it is only a matter of time before all the telltale symptoms are revealed.

Dr. Park gives Dr. Yoo a ride home and walks her to her apartment. She mentions that something feels off, as if someone has been in and out of her house. Casually, she gives him the once-over and tells him he is somber, like the Grim Reaper. Perhaps he could use a makeover. He is not interested and is even a bit offended.

blood 12 recap dr yoo and dr parkblood 12 recap Dr Lee kills Leader Suh, vampire

I’ve been wondering what Leader Suh was up to and about her role in this story. Apparently she met up with Director Wook five years ago (the how and why is not clear) and wants to intentionally become infected and be a superior being like him. He promised he would allow that. But she is too eager to hurry up the process and steals the vial of blood that the Director gave her. Not so smart and not so fast. Vamp J waits in her car and hauls her off to the Director. He is done with her. She crossed the line and selfishly took the blood rather than continue to sacrifice herself for the research. That’s all she wrote.

blood 12 recap Dr yoo and Dr Park go shopping, Ri ta and Ji Sangblood 12 recap sunglesses Ji sang

Yoo Ri Ta is determined to bring a little color into Park Ji Sang’s grey life. Pinks, blues, scarves, jackets, she has him try them all on. In the end, his new wardrobe is her treat – a little something for saving her life back then. Special accessory sunglasses complete the outfit. Not.

blood 12 recap Dr park ji sang comforts dr Yoo rita

Sister Sylvia takes a turn for the worse. Dr. Park and Dr. Yoo both know there is not much they can do. It is a tender moment when Dr. Yoo remembers the many things she has received from Sister Sylvia and feels she has done nothing for her. Dr. Park offers a shoulder to cry on and kind words. Yet, they both know further tests are futile. In a final attempt, Dr. Park wants to perform surgery in case there is a way to buy more time. Even Dr. Yoo thinks it’s no use. Then he offers the ultimate answer: his own blood. With that, she will be healed and live longer. After all, isn’t that the best option, to allow for one who does so much good in this life to live longer by any means possible? Dr. Yoo tells him to forget it. He asks Dr. Yoo if she is ready to send her away, and tells her to think about it.

What is with the exchange between Dr. Park and Ga Yuck about the things she regretted most when her mother passed? I don’t like her fake act one bit and I don’t like that his guard is not up not even one little bit around her.

blood recap 12 hyun woo finds new suppressantblood recap 12 new director

Ji Sang asks Hyun Woo to come up with a new and quick solution so that he can perform surgery. They need a replacement for Atisan, which has lost its effect on Ji Sang. Hyun Woo says it is impossible in just two days.

With nary a blink, Director Wook replaces Leader Suh. Dr. Joo In Ho, the new Drug Research head introduces himself to the nurses as the replacement for Leader Suh who was sent to the States. When he is shoved by a patient, we see his eyes turn vampire green. It is no surprise, but we have to wonder just how evil he is and what his connection to Director Wook is.

Dr. Choi corners Dr. Jung and asks him if he thinks it is possible that Dr. Park is a vampire. Her suspicions have grown, but Dr. Jung thinks it’s preposterous and promises that if it’s true, he will run through the ward in his underwear. (Look forward to it.)

blood 12 recap sister sylvia and dr parkblood 12 recap Dr park and rit yoo at sister sylvia's side

Dr. Park and Director Wook have the talk that Sister Sylvia is someone the world needs and should be saved. The Director expects Dr. Park to plead with him not to take her to Ward 21A, but because he doesn’t, he interprets it to mean that even Dr. Park is considering the alternative and experimental potential benefits of infecting Sister Sylvia. Aren’t their goals the same, then, the Director points out? It is a conflict for Dr. Park.

blood 12 recap ji sang takes new drugblood 21 recap Dr Yoo and Dr park surgery

Dr. Yoo marches into Dr. Park’s office and tells him to give Sister Sylvia his blood. Right now. She then accuses him of offering a drastic measure that he really isn’t going to follow through on, because as a doctor he is frustrated by the walls he has come up against. She reminds him that Dr. Jung Han Su strongly warned not to let VBT-01 into this world. She tells him that he has saved many lives without using his blood. Dr Park wants to save Sister Sylvia because, to him, it is the right thing to do. Dr. Yoo tells him that feeling that way is enough in itself for her and Sister Sylvia. With that understanding, Dr. Park takes back his offer, but asks that instead, she let him do the surgery as the best he can offer as a doctor.

Hyun Woo has good news – he has found an Atisan replacement called Tumatox. It is not on the market and therefore illegal, but when Ji Sang asks if he can get it, Hyun Woo says but of course, it will be here by tomorrow. There will not be a chance to test it as Sister Sylvia’s surgery is soon, but Ji Sang is willing to try it. Oh, and by the way, Hyun Woo tells Ji Sang, it was Yoo Ri Ta who told him about this drug. So, all that late night research she has been doing is paying off and for his benefit. Hyun Woo injects Ji Sang. If it isn’t working he must get out of the O.R. immediately, says Hyun Woo.

blood 12 recap sister sylvia surgeryblood 12 recap dr park and dr yoo hug

Fully scrubbed and gowned, Dr. Park and Dr. Yoo enter the operating room as a unified team. The operation proceeds and it seems as if the suppressant is working. However, it is not good news when they open up Sister Sylvia. The cancer has spread and surgery won’t help. Dr. Yoo faces the fact and tells him to close her up, but Dr. Park insists on continuing. In the end, it is Uncle Chairman who tells him to sew up Sister Sylvia as there is no hope, and that he has done his best. A dispirited Dr. Park leans against the cold marble corridor wall. Dr. Yoo tells him that the surgery was far more valuable than his blood, and that the surgery was for all of them. She thanks him for all he has done, that there are no regrets, and gives him a hug. Ugh, Ga Yuck spoils the scene by eavesdropping on their conversation.

blood 12 recap vampire J and Dr Yoo, vampires, Ji Jin Hee, Ahn Jae Hyunblood 12 recap Park Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyun, vampire, saves Ri ta

Ga Yuck does her dirty work and  reports to the Director that it seems as if Dr. Yoo knows about Dr. Park. That doesn’t sit well with the Director who thinks she may need to learn a lesson on keeping her nose out of things. Wasting no time, the Director sics his goons on a couple of targets. He gives a good scare to Dr. Jung. (It the usual threat in the parking lot at night, kdrama style.) It’s been a long, hard day for Ri Ta. She enters her apartment. Music is playing. Someone turns on the light – it’s J. “Haven’t you noticed that I’ve stopped by often?”

“I’ve noticed.” It’s Ji Sang in full protective mode. Aha, he is paying attention, after all. And Ri Ta needs a hero in her life these days. The fight is on. At one point, Ji Sang recognizes his opponent: he was one of the vampires who fought with him and killed his mother. Now, he is back for him. It is a tense standoff. Ri Ta watches from the sidelines.

blood 12 recap vampire


strawberry shortcake and coffee recap

Thanks, everyone, for being patient this round. Treats help a lot while recapping. Strawberry shortcake and coffee. Always coffee.

  • I have to give Yoo Ri Ta a ton of credit for being smart. She has been researching all the while for a replacement for Atisan, and came up with Tumatox. She also assessed Ji Sang’s thought process correctly when he offered to give Sister Sylvia his blood over the warnings of Dr. Jung Han Su. He was frustrated as a doctor and was overriding his human capabilities with his supernatural, but dangerous, option of infecting her with his blood. She helped him realign the cross hairs so that he could properly focus and not get all out of whack. During surgery, she had to pull him back again, setting her own grief and sadness aside, and help the team make the hard but right decision to close up Sister Sylvia.
  • Ga Yuck (my new not pet name for her) is everywhere, spying on Dr. Park and reporting to the Director. I was angry that she eavesdropped on the sad and important moment between Ji Sang and Ri ta when they discussed Sister Sylvia’s surgery. She had no right to do that.
  • Good riddance, Leader Suh. Except that the new leader is just as bad, if not worse. I appreciate the contrast between the reason for her wanting the Director’s blood for her own personal gain and Ji Sang wanting to offer his blood to Sister Sylvia for the good. But such weight-y matters – the God-like decisions of who lives longer for good or for evil, well – it’s burdensome in a kdrama.
  • It was creepy that Uncle Chairman was on the verge of offering Sister Sylvia as an experiment in Ward 21A because of his own blinded understanding of what is really going on there. Of course, drug experiment always goes on and is a reality in developing cures, but Ward 21A was set up for its own dastardly purposes and uses humans as guinea pigs.
  • How did J and Chul Hoon get infected? They must not have gone to medical school and are relegated to low life gangsta hit vampires.
  • Ji Sang let Ri Ta pick out his clothes. When that happens, it’s all over for the guy.  ♥ Me thinks love is in the air~
  • So, how is everyone enjoying the kdrama so far??

39 thoughts on “블러드 Blood episode 12 recap Korean Drama

  1. Thanks a million Cimi…
    What a treat! I love this episode 12.

    1. I rewinded the hugging scene a few times. It’s really a lovely moment accompanied by the OST. I think it affected Ga-yuck (haha) as well as her facial expression was full of disappointment. And I couldn’t be happier that she has to concede that Rita has the upper hand …

    2) I like how you review Rita in this episode pertaining to Sis Sylvia and Dr park. She is wise in letting Sis Sylvia go. It appears to me that Sis Sylvia is ready to go to a better place. And what good can the blood do for her in her old age. It would be different if she was young and felt she hasn’t accomplished much.

    3) I am so excited seeing the last segment of the episode. The wow moment is when Dr Park appeared behind the door saying “I noticed”. I didn’t expect that coz I thought Dr Park couldn’t care less about her “fears”…. Call me nuts but I thought that moment was super cool along with the fighting scene. Rita is a very very lucky girl!


  2. … I rewinded the last scene a few times too. I just loved that our hero was watching out for her – I doubt she knew he was there otherwise she wouldn’t have trembled so much.

    Perhaps he was acting on a hunch that it could be a bad vampire or that it could be a stalker etc. If he really did that out of concern rather than a hunch then it reflects how much he cares for her safety.

    And I love the fight choreography. The moves were sleek and sharp. And it’s a pity that some disgruntled viewers didn’t give this show a chance after the first two episodes coz I thought this is one k-drama that gets better in each episode while some dramas started out strong but goes limp after midway..

    And thank you Cimi for your sacrifices….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, thanks, it’s no sacrifice, just a lot of fun especially with such loyal followers of my blog. This was a good episode, I agree, in terms of moving the plot forward and filling out the characters.


    • Yes Shuerei, this drama keeps getting better and it still havent shown us every trick in it’s sleeve yet. I am happy with the progress of the story. But please Dr Park, all these coincidences must equal to one villain. Why cant you see it!!!


  3. Ji Sang behaving just like a good boyfriend, letting Rita picked out all the clothes for him and then paying for it, except of course our heroine would not let him and paid for it herself. If this is not Rita stamping her mark on him, i dont know what is and Ji Sang acquiescing to it so readily even the ridiculously overlarge sunglasses LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi January, I must admit that it’s only after your analysis that I finally see the total picture of the shopping date/outing. The way he put up with her determination to change his style reveals his willingness to let her have a role in his “space”.
      And it’s clearly a reverse of k-drama makeover pre-dating thingy by the male lead for the female lead.


  4. I like that Dr Park himself was having doubts about giving his blood to Sister Sylvia and the Director trying to tempt him to do so is like a confirmation to him that it’s the wrong thing to do. The Director yapping about it just harden his resolve not to do it. I doubt that Sister Sylvia would have agreed to take the blood anyway, she would be horrified.

    Rita seeing through Ji Sang’s frustration also was a good touch. It shows how much in synch she is with Ji Sang. For all Ji Sang’s angst about wanting to be human, i think this is a good example of him being human and he should recognised it. An infected is not God, there are only so much he can do within the limits of his own conscience and capabilities.


    • You are absolutely right. Sister Sylvia would be horrified. This couple of scene seems to indicate something about Dr Park’s feelings for Rita. He never offered his blood for anyone else and I don’t think he is so moved by Sis Sylvia’s ‘sainthood’ to make this offer. I suspect he harbors some kind of deep affection for Rita, trying to spare her the pain of losing her “mother”…. And it’s probably the kind of affection you have for a “loved one”… And while Rita deeply appreciates his offer she may not even realize the extent of his care for her well being….I see glimpses of possible romantic feelings from Dr Park for Rita


      • Yeah, i think it’s also because of Rita ‘s connection to Sister Sylvia that moved him to offer his blood. He’s not positively sure that was the right thing to do but he cared enough to want to spare Rita the pain of losing Sister Sylvia.


      • Here’s another question, though. Why did Rita even go to an orphanage when she had an uncle and aunt who knew about the walk in the woods? Why is sister Sylvia in the picture at all?


  5. Lol again at Ga Yuck, love the clever way you nickname them Hoodpires, Dr Kiss Up, Ga Yuck hahaha…
    Reading your recaps is much more interesting than watching the drama. Thanks to the FF button and your recaps, I don’t waste much time but still understand everything. All for the love of Ji Jin Hee!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nothing special, usually just the lunch I nab while recapping. Lots of greens, fresh strawberries, oh – and I don’t like eating on paper plates, so real plates (except that sometimes my coffee is in a take-out cup). Sometimes I like to cook, and sometimes I don’t, it just depends. 🙂


  6. Can anybody enlighten me on how on earth Rita is able to find a new drug for Jason thru her research of the market? As far as I know, Atisan is the drug his mother made especially for him. So it must be another group of vampires out there who can make another drug and post it on the internet? And it’s only illegal to buy in Korea, but I take it as it’s legal to distribute widely somewhere else so his friend can get it right away. Sound like vampire illness is not so rare, just get on the internet and do little research and voilla, you can get what you are looking for. Hurray for the miracle power of internet!


    • So a plot hole, what else is new? I was thinking that Ri Ta had done some earlier research for hypothermia and other symptoms, and with the compounds in Atisan that she got from Hyun Woo, she came up with Tumatox (or whatever it’s called). But your point that it is illegal and not available makes me thing that the VDA (Vampire Drug Administration) hasn’t put its stamp of approval for an antidote, Yeah, the story loses even more credibility. Oh well, chalk it up to vampire lore and kdrama, put it all together you’ve got umm plot holes.


      • Hahaha VDA! Yup, VDA hasn’t approved it yet
        And till now, I still haven’t figured out if sun ray can harm vampires or not. I saw in ep 1 that Jason’s hand skin got damaged when sun ray shone in, but later, he was out and about under the sun and had no problem. Then, I learnt that if vampire closed his eyes or wear sunglasses, the sun ray cannot be harmful?! So, what happen with the myth about vampire and the sun?


      • Well, again, watch out for plot holes! His mother had him close his eyes that time she switched in the UV lights to chase away the vampires and he does wear shades outside. The Atisan may have lessened the effect over time, but then when the Atisan began to wear off, and Ri Ta bought him those ridiculous sunglasses, the point that sunlight affects him was back in play. I think as a writer I would make sure my cause/effect mechanisms were consistent at least.


    • I think unlike Atisan which was developed by Dr Park’s mother specifically for their infected condition, Tumatox is a drug that are developed by normal pharmaceuticals company which happened to also have the same effects as Atisan. It is illegal because of the undesirable side effects to normal people. But yeah, it is a bit unbelievable that Hyun Woo can get it just like that so easily.

      About the sun ray, Dr Park mentioned in episode one or maybe two that the sun ray at dawn is lethal to an infected, so i guess at other times it is uncomfortable but tolerable to them. I did remember the scene where teenage Ji Sang’s hand got burned by the sun ray but it was not specifically mentioned what time it was and in the next scene we see him walking about in the middle of the day without a sun glass on even. So yeah, it’s a bit confusing.


  7. A reminder: Tomorrow is the start of Hwajung with Cha Seung-Won and Seo Kang-Joon. Though who knows how long it will be before it’s subbed. So far only Dramafever doing. As for me, as I’ve said before, I’m not too optimistic that I’ll be able to go the distance — 50 episode sageuk.


    • Hi Shuerei. I see what you mean with the iPhone in its regular vertical/portrait orientation. Have you tried it with your iPhone sideways/landscape orientation? Also, Cimi: It looks like you might have gone higher than the recommended 3 levels deep on nested comments. (I’m counting 4 above.)


  8. Hi irev,
    I am wondering the same thing. Dramafever also posted that it was number 1 with the highest viewing for one whole month. I am happy for Blood for the good news.
    I dunno why it doesn’t do better on the KBS domestic slot.
    Perhaps the viewers during that time slot of 10pm-11pm prefers something more family oriented?


    • I noticed that dramas revolving around families etc have really high ratings in Korea. I guess they do prefer those types of story lines.


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