블러드 Blood episode 11 recap Korean Drama

blood kdrama recap poster Yoo Ri Ta

Blood 블러드 episode 11

blood 11 recap Ahn Jae Hyun and Ju Jin Hee vampires blood 11 recap dr park confronts dr lee vampires virus

After learning that his terminally ill patient was transferred to Ward 21A, Dr. Park confronts the Director-vampire to vampire-and demands to know everything about what he is up to at the hospital. Dr. Park asks if it is related to their virus. When the Director coolly answers yes, Dr. Park goes berserk and asks how can he do that to the patients? The Director assures him that he can explain. In his dark, oppressive apartment (what is it with vampires and chandeliers?) he explains that he is trying to create antigens and antibodies for the good of all. Dr. Park brushes his calculated explanation aside and says he is reckless with the patients. Already, two patients have died, others are very sick, and many have serious symptoms of infection. The Director says the symptoms are temporary and will disappear in a week. Testing is almost complete and the results will be astounding: sicknesses can be cured and people can have a life expectancy beyond 150 years.  Dr. Park responds sharply that what he is doing in Ward 21A is completely insane. It is unconscionable that he is using people with no family, the elderly, homeless, and orphans. The Director’s delusional rational is that he is providing hope and getting outcomes in the process. Dr. Park calls it arrogance. We get a glimpse of the Director’s philosophy when he replies that it is his conviction born out of misery.

blood 11 jin jae hee, ahn jae hyun kdrama blood 11 recap kdrama Lee Jae Wook, Ji Jin Hee, vampires

He shows Dr. Park a picture of a young patient whose medical costs became so high that her adoptive parents abandoned her. In the end, she jumped from the hospital roof in desperation. It was his patient; she could have lived longer and should have been happier, the Director reasons. That’s a sad story, says Dr. Park, but that is fate. In his desperate logic, the Director emotionally rambles that if there was a vaccine she could have received-regardless of wealth, social position, or age-she would not have been diagnosed with leukemia and she wouldn’t have been abandoned. To his way of thinking, he is not just developing medicine, but a tool used to change one’s fate. Dr. Park challenges him and asks who makes the judgment? The Director has already thought of that,  and someday will come up with a system to make that determination. He assures Dr. Park that this has nothing to do with greed and asks him to understand. Dr. Park seems to waver momentarily, unsure about the confusing mixture of convincing words and unsavory ethics.

blood 11 recap Hyun Woo and Dr. Yoo, LUUVY blood 11 Ji Sang, Dr Park Ji Sang, vampire kdrama

Dr. Yoo tries to reach Dr. Park by phone. She is concerned because he left abruptly and was agitated. She decides to stop by his house. Hyun Woo invites her in even though he is not at home. She wonders if Hyun Woo can be open with her about Dr. Park’s infection. Hyun Woo is hesitant, and doesn’t think such a conversation would go over very well with Dr. Park. She assures him that she is on Dr. Park’s side. We finally get  some history on Hyun Woo when Dr. Yoo asks what he does. Her inquiry to whether he is a model or actor invites the shy but flattered reply that he gets that a lot. LUUVY rattles off his resume: Graduate of Penn Medical School and genius in the field of infectious disease. Traveled the world over for innovative science, a true follower of science and an underground scholar. Love that.

blood 11 recap luuvy, ji sang, hyun woo

She acknowledges that he is an incredibly cool person. However, she is there for answers to questions. Before he knows it, he is spilling all sorts of information about Ji Sang. The reaction to blood is a real thing, he tells her, but the Atisan and Ji Sang’s self-will have worked to control it all this time. Ji Sang’s parents were both scientists and infected and they are deceased. His mother developed Atisan, the suppressant that Ji Sang takes. She wonders how they left this world, but just as he tells her it’s complicated, Ji Sang arrives home. He asks Dr. Yoo why she is there. When she says she was worried, he tells her that he just went for air after finding out his patient had been transferred. She is mad at her uncle for allowing the Director and New Drug Research Team such access, but he replies that she is always throwing a fit. Dr. Yoo tells him to call her when he needs help and takes her leave.

Hyun Woo tells Ji Sang that the thing they feared most has happened. Someone out there is using VBT-01 for evil. Hyun Woo points out that the unknowns about the virus are extremely dangerous. When Ji Sang hesitates, Hyun Woo reminds him that any use on unsuspecting persons is a huge problem and they must do whatever they can to stop it. Furthermore, they have to find out what the Director is all about and what he is up to.

blood episode 11 recap Ri Ta researched Atisan blood episode 11 recap Hyun Woo tells RiTa about Ji Sang

Dr. Yoo talks Hyun Woo into giving her access to the components in Atisan. She researches on her own. Little by little she puts two and two together about her observations of Dr. Park Ji Sang all the time she has known him. Ji Sang checks with Hyun Woo to make sure he didn’t tell Dr. Yoo anything about him. Hyun Woo swears he didn’t, but LUUVY blows his cover and plays the video of him telling Dr. Yoo all sorts of personal information about Ji Sang. He can’t wait to get his hands on his bromance friend who betrayed his confidence like that.

blood episode 11 recap Dr Yoo challenges Leader Suh Blood 11 recap Ga Yeon and patinnt Jung Na

Dr. Kiss Up Woo visits the Director about rumors surrounding the New Drug Team’s research. At first, the Director seems to distrust Dr. Kiss Up’s intention, but he is happy when he offers to thwart those rumors and help raise the image of Ward 21A. For now, the Director has made a strong ally in Dr. Kiss Up (who only sees personal gain in taking the Director up on his offer to bring him into the inner circle of what is going on.) Dr. Yoo enters Leader Suh’s lab and lets her know that just because she has the chairman and director on her side and moves the patients around like toys, she won’t let it go so easily. Leader Suh has met her match when it comes to a fight for what they want (Dr. Yoo to restore order in the hospital against Leader Suh to move freely and without accountability).

Dr. Park stops in to see his former patient who was moved to the death ward. The patient admits there is some improvement, but he has other symptoms of ringing in his ears and a terrible thirst. Enter Dr. Kiss Up Woo who assures the patient they are only temporary symptoms. He turns to Dr. Park and tells him the patient is now under his care.

blood episode 11 Patient Gong diesblood 11 recap hyun woo gets corpse blood samples

Dr. Jung informs Dr. Park about his decision to collaborate on the research and to make up a team. However, there is one condition: if he finds out Dr. Park is withholding anything, the collaboration is over. Assistant Director Aunt Choi’s nurse spy pulls out, saying she can’t draw the blood after all. Aunt Choi asks if there is someone else who might be able to help out, and suggests the new intern, Ga Yeon. Dr. Yoo is blocked from entering Ward 21A and argues with the security that she was just in there the day before. Why the change of policy, she wonders? A covered corpse is wheeled out past them and she pulls back the white sheet only to discover it is patient Gong. She reports this to the new anti-establishment group (Dr. Jung, Dr. Park, Dr. Choi, and Dr. Yoo) who suspect the New Drug Research Team will cremate the body to eliminate any evidence. But for now, the body is in the morgue under tight watch. Although, under normal policy, reporting such violations would warrant an investigation, they suspect the Director has such tight control that it wouldn’t happen. Dr. Jung says they need to find the exact cause of death so they can find out what they are trying to hide. Dr. Park suggests adding an external expert. Hyun Woo is our man – add him to the anti-establishment group.

blood 11 recap Dr. Choi and Hyun Woo blood 11 recap hyun woo and dr. choi in love

Hyun Woo sneaks into the morgue as a corpse and is wheeled in past the guards. He is able to get blood samples of patient Gong, then quickly changes into doctor’s whites and joins the others to discuss what is going on. It turns out he is an expert on the research of Jung Han Su, Dr. Jung’s father. When Dr. Yoo asks if he got blood samples, he says that just as he was about to, the corpse services came in. Dr. Park looks at him quizzically, as if to say, “What?” but Hyun Woo doesn’t miss a beat. Dr. Jung says that it will be hard to determine the cause of death without blood samples. Hyun Woo lists the visible symptoms: liver and renal failure with jaundice,  erythremia – all indications of bacterial rather than viral infection. Based on his volunteer work in Southeast Asia, Hyun Woo is sure it is malaria. This throws a whole new wrench into the mechanics. Dr. Choi swoops in with coffee and !boing! – Cupid’s arrow shoots our Hyun Woo, who is immediately smitten. Love is in the air and Dr. Park, Dr. Yoo, and Dr. Jung squirm at the lovebirds’ obviously mushy behavior. So cute! Coffee mocha hold the whipped cream – just what the doctor ordered.

blood 11 recap dr park and ga yeon blood 11 recap dr park and ga yeon walk

Aunt Choi approaches Ga Yeon and has a favor to ask. She promises her a residency at the hospital without any problems in exchange for information about the goings on in Ward 21A to reveal the truth. Ga Yeon declines, saying it is uncomfortable, but not to worry, she won’t mention this conversation to anyone. Aunt Choi is uneasy with the unexpected turn of events. On patient rounds, Ga Yeon reminds Dr. Park about dinner and he tells her to choose a place for tonight. On the way home, she confesses that he is her fantasy come true to be next to him. He tells her to be a doctor, not like him, but unto her own rare ability. “A doctor like akabosia matsudoesnsis kinoshita,” she adds. Who should pull up at that very moment but Dr. Yoo. She shines the brights on them. How can a resident have so much free time and be so lax? Dr. Park explains he promised her dinner, and sends them both on their way home. Dr. Yoo mumbles under her breath that Ga Yeon is so cunning. Suddenly, she slams on her brakes – a stark figure stands in the road before her – it’s Dr. Park. He sticks his head in her car window and wonders if one of her questions is, “Do vampires turn into bats?” and answers it himself, “Does that even make sense? We’re not transformers.” He tells her to go home smiling and not frowning. Although she plays it down, as he walks away she wonders if he’s psychic to know that was actually one of the questions on her list.

Hyun Woo has been busy running tests on the corpse blood. It is malaria, just as he suspected, which means it was intentionally injected.  He tells Ji Sang that the Director is not trustworthy. Someone who lies continuously is definitely lying to hide something.

blood 11 recap Dr park and Dr Jung discuss the journalblood 11 recap Park Ji Sang reads the journal vbt-01

Dr. Jung hands Dr. Park his father’s leather-bound journal. He asks him to be careful, as it is the original. His father gave it to his mother on a rainy day a month before he died; the telltale ink splotches remain. Dr. Park asks how his father passed away. Dr. Jung says that, although it is vague and he was only five years old at the time, there was a fire in the lab and they barely got his father’s remains out. Fire. Dr. Park thinks hard and long on that. Later, Ji Sang reads the deceased doctor’s journal entries on VBT-01. “To live or die is that the question?  To live or live longer is the question,” are notes that Ji Sang mulls over.

Dr. Yoo is confidently straightforward with the Director. She tells him not to act like she is stupid and lets him know what she knows.  He may be perfect in every way and think of everything like getting rid of the corpse without trace, she tells him, but she is onto him and, ultimately, he will not get away with it. He asks what she is talking about, and says that she and Aunt Choi have many biases and misunderstandings about him. Dr. Yoo asks if he was born with that poker face or is it the result of practice? I’m afraid her boldness puts her and Aunt Choi on his hit list.

blood 11 recap Ga Yeon gets past security guradsblood 11 recap Director Lee grills the doctors for being involved in Ward 21A

Aunt Choi gets a call from Ga Yeon. She says she has reconsidered and will help get the blood samples after all. Aunt Choi asks her to keep in from Dr. Park and to not get caught by security. Aunt Choi tells Dr. Jung that Ga Yeon will help collect blood samples from Ward 21A and bring them to him. Ga Yeon enters Ward 21A past the security guards, enters a patient’s room, and avoids the CCTV as she draws blood. She makes it past security cameras and the body search, but as she is about to enter Dr. Jung’s lab, security nabs her and finds a vial hidden in her hair. They haul her off. Aunt Choi has terrible intuition when it comes to picking moles, doesn’t she?

Look who’s in trouble. Again. The Director grills Aunt Choi, Dr. Park, Dr. Yoo, Dr. Jung, and Ga Yeon for the incident. Everyone wants to take responsibility. Ga Yeon speaks up and says she did it on her own to look good. She wanted to get the sample to help her supervisors and make up for her poor school record. The Director tells Dr. Park to punish her as her supervisor. Dr. Park is angry and tells her to get out if she is going to do things like this to gain recognition. Dr. Yoo intervenes, asks Ga Yeon to step out, and reveals to Dr. Park that it was Aunt Choi who put her up to it.

blood 11 recap Ga Yeon is revealed as Director Lee's helper blood 11 recap Ga Yeon is the Director Lee's patient

Gasp! Whaat?? Ga Yeon stands before the Director who thanks her for today as well as what she has done before. She tells him there is nothing that will be too difficult. Now we know who was behind all the sabotage thus far: it was Ga Yeon who entered Ji Sang’s office and changed his suppressant drug. It was Ga Yeon who pulled the stun gun and injected Ji Sang with the virus. Ga Yeon – the abandoned orphan who jumped from the roof and died. But, wait!  Instead of dying, she fell into the hands of Dr. Lee Jae Wook.  As she lay unconscious, bandaged, bruised, and swollen beyond recognition, he drips his blood into her mouth to save her from her life threatening wounds and turns her into another kind of being – an altered being, a sort of vampire-ish creature who was genetic engineered and designed to fulfill Lee Jae Wook’s own cause. I must ask, is a life like that worth living?

blood 11 recap Lee Jae Wook drips blood into ga Yeon's mouth


FullSizeRender (1)

I whipped up a nice Swiss cheese and asparagus Quiche to nibble on while recapping.

  • What else is there to discuss other than Ga Yeon’s revelation as an experimental creation of Dr. Dastardly Evil for his Machiavellian plans? As you know, I was on the fence with Ga Yeon, but there was a definite sense of ill intent when she declined Aunt Choi’s mole assignment, and immediately hooked her claws into Ji Sang. Clearly, however, Dr. Evil has full control of her, allowing her to live for his own personal gain and sinister plot, and so she is a pawn with little if any ability to do other than what she is programmed to do. Having said that, it seems possible that her own will could kick in to override the Director’s will for her. I’m just saying it is a possibility. In the meantime, I don’t expect anything but attacks on Ji Sang using Ga Yeon as bait. Ah, such a dirty game.
  • Could Aunt Choi have any worse luck in choosing allies? Because they never are, except for Yoo Ri Ta. They are two smart women, and I look forward to them kicking some butt.
  • Yay! Our Hyun Woo is the shining star in the world of academia-you underground scholar, you-, and perhaps romance? I am not against him and Dr. Choi at all, they’re very cute together. It’s LUUVY at first sight for those two!
  • The accidents in Ward 21A are ridiculous to the point that, if I weren’t recapping, I might be tempted to blow this pop stand.
  • I love Dr. Jang’s ability to not be swayed, even for one moment, by the unscrupulous actions of those in charge of the hospital. But, already sub-team Ji Sang and Hyun Woo have broken the agreed upon rules to not withhold information by taking the blood samples themselves and lying about it. It could be forgivable if the results are shared with the anti-establishment group. Another remains to be seen plot twist.
  • Here’s a dark and extra creepy thought: What if the Director’s plan is in vitro reproduction using Ga Yeon and Ji Sang???

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14 thoughts on “블러드 Blood episode 11 recap Korean Drama

  1. Hello cimi,
    Thank you so much for this lovely gift – a recap on Easter Day.
    Did you make the quiche?? Wow you are one multi talented wonder!

    Question 1 Why would Ji Sang ask Hyun Woo about any “mention” about him? Is he concerned about Rita’s opinion about him? And why was he annoyed at HW for blabbing away?

    Ga Yeon is unbelievably subtle and forward at the same time. I am so glad Dr Yoo came by. The way she sulked about Ga Yeon was spot on. Hahaha…

    Question 2
    And why would Ji Sang appeared from nowhere unless he noticed she was jealous? And was trying to cheer her up? That’s really sweet of him….

    This episode finally revealed Ga Yeon to be a key vampire accomplice. Yes she was arranged by Dr Evil to be a spy – whether to mate with Ji Sang – that’s a high probability given that she was coached on his weaknesses.

    I dunno whether she would switch allegiance to Ji Sang in later episodes, the fact that she dealt the fatal dart is unforgivable as he could probably die from the serum that killed his parents. So hopefully Ji Dang finds out about her fast before she goes about luring him into more dinners….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hai Cimi and Shuerei.

    This episode was fun.

    I was going oh no! Ah! Yeayy Hyun Woo Expert! Ugh, that fox! Ahhhhh so sweet…Oh no! In that order.

    I guess I should have caught on to the shocking ending when the Director started yapping about his young girl patient who inspired him to do his crazy mission at the beginning of the episode but I was too caught up in two things:

    1) As soon as Dr Park mentioned an external expert I jumped up and down on my chair for joy because it’s Hyun Woo time!!! Yes! He’s finally being introduced formally to the rest of the dream team and Hyun Woo going shirtless in the morgue, this is indeed K drama LOL

    I think we sort of got our wish partially fulfilled Cimi because this episode also told us a little bit of Hyun Woo and Ji Sang’s history. Hyun Woo apparently not just a genius hacker but also a medical doctor specialising in infectious disease. He graduated from Penn State U, so like you guess Cimi, the two of them prolly met in the US. Dr Park having a violent streak before meeting Hyun Woo hahaha and the running around scene, I love their bromance.
    The sparks between Hyun Woo and Dr Choi, I couldn’t be happier!! The two sidekicks together!

    2) Ji Sang realising that Rita was jealous of him having dinner with foxy intern and responding to that jealousy by making her feel better with his transformer joke – ALL TOGETHER NOW- “Ahhhhhhhh….. so sweet” I think I can safely say that Ji Sang does have romantic feelings for Rita now, with him acknowledging her jealousy and comforting her in such a romantic manner.

    Omigosh Shuerei and Cimi, vampire breeding programme?? Ga Yeon and Dr Park??? Eeeeeekkkk!!! Knowing Director Evil and his superior being delusion though, i think you both could be on to something here.

    After that shocking ending, the question is now, does foxy vampy intern really have feelings for Dr Park or is she just manipulative and damaged to the core like Director Evil?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi January,
    Hyun woo has lots of scenes in this episode and although the two sidekicks are available, I didn’t expect this pairing but yeah they are right for each other.

    I love the fact that ji sang posed that question to hyun woo – it’s as if he really wanted Rita to have an eternal good impression about him. I am comforted by your observation that he has feelings for her. I also love jealous Rita. She frets about it but there is no mean bone in her …I am happy he recognizes that and I wonder how he feels about it…strange? Pleased? Excited?

    Like what you suggested, Ga Yeon may have developed feelings for Ji Sang and still remain faithful to Director Evil’s schemes. If yes, then Rita is standing in her way of accomplishing both plans….*shiver*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hai Shuerei,

      Yeah, Ji Sang asking Hyun Woo as if trying to confirm whether he said anything not favorable about Ji Sang to Rita, wahahaha dont worry Dr Park, you are eternally bath in a luminous aura in Dr Yoo’s eye.

      About Director Evil’s breeding schemes, if anything i hope that it would bring the OTP closer and reward us with more squealing moments hehe we can only hope.


    • @ January your statement slayed me.
      1. “wahahaha dont worry Dr Park, you are eternally bath in a luminous aura in Dr Yoo’s eye.”

      Eternal Sunshine! Blue Bubbles! Misty Dreams! *blink* Haha! I love this one January. She’s really into him, rushing over to his place like that.. I guess Hyun Woo was trying to impress Rita – prior to meeting her sidekick aka best friend.

      2. “I think Ji Sang was amused and maybe slightly pleased that Rita was jealous :))”
      That fits the bill.

      The OTP love meter is not heating up fast for me so yeah let Ga Yeon kick up some fuss to speed up the process…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Do you recall how many times park ji sang associated people/himself with some other characters:
    1. He referred to Rita’s looks as L.A. Girl
    2. He called Rita “Paris Hilton”
    3. He said Ga Yeon is akaboshi whatever – a rare animal/insect
    4. He asked Rita whether he is a hologram
    5. He asked Rita whether he is a transformer
    6. What else …….


    • Dr Park and his identity associations. I wonder if the writers set out to make that his trademark.

      Somehow, I dont think this drama is the sort that would make us melt and go gaga with it’s romantic moments ala Healer. Yes, there are sweet and cute moments and i think that’s the trend with the OTP in this drama. I kinda stop hoping for kisses now but still am waiting for the drama to surprise me though, how contradicting, i’m confused hehe


  5. Here I am… XD Hi to all…
    A very ‘full-to-the-brim’ episode, this one… So many things happening…
    Firstly, I was totally annoyed at Director Lee Jae Wook’s facial expression at the parking lot confrontation scene. It’s very clear to me that what he has in his brain is ‘I’m right. I’m not doing anything wrong.’ Auggh… His arrogance is so upsetting.
    Secondly, I held some sort of sympathy towards Dr. Wook and his child patient but that feeling exploded and disappeared into thin air with the revelation at the end. I regret feeling sympathy. He’s totally delusional. But that in itself also makes me pity him a bit ‘coz he totally bamboozled his brain into thinking that what he’s doing is for the good of humanity. It pleased me a bit that he knows he’s a devil (remember him saying ‘rather than being an angel that brings agony (or something and another thing, can’t remember) he’d rather be a devil that brings good things (which also I can’t remember). Him admitting he’s a devil is good. The part about giving people happiness, nuh-uh. Him being blind like that, I can’t help but feel pity. He could’ve lived an upright life if it weren’t for his sinister thoughts of trying to produce a miracle drug with a very inhumane process.
    I knew there was something with that Ga Yeon. I was sort of shaken when she took the blame at the confrontation scene and I thought it was smart that she thought of hiding the tube of blood inside her ponytail (it is pretty cunning, I was impressed) but again, all of that disappeared at the revelation scene. But I’m convinced that she’s drawn (possibly in love) with our Dr. Park. And that does make the possibility on her turning her back on Dr. Wook.
    ‘Here’s a dark and extra creepy thought: What if the Director’s plan is in vitro reproduction using Ga Yeon and Ji Sang???’
    NOOOOO!!! That made my brainwaves go haywire. I think my mind was blank for a split-second. Don’t scare me like that, Cimi. hahaha Well, it is possible that the Director might be plotting that. Let’s remember the fact that Ji Sang is a mutation of VBT-01 as a result from two infected individuals and that apart from Ji Sang’s Mom, Ga Yeon is the only female vampire introduced to us. As crazy as the Director’s brain is, he might be considering having a Park Ji Sang ver. 2 as another mutation of the virus. A mutation that possibly can be stronger than our Dr. Park. But I’m dismissing the idea from my head ‘coz it’s annoying and upsetting the heck out of me.
    Dr. Choi and Hyun Wook’s obvious flirting was hilarious and I’m shipping them. XD The two BFFs of the two main characters… Who could have guessed… hahaha
    ‘Hyun Woo going shirtless in the morgue, this is indeed K drama LOL’
    XD LOL, JanuaryBlues…
    So happy I was able to stop by and comment. 😀
    Keep up the good work, Cimi.


  6. Hi January, Jean
    I think Cimi’s idea of vampire reproduction is certainly part of Dr Wook’s plan. This is why he was so frustrated at not having Baby park ji sang… But I think he forgot that love is the best virus of all. That the parents of Dr Park are able to have a child due to a miracle birthed out of love and not a reproduction of science wonder. I think Dr Wook should get a wifey and do the proper thing instead of messing around with ppl’s lives! Sorry I am very annoyed at him…


  7. Hi jean,
    Yes I agree with you. I guess the drama will try to cast ga yeon in a pretty redemptive way – sort of contrasting her from Dr Wook.
    And as long as Dr park sticks with Rita… *grin* Hahaha!


  8. Hi January,
    Yes Healer has a different pace and beat when it comes to the gaga moments compared to Blood. The shocking tel-confession, the lovely rooftop scenes, and him escorting her home on the rooftop are all classic Healer scenes ..*smile*

    I dunno whether I am bias but I think the Blood OTPs acting are much better than I expected given all the criticisms they faced. Now it’s hard for me to imagine Dr park as anyone else but Ahn Jae Hyun. I dunno whether it is something about his good looks but his smiles and gestures are endearing. I supposed JJH’s experiences are rubbing off on AJH… And I think AJH is making commendable progress in his first leading role. *fighting* *fighting*


  9. Lol at Dr Kiss up, so funny. And yay, the food porn appears again as I begin to feel something missing from ep 9 & 10 recap 🙂


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