Blood 블러드 episode 10 recap Korean Drama

blood Ahn Jae Hyun kdrama recap

Blood 블러드 episode 10

Ji Sang sits at his computer and studies the files that Hyun Woo pulled up from the hospital database. He is stunned at the findings. There is a picture of Dr. Jung Han Su, renowned infectious disease doctor, with his parents from years ago. But, that’s nothing compared to what’s in store as he scrolls down: a picture of Dr. Lee Jae Wook, Dr. Jung Han Su, and his parents.

blood 10 recap assistant director choi and chairman yoo argue blood 10 recap Chairman Yoo aruges with Yoo Rita

Assistant Director Choi paces the floor. Where is the article she secretly arranged for with the editor? Furthermore, the editor is not answering her phone calls. Uncle Chairman bursts into her office and accuses her of planning to release an article behind his back. He asks if she hates the   Director that much. She says she did it for Taemin. He throws down the intercepted article in a rage, and tells her she is putting everything at risk. She has to do something, she says, to make him wake up from his misjudgment about the Director and how he is taking over everything at the hospital. Furthermore, he has fallen for the Director’s flattery. Uncle Chairman is irate and tells her that her position is too much for her, that she is lacking for the position of Assistant Director. Assistant Director Choi snaps back that she has done everything he’s asked so far. He lowers his voice and asks if she is going to throw that in his face. If she does something like this again, he threatens, it won’t be her position she leaves, but Taemin entirely. It is his last warning. What was the vague reference to “doing everything you’ve asked so far,” and “throwing that in my face?” It seems like something is a specific reference and makes me nervous. Could it be a dirty deed in the past?

Dr. Yoo runs into Uncle Chairman and asks him point-blank why he got rid of the meeting system. She asks if the Director is behind it all. Uncle Chairman, who has just left one heated confrontation, angrily tells her to focus on her own duties and not get involved in other business. He insists that he is not silencing voices, but minimizing wasteful disputes. Dr. Yoo is surprised when he accuses her of not thinking about him, not even a little. She notices his hand at his side trembles, and asks if he’s okay. He brusquely walks away.

Dr. Yoo stops in to discuss Uncle Chairman’s tremors and his overall health with Assistant Director Aunt Choi who assures her that she will take him in for a medical exam and not to worry. Dr. Yoo remembers what her father said about her, “Father says you never do anything wrong but Uncle always yells at you.” Aunt Choi replies that Ri Ta’s mother treated her like she was her real sister.

blood 10 recap Hyun Woo blood 10 recap Park Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyeon

Dr. Park charges down the hall to the Director’s office and finds him with Uncle Chairman (who is certainly making the rounds this morning). Dr. Park excuses himself and says he will come back later. Uncle Chairman wonders if he stopped by about the open conference policy being abolished since the doctors are all up in arms. The Director plays along with that idea, but knows the real reason is that Dr. Park has seen the pictures online.

Hyun Woo tries to calm down Ji Sang over the phone. He tells him to untie it slowly (the discovery of pictures) and to be cautious of the Director. Hyun Woo doesn’t think Dr. Jung knows about the connection between his father (Dr. Jung Han Su) and the Director. Ji Sang thinks that Dr. Jung will be shocked to see the Director hasn’t aged at all since then (a reminder of one of the telltale vampire attributes). Hyun Woo wants to keep the existence of the infected from Dr. Jung. He suggests that Ji Sang only discuss the relationship between their parents and find out what he knows about that. Hyun Woo doesn’t think the story the Director told Ji Sang adds up, and suggests he plays it cool around him for the time being.

blood 10 recap Dr. Park shows Dr. Jung the picture of their parentsblood 10 recap dr Jung and Dr Choi take blood samples from patients in ward 21A

Dr. Park meets up with Dr. Jung in his office. He shows him the picture of his father with his parents, but Dr. Jung doesn’t know that’s who they are. He guesses they probably worked in his father’s lab with the infectious disease research. He asks if their names are Hyun Seo and Sun Young by chance. He says he has seen those names written in his father’s journal. Dr. Park reveals they are his parents. Things are getting interesting. He asks Dr. Jung to share the journal with him. It’s not that he is interested in his notes for research, but for personal reasons. Dr. Jung says he needs time to think about it.

In the lounge, several doctors discuss the unexpected death of Professor Lee from Internal Medicine. They heard that after a night of drinking, he fell in the parking lot and got hit by a car. That’s makes about one car accident per episode. Reports of the death of Professor Lee is one more unsettling incident since the arrival of the Director and the New Drug Team. Dr. Yoo is especially bothered, and says she knows Professor Lee was a good drinker and knew the parking lot like the back of his hand. The story of his death doesn’t make a bit of sense to her.

The Director escorts Uncle Chairman to observe the treatment of a patient in the now infamous Ward 21A. The patient has a disease of the nervous system and is showing improvements with experimental drugs they are using from the New Drug Research. It seems like a set-up in order to sway Uncle Chairman and sooth any doubts he may have. The Director tells him this antigen can cure people of all sorts of illnesses. Uncle Chairman is eager to be a test patient himself, but the Director assures him that he only needs to wait a bit longer. Uncle Chairman cannot conceal his excitement over the prospect of  a cure. The Director has succeeded in buying more time and removing any suspicion on the part of the Chairman.

blood 10 recap security blocks dr jung and dr park steps inblood 10 recap dr jung, cr park, and dr. yoo are disciplined by chairman yoo and director lee

Dr. Jung is ready to take matters into his own hands. He and Dr. Choi tell the nurses in Ward 21A that they will take responsibility for drawing blood. The head nurse is concerned that he will get in trouble, but he coolly replies, “If I get in trouble I get in trouble.” Cahoots Security is on it stat and run to the ward. Dr. Park and Dr. Yoo see the scramble and wonder what’s up, now?  Security blocks Dr. Jung and Dr. Choi from taking the blood samples with them. It’s against the bylaws, says the head security goon as he stands firmly in place. Dr. Jung says he doesn’t care about bylaws or whatever. Head security says they will have to use force. When a guard moves toward Dr. Jung, Dr. Park is right there and forcefully shoves him out of the way. By the expression on his face, Dr. Jung is clearly impressed by Dr. Park’s strength. Dr. Yoo tells Dr. Jung and Dr. Choi to go ahead, they will take care of the problem. But security stops them. Who should appear but creepy Leader Suh, even creepier Director, and the bamboozled Uncle Chairman. It’s showdown time. Dr. Jung defies Uncle Chairman’s orders to hand over the samples. In a tense standoff, it is quite telling as to which side the hospital personnel is on. Dr. Jung has no choice but to give up the samples if he wants to avoid an outright fight. Leader Suh (let’s call her Bleeder Suh), takes the vial from Dr. Choi’s pocket.

The doctors are lined up on the couch in Uncle Chairman’s office like high school delinquents and are reprimanded for their behavior. The Director puts up a smoke screen and takes the blame. When the doctors ask that the New Drug Team research be made available to them, the Director readily agrees with them over the Chairman’s protests, and patronizingly says that it’s reasonable and appropriate for them to ask questions. There is a noticeable stare down between the Director and Dr. Park. They both know enough about each other to be dangerous.

blood 10 recap body search at ward 21Ablood 10 recap Dr Park Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Heong

Aunt Choi’s resources haven’t been depleted, yet. Number 1 spy nurse on Ward 21A reports that security is now body searching everyone at the entrance. She thinks she can draw blood from the patients, but the CCTV cameras are a big problem. Back in his office, Dr. Park ponders that somehow they became a group of biased and narrow-minded people. To that, Dr. Yoo adds that now they’re losers who shouldn’t get access to confidential hospital information. Dr. Jung chimes in that the Director holds quite the control. They all scratch their heads wondering how the hospital got this way. Suddenly, Dr. Choi feels chilled and wonders why Dr. Park’s office is so cold. It just spring, Dr. Jung adds, so why is the air conditioner on already?  Dr. Yoo covers by saying she was so upset and hot over her Uncle that she turned on the a/c. Isn’t that a cute half-smile on Dr. Park’s face?

Poor patient Gong is having seizures under the “care” of Bleeder Suh. She tells the Director she doesn’t think he will last more than two or three days. Or, he could live a new life, says the Director. What dastardly plan does he have in store for him? I fear he is being transformed by vampire serum injections right before our eyes.

blood 10 recap Ga Yeon, Dr Park and Dr Yoo discuss walking down the aisle

Soo Yun, the daughter of terminally ill cancer patient Choi Woo Shik, and Ga Yeon are up to something. Ga Yeon lets Dr. Park and Dr. Yoo in on the plan. Soo Yun wants to walk down the aisle with her father, now – before he passes away. It’s for her father as a last gift. However, Ga Yeon doesn’t know if she can pull it off. They wonder how a young thing could think of something like that. Dr. Yoo wants to make it happen and says the ceremony will take place tomorrow, just leave it to her.

As they walk down the hall, Dr. Yoo asks Dr. Park why he is covering for that patient when the hospital wants him discharged. Dr. Park says he doesn’t know why. She asks if it is because he is sorry. Dr. Park really doesn’t know why. She leaves him to think it over. Yet another unfortunate patient shows unusual symptoms. Dr. Woo check his stiff neck and sees abnormal, dark veins. He is alarmed. How could the New Drug Research Team under the direction of the evil Director cause so much harm is such a short amount of time?

blood 10 recap Dr Park Ji Sang 100 questions Yoo Ri Ta blood 10 Yoo Rita stuffs food in Park Ji Sang's mouth

Dr. Park awkwardly asks Dr. Yoo to get dinner together. She asks if he feels bad that she has to do all of his surgeries. It’s not that, he stutters, it’s a team dinner. Yes, a team dinner. He tells her she can choose what they eat. She scolds him for not coming prepared and giving it any thought. They end up at Kimbap Heaven. She pops a favor on him – 100 questions and 100 answers about vampires. He declines. Too bad, she quips. He brought her to a dive for dinner, and that won’t be enough for her. He has to do what she wants. She ignores his protests and fires question 1 at him: Do vampires really drink blood? Everyone knows the answer, he says. Next question: Do they go to the bathroom? Of course. If one eats, one has to let it out, he answers. When Dr. Yoo arrives home, she cautiously walks through the underground garage. She senses something and quickly takes the elevator up to her apartment. J lurks in the shadows.

blood 10 recap Park Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyeon 2blood 10 recap Kochenia gravesite pictures

Hyun Woo reviews the uploaded information online. He thinks Dr. Jung Han Su had gone to Kochenia gravesite and Ji Sang’s parents were also involved in research with him and the Director. Ji Sang recalls the story the Director told him about volunteering in Kochenia and becoming infected by an old man. He tells Hyun Woo he thinks it’s odd that the Director never mentioned Dr. Jung or his parents even though they were infected, too. Don’t let him know that you know, Hyun Woo advises. He wonders what his goal is since he is lying. Hyun Woo speculates that Dr. Jung Han Su  created the VBT-01 virus from the gravesite samples and his research. Simultaneously. Dr. Jung reviews the same information in his lab. He wonders if Dr. Park knows even more than he knows about his father’s research.

blood 10 recap Yoo Rita researches do vampires transform while kissing blood 10 recap Hyun Woo and LUUVY

For the first time, Ji Sang sees a picture of his father. Although he never knew him, he tells him he is confident that he has lived the way his mother wanted him to live. He watches the video for the um-teenth time. When he gets to the place where his mother tells him they were on the run because others who were infected wanted to use the virus for bad purposes, he pauses it. Perhaps the words have new meaning now that he has met an infected one whose story does not add up. Additionally, the Director knew his parents.

blood 10 recap Ji Sang watches the video of his motherblood 10 recap Na Jung and Dr. Park Ji Sang

When Ji Sang tells Hyun Woo that Yoo Ri Ta is the girl he rescued in the woods when he was a teenager, Hyun Woo doesn’t believe him. “This isn’t a movie. Coincidences like that don’t really happen.” Ji Sang says it’s the truth. Big pieces of Ji Sang’s life are starting to come together.

Yoo Rita does her own research and types in: Do vampires transform while kissing? She is distracted, but comes back from her daydreams as she opens a box with a girl’s beautiful white dress, her contribution to Soo Yun’s plan.

Poor Na Jung complains of shots every day. She fights with the nurse and Dr. Yoo about taking her medicine. Dr. Park steps in and suddenly she is agreeable and polite. He’s good looking, she says. When Dr. Woo enters, she’s back to her sassy mouth and demands to know who the heck he is. Spy nurse is caring for her, let’s hope she can prevent Bleeder Suh from getting to Na Jung.

blood 10 recap Soo Yun and the dress from Yoo Rita blood 10 recap Yoo Rita and Soo Yun dress

Dr. Yoo nods to Dr. Park and says it’s time. They meet up with Soo Yun and Dr. Yoo gives her the dress that her mother bought her for a birthday party. It is a present, she tells her. Soo Yon is delighted, and Dr. Yoo tells her to go out there and be as beautiful as the dress. The father is wheeled in by the mother, dressed in a suit and ready to escort his daughter down the aisle. The hospital hallway is decorated with banners, balloons, and everyone is gathered for the happy event. Sister Sylvia blesses the occasion.

blood 10 recap Dr Park Ji sang, who meblood 10 recap the wedding ceremony

But wait. Dr. Yoo notices something is missing. Where’s the groom? She nudges Dr. Park who makes the biggest “Who, me?” gesture, but obliges and gladly stands at the end of the white aisle runner. There isn’t a dry eye in the crowd as a proud father takes the hand of his little girl and tells her to remember this moment. Wah! A more bittersweet moment there never been.

It looks like that father isn’t going to pull through as lies unconscious in the hospital. Dr. Park says there is nothing he can do for this patient and is sorry. Bleeder Suh butts in and talks the wife into giving the New Drug Research Team a chance to treat her husband. After all, there isn’t any more the doctors can do for him. By the time Dr. Park catches wind of this. he finds the wife and daughter at his bedside in (da-da-da-ta-da! sinister music) Ward 21A. After all, the wife tells Dr. Park, Bleeder Suh offers a hope with new experimental drugs. Medical care is free, too. It is a chance she can’t afford not to take. Dr. Park tells her to come back, he will treat her husband. But, the medication has already been administered. She asks Dr. Park to please leave them alone.

blood 10 recap Ji Sang confronts Dr Lee , Ahn Jae Hyeon, Ji Jae Hee

A determined Dr. Park doesn’t waste another minute. The line has been crossed. It’s confrontation time in the parking lot, Lee Jae Wook.



Had to bring out the big guns to get through this recap. Coffee and coffee-er.

blood 10 recap Ga Yeon plays the wedding march

  • So, how did y’all feel about Ga Yeon playing the wedding march on the piano?
  • I think Dr. Jung will be an ally to Dr. Park. At first I was thinking that Hyun Woo is lost in the shuffle; shouldn’t he be the one to team up with Dr. Jung. Dr. Choi, and Dr. Park to unlock the secrets of the Kochenia gravesite? On the other hand, Hyun Woo may have a lot more freedom and autonomy working on his own like he always has.
  • Our Dr. Park’s heart is warming up, in some ways without him even knowing it as he works with terminally ill patients and finds himself sympathizing with them. The ice is melting. An enlarging understanding of his parents, meeting his father for the first time when he saw his picture, has given him a bigger picture of what is going on. And the battle of good versus evil is in his hands.
  • Who I think the good guys are: Yoo Rita, Hyun Woo, Dr. Jung, Dr. Choi, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say Aunt Choi, and the spy nurse.
  • Who I think the bad guys are: Cahoots Security, Dastardly Director, Bleeder Suh, Uncle Chairman (unwittingly, or not), J vamp, Chul Hoon vamp.
  • Who I’m not sure about: Dr. Woo, Ga Yeon (Okay, okay, I hear you yelling through the screen.) BUT she sure did make a good thing happen for little Soo Yun and she gets points for that.

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  1. I had every intention of keeping up with your Blood recaps even though I’m not watching the drama but I’ve fallen dreadfully behind. But you have lots of viewers as readers so that’s even better, right?

    But I was browsing a different episode and saw you asking a question about a character’s name and I wanted to let you know something that surprised me–sometimes characters’ names change b/c the PDnims or writers or whoever don’t bother remembering the names or keeping track of that type of thing. I never noticed it until I stated recapping & at first I thought it was just me and the old drama I was recapping, but if you ask around you’ll see that it’s common. I was reading Pride & Prejudice recaps on K-drama Today & it happened there too. So the character was probably called something at first, then the name changed. For me when that happens, I just stay with the original name.


      • You would think it’s a no-brainer or at least somebody in the production would remember the character’s name, but no . . . doesn’t work that way yet. But in their defense, they do that dreadful live shoot system and there is usually more than one filming crew so let’s just be thankful it’s just the characters’ names that get wonky, lol!


    • Hi Elle, We must both be a little “tetched” in the head to attempt recapping, right? Thanks for the info on names and name variations. I have noticed that, and also in recaps – how characters have different names, changed names, and often more than one name, whatever – it all makes it hard to keep track. I mostly wanted to make sure the loyal readers of my posts knew who I meant and that we were on the same page. I think the name Dr. Wook fits him better, anyway. 🙂 Glad you stopped in to check on the Blood recaps progress, thanks.


  2. huhu…ga yeon is bad…..In the beggining I already suspect when she seem to good to be true..something just off about her. But she seems like genuinely like Dr Park…maybe there will be a big sacrifice that she will do for him (like betraying the evil Director..haha). I really hope more onscreen romance or sweet moment between Dr Park & Dr Yoo…:)


  3. “So, how did y’all feel about Ga Yeon playing the wedding march on the piano?”

    Hah, i bet i know whats going on thru her minds and i’m not liking it………

    “creepy Leader Suh, even creepier Director, and the bamboozled Uncle Chairman”

    very apt titles Cimi, cant stop laughing at those names 🙂

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  4. Wow all of you are fast. I am still waiting for my cab and can’t help checking put the site. I so badly want Rita to be with Dr Park, that I just want other pretty faces out of the total picture. Ga Yeon does seem to care for the patients. Ironically, Director Vampire wanted the same thing. It’s just that he has no qualms in sacrificing a few to save the mass.


  5. Hi January
    Sorry my typo: checking out not put …
    About ga Yeon playing the piano…
    “Me no liking it”..*grin*
    I still think she is out to get Dr Park.. I just find her hanging around Dr Park too much. She would have played mock wedding savior with Dr Park if Rita had not been around the corner to eavesdrop.. I am liking this Rita a lot. I think she does see through ga Yeon’s schemes…good thing Rita really came thru to do the right thing…


    • You’re right, I like this Rita too. She is thoughtful and in tune with what’s going on and an excellent observer of other people’s emotions and subtleties. She reads people well, what a useful ability, and so far she is right, even if it’s just a hunch. I do think she is amazingly calm about the whole vampire reveal, but it is in keeping with the tone of the drama, and of course she has had her own young experience with a supernatural being who saved her, so in that way the story line is consistent and more believable.

      Just watched 11, see you soon…with my new, improved altered perspective! I recap as I go along so I am not biased, and truthfully I think it’s more fun that way.


  6. Oh yeah cimi, I am glad in the past, park ji sang shared to hyun joo about the girl he saved in the woods. I guess the incident was etched in his mind. I wonder why he never try to look for her. Maybe it’s best for him not to contact her? In a way, she “saved” him too, at the lowest point of his life, he discovered that his powers can be used greater and noble purposes.


    • It’s true, Shuerei, that she “saved” him too, because he told his mother that he felt the power for good and not for destruction, and changed his course. I think he carries that memory with him – I wonder though, why he chose to become a doctor and if he went to the same university that Hyun Woo attended, because remember, Ji Sang was born in Tennessee, USA.


  7. Hi Cimi,
    I forgot he was born in the US. Your theory is correct. After Jeju, he must have gone back to the US for his studies and met Hyun Woo, just like you said….
    The Blood show has lots of resemblance to Healer show;
    1. Orphaned OTPs
    2. Parents murdered by antagonist
    3. Antagonists “saving” the world, “sacrificing” few
    4. Loyal cyber genius sidekicks
    5. Sassy heroines
    6. Heroes with smooth and great fighting skills
    7. Socially isolated heroes
    8. Healers with bad appetite
    9. Bad “uncles” or “brothers”
    10. Investigative protagonists
    11. Sleek production values
    …. What else….

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  8. Hi rozie, irevlow
    Sorry to repeat a posting from ep 9, for some kdramas I only read recaps instead of watching the shows….

    I think kissing scene will only happen in Rita’s dreams… coz PJS is spending too much time with others. Rozie, I like your theory – Ga Yeon seems to like Park Ji Sang. However, her puppy love vibes are too obvious. The pouting mouth, soft looks and the aegyo that she keeps putting on … Rita where are you? Can’t you dress something more feminine and sweet?? Fake tripping and fall into his arms??


    • morning shuerei,
      I dont know whether to hate or like min ga yeon…as long as she didnt do something to hurt park Ji sang still okay with me. I think she’s jealous with rita but do not know how to express it…if she go ballistic & hurt Rita then Park Ji Sang save rita…owwww…can we have such a scene?
      I agree with you for Rita to change her style. She should tie her hair nicely & wear her clothes differently…every female in this drama seems to wear conservatively…maybe the weather is too cold for them…


  9. Possible ways to get kisses from vampires…
    1. Wear a red dress. And let the hair loose
    2. Pour out some tears – our vampire likes emo videos
    3. Get some dark room with him (anyone seen Tamra Island?)
    4. He drinks milk so maybe slurp a glass of milk and leave some on the lips …
    5. Speak softly so he has to lean closer


    • hahahaha i like your points very much.

      Must also mentioned the scene where Rita was compiling her list of questions for Ji Sang, the last one which she deleted “do vampires transform while kissing?” lmao that was so funny!!! I dont think even Ji Sang knows the answer, dont think he ever kissed any girl before


  10. Romance of the OTP’s aside, why is the dream team not on the same page yet??? Ji Sang and Rita are on the same page but Rita still doesnt know the more personal reason Ji Sang is against Director Evil. Dr Jung is still not trusting Dr Park 100% yet but he knows Dr Park knows a lot more than he is letting on. I love Dr Choi, Rita’s sidekick, she is such a sweet and funny friend.

    I am confused about the patients in ward 21A. What is exactly the Director is trying to achieve? From the looks of it, the patients they have experimented on are showing symptoms of vampiric conditions, the visible bluish veins, sensitivity to lights, looking like a maniac or manic depressed person, ringing in ears etc etc. …I’m surprised Dr Park is not discussing this with Hyun Woo. Is the isolated patient Gong (whom Ji Sang saved from the truck of doom) not reacting well to the drugs creepy leader Suh is giving him? Is that why he is dying?? Its doing my head in but keeping me glued to the screen too. That ending…Ji Sang ahhhh, i thought Hyun Woo advised you to be careful with Director Evil for the time being????? Cant wait to see how the writers solve that one.


    • Hi January
      It looks like ward21 is a guinea pig lab to create a cure for all major diseases. For now I supposed PJS and Hyun Woo couldn’t do anything much unless they have the blood samples from one of the living patients. I had thought Gong was doing well but then he started coughing out blood rejecting the injected vampire-blood-serum. Perhaps, the attempted killing was to give him a swift end to his “suffering”…


  11. Whew… You guys had quite a long conversation… Here I am, horribly late in commenting ‘coz I am now cooped up in the province wherein I have to have someone to drive me for 40 minutes to reach a decent internet connection. XD The air’s fresh though and buh-bye intensive pollution for a while, plus I can get away from the heat.
    Well, anyway, here I go…
    First of all, I thought Dr. Lee ‘fell off the parking lot’ (which if you ask me is not a ‘lot’ at all but a building used for the sole purpose of parking cars). I’m pretty positive that J shoved him and he fell to his death. Oh well. I’ll just rewatch it. Speaking of dying, I’m not that fond of Kiss Up Dr. Woo and he’s good in playing safe but what if the same thing that happened to Dr. Lee happens to him (you know, in the occasion that he gets a little too tangled up in the Ward21A situation…) I think I’ll miss him if he dies. He’s ambitious, yes, but I don’t think he’s that rotten as a person. (I just finished watching Empress Ki and his character Kolta (or Colta?) was so sinister that for a moment I wanted him dead in Blood too XD)
    “She nudges Dr. Park who makes the biggest “Who, me?” gesture, but obliges and gladly stands at the end of the white aisle runner. ”
    hahaha I’m not sure about the ‘gladly’ part. He looked stiff and awkward. Although he did relax by the time Soo Yun and her dad were marching.
    Yes, Shuerei, I did see Tamra Island. 😀
    “Speak softly so he has to lean closer” hahaha I was reminded of Flower Boys Next Door XD
    “So, how did y’all feel about Ga Yeon playing the wedding march on the piano?”
    Truthfully, I thought nothing about it, until I saw this “Me no liking it”..*grin* LOL, Shuerei… XD
    Does anyone recall the scene when PJS decides on a coin flip whether he will ask Ri Ta out on a team dinner or not. He looked annoyed when the coin told him to ask her. hahaha
    I was surprised that Ahn Jae Hyun’s mouth can occupy two kimbap slices. XD And his annoyance at Ri Ta while scolding her with a full mouth, Ri Ta saying ‘What the heck is he saying?’ and their smiles while Ji Sang chewed on the kimbap. *sigh They’re such a cute couple.
    I’m afraid I won’t be able to check out the next recap early… My Mom left for her hometown and I’m ‘Substitute Mom’ to my three sisters.
    XD I enjoyed it again Cimi. 😀 More power to keep on writing… Fighting!


    • Welcome back Jean Luz, we missed you 🙂

      That whole dinner scene was too cute, i agree.

      “I was surprised that Ahn Jae Hyun’s mouth can occupy two kimbap slices. XD ”

      LOL of all the things you could have noticed Jean Luz…i did rewind and watched that scene again because of you though LOL again


      • hahaha XD
        I’m just so surprised about the kimbap slices. Ri Ta suddenly shoved it in his mouth, then I looked and thought ‘Was that more than one?’ I can only eat one kimbap slice at a time… hahaha


  12. Hello Jean, January,

    Great to hear from you. And hope you are enjoying your all-gals holidays. Thanks for bringing up the “coin” scene. What happened there? I mean what prompted him to ask her out? I tried rewinding the scene .. I am very curious – his intention and for him to claim it’s a team meal – so funny (as in both strange and haha) and so unpredictable of him. Hmm is it the first time he asked a girl out?

    By the way, I wanted to scream when Ga Yeon begged him for a treat. And I was upset when he agreed to it. Men! Oh I mean Vampires! Suckers for sweet smiles!

    Now I know why Dr Woo looks familiar. He was Kolta. And you are right he is ambitious but otherwise harmless. I mean he bitches here and there but for now he is Dr Wook’s puppy, posing no threats and wagging his tail at his “master” bidding…


    • Hi Shuerei,

      I forgot about Ms Foxy Intern asking to be treated to dinner, i was completely smitten with the kimbab heaven scene. Gahh, Ms Foxy Intern really have some balls, err i mean guts to ask something like that and yes how can
      Dr Park readily agree to it!!!! You said it, the male species be it vamp or human are suckers for sweet smiles.

      I hope Dr Woo would swing to the dream team side when push becomes shove. He did looked concerned when he saw the bluish veins on one patient. I thought he was going to voice his concern to Director Evil when he went to see him and i kinda feared for him in that instant but he didnt, he just went on to yap about being a yes man that he is. I still have hope for him though.


    • 😀 I think it is his first time asking a girl out, given his personality and all… The coin flip is very childish. I’m tickled at the fact that he has a childish part like that. XD
      I was also so surprised at him agreeing to Ga Yeon’s request. Auggh… It’s very upsetting…
      Well, Dr. Woo is still a doctor, and a smart one at that knowing that he works at Taemin. He’s bound to notice strange things and ponder about them. He has to think of the possibility that what he’s dealing with is not only a matter of promotion but a matter of life and death (like what I had said with the Dr. Lee incident).


  13. Hi cimi
    It’s possible that chairman has requested Asso Director Choi to do something unethical in the past. From past episodes – she seemed to have sacrificed a lot for Taemin group / she must have risen to that position without medical background / she is not blood related to Rita’s parents. I am curious about her. She is not married despite being her elegant looks and she is so devoted to keep Taemin untarnished despite not being the owner – very noble but her actions exceed mere loyalty to a firm.


    • Shuerei,
      I think the Chairman & associate director has something to do with the death of Rita’s parents. I felt that they planned on the accident so that they can take over taemin & collabrate with the Evil Director. The relationship of the E Director & chairman seems to go all the way back..


      • Hi Rozie,

        I was also very curious with Rita and Aunt Vice Director Choi’s exchange. Aunt Choi seemed nervous and fidgety when Rita brought up her parents and the last look on Rita’s face, she seems to be suspicious? Wary? Watchful? Or was I just confused by GHS acting?? I do think there’s more to it.


  14. Hi rozie, January,
    Twenty years ago, Aunt choi must be a good looker, so I wonder why the Chairman remained single like her. Sorry, I am not trying to ship them together. If indeed they had done something malicious, Rita would be devastated. Right now, she is still clueless about her parents’ true cause of death. I feel really sorry for her.
    Yes Dr Woo, such a predictable and amusing character. I look forward to his next appearances in the show…


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