Roommate season 2 episode 24 Korean reality show

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Nana and Jong Ok arrived at the premiere of  Granny’s Got Talent to honor veteran actress Kim Soo Mi. (Except isn’t that Hong Jong Hyun on the star platform, too, the actor with whom Nana is “just friends?”) Apparently, her foul-mouthed role is not too far from her spicy personality. Soo Mi was geared up to visit the Roommate household and teach them how to cook.

roommate season 2 episode 24 Nana, Jong Ok,  and Kim Soo Miroommate season 2 episode 24 Ryohei and Min Woo are bored

Min Woo, Ryohei, and Sunny were bored. It’s been a long time since Min Woo hung around the roommate crowd, and it was good to see him yuck it up with the gang. Like a middle school prankster, Ryohei put a fake cockroach on his leg and scared Min Woo senseless. Of course, once is never enough, and as much as it scared him, Min Woo couldn’t wait for Ryohei to do the same to the next victim, Jackson. Sure to make immature guys everywhere proud, Ryohei waited for Jackson to spot the roach on his leg (Min Woo squirmed and grinned from ear to ear and tapped Ryohei’s leg as if to say,  “Does he see it? Does he see it, yet? Does he see it, now?” Success! Jackson jumped across the room enough to satisfy our pranksters. Cheap entertainment-it’s worth every cent.  Look at that adorable Min Woo smile we’ve  missed for so long. Ryohei was mysteriously handsome, as well. Our roommates must be getting more rest these days.

roommate season 2 episode 24 Ryohei is bored roommate season 2 episode 24 Min Woo smile

Jong Ok told guest Kim Soo Mi that they would pick her up. Ryohei tried his hand at driving in Korea for the first time. Jackson and Jong Ok went along. With a big grin, Ryohei leaned over his shoulder and warned Jackson to hold on tight (“Why isn’t the car moving forward?” he joked.) On the way, Jong Ok briefed the guys on Soo Mi’s long-running acting career. She starred in Country Diaries, a popular drama that ran weekly for 22 years (1980-2002). After a round of quick introductions, Soo Mi scolded Ryohei for making her wait for 30 minutes, ordered them to load up the car with the many side dishes she’d prepared, and told Jackson he was a little punk for calling her nuna (“Nuna, my butt”) and not oma. She’s one tough cookie and they’d better get her preferences right and not screw around. It was difficult to tell if she was joking or hardcore annoyed, but I think she must respond the same either way. Of course, Jackson won her over with his feigned ignorance as he buttered her up and charmed her with his manners. When Jong Ok told her she was nuna to everyone at the household and loved it, Soo Mi warmed up to the idea and let them call her nuna, too. She ate up every bit of the attention they lavished on her all the way home.

roommate season 2 episode 24 Jackson, Ryohei and Soo Mi roommate season 2 episode 24 Soo Mi, Jackson, Ryohei

Gook Ju prepared to plant the famous pepper selection in box planters in the backyard.  Who could be a better assistant than Modern Farmer, Min Woo? What, no cabbages? Gook Ju insisted on hauling the bags of fertilizer and dirt while Min Woo and Youngji planted the seeds.  Dong Wook appeared at the window, crabby that his slippers were missing again. Does eveyone just toss the pairs that are his in the trash, he yelled at no one in particular? He can be such an old man, sometimes.

roommate season 2 episode 24 Nana and the peter peppers roommate season 2 episode 24 Min Woo, Young ji, and Gook Ju plant

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here (well, almost). They gave today’s guest a cheerful welcome before asking her to curse (her trademark as the feisty grandmother). She willingly obliged, to everyone’s delight. It was amazing how much food she prepared, complete with brass bowls-a must for authentic Korean cuisine. She was up at dawn cooking  many side dishes with TLC. The table was gorgeous and included seasoned crabs, kimchi, a Japanese dish, rice, ribs – all those tempting dishes made my mouth water. They said a lovely prayer of thanks for the abundant food  and ended with a chorus of  “Amens.” It looked like the most fabulous feast, wish I could have tasted it. Soo Mi gave secret tips for Korean cooking as they ate. She learned how to cook by hand and taste while watching over her her mother’s shoulder as a young girl.

roommate season 2 episode 24 cooking in the Roommate kitchen with brass bowls roommate season 2 episode 24 feast

The atmosphere was lively and the home cooked dishes were thoroughly appreciated; they could have their own Let’s Eat show. With plenty of hands to help clean-up the dishes, Jackson and Soo Mi nuna relaxed on the swing in the yard. He seemed genuinely affectionate toward her and she adored the attention. She reminded him in no uncertain terms to be good to his parents and call every other day. However, the conversation went a bit south when Soo Mi told Jackson that she and her husband hadn’t kissed in 20 years. For once, Jackson was speechless and seemed a tad awkward. Who knows if she was  joking with that deadpan face and voice?

roommate season 2 episode 24 Jackson and Soo Mi on the swing roommate season 2 episode 24 DOng Wook laughs at Jackson

That was just lunch. It was time to go grocery shopping for dinner. Soo Mi had a list of the things she needed to pick up. She promised Jong Ok and Nana she would teach them a thing or two in the kitchen, and she meant to keep her word. Jackson, Ryohei, and Dong Wook accompanied her like good sons. Jackson invited himself to Soo Mi’s for her home cooked food that was better than any restaurant, and she told him he was welcome, but he had to give her notice. When he said, “Make reservations?” Dong Wook got the biggest kick out of baby Jackson, as usual. The women at the market immediately recognized Kim Soo Mi. She introduced Jackson as her youngest son, but truth be told, they were more interested in her. She wanted to choose something to wear for throwing out the first pitch at the baseball opening match, and selected a traditional pair of grandmother pants for the occasion. (The picture they flashed of Jo In Sung was in reference to her role in Something Happened in Bali. Soo Mi played the mother of Jae-Min, Jo In Sung’s character, in the famous kdrama.)

roommate season 2 episode 24 Soo Mi, Dong Wook, Ryohei, Jackson at the grocery store roommate season 2 episode 24 Soo Mi introduces Jackson as her son, Jo In Sung

It was all business as she bought the right amounts of garlic this and mushrooms that. After all, she was going to be cooking for a large crowd. Dong Wook just laughed again when she sent them to buy 20 eggs. Shopping with her sons was over and it was time to go home. Jackson took her into a cosmetics store to look around. While she asked about lotions, Jackson slyly (or so he thought) picked out a lipstick as a gift for her. The ever-so-good-looking cosmetics specialist helped Jackson select just the right shade that said ^^springtime^^ before Soo Mi wandered over and asked who he was buying that for. In a playful exchange, he said it was for someone who has been good to him. “Who?” she asked.  There was more dodging the question. Soo Mi asked if he bought it for her. Of course, in the end, she was pleased with Jackson’s thoughtfulness and even admired the color he’d selected. They were both all smiles.

roommate season 2 episode 24 Jackson buys lipstickroommate season 2 episode 24 Dong Wook is amused that Jong Ok doesn't know anything about cooking

It was serious kitchen time. Jong Ok was her under study and number one assistant. Butcher knife, filet, do it like this, stir with chopsticks – it was like a cooking class. Dong Wook was amused that Jong Ok really didn’t know anything about cooking. Oh, and the radish kimchi Jong Ok made, Soo Mi said to throw it out. Youngji performed that dance again, and the kitchen help stopped their hard work to join in. What a healthy and beautiful spread their efforts produced along with a full table of people to make the food taste its best. It was very cool to hear that Soo Mi has it written in her contracts that proper meals be served on set.

roommate season 2 episode 24 Kim Soo Mi roommate season 2 episode 24 roommates around the table guest Soo mi

She shared the story of her difficult road as a young woman to finding her way, but now enjoys the honor of national actress. It was time to take it slow after dinner and sip Sangria that Sunny and Nana made. Soo Mi got a call from a friend and invited her to stop by. She told Seho it was someone she matched him up with, and to look forward to it. Seho was hopeful. Soo Mi suggested taking turns sharing what was on their minds. Frank talk, she called it. Did I imagine it, or did Min Woo flinch and look away at the suggestion? It seemed as if Soo Mi wanted to share advice and wisdom that can only come from age and experience. Seho talked about losing his grandmother just last week. He said it was the first time he saw his mother cry so much, and realized that he should take better care of his mother.

roommate season 2 episode 24 Min Woo laughing at Joon Hyung roommate season 2 episode 24 Seho and Soo mi

Soo Mi had a cherished book of selected philosophical phrases, Myeong Sim Bo Gam, and shared some meaningful passages. “Refrain that momentary anger. If you could refrain your momentary anger you’ll be free from 100 days’ worth of worry.” Dong Wook immediately said he thought that passage was for him. I thought for sure it was going to be a kumbaya moment, but then Joon Hyung read a different passage and broke the mood. Min Woo couldn’t stop laughing.

Actress Byun Jung Soo stopped by to meet up with Soo Mi and Jong Ok. Poor Seho realized that Soo Mi was joking when she said she had a match for him (Byun Jung Soo is married). The three women friends went to Jong Ok’s room to talk.

Jackson's tiger maskjackson dragon mask sunny panda mask

What’s Jackson up to now? He called Sunny to his room and they put on animal face masks to mess around and scare everyone. Sunny was a cute panda and Jackson, a dragon. Green is not his color. After a long day, the guests departed. Kim Soo Mi brought a mother’s warmth to the roommate household.

would you go on a date with jackson if he asked you, youngjiWe were treated to cute snippets of a truth game. It went like this:

To Dong Wook: When was your last kiss?” He drank the spoon of vinegar for punishment.

To Ryohei: “Is there anyone you’re attracted to here, Ryohei?” He drank the spoon of vinegar for punishment.

To Gook Ju: “What’s the most food you’ve ever had in one sitting? 11 bottles of soju. (Yikes!)

To Youngji: “Would you go out with Jackson if he asked you?” Continuous silent laughter.


36 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 episode 24 Korean reality show

  1. This is one of those comments that I don’t know where to put, but revlow and Thursdaynexxt find their way here, and others who wander in might enjoy this , too. So The Human Condition cast this season is by far my fav. (3.27.2015 ep) They are sitting around talking about hard times, and Tae-hee’s friend says he used to drive around a minivan, pull up at an event he was scheduled for, climb out the back, and say (to no one) “stay in the car, I’ll be back,” as if he had a driver. Hahaha


  2. Thanks for the Roommate recap (amidst your frenzy of Blood recaps – hope you’re hanging in there okay! Maybe one of Jackson’s tiger face masks would help? Though I don’t think that the panda and the green dragon masks would flatter anyone!)

    Nice to see the RM gang hanging out again. Kim Soo Mi is an amazing cook! She whipped up all those dishes, and even brought her own lovely dinnerware – no wonder it weighed a ton! (I did squirm a bit at her soybean crabs recipe, but it’s the same with some of those octopus dishes too) They compared her with the photo of Natalie Wood – she also reminds me of Min Hyo-Rin or Kim Min-hee.

    She’s certainly surrounded by good-looking sons – Jo In Sung, Jackson, Ryohei, Min Woo – I’m sure there’s not many women who’d mind being called “Noona” by them! (I was itching to tell Ryohei to change his clothes, though! They’re always saying “I’m just gonna go change” the moment they walk in the door, so I assumed they changed clothes at least twice a day) She wasn’t too familiar with the current singers/idols, like GOT7, Nana or Young Ji – I guess singers and idols are a different world altogether.

    I’d like to see the fate of the Peter peppers, and whether they do lift up the bench! I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for S3.

    I caught a bit of the MCB Idol Star Athletics Championships, since I heard Young Ji and Jackson are in it (heard Jackson injured himself, so he’ll be hobbling around in a cast for a little while). Seriously, there are some crazily multi-talented kids! Shinee’s Minho and B2ST’s Yoon Doo Joon look like pro soccer players (I can’t think of Doo Joon as anything but Gu Dae Young in Let’s Eat – which I notice has just started).

    Just watched the Running Man ep with Sung Si Kyung (yay!), so haven’t checked out the Human Condition yet. Where Is My Friend’s Home has picked up a new subber, Singversation, so we may see Ep 4 subs yet! Also saw that Albe was in Happy Together (the self-made special). The LN Cafeteria seems to be an on-and-off affair, unless the subbed versions just cut them out completely.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


    • Hello thursdaynexxt,

      The Idol Star Athletics Championship 2015 was fun to watch, I think there might be another episode on the way, too. Minho is very athletic, I’m pretty sure his father is a coach, as is Yoon Doo Joon. They were on Kids on the Block a while back playing soccer with some real pros. I am excited to hear My Friend’s Home might continue with subs – will you post the link here when you find it? Albe was quite the gentleman, and I thought the story of the actress and her mom living in a crate in Canada (and now she’s made it big in Korea) was heartwarming. I know her from I’m Sorry I Love You (one of my fav kdramas with Ji Sub) I think her saying that she traded her 20s for the house (for her mom) is a wonderful way to put it. Speaking of Abnormal Summit spin-offs, Tyler is one of the members of The Problematic Man, which is an intriguing title. Our AB MC Hyun Moo heads up the show. There are 4 raw episodes, but no subs so far (except for Rap Monster eng sub clips – he is very clever and smart. I liked the Bangtan Boys in LA series, so funny). I put a teaser out there on db in case anyone was looking for something to sub. And then there’s I Can See Your Voice, with Julian as a cast member. It is a typical iffy Korean variety show with a shaky premise, but I’ve been watching it anyway, what can I say. The Human Condition episode was a riot, per usual. This crew hits all the right notes. (There’s a surprise announcement, can’t say….)

      Blood and Roommate keep me busy, but it’s fun.


      • haha, that sounds like a busy schedule, Cimi! Apart from all the recapping to do, there’s all the watching! We need that time turner. Really truly yesterday!

        Choi Yeojin’s story with her mum kind of hit home with me. Thankfully, I’ve never ended up living in a crate, though! I was trying to decide whether Shin Suji was an actress or idol at first. Those are some impressive moves she’s got there! That foot in the face was LOL!

        The Idol Championships definitely have more episodes to come, including Jo Kwon defending his track title! (which I forgot to mention before). Meanwhile, while we’re waiting for the next episode, how about a clip of him dancing to EXID?

        Yes, I heard about Tyler and Julien’s shows, but haven’t really gotten into them (plus there’s the subs issue), plus my internet’s been really slow lately (remember the AS guys all being amazed how fast it is in S Korea. Sigh).

        In other news, the FT Island boys made their comeback on Inkigayo. Plus a new album! They really had a different sound from anyone else on that stage. Hope their comeback is well received!


      • I just love Jo Kwon. He was my fav MC on A Song For You. Looking forward to the race. Thanks for the link, they sure do keep the hype up, don’t they! I don’t usually watch Inkygayo, but will certainly check out FT Island. Maybe I should include some recent FT Island stuff as a follow up to the Hangul Live series. Thanks, thursdaynexxt~ Did you see the new WGM with a double date to choose partners, Henry and Jonghyun? Cute, but who could ever take Henry seriousl. Who does he remind me of? Jonghyun is charming, he can be taken seriously, for sure. I watch WGM with one eye on while I’m doing something else.


      • Hi Cimi!
        Haven’t watched the new WGM couples yet, though I did hear there’s already a ‘scandal’ about one of the girls. However, their standard of scandalous tends to have a pretty low threshold, so I’ll take that with a grain of salt.

        Jonghyun’s a cutie, but not sure I’d watch religiously just for him, like I do with the RimKim couple. Hoping Minhyuk gets a lead role in School 2015. He’s adorrrable!

        In other news – Where Is My Friend’s Home Ep 4 is out!–episode-4.html. Between Roommate and WIMFH, it must be Let’s Eat week indeed!


      • I agree with WGM, not sure I’m captivated with the cast members. I saw WIMFH last night, Yuan was really emotional with his family gathered around. And a blind date in his home town with those other guys around, really? Very, very interesting. Loved the family time in the kitchen and around the table with our ambassadors. I’ll bet not one of the AS guys thought the show would give them this much exposure and opportunities. Everyone is eating on tv these days, so much food and friends, it’s all good.


  3. Seo Kang-Joon news:

    Just in case you don’t know, Seo Kang-Joon is in the upcoming kdrama Hwajeong with Cha Seung-won starting April 13. Even with the fantastic Cha Seung-won and our wonderful lil’ Kang-Joon, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to take it. A 50-episode sageuk? Yikes. Even if it has handsome actors on horseback.


  4. Roommate will not be shown this week. From Dramafever: “Due to a change in programming schedule, there will be no new episodes of Roommate this week. A new episode will be released the following week on April 8, 2015.”

    Darn it! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Searched for some Park Min-Woo news. Mainly came across people either badmouthing or discussing how much he is disliked in Korea. 😦 Came across other folks like ourselves lamenting his lack of airtime.

    I did come across this which made me sad: he had his 27th birthday on March 22nd. (Or 28 years old Korean.) And — unless I was comatose at the time — they didn’t celebrate it. They’ve celebrated other birthdays: Jackson’s was March 28, only 6 day’s after Min-Woo’s. Did I miss something?


    • Of course at this point Roommate is just a bag o’ parts. Seems like it’s a hodgepodge of old footage slapped together. So even though the ep 25 was aired April 7th, and Min-Woo was present, who knows when it was actually filmed.


    • Wait just a cotton pickin’ minute. They celebrated Jackson’s March 28th birthday in ep 22, which aired March 10th! Again, why no Min-Woo? I guess I should stop trying to figure out the thought process behind the producers’ decisions.


      • That just makes me downright mad. How did Min Woo get such a bad rap, was it all from Roommate? I blame it on bad editing, really. And not celebrating his birthday? Whose oversight was that, and why didn’t the other cast members pick up on it. whoa. so disappointed. Park Min Woo we are on your side ♥


      • I can’t believe the comments, really. Do they even know him from Flower Boy Ramen Shop where he stole our hearts?
        Have you seen this?


      • Thanks. Adorable. I hadn’t seen this. I had seen the original music video some of the clips were taken from. This is the official MV with English subs:

        How gosh darned cute is he?


      • And he has worked so hard. (At least they touched on that in Season 1.) Really, I don’t know where those people are coming from.

        I hope he can really establish his career, firmly, before he has to go off to the military in a few years. 😮


      • You know when Season 2 started and Min-Woo was given the room with Dong-Wook and Seho, I though “Ah, that makes sense.” Even though he’s a few years younger than they are, it struck me that it would be a better fit. But we haven’t had a chance to see that.


  6. A reminder: Tomorrow is the start of Hwajung with Cha Seung-Won and Seo Kang-Joon. Though who knows how long it will be before it’s subbed. So far only Dramafever doing. As for me, as I’ve said before, I’m not too optimistic that I’ll be able to go the distance — 50 episode sageuk.


  7. Hmm. Not sure where this belongs… maybe under the category of former Roommate members so I’ll put it here. I came across this by accident at kshowonline:

    EXO Next Door – Episode 1

    So far there are 2 episode; I read there will be 16. The two I watched are about 14-15 mins each. It was cute, one truly laugh out loud moment. SM Entertainment and mobile messenger company LINE collaborated on it, so who knows how much of an ad it will be for LINE.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Article also said:

      EXO Next Door was aired on Naver TV Cast, iQIYI, Line TV as well as other local video content platforms and while it was released through Youtube in Japan but due to various copyright and distribution regulations, fans uploaded edited versions through other channels. If the numbers included the views recorded by these fan uploads in various different channels, the numbers are projected to be significantly higher than the record-smashing 5 million views.

      Watching via other channels, you know like we do!


  8. Well, Roommate ended. :::Snif, sniff::: 😥 I won’t say more till we get to that re-cap, or until I know you guys have seen it.

    Continuing Roommate member news…

    I watched Ep 3 of EXO Next Door. Still lightweight fun. Only 15 min investment twice a week, so I think I’ll keep it up.

    Watched Ep 1 of Hwajung today. No Seo Kang-Joon yet; I suspect he’ll show up in Ep 2. So far I could follow it, but if I have any hope of continuing I think I’d better do what I’ve always said I would with sageuks, and that is to create a who’s who document so I can keep the characters straight.

    On the plus side:
    * Cha Seung-Won and Lee Sung-Min within the first 4 mins.

    On the minus side:
    * One of my pet peeves: kid actors who look nothing like their characters as adults.


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