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Blood 블러드 episode 7

blood 7 recap Dr Wook vampire Ji Sangblood 7 recap Dr. Wook burns the vampire corpses

Lee Jae Wook removes his hood to reveal his master vampire identity to Ji Sang. Yes, he tells Ji Sang, I am infected. Ji Sang is stunned and asks how long he has known about him. Dr. Wook lies and says that it was when he saw him at the welcoming ceremony at the hospital. Surrounded by a gruesome bloodbath and dead bodies, Dr. Wook tells Ji Sang to step out while he disposes of the infected bodies. (He burns them like Ji Sang did with his mother’s body according to her instructions.)

blood 7 recap Dr. Wook lies to Ji Sangblood episode 7 recap Dr. Kim on surveillance

Dr. Wook’s story sounds highly believable, almost welcome, to Ji Sang as he tells him that it was just recently that he discovered the whereabouts of the infected ones. He had been searching for them for over 40 years. He realized they were following Ji Sang and watched from a distance. Ji Sang is disoriented, his guard is down, and wants to know more. He asks how he became infected. It was 40 years ago, he continues, when he volunteered in Kochenia. He treated an old man whose blood got on him. It had a lethal impact, but he woke up two days later. He had become completely infected. The villagers said the old man was something not quite human. Ji Sang asks about his family. Dr. Wook continues with the story that after becoming infected he ran away with his wife and son. But the other infected ones found his hideout, and, although he fought back, his wife and son were killed. He was a loner. When Ji Sang hears this story that is so similar to his own, he tells Dr. Wook that his family was also on the run. Poor Ji Sang is so vulnerable that he doesn’t question anything about Dr. Wook at this point. He realizes that someone – an infected one just like himself – knows about him.

Dr. Jung studies pictures of the old Kochenia gravesite. He clearly has an investigation of his own going on. We don’t know if he is working alone or with others. He comes across a picture of someone with wounds that resemble the Ward 21A patient’s infected arm. Unfortunately for that patient, Leader Suh is back and injects a midnight cocktail into his IV drip. Dr. Kim slips in after she leaves and checks the patient’s arm. There are no marks. Hey, even I would think to take a sample of the IV at this point, it is such an obvious thing to do. Meanwhile, Cahoots Security keeps tabs on Dr. Jung via surveillance cameras.

blood 7 recap Hyun Wooblood 7 recap Yoo RiTa thinks about Park Ji Sang

Hyun Woo is thoroughly shocked when Ji Sang tells him about the Director. He wonders out loud how he could have the same body temp as a human when he is infected. The possibility of obtaining information from the Director for further VBT-01 assessment is exciting, and he encourages Ji Sang to push for answers. I would expect Hyun Woo to be a little more suspicious of the whole Dr. Wook story since he knows they were lured back to Korea, and he is more objective than Ji Sang.  But for now, the two of them are intrigued by the story Dr. Wook has spun and are caught up in what it could lead to.

Dr. Yoo is unsettled about the mysterious Dr. Park. At the same time, Dr. Park lies awake wondering if she has noticed the many weird things he is trying to hide. The weekend at the seminar only caused them both to feel more uncertain. They run into each other at the hospital and awkwardly pass by without a word. Dr. Park also runs into the Director who greets him cheerfully and asks if he slept well, as if nothing happened.

Uncle Chairman gets a check-up at a different hospital in order to keep his progressively worsening illness a secret. The paralysis is spreading to the nerves, and his doctor recommends he get treatment at Taemin – the best facility in the country. Uncle Chairman tells him that’s not possible, and asks for stronger medication.

Cahoots Security reports to the Director that Dr. Jung has been in the patient’s room in Ward 21A. He also informs him that the police inquired about the patient who was killed. The Director is concerned and makes sure everything was “taken care of” (as in the body was cremated).

Dr. Yoo asks Sister Sylvia if she has ever experienced something unbelievable. Sister Sylvia tells her that birth, falling in love, and life are all miracles. What she meant, she explains, is something unbelievable more in a supernatural sense. Sister says she hasn’t experienced anything like that. She gives Rita a hug and tells her that with her clear eyes and child-like heart, perhaps she can see those supernatural things. It is these tender moments that soften Yoo Rita’s anything you can do I can do better image and make me wish for good things to come her way.

,blood 3 recap Dr. Park asks Dr. Choi about Rita's parentsblood 7 recap Dr Yoo admits child patient

In yet another doctor-to-doctor hospital corridor meeting, Dr. Park asks Dr. Choi if Dr. Yoo’s mother passed away. (How many times can you use doctor, Dr. in one sentence?) She tells him there was an accident, but becomes uncomfortable and suggests that he ask her himself. He requests it as a favor because he can’t discuss it with Dr. Yoo. Dr. Choi tells him that Cha Yeon, um, er, Rita and her parents were in an accident at Jeju Island a long time ago. Rita got lost, they were separated, and there was a cliff….

A new patient, a child, is admitted to Ward 21A. Lee Na Jung is sassy and outspoken, and fights with the nurses to go home. Dr. Yoo enters and quickly gets a handle on the situation and lets Na Jung know she has met her match. Dr. Yoo firmly holds her shoulders and tells her that she can be rude all she wants, but arguing with people who are trying to make her better is the dumbest thing ever.

blood 7 recap Asistant Director Choi and Chairman Yoo discuss Hanche Hotelblood 7 recap Director Lee Jae Wook and Leader Suh in lab

Uncle Chairman and Assistant Director Choi discuss the Hanche Hotel takeover. He is pleased with the progress. Once again, she raises the issue of the lack of cooperation between the New Drug Team and the doctors. He sharply tells her to leave it alone and focus on the hotel business. His hand shakes and he can’t control it. Uncle Chairman leaves abruptly without an explanation.

Dr. Park examines the poor guinea pig patient who continues to complain of excessive chills. He has symptoms, but there is no indication of a cause. Dr. Park orders additional blood work. The Director has been alerted to this and tells Leader Suh to delete the serum results from the lab work that Dr. Park has requested.

blood 7 recap Dr Yoo and Dr Park meetblood episode 7 recap dr yoo and dr park

When they meet in the hall again, Dr. Park asks Dr. Yoo if she has a reason for avoiding him. She very openly tells him, yes, she does. She thinks she is becoming a crazy person because of him. He wouldn’t know this about her, she continues, but a long time ago people wouldn’t believe her, and she has that same feeling now. It is vague, but unsettling. No matter who she tells, they think she’s crazy. Of course, he understands much more than she could guess. He grabs her hand and puts it to his cheek. It’s cold. He tells her she is right about him: he is not normal. And she is not crazy. But, she will have to be satisfied with that little bit of information. It is an illness the world doesn’t know about, and there is nothing he can do. He tells her that he trusts she won’t say anything without even asking her. It is as emotional a moment as they have ever shared. Before she leaves, she looks under the bandage – there is nothing there. He smiles, and walks out.

Assistant Director Choi is worried about Uncle Chairman’s condition. The results of a request she made to a Dr Han turns up that there are no records on Uncle Chairman from any of the hospitals. She makes a call to Dr. Han and asks to meet with him.

blood 7 recap Dr Park is affected by bloodblood episode 7 recap Dr Lee Jae Wook stops Dr Park from grabbing blood

Dr. Park takes two pills and heads to surgery.  He feels disoriented, and tries to steady himself. As he walks behind a nurse transporting bags of blood to surgery, his urge becomes uncontrollable. Dr. Wook watches from the floor above. As Dr. Park reaches for the blood, a hand grabs his arm – it is Dr. Wook who has stopped him just in time. It is a whole new game now. Dr. Park knows that Dr. Wook knows he is infected and struggling. Dr. Wook says perhaps it is better is someone else does the surgery, but Dr. Park insists he can do it. His unsure demeanor says otherwise, and Dr. Wook calls Dr. Woo to take over. The excuse given is that Dr. Park has another stomach ache.

blood 7 Dr. Park and Lee Jae Wook and bloodblood episode 7 Dr. Kim says he will reserarch the New Drug Team

Dr. Wook and Dr. Park, who is visibly shaken, discuss vampire issues in the office. Dr. Wook tells Dr. Park that he finds it hard to believe he has never had human blood and asks how he survived all this time. Dr. Park confesses that he had animal blood just once, and that he takes suppressants to control his symptoms. Dr. Wook says that can only be a temporary solution. Dr. Park looks uneasy because he knows this is true with the effects wearing off. Dr. Wook states that of all those who were infected, he suspects that Dr. Park is the only one who has not consumed human blood. Dr. Park asks, “Then you drink human blood?” Dr. Wook answers, “Yes,” and rocks Dr. Park’s foundation. Dr. Wook’s invitation to his house for answers is as smooth as butter.

When Dr. Yoo sees Dr Park in the hall she guesses he has a different reason than a stomach ache for not performing the surgery. She tells him to rely on her as his team member and to work together from now on, rather than letting the other team always step in. He agrees.

blood 7 recap Assistant Director Choi and Dr. Hanblood 7 recap Lee Jae Wook's research

Dr. Jung and Assistant Director Choi are working together for information on what the New Drug Team is up to, but he tells her there are access issues. One thing we know about Assistant Director Choi is that she is resourceful. She tells him she will handle the hurdles. Dr. Han (who we don’t know anything about yet other than he looked into Chairman Uncle’s records) agrees to look into the New Drug Team for her.

blood 7 recap Lee Jae Wook reprocesses bloodblood 7 recap Park Ji Sang

Dr. Park is pensive as he drives to Dr. Wook’s house. He wastes no time asking how he obtains human blood. “From the hospital?”  Dr Wook replies. “Never.” He gets it from a blood trade from India and pays a hefty price. After all, he rationalizes, they have a rare, unknown disease. They need blood. The atmosphere is tense, Dr. Park is apprehensive, but realizes the truth of it all. Dr. Wook takes full advantage and calmly, deliberately enters the pass code to a refrigerator stocked with bags of clear liquid. Dr. Park recognizes that the red blood cells have been removed.The blood is reprocessed, Dr. Wook tells him. based on his research that the red blood cells stimulate and create a violent reaction in infected individuals. Additionally, the red cells create the strong odor.

You can hear the wheels turn in Dr. Park’s head as he realizes that his hypothesis is wrong. He had assumed the red blood cells were an important component for infected individuals. He asks Dr. Wook about heart rate, body temperature, and high frequency signal. Dr. Wook pulls out a serum that he created. It is injected it twice a month and it’s flaw is extreme pain and a high fever that is actually close to a human’s normal temperature for an infected person. The heart rate and frequency signal are normalized.  Dr. Park’s question reveals their divergent paths. “Isn’t it better to research how to become human?” Dr. Wook tells him that he doesn’t consider life as infected that bad. After all, with a longer lifespan, he can achieve more meaningful things. Dr. Park is conflicted. What Dr. Wook says makes sense and offers a way to stabilize his system which is becoming harder to do with suppressants. Yet it goes against the direction of his mother’s research, and she deliberately prevented him from drinking human blood. Dr. Wook sharply replies they will never become human. The virus they have will never be cured. He slides him a blood high ball on the rocks. They both know his current state will only get worse. His reaction to blood can no longer be suppressed with the medication he takes. Furthermore, Dr. Wook can supply him with the blood. It is more tempting than Dr. Park imagined, especially since it will soon be impossible to hide his symptoms. He reaches for the glass. But Dr. Park has more fortitude than Dr. Wook counted on, and boldly states that he has survived this long without human blood. Furthermore, his mother never consumed human blood. Dr. Park leaves with answers to many of his questions. However, he has inadvertently provided Dr. Wook with information as well. That can’t be a good thing.

blood 7 recap Dr Park leaves the hospitalblood 7 recap Ji Sang Park, Rita Yoo

The last five minutes are pure overload. In a chapel, Rita Yoo prays. Uncle Chairman joins her. It is the anniversary of her parents’ death. Assistant Director Choi has heard from Uncle Chairman’s doctor that his disease is spreading and she must take care of the hospital business. Dr. Park resigns from Taemin Hospital effective at the end of the week. He wants to break ties with Dr. Wook. (I promise Dr. Wook will not take kindly to this.) Dr. Yoo overhears Dr. Park tell a patient he will be leaving.  There is a very nasty turn of events. Dr. Wook enters Assistant Director Choi’s office and informs her the email she is waiting for won’t be coming. (Earlier she had asked Dr. Han to secretly get her information from the New Drug Research Team.) Dr. Wook has the upper hand in this situation with Uncle Chairman’s blind support and holds that over her head. He lets her know she has made a big mistake, but he won’t report it to the Chairman. It certainly makes for good blackmail material if needed. Assistant Director Choi doesn’t know who she can trust, now. Oh, one more thing. Just as Dr. Yoo grills Dr. Park on leaving and he tells her he needs to rest, someone bursts in with an emergency. Poor shivering guinea pig patient has the covers pulled over his head. Suddenly, blood seeps through the bedding. Dr. Park yanks the covers back, blood pours from the patient’s nose and ears, and his eyes are rolled back. There’s never a dull moment.



  • Having a grilled cheese and tomato open faced sandwich for lunch while watching episode 8 and recapping episode 7.
  • There is too much going on. It is like watching Minority Report with so much bizarre stuff to process that requires way too much brain power. It’s exhausting. There are four Ward 21A patients -one down, three to go- whose story lines  we have to keep track of in addition to our main characters. That rapid-fire ending was dizzying.
  • The security guards are such annoying minions. Get a life.
  • Doctor Director’s creepy casualness gives me the heebie-jeebies. He is so patronizing with that hanger-in-the-mouth smile. Up until now, I have been understanding of Uncle Chairman’s blind eye towards the red flags and Doctor Director, but that line has just about run its course.
  • It is completely stupid that the high frequency signal that vampires give off is suppressed with the serum Dr. Wook injects twice a month except when he gives speeches. How could anyone say that with a straight face?
  • We still don’t have a clue about Ji Sang’s and Hyun Woo’s relationship.
  • So far, LUUVY has to be the most expensive one-liner robot that ever was.
  • The person I am putting my money on right now is Dr. Jung. He may have access to his father’s research that could match up with Dr. Park’s mother’s research. However, now that he has been targeted by Dr. Wook via surveillance and Assistant Director Choi’s hands have been tied, I am not sure where that leaves their mission.
  • I am warming up to Yoo Rita. I like that she is willing to back off and not jump to wild conclusions or act irrationally when things don’t add up. She holds onto pieces that don’t fit together yet. There is truth to her comment to Ji Sang that she is mature.
  • Someone needs to recap my recap.

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  1. @cimi
    Wow I can tell it’s hard work coz you need to watch, pause, write, rewrite. edit, take pic, post… Very thankful for your sacrifice.

    I am sure we are all hoping you have decent meals. Please don’t starve..please eat well..

    Yes I love the scenes between Rita and Ji Sang. He managed to sound curt, hurt and witty when he confronted Rita for avoiding him – am I a hologram? Hahaha

    His wrist holding gesture was lovely and poignant.
    By the way, why place her hands on his face or neck?
    Is that normal thing for doctors to do when checking temperature?
    Was it a deliberate gesture to be semi romantic????
    Arrgggghh …..


    • The hologram comment was so very dry, in keeping with Park Ji Sang’s character. It was a gesture of confidence and vulnerable openness for Ji Sang to let Rita in on his disease that he can do nothing about. He lets her read between the lines, now, without hiding the truth from her. You’re right, don’t people usually place a hand on the forehead to check temperature? It was the teeny tiniest gesture between a vampire and a human that represented a romantic mile.


    • I think placing her hands on the cheek was a deliberate attempt to be semi romantic by the script writers but with Dr Yoo’s personality i wouldnt put it pass her to do something forward like that hahaha…o my feels… his wrist holding gesture was lovely and the fact that he cared enough about Dr Yoo to reveal himself a little so she wouldnt think she’s crazy….*going into my own world*

      Ok, i am back, so Dr Park revealed that he is not normal to Dr Yoo, but he did not revealed enough arghhhhh just like Director Lee revelation of his vampire identity though the motive between both revelation couldnt be more different.

      I have a feeling Uncle Chairman is not as blind as we think he is. The situation with Rita being orphaned as well, i think there is more to that incident.

      Ummm that serum explanation for the frequency thing…..what..did Director Lee forgot to take his serum on the day of his inauguration or can he turn the frequency on and off whenever he felt like it??? Hmmmm….Dr Park did suspected him though but brushed his suspicion aside .

      Dont you just love the cliff hanger ending of this drama series. I do hope that it would continue to put us at the edge of our seat every time.


      • The Director purposely didn’t take his medication that day so that Ji Sang would feel the frequency and then the Director could go back to that incident as the first time he knew about Ji Sang (which was a lie). He used it as a way to connect them to start his reveal bit by bit to Ji Sang, and to make him feel the commonality between them. So evil.
        I agree with you about Uncle Chairman, although it makes me sad to think so, especially for Rita’s sake. Now, on to episode 8 recap!


      • Hai Cimi,
        I watched ep 7 last night on KBS World again (after watching it on drama fever) just for the heck of it hahaha and that scene where Director Lee was explaining to Ji Sang about the high frequency thing, he said that the high body temp cause by the serum also cause the high frequency thing to sort of be under control. He also said that, sometimes when he is focusing on something OR when he is making a speech he loses control of the frequency that’s why Ji Sang was able to detect the frequency during his inauguration day. He had to calmed himself down to bring the frequency under control.
        What cracked me up was his reasons for losing control over the frequency thing; “Hai i am a vampire who emits high frequency but when i am giving a speech, i lose control and start emitting again.” Why would giving a speech be one of your weaknesses, so silly. It could have been a mistranslation, because it would have made more sense if the line says that when he is focusing on something such as when he is giving a speech etc etc.
        It made me think which subtitles were less accurate. With KBS World, i noticed that when Hyun Woo called Ji Sang Hyung, it was tranlated as Ji Sang only. So the original dialogue loses some of its warmth and camaraderie. This fact really made me regret i cant understand Korean…arghhhh and this is why i appreciate your recaps very much Cimi.


      • It is those little things, like the hyung warmth that is missing with just Ji Sang, that translations can lose. Well, not being speakers of Korean, we have no choice but to rely on the hard work of translators. (I don’t think kdrama translators get paid, so it is a labor of love for which we are grateful!) You’re probably right that the high frequency thing is related to intense focus (that can likely cause violence and other uncontrolled reactions), but I just couldn’t let the speech thing go. It was too funny – a vampire with a public speaking phobia – ha!


      • I agree with you on the Hyung thing, JanuaryBlues. It’s pretty advantageous for me that I’m starting to get the ‘feels’ of Korean language by watching too much K-drama and reading manhwas. It’s nice being able to follow the flow of their conversations. I am sooo studying Korean.


  2. @ cimi
    ….It was the teeny tiniest gesture between a vampire and a human that represented a romantic mile…

    I love this phrase, cimi!! It aptly described the intent and content. If I were Rita, I’d find my fingers tingling all over and I might not wash it for an hour or two..

    And especially when he held her wrist twice…. *Blink**blink*


  3. @ cimi
    – I find myself liking the part on the director’s blood serum. Its like watching a Hollywood sci-fi show… Intelligent and intriguing.
    – JJH is a wonderful actor. He should go to Hollywoood. I really like him so much more than the guy who was blackmailed by two actress/model…
    – yes i like Rita in this episode. She was thoughtful and tactful – instead of ranting at him, she blamed herself for being crazy.
    – again, I see Rita clinging onto her childhood superboy memory. She even thinks and processes her observations via her “superboy-encounter” filter.
    – she was lovely and warm in the scene with the Sister.


    • I have to laugh at the Hollywood sci-fi reference, another reminder to myself that I am in over my head with this genre. Sci-fi, vampires, medical melodrama – all typically not my style and definitely not my expertise, but somehow the Korean drama combination has unwittingly caught my fancy. From what I’ve heard, breaking into Hollywood as a Korean actor is pretty tough. Jang Hyuk has been trying to get his foot in the door for years, and his acting experience is recognized, plus he is a half-generation older than newbie AJH. (However, AJH has risen to a lead role quite nicely after “You From Another Star” and “You’re All Surrounded” second lead roles.)


    • I love JJH too but if he goes to Hollywood he would just end up being typecast, you know; the Asian baddie, the Asian side kick, the Asian cop etc etc etc….I cant think of a single movie, series where the only Asian guy character is in that show purely because of his role instead of just being an additional Asian character to serve the plot. Hold on, i think Glenn in the Walking Dead would come close to that, no? I dont look at Glenn and thinks he is Asian, but look at the character Glenn only, but thats just me. Please correct me my fellow blood fans.


    • Hi, Shuerei.
      The blood serum is really intriguing to me as well. Knowing about blood a lot more than average people because of my studies, it gets the gears in my head running. For a normal human being, there are complications of our blood that needed the injection of anticoagulants. In cases of excessive internal clotting and clot formations in places where blood shouldn’t clot, let’s say the blood vessels (if a clot forms there, it’ll become an obstruction and may display danger to one’s life by interfering with normal blood flow), anticoagulant like sodium heparin may be injected as a cure. BUT you shouldn’t get a single cut. If you get cut, the blood will flow out continuously. A clot won’t form and the wound won’t close up. It highlighted the fact that an infected’s body has more mysterious functions that it can stand the presence of such coagulants wherein it should’ve had adverse effects.
      The questionable thing is this. The injection, the combination of extremely virulent viruses, injected twice a month and causes a very high fever lasting for 15 days… Is that really all? As far as viruses are concerned, fever is the least thing you should worry about. Even though he’s infected and his immunity and body is different from that of a normal human being, even Ji Sang went weak when he was struck with the hypodermic dart with the questionable fluid inside it.
      What was it again? Oh, right. Experiencing extreme pain is included upon the injection of the viruses. That’s it? He can walk around as if nothing’s wrong with his body? Fatigue and headache is always alongside viral infections, and he’s talking about VIRULENT species of viruses. Symptoms are continuous. He should be weaker. Ji Sang’s immunity should be better than Director Lee Jae Wook’s since Ji Sang is a specially infected individual whose infection came from inheritance. Perhaps there’s really more to the injection that Director is hiding. Hope they can make this one clear, since it’s full of loopholes.


      • Hi Jean Luz,
        Yes that whole serum thing. The drama has not really clarify what it was exactly that was injected into Ji Sang. Was it the serum made of 4 virulent viruses? Was it something else? So we dont really know. I hope it would be clarified as well.


  4. Loyal Blood fans and post contributors,
    **This is an April 19, 2015 update inserted before the original comment to clarify: I just saw Dr. Jung refer to Director Wook. I don’t have any qualms, now, about my reference to Doctor Director Lee Jae Wook as Director Wook. Thank makes me happy. Okay, that’s all. 🙂
    I have a dilemma and I need your input. It is concerning the way I have been referring to Director Doctor Lee Jae Wook in recaps. I could have sworn that somewhere in the first couple of episodes he was referred to as Dr. Wook. Does anyone else remember this? Because of that, I have consistently referred to him as Dr. Wook or Director Wook. Of course I realize his last name is Lee, but when was he ever called Dr. Lee? And, although you know who I am talking about and have gone along with the Dr. Wook tag, I am thinking of switching to Dr./Director Lee. In episode 9, Hyun Woo refers to him as Dr./Director Lee, so now I hardly think I can continue with Dr./Director Wook (even though I think it suits him better). Not only that, I feel the only way to offer accurate and helpful recaps is to go back and change all the Wooks to Lees. *sigh* Recap 101: get names straight from the get-go. In addition, not speaking Korean can only be detrimental to the task. How many episodes is this kdrama? 20?


  5. Dear cimi,
    Normally, I was too busy looking at the subtitles instead of listening to the korean language since I couldn’t understand anyway. They speak so fast that i only get two names very clearly: Rita and Park Ji Sang…. Please don’t use up your precious time to change your previous recaps. It will be too tedious…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shuerei,
      That’s kind of what I was thinking, and as long as we all know who Dr. Wook is, maybe it doesn’t matter. I can put a blurb disclaimer in ep 1 comments to clarify that that is how this recap post will refer to Lee Jae Wook, and perhaps that is enough. After all, many recaps use nicknames (some tongue-in-cheek) for characters. Thanks~


  6. I like the take on the virus and blood relation to being a vampire in this drama, not exactly new but still refreshing and different than normal vampire lore. That whole scene when Dr Park visited Director Lee to get info on his condition was really entertaining. I watched it twice. First because i had to read the subtitles and second so i can get a better take of their expressions.

    Oh Cimi , that pic cap of Dr Park about to drink the blood……..thank you very much for that 🙂


    • You’re welcome! I knew he wouldn’t drink it, but the suspense was intense. Poor Ji Sang is so vulnerable with the meds wearing off, and the Director is playing his emotions and making their commonality seem like a good thing. Those bags of clear blood, so creepy crawly to think he drinks them. (By the way, I suspect he supplies the blood to Leader Suh, and that is why she is under his power – she seems almost hypnotized, don’t you think?)


  7. Hi January,
    The fact that the drama does not reveal ji Sang’s feelings about Rita:chae Yeon makes us even more curious about his gestures.
    I mean he is a doctor so probably wrist grabbing is a normal thing to do (?)… I watched that clip a few times…trying to detect any “romantic indication” from him..

    Yes uncle chairman is not very transparent. The jeju incident is too coincidental – and again, Director Vamp does not seem to know much about Rita. No interest or whatsoever.


    • Hi Shuerei,
      You’re right. Ji Sang has warmed up to Rita after finding out she’s Chaeyeon but other than that we dont know how he feels about her romantically , yet. I watched that clip many times as well 🙂
      AJH has come a long way but i wish he would pay more attention to his body placement, his body looked stiff in that moment when he placed Rita’s hand on his throat. Also, when he was standing in Director’s Lee house, he wasnt going to sit down and sort of make a stand just standing there, his back looked weak from the back view. I mean, if he is going to make a stance, he must looked strong because that is what that scene is depicting, Ji Sang’s strong enough to turn down that blood. I know i am over analysing things but he will improved, i’m sure.


    • XD She’s like a cyborg alright, except on instances that she shows fear of Director Lee Jae Wook. They didn’t make it clear whether she’s infected or not. Is she infected?
      Oh and about the Dr. Wook thing… All they say actually is ‘Director’. Only Director. I can’t remember how they said it. All I remember is how they call Ji Sang. Chief Park, the subtitle’s say, but all they say is ‘Gwa-jang-nim’, ‘gwa jang’ meaning chief and the addition of ‘nim’ for higher repect. It’s like ‘-sama’ in japanese. ‘Hyung-nim’ (hyung) (older brother with added respect, used by guys only), ‘noonim’ (noona) (older sister with added respect, used by guys only), ‘harabeonim’ (harabeoji) (grandfather, again with added respect with the addition of -nim), even ‘ajumma’ as ‘ajjummonim’… The Korean language is very intriguing. Sometimes I hear them saying ‘Park-gwa-jang-nim’. Now that’s the ‘Chief Park’. Not sure whether they use ‘sa-jang’ or ‘bu-jang’ to Director Lee Jae Wook, but ‘sa-jang’ is usually used for the rank ‘president’ and ‘bu-jang’ is ‘general director’. ‘Sang-mi-nim’ I thought I heard that one as well. That’s ‘managing director’.


    • And another… In My Lovable Girl, Bi’s role Lee Hyun Wook preferred to be called ‘President Wook’ instead of President Lee.
      I think it’s fine, even with my limited knowledge of the korean language. Don’t worry too much about it, Cimi. (I’m always calling him Dr. Wook actually…)


      • Hi, Landair Heaven Jean Luz ~ It is so interesting, the additional words or word endings for rank and respect. Thank you for the helpful information. He is Dr. Wook to us, right? I didn’t know that in MLG President Wook went by President Lee, I’m glad to know that, too.


      • Chiming in here, even though I’m not a Blood viewer. Just throwing out an idea: Maybe it’s like how doctors in English are sometimes referred with their first names? Two examples:

        1) On purpose for informality, especially when dealing with children. Dr. Bob Smith says “Call me Dr. Bob.” His nurse, “Everyone calls him Dr. Bob.”

        2) Involuntarily, like in Doc Martin. The entire town calls him “Doc Martin”. He hates it and is constantly correcting them, with annoyed exasperation, “It’s Doctor Ellingham.”

        Since I don’t watch Blood, I don’t know if this is a helpful suggestion… or a bad joke?

        In My Lovable Girl I took it as a way to distinguish himself from his father in the company. Sort of “I’m not my father… and I don’t intend to stay here very long.”


      • But from what you guys have been saying, it doesn’t sound like it’s any of these situations. I guess? What do I know since I’m not watching the dang thing. 🙂


      • Yea i think those two points could be it and the explanation that Jean Luz given as well on Korean additional words to denote ranks. I remember that bit about Doc Martin, it did annoyed him very much being call that instead of Dr Ellingham lol


      • Yep… You got it, irevlow… 😀 And I remembered the scene in MLG where Lee Hyun Wook was talking to the members of Infinite Power (minus Shi Woo because he didn’t have any idea there’s gonna be a meeting) and said the President Wook thing and about his father. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂
        In Korea, there’s lots, and I mean lots, of common surnames. Lee, Park, Yoon, Yoo, Han, Choi are examples, and so maybe because they don’t want other heads to turn around when their surnames get called and so they resort to ‘call me this-call me that’, usually using the second of their two word names. But there are one word names like for example Lee Yul and Lee Shin in Goong/Princess Hours. There’s also Kang Woo in Master’s Sun.
        Korean is fun. haha

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi January,
    I will check out on Glenn and walking dead. There’s not much roles for Asian crossover actors. In fact there are lots of anime shows worth adapting for Hollywood.
    Blood+ had Jiana Jun but there are a number of good vampire animes, mangas and manhwas that would be fantastic for live-action series on cinema or TV.


  9. Whew… XD Another recap done magnificently, Cimi… 😀 Keep up the good work!
    (Just remembered something… When I was watching this episode, my siblings walked inside my room. I was eating spaghetti on my bed and the episode was at its ending where blood comes out of poor Mr. Gong Ja Bok’s nose and ears. ‘How can you eat while watching that?!’ They exclaimed and out the room they went. I just laughed at them.) Pity for Gong Ja Bok… He was so thankful for being cared of in Ward 21A, even saying that he didn’t think that he will be able to enter and use such a facility in his old age. His attitude is very nice. He is always careful not to offend anyone, especially the doctors and nurses. Pity he’s being used as a guinea pig for a miracle drug that might work on some people, cause diverse effects in others and death to those totally incompatible with the drug. Aughh. I’m upset.
    The wrist-holding scene is definitely magnificent. I was totally glued to the screen, cringing delightedly. Ha ha. Well, if you ask me, as a medical practitioner (gosh, how can I say that when I’m still a student. XD), taking the temperature by touching the forehed and the neck, it’s the same. The forehead is more used because it’s more comfortable for the patient. Imagine someone, a stranger, feels your temperature by touching your neck. Uh uh. Our face doesn’t change temperature even though it’s cold. There are lots of adipose tissue on our face, that’s fats, and it regulates the temperature. Notice other romantic scenes in some dramas filmed during the winter. They use the cheeks like a heating pad. If your hands feels like they’re getting frostbite, putting the over your cheeks will provide desirable heat. That’s the more medical explanation, I think, but I do think that the writers meant it as a lovable romantic scene. Ji Sang’s eyes had that sort of warmth that says something like ‘Don’t worry’. It was like he was reassuring her and comforting her. It’s a gesture saying that he cares for this girl enough to spill a bit of his secrets just so that she won’t pull all-nighters and ruin her health just for the sake of thinking whether she’s crazy or not. At least that’s what it looked like in my eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. The thing about the speeches. Yep. I agree with you guys. The focusing thing is much more believable. He feels excited while giving a speech and that’s why the high frequency sort of leaks out. They should’ve highlighted ‘feeling excited’ more than the speech thing. Honestly, I don’t feel excited when giving a speech. It just makes me feel tense and nervous. Oh well. Dr. Lee Jae Wook has intelligence, experience and confidence so it excites him to talk in front of many people about his ideas and perspectives.
    I’m starting to doubt Uncle Chairman, and Secretary Choi as well, about the death of Ri Ta’s parents. It was ‘Aunt’ who recommended going to Jeju Island to the family. Ri Ta calls Secretary Choi ‘Aunt Kyung In’. I found myself thinking… Uncle Chairman is Ri Ta’s Uncle from the father’s side because Uncle Chairman’s name is Yoo Seuk Joo. Is Uncle Chairman younger or older than Ri Ta’s father? What if Uncle Seuk Joo is the one who sent those two men with the matching blue jackets in episode 1 to the place where the family were vacationing to get rid of them and get the company? Choi Kyung In, being the one who suggested Jeju Island, is also involved in it. What if Chae Yeon just luckily scraped from a more certain death? My imagination’s running wild. Both Chairman and Secretary Choi are just so fishy to me right now. Characters that seems to be on the side of the protagonists, but their actions are suspicious. What do you guys think? Am I in over my head with these thoughts?


    • I forgot to include, if Chairman Yoo Seuk Joo is younger than Ri Ta’s parents, he’s in the way of him becoming president and that’s a motive to kill. You know the way of the ‘Chaebol’… I backed myself up with that.


    • What is Auntie Vice Director Choi relationship to Rita and the Chairman exactly? How or are they related by blood?

      I do think that Rita’s parent were murdered and the Chairman has something to do with it. It also strucked me that the Chairman’s disease is hereditary. Would that come into play later on?


      • Yep. That’s a very intriguing thing too. Ri Ta calls her ‘Aunt Kyung In’ and Aunt Kyung In calls her ‘Agasshi’ (Young Miss). The relationship between Choi Kyung In and the Chairman does poke pins on my curiosity. Hope they’ll answer all of these questions in the later episodes…


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