Roommate season 2 episode 23 Korean reality show

roommate 2 23 Gook Ju and Young Ji shopping in Dongdaemun for fabrics

Springtime Spruce up with Roommates

roommate 2 23 Jackson takes care of Regal the donkeyroommate 2 23 Jackson, Youngji, Regal the donkey

Jackson picked up where he left off and headed to the backyard to check on Regal. (You’ll have to forgive me, but I just can’t call our little donkey friend by his 2-day name, Michael.) I’m surprised Jackson didn’t do his signature flip to perk up Regal’s less than enthusiastic reaction this morning. However, in true Jackson form, he changed into an Eeyore costume thinking that  Regal might recognize a fellow Equus asinus. Considering that poor Regal was uprooted from his comfy environment in the countryside, not to mention being separated from daughter Young Dal, perhaps being homesick was not too far-fetched. A delicious sugar cube treat and Young-ji’s soothing presence seemed to help.

roommate season 2 episode 23 Jakcson's underwear commercialroommate 2 23 Jackson's sexy underwear commercial

Kang Joon arrived home from his busy schedule. He brought a birthday present for Jackson, a box of uhh, personalized underwear for the commercial Jackson said he wanted to shoot. Designs included  GOT7 and bromance  Seo&Wang brands- too funny. All this prompted a Jackson’s Secret commercial, take 1 & 2. (For the Seho version, I closed my eyes. No thanks.)

roommate 2 23 Guys cooking in the kitchenroommate 2 23

In anticipation of the arrival of co-star Kim Hyun Joo, Kang Joon busily prepared spring rolls. Seho and Ryohie, who were delusional about their cooking abilities after one lesson with master chef Choi, dived in to make a pasta dish. Brunette Joon Hyung wanted to make a dish, too (why not?), and created a tomato sauce. It was a spontaneous moment of too many cooks in the kitchen.

Actress Kim Hyun Joo (who co-starred with Kang Joon in the drama What’s With This Family) arrived. She and Joon Hyung warmly greeted each other with back in the day memories of a radio segment they did together as DJs. Kang Joon gave Hyun Joo a house tour that included their messy guy dorm room. Eeyore Jackson traipsed along at their heels. Not one to miss a chance, Jackson covered her eyes and took her outside to meet Regal and asked to borrow 20 million won to buy him. That Jackson is just too much to take seriously, sometimes.

The Roommate chefs, loosely speaking, served Hyun Joo a meal complete with wine. The cooking with seduction moves that were so natural with Chef Choi were completely lost in translation with Seho’s attempts at pouring wine and hand turning the pepper mill. He seems to be his own worst enemy in that area. The entire table of “chefs” waited nervously for Hyun Joo’s taste test. The results: Kang Joon’s spring roll won all around first place, Joon Hyung’s tomato sauce won the taste award, and Ryohei and Seho’s pasta – a salty fail. They were so disappointed. It’s back to the drawing board for you two.

Springtime Spruce Up Roommate Style
sewing machine dance, Hyun Jooroommate 2 23 costars Kang Joon and Hyun Joo

Gook Ju and Young Ji went shopping for things to spruce up the house. They lingered over the seeds selection and got some tips from the owner on planting in their yard. Gook Ju hand-picked a variety of peppers to keep things hot and spicy (wink wink). On to Dongdaemun market for fabrics and home goods. They chose pretty yellow fabrics from the vast and glorious selection to update the household and live brightly. Multi-talented Hyun Joo set up the sewing machine. Roommate random moments are becoming the norm, like Hyun Joo’s sewing machine dance that Seho pulled up on his phone. (The guys were impressed.) She was a whiz on the sewing machine and with an appreciative roommate audience, whipped up bright pillow covers to spruce up the household. She even mended Seho’s pjs.

roommate 2 23 Joon hyung, Jackson, Young gi, Regal, Michael, Youngji roommate 2 23 Jackji, Joon Hyung, Regal, Michael, Jackson

Eeyore Jackson, Brunette Hyung Joon, and Carrot Young-ji took Regal for a walk around the block, as if he were their pet dog. Regal happily trotted along and Jackson didn’t miss a beat in asking Joon for 20 million won. One way or another, Jackson is going to get the money to buy Regal. Joon Hyung calmed him down and promised Jackson that they could visit Regal once a month.

roommate 2 23 Kang Joon and Hyun Joo grocery shoppingroommate 2 23 Kim Jung Nan and Hyun Joo in the kitchen

Kang Joon and Hyun Joo went grocery shopping for dinner. Kang Joon grabbed just the right moment to tell Hyun Joo that when he is older, instead of drama roles as siblings, perhaps they will be lovers. (“When you are older you will still be in your twenties?” laughed Hyun Joo and said she would make an effort not to age.) With the arrival of Kim Jung Nan it truly was a What’s With This Family gathering. Cucumber demonstrated her new sitting and heeling skills for the guests. (Can we hope that they’re really keeping up with her training?) The noonas enjoyed kitchen attention from the Roommate flower boys as they prepared dinner. Jackson took care of guest Jung Nan by giving her a house tour. The dinner menu consisted of steak and mushrooms in wine sauce with rice and wild chives – yummy!

roommate 2 23 eating together Hyun Joo, Seho, Kang Joon, Young ji, steak and rice with wild chivesroommate 2 23 ryohei and Kang Joon

They talked around the dinner table about their six months on the set together and the many bonding experiences. Jung Nan had compliments for Kang Joon as a good young actor, well-mannered, and a pretty smile. Agreed! Not to be outdone, handsome flower boy Jackson went with the moment and gave Jung Nan and Hyun Joo a shoulder massage. Next round, Kang Joon provided after-dinner entertainment on the piano and Jackson followed up with a serenade.

roommate 2 23 Jackson gives Jung Nan a massageroommate 2 23 ang Joon plays the piano

Lovely Hyun Joo, woman of many talents, played the guitar. Jackson impressed the guests with beatbox (works every time), and the evening wrapped up with a lighthearted sing-along. Somehow Joon Hyung slept through the entire evening and missed out on a decent steak dinner.

goodbye Regal, Jackson, Young Ji, MichaelAt the close of the day, it was time to say goodbye to Regal. The owner stopped by to pick him up. I nearly cried when Regal stayed close to Jackson as if reluctant to leave. It was one last ride on Regal, then Jackson bid his little friend a fond farewell.

* A shout out to my ghostwriter who provided inspiration and motivation with ideas for this week’s recap. You know who you are~ \/

Here is the latest news (rumor) about Roommate as posted on the SBS Roommate Facebook site:

March 16th, 2015.

Dear beloved international viewers,

Our hearts ache as we are delivering a sudden announcement to you. “It’s Okay, Roommate” Season 2 is officially coming to an end. However, as the production team is finishing up the last filming session for this season, SBS has decided to take on a new season. Season 3 will include mostly actors who have not been on variety shows and the team is discussing other possible candidates. Most of our current members from Season 2 will leave as new members shall join to take the program on a new direction. The show’s concept will be kept the same, however, please also expect some new changes.

We have been together for more than six months, and now it is time to close this chapter. We sincerely thank you for your love and kind words, as well as feedback and criticisms.

Once again, thank you everyone. We will continue to update you regarding the new season as soon as possible.

Written by Dawon@KoreanRoommate


18 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 episode 23 Korean reality show

  1. It’s the little moments like Joon Hyung snoring away in his room as Kim Jung Nan peeps in, and Se Ho bringing his PJs for mending, that make RM feel cosy and different from other reality shows with quizzes and games. I hope that doesn’t change too much with the new season!

    If they go with the ‘expected’ choice, I think it will probably be Se Ho; if they surprise us (and they might!), it might be someone like Nana. I think the departures will be expected for the most part, given their busy schedules. That said, I’ve gotta say I’ve been deeply disappointed by the lack of Min Woo this season, Show! Hope Cucumber will also have a chance to bow out gracefully and find a nice owner.

    Call me obsessed, but I actually think it would be fun if one of the Abnormal Summit guys did a stint on RM! It’s like getting all the benefits of cross-cultural exchange without leaving the country! Plus, from what I’ve seen, some of the AS guys really need to take a course in being domesticated (case in point: Yuan’s cooking in WIMFH. He’s really clueless in the kitchen! How can you put the egg in before the tomato?!)

    Hyun Joo was just … wow. One of the best guests so far! (RM really does like to make their guests work hard, don’t they? Guess that’s what reality tv is really all about – suffering!) Kang Joon’s ‘confession’ about wanting to play her BF next time was sweet! So naturally done, too, without any awkwardness – hmmm, maybe he’s more of a player than I thought? The branded underwear gift was an unexpectedly racy choice from Kang Joon, but resulted in a hilarious CF segment. I agree with KJ – Jackson could pull it off, no problem! (the ad, I mean, not the item itself! :P)

    The rice with wild chives looked both yummy and healthy, and putting the silken tofu underneath sounds interesting – might give it a go myself. Hard to find really good silken tofu, though. There’s nothing like having a tofu shop and buying fresh tofu…


    • Hi thursdaynexxt!
      I would also guess that Seho is staying, and if the producers are smart, they will try to wrangle Jackji. I would be surprised if the show holds onto Nana. I missed Min Woo all season, too. I guess something didn’t click there. Do you know if he is in a drama coming up? I was thinking how much I like the new Human Condition cast, many of whom are not well known. If season 3’s less-than-famous celebs are anything like that bunch, it may be a good thing. The Roommate PR is pretty bad, though, for not promoting the show in a better light.

      I don’t think I’ve ever had fresh tofu (I use extra firm tofu and stir fry it with bok choy, water chestnuts and hot peppers on rice.) I will check the small Asian market in town next time I go there. and see if they carry fresh tofu.

      I was up late working on the Blood 7 recap and am paying for it this morning. Like Guillaume, I am using collagen eye patches, but I hope it works better for me! An AS roommate household, I dunno if we could handle the chaos! They would be tripping over each other for air time, and I have a headache imagining the kitchen calamities! Btw, do you have a link for the next WMFH episode subbed? Their travels are pretty close to a Roommate style show, not that I think about it.

      Happy weekend!


      • Min-Woo is in an upcoming movie. I don’t know if they are filming yet, though.

        Been meaning to ask cimi, in another post you mentioned finding those pretty Korean facial masks. How were they?


      • Wow, you must have esp! I just stocked up on those masks today. At a measley .69/each, they are the greatest mini R&R splurge around. So refreshing, to steal a Kdrama phrase. I absolutely love them.


      • Here’s more on Min-Woo and the movie with several English titles. I’m counting 5 so far: In The Mood For Love, The Atmosphere of That Day, That One Day, The Mood That Day, and Mood of the Day.

        Park Min-woo scores first big-screen role opposite Moon Chae-won, Yoo Yeon-seok

        This DB article said that Min-Woo will play ” Yoo Yeon-seok’s school hoobae, a star basketball player.” and that “first shoots will begin before the year is out, for a 2015 release.” Asianwiki said ” Filming begins second half of 2014.” I read elsewhere that it was due to be released in March! Who knows with movie schedules.

        Other articles quote him “It’s my honor to star in a highly anticipated film about Chungmuro. I’m both happy and thankful since it will be my first big screen challenge. I will do my best to exceed everyone’s expectation.”

        This is an interesting back story article on how the PDs convinced him to stay on for Season 2 of Roommate:

        Park Min Woo Shares Lee Gook Joo Cried Because of Him in “Roommate”

        Seems kind of sleazy in retrospect. He also talks about the encouragement he’s received from several Season 1 and Season 2 cast members.

        Found this blog dedicated to Min-Woo, with the tagline “f*** yeah park min woo”

        Expresses the sentiments we’ve been feeling about his appearances on Roommate Season 2:

        It has been recently confirmed that Roommate Season 2 is coming to an end whereby all the current members will leave the show.

        As sad as it sounds but part of us thinks its the best for Park Minwoo. We have been disappointed with the poor editing making Minwoo as if a guest in the house. Not even a glimpse or preview of him in the past probably 10 episodes. A 5 seconds preview at the ending which they didnt even air.

        Roommate has been a good platform for Minwoo. Sadly also due to poor editing he has been badly criticise as well making him look bad. Its sad to see from someone so cheerful turns quiet as we know Minwoo tends to read all the comments in Social Media.

        Well, now that its ending we’re hoping last episode would at least air some screentime for Minwoo. Wishing all the best for Minwoo. Praying and hoping he would pick up a future variety show so we would still be able to see him on screen as often.


      • Poor guy, he just never found his comfort zone in the Roommate household. I’m glad he was busy filming “Modern Farmer” and now, his new movie. There was also an adorable MV in there somewhere, too. Thanks for the links, revlow.


    • Hi everyone!

      Really love the JackJi siblings (I don’t really think of them as a couple in the romantic sense – I just enjoy watching Jackson get protective when she’s talking to other guys!). Couldn’t stop myself from watching JackJi cuts again:

      As far as WIMFH goes, not an Eng subs to be seen anywhere, I’m afraid! It’s a pity, since they’re already up to at least Ep 7 in Belgium with Julien! Same for Dating Alone – no full subs, only snippets here and there. I’ll definitely let you know if there’s any sightings/links!

      I’m waiting for the episode of RM with SSK, but just watched Invisible Man with Goo Hara and Robot Jang Su Won . the IM cast visited an architectural firm and got upstaged by the workers, who were pretty funny themselves! HaHa was hilarious as the Bruce Lee the Elevator Man. I did see that Late Night Cafeteria came back to HT, but wonder if it’s a continuing corner, or if they’re gonna introduce a new format? Otherwise, I’ve started watching Protect the Boss (for my KMHM Ji Sung withdrawals) and School 2013 (finally! ‘Cos I thought I’d better watch that before School 2015 comes out!

      How did the collagen patches go? I tried them once, and they were an epic fail. Well, it’s no substitute for proper sleep, anyhow! I’m glad your Blood recaps are going well and getting a regular following – clearly, the 69c investment is worth it!


      • Love School 2013 and Protect the Boss, good choices. Bummed about the non-subbed shows we love. The patches are soothing, and I hope they helped (I think they did). But you’re right, there’s nothing like being good to yourself with a decent night’s sleep!


      • Speaking of variety/reality subs: Does anyone know if there are subs somewhere for Three Meals a Day Season 2? Or the new season of Grandpas Over Flowers? Coming up with bupkis.


      • PS – What is WIMFH?

        Thanks for the link thursdaynexxt. I just started watching it. I hadn’t noticed JackJi strangling each other in the background before as JYP was greeting Cucumber. LOL! Teared up all over again with Jackson and his parents. Looks like good cuts, will get back to this later.


      • Hi revlow,

        It is a spin-off of Abnormal Summit called Where Is My Friend’s House? Alberto, Yuan, Julian, Guillaume, Tyler, and Seyoon travel together to visit Yuan’s hometown. So far, only the first three episodes have been subbed, and it hangs that way like jdrama subbing issues – you never know if or when another one will be available.

        Speaking of Julian, he is on the panel of a new weekly singing variety show, I Can See Your Voice. If you haven’t watched it yet, ep 3 waas just subbed on dramacool, and gives a good idea of how the show is set up.


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