Blood episode 6 recap Korean drama

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Blood 블러드 episode 6

blood 5 Dr. Park's wound begins to healblood episode 6 recap Dr. Ji Sang Park's wound heals

Dr. Yoo expresses concern when Dr. Park’s face is cut by the patient wielding a scalpel. She stares as he puts his hand over his cheek, realizing it is already beginning to heal. Did she see anything? Inside his office he places a bandage over the area where he was cut.

Director Wook reprimands New Drug Team Leader Suh for not screening the alcoholic patient. Since alcoholics have an adverse reaction and were supposed to be excluded, he is angry that he has to deal with the situation. Leader Suh apologizes and says that information was not in his record. Director Wook wants her to get rid of the patient, but she reminds him that if he goes to another hospital they will detect what was injected into him. Director Wook arranges with security to force-ably discharge the patient. Let’s talk about the security for a minute. With high surveillance in Ward 21A and all the coming in and going out that Leader Suh and Director Wook are up to after midnight, I am curious when the CCTV footage will be asked for by the others. The hefty lead security guard is definitely in cahoots with Director Wook and can certainly cover or delete footage, so I am counting on there not being a big hole in the story over the unrestricted access and the big deal that was made over the high security measures.

blood episode 6 recae Hyun Woo suggests they leave Koreablood episode 6 recap Ji Sang and Hyun Woo and LUUVY

Hyun Woo now knows the medication is not lasting and is affecting Ji Sang’s senses and physical capabilities. The dosage cannot be increased. Ji Sang’s mother’s research determined that Atisan weakens the body and affects the nerves. Dr. Park’s surgeries will definitely be affected if he takes any more medicine. There are other problems, too: shattering the bathroom mirror was an out-of-control moment not to mention that Dr. Yoo saw his wound start to heal. Although Ji  Sang seems surprised when Hyun Woo not only suggests he quit the hospital but that they leave Korea altogether, he perks up when Hyun Woo mentions that, in doing so, they can focus their efforts on the VTH-16 project. LUUVY contributes, “This is a complete disaster.”

Dr. Park walks down a corridor and sees an apparition of a woman singing and stroking her hair – his vampire instincts kick in. Just as he lunges for her, he awakes, startled, from a nightmare. Poor Ji Sang leads such an uncertain, lonely, and stressful existence.

Hyun Woo tells him not to perform surgeries for now and to avoid blood. His blood tests show that Atisan can no longer control his craving for blood, and he can only depend on his own will. His mother discovered Atisan, but the side effects of long-term use are unknown. Hyun Woo suspects it is affecting Ji Sang’s cerebral cortex which is causing issues with emotion control and that’s why he smashed the mirror. Unlike other infected people who become strong and aggressive when they encounter blood, Ji Sang becomes weak. Again, Hyun Woo speculates that it is the result of long-term use of Atisan. Before Ji Sang heads to the hospital for the day, Hyun Woo makes a fake scar on his cheek under the bandage.

blood recap episode 6 1 Dr. Yoo rips the bandage from Dr. Ji Sang Park's cheekblood recap episode 6 Director Wook and Sister Sylvia in the chapel

Dr. Yoo confides in her friend, Dr. Choi, about Dr. Park’s wound and how it began to heal right before her eyes. Dr. Choi tries to dissuade her from following up on her crazy ideas, but when they run into Dr. Park in the hall, Dr. Yoo rips the bandage from his cheek. The fake scar works and she lets it go, even though she is sure of what she saw.

As Director Wook concludes a prayerful  moment in the hospital chapel, Sister Sylvia enters and hopes she isn’t disturbing him. He refers to her as the Asian Mother Theresa. They exchange comments that indeed, both have much to take up with him. It is a disturbing, foreboding encounter of good and evil in an highly uncomfortable location.

Dr. Park consults with Dr. Jung who has discovered the blood samples from Ward 21A do not go to the hospital lab, but to a lab set up by the New Drug Development team. Neither likes the sound of it and suspect the patients in Ward 21A are the New Drug Team’s guinea pigs. Also, concerning the patient with marks on his arm, Dr. Jung suspects he was given medications that were not recorded on his chart. Dr. Jung suggests they investigate the lab together, but Dr. Park declines, knowing he should stay away from blood for the time being. He does, however, hint that he can help out if the burden gets too heavy. Dr. Jung meets with Assistant Director Choi and decides after all to look into what the New Drug Team is all about. He tells her, however, that he will not get involved in the politics, and she will have to find a way for him to be an observer and be able to access the data. She assures him that she will solve the access problems.

A few doors down, Director Wook sets Dr. Woo up as the one who will follow in his footsteps. Dr. Woo cannot hide how pleased he is. In addition to more status, Dr. Woo will help manage Ward 21A. Director Wook has successfully brought Dr. Woo around to his side. Flattery will indeed get you everywhere.

Even for something as minor as a vending machine malfunction, Ji Sang cannot hold back his emotion and frustration and pounds a dent in it with his fist. Min Cha Yeon happens to witness this. The staff is upset as security guards roughly escort the semi-conscious alcoholic patient out of the hospital. The head guard has a signed a release and claims he is authorized to discharge him. Dr. Woo steps in to question the situation, but Dr. Yoo pulls her aside and informs her that any commotion will be perceived as negative for the (free clinic) ward. He reminds her that her uncle would agree to avoiding any problems. There are many unanswered questions that don’t set well with Dr. Yoo. The discharged patient is thrown out on the street. That night, as he lay drunk in a dark alley gutter,  a vampire goon approaches him. He clearly has orders to get rid of him. As if strangling isn’t enough – and in full kdrama fashion, the truck of doom does him in.

blood episode 6 recap Dr. Lee brings Cha Yeon coffeeblood episode 6 Dr Wook in the rain

Assistant Director Choi directly tells Uncle Chairman that the new Drug Team has too much authority. He makes it clear there is nothing to discuss. He reminds her to follow through with the Hanche Hotel acquisition, the first medic-hotel in Korea, and she must see it through.

Dr. Lee overhears some residents chewing out Ga Yeon for sloppy work. Alone, she reviews her notes in the hall and chows down a piece of bread. Dr. Lee brings her coffee and offers words of encouragement to keep working hard no matter how many times she gets pushed down. He understands being on the sidelines and tells her not to end up like him. Ga Yeon remains somewhat of a mystery, still. She seems to appear whenever and wherever there is an incident involving Dr. Park, but her intentions are unclear. Is she good or evil? That is the question.

Director Wook holds a picture of him and a young patient. He recalls his conversation with Sister Sylvia in the hospital. Flashback:  1979 UCSF Medical Center – A pretty girl in a hospital ward flashes a big smile when Dr. Wook appears at her bedside. Fast forward to a rooftop where people are looking over the building side, shocked. In the pouring rain on the ground below lies the young girl’s body in a pool of  blood. In a voiceover we are told that her adoptive parents abandoned her due to high hospital costs and she was discharged to protective services. Grief stricken, Dr. Wook looks heavenward.

blood episode 6 Rita and Ji Sang walk in the forestblood recap episode 6 Yoo Ri ta and Park Ji Sang in the forest

The doctors meet for a briefing. So far, no one has volunteered for the Jeju Island seminar, but Dr Park says he will attend. As his co-team colleague, Dr. Yoo also decides to attend. They arrive at the seminar and Dr. Park’s popularity and recognition surprise, perhaps even impress, Dr. Yoo. His presentation on the Appleby Operation is well received. With some free time, Dr. Park tells Dr. Yoo he has somewhere to go. They part ways. He heads to the forest and walks along the path, recalling the girl he saved years ago.  Unknowingly, Dr. Yoo, has also gone to the forest, when suddenly, he approaches and scares her. They have both returned to the place of their past shared experience. When she says she was nearly killed by a pack of dogs when she was young, he is startled. He asks what happened. She simply tells him that someone saved her, a boy who lived in the area. So the boy fought off the dogs, he asks? She doesn’t know, it just happened. Ji Sang realizes Yoo Ri Ta is Yoo Chae Yeon.

blood episode 6 Park Ji Sang and Yoo Rita drinking game, black knightblood episode 6 recap Ji Sang carries Ri Ta

After a business dinner there is drinking and games. Dr. Park excuses himself, but Dr. Yoo and the others insist he stay. Dr. Yoo gets a penalty shot and they call for Dr. Park to be the black knight (and drink it for her). He declines. When he only gets stares from around the table, he says that he is allergic to alcohol and can’t even have one drink. Dr. Yoo chugs the shot herself and says who needs a black knight, anyway? After several rounds she is drunk and throws up on the sidewalk. She staggers over to the bench where Dr. Park sits and mumbles,  “If that boy who saved me were here he would have consumed the alcohol for me. He rescued me with no expectations. He could have died that day.”   She passes out and leans on his shoulder. He gives her a piggyback to the hotel room. She tells him that, by the way, she lied to the Director that time about him being  drunk because while he was unconscious in ER, he was calling for his mom and told her not to leave. “Just like my mom,” she adds. She says the saddest thing of all is not wanting to let go and not expecting it but having to anyway. Then she is out, cold. As she sleeps, he watches over her and, in his mind, he sees her as the young girl who thanked him for saving her in the forest that day.

There is a fire alarm in the hotel late at night. Everyone rushes to the hall, but it is a false alarm. In the room across from hers, Dr. Park steps out. Dr. Yoo sees his cheek – there is no bandage and no wound. Back in his room, he notices the bandage on the bedside table and realizes she saw his face.

The Set-up

Director Wook puts his sinister plan into action. He is ready to make a major reveal and do away with some expendable riffraff. He tells the leader of the pack to go ahead and let the boys take Ji Sang out. It is time to get rid of him. The vampire boys have been dying for this moment. Bait #1.

Ji Sang receives a text message: You said you wanted to know who killed your mother. If you want to know, show up here tonight. Prepare to die. Bait #2.

blood episode 6 recap Ji Sang, blood, Ahn Jaehyeonblood episode 6 recap vampires attack Ji Sang

Everyone congregates in the old, abandoned lab for the showdown. The vampires are loaded up with bags of blood and splash it everywhere to set off Ji Sang and get his vampire juices flowing. He is weakened and they attack him in full force, eager to kill him. He is no match for the pack; it looks bad. But Dr. Wook has something else in mind. He has gotten everything  he needs from the pack and now they are in his way. It’s been nice knowing you, boys. A shadowy hooded figure appears in strong force and battles the vampire pack. They are brutally killed, one by one, by this monstrously powerful figure. Just as the last vampire pack member tries to fight off the hooded figure, he looks up, and sputters in horror, “Doc?” before he is impaled. In a vampire battle to the death, Ji Sang and the powerful hooded vampire go at each other for the kill. Holding Ji Sang by the neck in a stranglehold, the mysterious figure pulls back his hood to reveal a fanged Dr. Wook: the vampire mastermind.

blood episode 6 Ji Sang and Doctor Wook fightblood episode 6 Dr Wook reveals he is a vampire



^^On my lunch break slurping ramen noodles and madly viewing and typing away in order to get this recap up for all the loyal followers!^^

  • I am totally in love with Hyun Woo. Please let there be a whole episode devoted to him. Because he is so good to Ji Sang and deserves it. The writers are leaving their friendship story for last because it’s the best, right?
  • A   new aspect to the story line was introduced by Uncle Chairman – the Hanche Hotel whatever that he mentioned to Aunt Assistant Director Choi. Ugh. Not more stuff to keep track of, please.
  • I will give it one more episode to satisfy my annoyance with the whole hospital security thing. It can’t be high surveillance and not record the most invasive violations of patient care. I mean, I know the security guard is a Wook goon, but still, CCTV footage is way up there with cells phones for the most important devices in moving the plot along in kdramas. For example, (one of many) if Dr. Kim suspects medication was given to a patient and not recorded, how hard is it to look at who entered the patient’s room (on CCTV) and what was recorded when? I can live with the complete authority of Director Doctor Vampire Lee Jae Wook up until now, but any more completely unethical, non-investigated, and outright violations of hospital protocol and medical staff responsibilities that remain unaddressed will pop my cork. You can’t be a doctor and have common sense, too?
  • I am okay with the pace of Ji Sang and Ri Ta’s relationship, both professionally and personally.
  • I am a bit taken aback by how eternally evil Lee Jae Wook is turning out to be. You could see his impatience boiling over, vampire style. His manipulative gestures of feigned kindness and generosity are proportionate to his extreme desperation and mad scientist distorted thinking to get Ji Sang at all costs.
  • Is there anything worse than vampire betrayal?
  • I’m worried.

Bonus: For your enjoyment and on a much lighter note, here is an Entertainment Weekly interview with Ahn Jaehyeon, who is delightful and quite the gentleman.  – 22:40 minutes into the show


40 thoughts on “Blood episode 6 recap Korean drama

  1. Vampire betrayal lol…those poor minions…

    Ah i am worried that Ji Sang is weakening due to the meds he’s been taking, i thought it was the side effects of the thing that was injected to him, him being near invincible but becoming more vampire like, having difficulties resisting blood.

    My sister mentioned that Dr Wook’s obsession with Dr Park is borderline stalkerish in a romantic way, that really cracked me up.

    I am with you on that whole CCTV thing, how can Dr Park not suspect even one of the security guys? It’s too obvious that one or all of them is in cahoots with the villains.

    I saw the Entertainment Weekly interview and it surprises me how soft spoken AJH is in real life. Quiet and calm. It made me appreciate his acting in Blood more.

    Ah cimi, dont get indigestion ok.

    Thank you for yet another great recap.


    • Your sister’s comment is very funny, and I wish it were true, but me thinks Dr Wook’s intentions are stalkerish in a very bad way, and he has stalked him since birth. Scary. It is apparent that Dr. Wook knows no boundaries and, unlike Dr. Kim- the colleague he killed who said, the means does not justify the end, Dr. Wook will go to any lengths to get the end that he wants. Boo hiss.
      Working over lunch again (coffee and a banana bread slice) to gather thoughts for ep 7 recap. Eating on the fly doesn’t really bother me, good thing, huh!


    • LOL Your sister’s a funny one… Though I keep thinking about it… If Lee Jae Wook didn’t become the crook he is right now, he might have been Park Ji Sang’s godfather or something… Well, he was friends with Ji Sang’s parents… (I kept on imagining Park Ji Sang calling Lee Jae Wook ‘Samchoon’ (Uncle)… (Very weird.) And I have mixed feelings about it… XD)
      Yep, the CCTV thing does bother me a bit. But as everyone can see, no one can move freely with the Chairman backing Director Wook’s every order. I pity those Doctors. The hospital’s blood and nervous system are the doctors and they can’t exercise their authority because of that New Drug Pharmaceutical Team. Especially that Team Leader… Where the heck did she came from? She pisses me off with whatever she does.
      Ahhh… Ramen… I can’t eat those things properly when I’m in the dorms. Can’t wait to go home and make myself a big bowl of noodles.
      Cimi, fighting! I second JanuaryBlues’ comment about the indigestion thing.
      Question, guys… Do you bloat after eating noodles? I hear it a looot from many Korean Dramas. Nothing like that happened to me before though, and I loved eating noodles for dinner too…


      • “LOL Your sister’s a funny one… Though I keep thinking about it… If Lee Jae Wook didn’t become the crook he is right now, he might have been Park Ji Sang’s godfather or something… Well, he was friends with Ji Sang’s parents… (I kept on imagining Park Ji Sang calling Lee Jae Wook ‘Samchoon’ (Uncle)… (Very weird.) And I have mixed feelings about it… XD)”

        Haha, dont go there, i cant get it out of my head now…..


  2. @cimi thanks for the super fast and wonderful recap
    @ January, haha, I guess it is due to LJW or JJH’s chameleon acting – it’s very hard to slice his character. PJS is certainly getting a lot of unwanted attention.

    I think GHS shines in this episode. At the hotel pool, when she expressed that the boy is somewhere out there, it’s obvious that’s the dearest thing she held onto. I think that’s what kept her hopeful and optimistic about life. That at the most critical point of her life, a miracle happened to her. I love the way PJS hoisted her to his back, saying he will make an exception this time (to her comment that he wanted her to stay away from him). It was a rather unexpected gesture from him when moments before, he was inching away from her on the bench….


    • Loved your take on GHS. This scene really is very heartwarming even though Ji Sang’s back is naturally cold and Ri Ta complains that her face is about to freeze off. XD
      30 centimeters… My sis said it reminded her of the 1 meter in My Love from Another Star. It has a different feel though.
      Perhaps his heart warmed up to her knowing that it’s been so long and Ri Ta still thinks of the adolescent him frequently, and dearly at that.


    • Hi Shuerei,
      Yep i think Ji Sang is warming up to Rita especially after finding out that she was the girl he saved back in the forest and i am loving that the romance bit is moving along….And also yes, i am loving JJH portrayal as the villain, i hope his end would not be as black and white as in his dead, good riddance, because he is a complex character. His motivation is somewhat good (he’s hoping for a miracle drug i think that would save the world) but like his mentor said the end doesnt always justify the means.


  3. Oh My Gosh… That you very much, Cimi, for including that Entertainment Weekly Interview… Waaa… What’s with his voice? It’s very serene… I agree that he sounded quiet and calm… The words are flowing out of his mouth very gracefully.
    Listening to his voice is very relaxing and he’s got that very softly-clipped feel at the end of his words and it made my heart fall down my stomach. XD Oh well, you know Fangirls… And Ahn Jae Hyun totally captured me. I’m sooo rooting for him and his acting career.
    He’s 29 in Korea meaning that he’s 28 outside of Korea. Waaa… Daebak. He’s a real vampire. That baby voice with the combination of a deep voice. Very charming.
    (The thing about him going to school with his naturally-pale complexion and being asked to go home ‘coz he looked sick cracked me up XD)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi jean,
    Yes she is so hopelessly “in love” with his adolescent self and I wonder whether he felt the same…. What do you think?
    Even a “cold”shoulder or back is still comforting to her… I’d say he is a lucky man.


    • I agree. I mean, it is quite an experience for Chae Yeon but think of all the years that passed. He was 16 back then. And I remember Ri Ta saying that Park Ji Sang is on his 37th or 38th year of age. 21-22 years?! Daebak. Yoo Ri Ta sure is faithful.


    • It would be nice if he felt the same. In regards to what I think… Yep. He might be feeling the same. He’s got absolutely no run-ins with other women, never had the desire to do so and never had the capability to do so. Yoo Ri Ta is the only girl in his life. I’m sure he felt something. I’d hit him if he didn’t. XD


  5. Hi Jean,
    Thanks! You from Another Star – thanks for pouting out the similarities.
    – Both actors were cold and indifferent towards their OTPs.
    – Both actresses were expressive and forward (making first moves) towards the guys they like.
    – And both are in love with their childhood rescuers.


    • There are lots of similarities… But the feeling that I get from watching the two dramas are very different. I could’ve been happier if the production team put more effort in the computer graphics. The effects in You From Another Star is just wonderful. Remember the scenes with the wild dogs in the forest? I don’t know about others but I think they could’ve made it look more real. Korean CG is amazing.


  6. Hi Jean,
    I don’t like the people involved in drug research and security guys under vampire head. Yes the head research girl is scary.
    I started to like the new Dr Woo (?) who thought he is gonna be the next Director. The way he latched onto the director’s promises was quite hilarious. His prompt agreement to help the charity ward and acceptance of Dr Park made me laugh.


    • He’s got quite the desperation alright… Oh well… Who’s not afraid to die? I’m sue that because he’s got the money, he would want to try everything he can to keep himself alive. He doesn’t want to leave yet. There’s Ri Ta, the hospital and Secretary Choi and all his other businesses that needs him. I don’t think Chairman is that bad of a person. He’s not exactly that selfish either. It’s just that he doesn’t want to die yet. But he trusted the wrong person. And I have an inkling that he’s not dipping into Dr. Wook’s ‘process’ of obtaining his miracle drug because he knows that it’s not humane and that it’s fine as long as he’s not seeing that particular ‘process’. But if you ask me, acting ignorant is the same as assisting the crime.


  7. Hi Jean Luz,
    Ah yes miracle drug. In that sense I can understand JJH’s motivation… Sigh..I am conflicted. Who doesn’t want a miracle drug and yet if lives were to perish for others to survive, how to justify that.
    I get this feeling that both PJS and Rita are living in the past. PJS carrying the memories of his dead mom and Rita longing to meet the boy in the woods… I think they both need a major healing process…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep… We have similar views with that. But the process of Dr. Wook in obtaining it is just plain inhumane. And it’s pretty obvious that he thinks of himself as someone far superior than others. I remember him telling his minions ‘We are not monsters. We’re just superior beings’ or something like that. He takes advantage of the longer lifespan of being an infected because he believes that no one but he can achieve the impossible. He thinks so highly of himself. But oh well, even I have thoughts like that… ‘If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.’ (Got that from Sebastian, the crab composer in The Little Mermaid… It’s pretty amazing that you now know and understand more of the things you see in cartoons which were only for fun when you were a kid. I like and use that saying a lot now.)
      ‘Memories have no power’, Kim Sam Soon said to Yoo Hee Jin in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. But it does. The past holds more power over many people than other people think. It can entrap you. Full of regret and ‘what-ifs’. Full of things you might want to change. Park Ji Sang and Yoo Ri Ta are among those people. What happened in the past was out of their control, being powerless teenagers. Imagine how painful it was for Ri Ta to want her original name ‘Chae Yeon’ be changed. And Ji Sang… Despite his mother’s efforts in concealing the truth so he wouldn’t go after the person who killed his parents, he still did. It’s the only motivation he have in living. On the other hand, it was the young Ji Sang who may be a source of Ri Ta’s reason for continuing to strive and live in the world, in hope that he will meet that ‘Oppa’ someday. Yes, they’re living in the past.
      My… Just got an idea from that. ‘Thank you, Oppa.’ That’s young Chae Yeon. What would be Park Ji Sang’s reaction if Ri Ta starts calling him Oppa again? XD *squeal


  8. Hi Jean,
    I couldn’t reply to threads coz the columns get smaller and I only see one vertical line in some of Cimi’s replies.
    Yes I agree that the Chairman is not being ethical. At least he should insist to Director Vamp that no lives should be harmed. It’s really despicable that they use the homeless people as guinea pigs.


    • It makes me wonder still what the relationship between director and uncle is and how the director has such power over the uncle to the point that he isn’t listening to anyone including his own common sense. Director is an outsider and already he calls the shots, or better yet, blocks all opposition with that confident air and smile of his (which sure turns scarry behind closed doors)! I do blame uncle for looking the other way because he potentially has something to gain personally (a cure, which I really think is a bluff). Shows what desperation can drive a person to do.


  9. Hi Jean,
    I didn’t really watch the whole amazing Kim Sam Soon show. But I am so glad you introduced that phrase and you are so right – memories have power. In that sense, Rita probably has more peace coz her most vivid memory is the encounter. So she looks forward to see that boy even though she could have dwell on her dead parents… While he focused on his mom’s death – granted that he witnessed a much more tragic ending compared to Rita who was spared the real truth. But how memories linger and grow more powerful despite nearly two decades were gone …


  10. Hi Jean,
    I dunno how he will react to oppa. I realize this is not as easy role to play and I think AJH is having a challenging job being robotic and reactive at the same time.

    When you see some slight movement in his throat, you know he is “feeling” something. The “smirk” or smile he tried so hard to hide is perhaps the only time you see him having a bit of pleasure…

    I can’t imagine whether he would be able to love Rita. Right now all his love is for his dead mom. I just wish he could open his heart to love a living woman. His late mom would have that.


  11. Hi jean,
    Yes – you from another star and healer have a much more fluid direction and pacing. I think Blood lacks that flawless transition and surreal feel. But I am giving some credit to Blood in terms of tackling innovative ideas on virus. I do wish they place more screen time on the OTPs coz I think both GHS and AJH score higher in delivering more sentimental lines…


  12. Hi Cimi,
    Do you think uncle chairman and director vamp are acquainted earlier, say, jeju island 20 years ago? But then he would have noticed that Dr Wook didn’t age…
    I am just wondering why The director didn’t know about the childhood encounter between Rita and Ji Sang…


    • My guess is they went know each other professionally, from medical school, or from working together in the past.
      Is your second question based on information after episode 8 (because I haven’t seen anything past 8)? My understanding is that Lee Jae Wook orchestrated it all, so of course he knows. Maybe I will have to look at the question after I’ve watched more episodes. Btw, I am nearly done with 7, hope it’s up later tonight 🙂 You all are so patient ~


  13. Hi January,
    Is ji sang “feeling” something when his hand reached out to touch her fair or brush her hair after the piggyback ride? It’s interesting that he pulled back at the last minute. Why? Coz he doesn’t want to feel affection for anyone? Or he is just not into her?


  14. Hi cimi
    Yes I did watch after ep 8 but I noticed Dr lee jae wook hardly notice Rita for the past 5 episodes (ep 2-5)…
    I mean she is niece to chairman and her parents’ death could be related to his minions but he never brought up that fact….does it mean her presence at the forest was really coincidental?
    I can’t wait for your ep 7 recap. But do eat well….
    I love GHS’s acting during final scene.. Her hesitancy, her sadness… She is good in displaying raw and restrained emotions


    • I am guessing that Rita is right where he wants her and doesn’t need to spend time worrying about her. What I haven’t figured out is how much Uncle Chairman knows. But I see what you are saying, that Director Vamp was waiting for a victim, and not necessarily Rita in particular, and took advantage of the situation to sic the wolves on her in order to get Ji Sang’s suppressed symptoms in the open. Hmmm. Interesting.


      • I don’t think Rita presented in the wood was coincidental for Dr wook to take advantage. I believe Uncle Chairman has been controlled by Dr Wook. He must receive the order from the dr to send somebody into the wood on that day, so he sent Rita’s family who happened on vacation there. To his credit, I don’t think he knew he would harm her family by doing so. Dr Wook went ahead with his plan, didn’t care who was in the wood as long as the Uncle obeyed his order to send somebody. That’s why he has no recognition of Rita


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