Roommate season 2 episode 22 Korean reality show

Jackson’s Birthday Wishes (aka the donkey farm and the Crazy Chef)

(celebrating Jackson Wang’s March 28, 1994 birthday a little early)

roommate 2 22 1 jackson and youngji jackji

Happy birthday, Jackson! Youngji remembered it was his birthday (Jackson knew her’s too – August 30). I don’t think I have ever heard a more off-the-wall birthday wish list than Jackson’s, but when you’re 22 and the world is your oyster, nothing seems impossible. But raising a donkey? Other wishes included putting his head in a tiger’s mouth, sky diving with Kim Heung Guk (last week’s guest), swimming with the dolphins, and for the twelve roommates to go to an island together. Perhaps tba, SBS?

roommate 2 22 2 jackson sky diving youngjiroommate 2 22 jackson, dong wook, seho, tiger

Okay, so raising a donkey actually ended up sounding do-able after hearing his other wishes. Seho and Dong Wook arranged for a trip to the donkey farm. Big brother Dong Wook set out with youngsters Jackson and Youngji for the 7-hour round trip drive to the donkey farm. The owner was such a calm guy, and loved being called brother by Jackson. Donkeys come in all shapes and sizes and what Jackson had in mind was a very small donkey that he wouldn’t be scared of (more like Donkey in Shrek).

roommate 2 22 jackson and donkeyroommate 2 22 jackson, young ji, donkeys, Regal and Young Dal

Miniature Cross Donkeys, Regal and Young Dal, were just the right size for Jackson’s liking. Turns out those cute little miniature donkeys bring a pretty penny at 22 million won. (According to the owner, there are only 8 miniature donkeys living in S. Korea – a rare commodity.) Dong Wook, Mr. Voice of Reason, was not very successful in reining in Jackson and Youngji all day long. Jackson begged to take one home to which Dong Wook scoffed, “That’s total nonsense, how can we live with a donkey in Seoul?” and “How were you planning on getting the donkey back, exactly?” Youngji answered, “Put it on top of the car.” I lost count of how many times Dong Wook was rendered speechless on the donkey excursion by Jackson’s and Youngji’s pitiful, childlike pleading. He even tried to convince Jackson to just play with the donkeys and then go home, but Jackson whined that his birthday wish was to raise a donkey. It totally worked. Poor Dong Wook, always the responsible older brother who was never a kid himself.

roommate 2 22 5 jackson, Regal, donkey, young jiroommate 2 22 6 jackson, youngji, donkey

Youngji and Jackson danced for their supper and the owner offered to let them take Regal home for two days to decide if they wanted buy it. For the transportation costs, Jackson and Youngji agreed to clean the stalls. The owner offered a 10% discount. Jackson said he would sell his soul for 20 million won. “I can walk him in JYP building like this.” C’mon, Park Jin Young, buy this little pet for your rapper star. They set out for Seoul with Regal in tow. Jackson’s first wish came true.

roommate 2 22 11 donkey, youngji, jackson, dong wook, jackjiroommate 2 22 donkey crossing

roommate 2 22 12 donkey and jacksonThey arrived home safely and made a soft hay bed and tied Regal to the tree in the yard. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Cucumber bark before, but she was yanking at her leash to meet the new, um… intruder. Regal wasn’t fazed a bit. Jackson paraded Regal around the living room to show her off, then it was back outside. Regal certainly was calm; perhaps donkeys have a gentle nature (or he takes after his owner). Jackson blindfolded Gook Ju and Joon Hyung for a surprise meeting with Regal. Poor Gook Ju was shocked to the core by the unexpected critter. Jackson said he wanted to change Regal’s name to Michael (Michael Jackson). Not today. Devoted Jackson planned to sleep outside with Regal.

“Crazy Chef” (aka wish #2 – Jackson wants to learn how to cook)

roommate 2 22 Choi Hyun Seok, chef, Crazy Chef, Seho, Ryoheiroommate 2 22 7 ryohei, seho, choi hyun seok, chef

Seho and Ryohei greeted today’s guest,Choi Hyun Seok, chef extraordinaire (see article link below). They were the pupils of the master chef and assisted him from start to finish. Like a boss, Chef Choi checked out the kitchen within minutes of his arrival. Wow! He was impressed the roommates had the same knives he uses. Next, a grocery run. Chef Choi spontaneously picked fresh everything for the theme of the cooking class: dishes that impress women. (If you like someone, you must serve four courses at least.)  I learned something new – bulging eggplants and cucumbers mean more seeds and more bitterness, so look for straight ones. Ryohei and Seho immediately lost focus when they spotted free samples! (Reminded me of Stars Falling from the Sky when the mother announced they were eating dinner out, meaning hitting the supermarket for free samples. The oldest daughter was mortified, but the younger siblings loved it.) Chef, who cannot be seen sampling, devised a method with his daughters to sneak him samples as he stands aloof at a distance. Ryohei played master sampler swindler and slyly slid them Chef’s way. Well done! Veggies, lime, abalone, one whole halibut, chocolate, and the shopping was completed.

Time to cook: It was like a scene from Pasta when Chef Choi unrolled his knives and utensils, and put on a crisp, black apron. Pupils Seho and Ryohei obediently answered, “Yes, chef!”

roommate 2 22 10 ryohei, seho, choi hyun seok, chef

scene from Roommate household

roommate 2 22 pasta

scene I am imagining from Pasta

Chef Choi demonstrated cooking with bravado in front of your girlfriend to change the level of your relationship. He was very impressive, even salting raw fish with a flair could qualify for a relationship changer the way he did it. I’m looking at food in a whole other light after watching Chef Choi prepare an incredible meal experience. The roommates trickled in and gathered at the table.

roommate 2 22 16 romantic dinnerroommate 2 22 15 ryohei, seho, romantic dinner

And….dinner is served: seafood salad, pork stew simmered in grape juice with blueberries, shrimp capellini, tiramisu – what could be lovelier? They toasted to Ryohei and Seho and their newly acquired gourmet cooking skills to impress future girlfriends. Or something like that.

roommate 2 22 dong wook

Dong Wook is looking healthier these days, don’t you agree? Jong Ok gave him such a hard time about the circles under his eyes and his lack of energy at the end of last year with his demanding drama shoot schedule.

Article on Crazy Chef:


18 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 episode 22 Korean reality show

  1. Jackson is weird but fun. I can’t throw shade since I’ve wanted to raise unusual animals too (if only sabertooth tigers weren’t extinct!). Wookie *is* looking much better. This episode is a great example of why I like him in general. Poor beleaguered hyung. Not sure how I feel about fruity pork, but Crazy Chef’s dating advice would work on me. It wouldn’t even need to be that complicated as long as it was good. I read the article and drooled at the sound of spicy ice cream. Also giggled at the sneaking samples. Not sure if they do/have time for return guests, but it’d be cool to see him again.


    • I did notice Gook Ju’s comment that Chef is known for thinking a lot of himself, and brushed him off. It was unlike her usual amicable self. I also have seen him on a cooking show with Kwanghee as one of the MCs, but was it subbed? I can’t remember. Anyway, Chef Choi is very creative to think up gourmet dishes off the top of his head. I loved the seafood salad, that did look refreshing. And the tiramisu, wow. I think the next episode is a part 2 with Jackson’s wishes, if they follow through. We know all to well about previews that weren’t. (I can’t forgive SBS for not giving us the date episode with Jackson and his mom.)


      • If the preview is to be believed it will be with two of Kang-Joon’s co-stars from What Happens to My Family. (Well, I am sure on one, Kim Hyun-Joo, but not certain on the other, Kim Jung-Nan. I think it’s her, but she looks quite different from her character.)

        Dong-Wook looking far healthier. Does my heart good to see.


  2. LOL at Jackson’s bucket list/birthday wishes. The tiger one cracked me up. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when they only ‘leased’ the donkey, though. The humans are a noisy enough bunch – they shouldn’t add more pets to it! I hope Regal’s warm enough sleeping outside, and I hope she gets home safely! And when are we going to see the results of Cucumber’s training?

    Agree that Wookie is looking great, even when he had that stunned look from dealing with idols and donkeys all day!

    The cooking segment about learning how to impress girls – I admit, flinging the tea towel over one’s shoulder could be manly, but it does remind me of the bath house! Chef Choi was in an entirely different league from the RM boys. I felt a bit awkward with Se Ho trying to put his sexiest foot forward. He kept looking for affirmation from the girls and digging his grave further – I was relieved when he returned to form and smeared the cream all over his face! The lack of an electric beater was a great leveller, though – I chuckled at three grown men huffing and puffing over the bowl of cream! But I do sympathise – I remember the last time I tried to make meringue by hand. Se Ho’s right: it’s no joke! I thought my arm was going to drop off! (Aside: my thing with pasta at the moment is angel hair pasta with lemon garlic sauce, and a touch of chilli – it’s summer here, so I don’t really go for creamy carbonara at the moment).

    Highlight of the night: Jackson asking the Chef: “how did you seduce your wife”! I wish he would guest on Abnormal Summit!

    Random: Haven’t been watching much k-pop shows (although I’d like to get to Goo Haera some time). But I’ve just discovered the JYP girl duo 15& – listening to their songs on repeat. Recommend starting with “Love is Madness” with Kanto of TROY! JYP nation: BAM!!


    • Hi thursdaynexxt,
      I LOVE angel hair, and your combo of lemon and chili sounds delish! I am not a cream sauce fan, so the light version appeals to me. Glad you brought up the awkward Seho segment. I felt it, and it made me cringe. I almost mentioned his new side shave – not a fan on him, nor am I a fan of Joon hyung’s dark locks compared with the bleached blonde that he wears so well. Just my preference. But yeah, the whole different league sort of make Seho look like he was trying way too hard and teh Chef was rather brusque toward him. On the other hand, Rhyhei got chef points for the olive oil tasting which was quite debonair, I must say.
      Speaking of Abnormal Summit, I was put off by the two lies set-up and didn’t think it at all was a representation of the white lie culture discussion. It made me uncomfortable for Yuan who was hit twice, although it was a display of his and the others’ genuinely generous responses to Julien and Daniel. And Kangnam was a total zero, silch, nada, zip – he added less than nothing to the show. He is an odd duck, anyway, although somehow he is hosting 5 shows now. I don’t dislike him, I just don’t get him. And no competition, Takuya, not a smidgen, so don’t worry. Oh, Yuan is on the latest Happy Together episode and there was a Late Night Cafeteria segment – I really missed that! Will check out 15&. My connection to k-pop pretty much is a reflection of kdrama or k-variety association.
      Have you watched the 2 or 3 subbed Real Men women’s episodes? Good grief, if you knew you were going to join the army for the show, wouldn’t you at least work on being able to do the minimum 16 push ups and build up your endurance to run a couple laps? 3 didn’t even pass the most basic entry exam. It was such a lack of preparation I was disappointed. K-variey shows are so random, uneven, and unpredictable, aren’t they? It’s like people show up to be on them and didn’t give a thought to any preparation.

      Happy weekend, it’s 72 degrees, I LOVE it!


      • I’m not doing the lemon detox diet or anything, but I’m trying to add lemon juice to almost everything these days – fish, meat, salads n sauces, adding a zing to your orange juice etc.

        I didn’t get the whole point of tasting the oil off the back of your hand. Ryohei did pull it off, but then he crumpled into that “eww, this tastes weird” face. It was funny when Chef directed them to give a ‘romantic’ glance towards their GF while cooking, and Ryohei got told he looks like he’s going into battle! Whatever it was, it was certainly intense. (I’m glad someone pointed out about Se Ho’s shirt, too, I was wondering: 1) is it just me? 2) why’s he wearing a white dress shirt for a cooking session? Chef getting whipped cream all down his black shirt was cute – he retired in disgrace to the kitchen to lick his wounds, literally!

        Joon Hyung gave me a shock too. Even his “BAM!” doesn’t come across with the same impact when he’s sporting that black hair – maybe he can grow it out a bit and style it? He looks like he just got out of the military.


      • I’m into limes these days – both are so refreshing!
        Yeah, Joon hyung can pull off the bleached look, even at 46 (47?). There sure were a lot of roomies missing: Seo Kang Joon, Min Woo (per usual, aww), Nana, Bae Jong Ok, and Sunny). Guess that’s why they spend to episode on just 2 stories with whoever was around. I wonder if Jackson will get a cake on his birthday (JYP and GOT7, c’mon and do it up right!)


      • Yep, Jackson’s list can keep them going for another 10 episodes! 🙂

        By the way, just started watching My Friend’s Home Ep 3, and I’m happy to report that maknae Tyler knows his way around the kitchen, and has the tea towel shoulder-fling move down pat! I wanna see a “Pasta” re-enactment with our AS guys!


      • tea towel shoulder-fling move…

        Last night I told my neighbor about this episode. He is a chef at fancy schmancy, very exclusive resort — but a totally down-to-earth guy. I knew he would get a kick out of the story. When I got to the part about the “sexy towel fling”, he shared a recent experience. One of his guys was making pasta. He had a towel slung over his shoulder, when — oh, my god! — the damn thing fell into the pasta machine. It was totally lodged. They had to spend hours pulling the thing out tiny shred by tiny shred. It was so jammed in and wrapped around throughout that they could do nothing to take the pasta machine apart. Couldn’t even get the blades to wiggle one teensy bit. It was solidly in there. Not at all fun.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think so. We have a lot of film and TV tastes in common. He’d seen a fair amount of Korean movies, several before I did. I raved about the movie The Host — he watched and loved it as well. Well, I’ve raved on and on with just about everything. Of course it was Misaeng recently. I think he may actually watch that. He’s not adverse to the idea, just very busy. The winter tourist season is about to slow down, so maybe he’ll have the time.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, I know it must’ve been an industrial duty pasta maker, but I had no idea those things were so dangerous! At least it was only the tea towel that went in, but you really can’t make pasta out of it … Don’t tell me they’re an Italian restaurant, to cap it all off? 🙂

        By the way, Cimi, it’s also precisely 72 degrees (22 degrees Celsius) here today on the other side of the world!


      • Hi revlow! Maybe your neighbour could ease into things with movies like The Company Man or The Whistleblower? Maybe he’d like one of Byun Yo Han’s indie movies? Or even Covertly, Grandly?

        Other tidbits: heard that SSK will be up on next Sunday’s SBS Running Man: ! I think the caption says: “Dark Knight” – is that a reference to his crazy Joker get-up in an old 1N2D S2 episode?


      • Hi thursdaynexxt. Thanks! Both excellent suggestions. I saw him after I read this. I remembered to tell him about Company Man. I forgot to mention Covertly, Grandly — but I definitely will. Great movie, and for anyone discounting Kim Soo-Hyun’s acting abilities I say watch this!

        Ease him in? LOL. We both have Oldboy in common. He’s seen the entire Revenge Trilogy; I haven’t seen Lady Vengeance yet. We agreed with each other yesterday that after Oldboy, who can remember the others anyway.

        Nope, at least not an Italian restaurant! 🙂


  3. Yes, been meaning to come back with my AS32 comments (I don’t get my subs until Thurs night, which means I don’t usually watch it until the weekend). I was wondering where to put my comments, so thanks for the opening, Cimi! gonna start in a new post, though, or it’ll get really long.

    I think we just found SSK’s dream job: licking clean the beer pipes in the sports stadiums in Germany!

    The hidden camera thing was a bit pointless, I agree (although Blair’s reaction was great). Daniel’s lie just fell flat (we’ve already had Tyler and ZY’s visa scandals anyway). Julien’s acting was too good – but now he’s the boy who cried wolf – no-one would actually lend him money after this! The responses of the guys were really warm and sincerely supportive, though, and that’s the only reason I’m glad they left in this segment (but please, writers, don’t go down this road again!). I’m also feeling like there’s a AS member ‘split’ happening, what with the spin-offs and side-segments, that don’t include the whole cast. Not sure if that’s due to the other members being busy with their own schedules…

    Felt sorry for Tyler getting cut off, but it really was TMI (about Nixon). Everyone had a glazed look on their faces – he really wasn’t ‘reading the mood’, was he? The bit I liked most with Gangnam was when he admitted he didn’t understand half of what was discussed and thought everyone else did, ‘cos they were all nodding their heads! Then Alberto chimed in with that awesome bit about it being mostly pretense, but that it was for courtesy, as well as for keeping the lines of communication open (because if you keep saying you don’t know/understand, people will stop talking to you, especially when you’re trying to learn a foreign language)! Wise words from Albe, as always.

    Speaking of which, I find it interesting that Takuya’s Korean is supposedly better than Zhang Yuan’s, but he just doesn’t talk as much (like that whale hunting segment – Blair was right beside him – they could have had a good discussion, but he just avoided it). Zhang Yuan actually comes across as more articulate, simply because he keeps trying to get his feelings and opinions across, even if his accent and grammar aren’t the best. Makes me wonder what a ‘good communicator’ really is.

    Aside from that, as for Hyun Moo and Se Yoon’s Aussie accent: just stop while the going’s good, mate.

    Ooh, I can see My Friend’s Home Ep 3 has Eng subs released – gonna go watch: .

    So much exciting stuff coming up: Angry Mom, Superdaddy Yeol, Orange Marmalade … ottoke yo~~?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks soo much for My Friend’s Home Ep 3. yay! I am in a Saturday marathon to get Blood ep 5 recap up. What have I gotten myself into? It’s fun but really a time zapper, how do db recappers do it week after week, sometimes for several dramas?
      Tyler should have chosen something more recent and less involved than the Nixon thing. I liked it better when Sam sat on the other side, not sure why. The Russian guy (can’t recall his name off the top of my head) is fitting in better with the overall discussion it seems. I hope they can keep the momentum of the show going and not get sidetracked, as you mentioned. They all have bright spots and a lot to contribute. All in all, it is something quite different and new in Korean variety shows and I think it works. My reward for completing a recap will be MFH ep 3! 🙂


    • My Friend’s Home was really fun. You will have to keep me updated if and when more episodes get subbed. Poor Guillaume, his stomach was giving him trouble, but it didn’t seem to stop him from eating. The hierarchy thing seemed to throw off poor maknae, Tyler, which is kind of surprising considering he is fairly aware of culture and assimilates well for the most part. Maybe he was just giving hyung a hard time;. Aw, Yuan’s family was such a big turnout to see the AS stars. I am sure they were touched by the display of hospitality. Yuan was nearly speechless, it must have been heartwarming. He’s a good guy.


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