Blood ep 4 recap Korean drama

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Blood 블러드 episode 4

Dr. Wook is out to rattle Ji Sang’s cage and good. After attacking Ji Sang in the vacant hospital ward the two vampires flee. Ji Sang staggers outside and collapses. Dr. Yoo sees him and runs over to check his vitals. He is very cold. She gets him to the ER where he is hooked up to monitors that give alarming readings. Just as Dr. Yoo is about to draw blood he wakes up startled, brushes her aside, and leaves. She asks what happened and he plays it down. “You’re unwell, aren’t you?” she replies.

blood 4 3 ji sang, Ritablood 4 1

Dr.Wook explains to the leader of the vampire pack that the series of mini confrontations is to wake up Ji Sang to the fact that he is a superior being. Ji Sang has mingled and assimilated with humans for too long and has forgotten who he is. After all, Ji Sang’s parents became warm hearted and lived a human-like existence. He looks at an old picture of them together. He will make sure Ji Sang does not follow in their footsteps and forget his purpose.

blood 4 8 Ahn Hyoen, Ji Sang, Dr Parkblood 4 5 Ahn Jae Hyeon, Gu Hye Sun Jung Hae In

While Hyun Woo analyzes the syringe contents, Ji Sang takes an ice cube bath to lower his body temperature. Hyun Woo thinks the compound injected in Ji Sang is the same one that killed his mother. Ji Sang suspects the same pack has lured him back to Korea. But, he says, at least they’ve saved him the trouble of tracking them down. Before he leaves, Hyun Woo hands Ji Sang a box and tells him it is a present.

Uncle Chairman and Director Wook meet to discuss the Free Clinic (referred to as Ward 21A) and the drug research lab, which have simultaneously opened for business. There is tension in the air when Uncle Chairman mentions that any leak to the public could mean trouble. This is met with stern words from Dr. Wook who hopes any doubts will turn to faith. I get the uncomfortable feeling that the Ward 21A patients may be used as guinea pigs for the drug research lab.

Dr. Yoo researches low body temperature (abnormal hypothermia) and tests the ER equipment for malfunctions. She and Dr. Park can’t seem to avoid each other in the hospital halls and it is another energy-wasting war of words between them. She wants a thank you for the ER incident and he wants her to stop getting in his way.

blood 4 6blood 4 9 Park Ji Sang, Blood

Suh Hye Ri, the head of the new drug research team, coolly approaches the head nurse in Ward 21A and informs her that all patient data will be collected. Hye Ri asks that station passwords be given to her team. Assistant Director Choi observes this exchange and approaches Dr. Jung who had expressed his disagreement about the drug lab and hospital merger. She asks him to monitor their research. He interprets that to mean that she wants him to spy and report to her. She says it is something like that. He is not interested in cooperating. She offers approval for his grant as an incentive. He turns her down. As Dr. Jung passes the lab, he gives a barely detectable nod to Shu Hye Ri. U2 Dr. Jung? Was all that fuss in the conference room a red herring?

Director Wook prepares the less than enthusiastic doctors and staff for Ward 21A patient assignments. Sister Sylvia prays with the male patient who Dr. Park reluctantly admitted. The patient’s young daughter begs Dr. Park to help her father live a long time. He says he will do his best, but tells her promises should only be made when they can be kept. Another critical patient arrives by ambulance. She desperately needs a liver transplant. When Dr. Wook assigns Dr. Park to the complicated surgery, his star surgeon status provokes the ire of the other doctors. Dr. Park offers for Dr. Yoo to join him as co-surgeon because of her sharp diagnosis of the patient’s condition. She agrees, although she accuses him of not wanting to go down (fail) alone. After the meeting, Director Wook asks about the ER incident and Dr. Park’s health. Dr. Yoo covers and says he was drunk and simply sleeping it off. (Of course Director Wook knows she is lying.)

blood 4 7 Park Ji Sang, Ahn Hyeonblood 4 10 Blood kdrama

At his mother’s hospital bedside, the son weeps and tells her that she can’t die and to hang on. Dr. Park recalls his own words to his dying mother. Later in the hallway, the son pours out his grief to Dr. Park and regrets that he can do nothing. Dr. Park comforts him and tells him to live for the present,  and even places a hand on his shoulder. From a distance, Director Wook observes this display of warm-hearted humanity. A liver becomes available at another hospital. Everyone moves stat. Dr. Yoo is about to leave with the retrieval team when Dr. Park jumps in the ambulance. She is surprised; he was to stay and prep the patient. Director Wook has asked that, as a favor to him, Dr. Park go in his stead and give proper honor and respect to the donor’s family. En route Dr. Park receives a cryptic text: Congratulations. You’re the first to survive it. They arrive at the hospital, there is a brief, solemn moment of prayer for the donor, and the liver is removed and packed for transport.  But when the team hops in the ambulance, Dr. Park tells them to go on without him. Hyun Woo calls to let him know the compound in the syringe is indeed the exact same as what killed his mother. Whoever is after him are the same ones who killed his parents.

blood 4 13 Park Ji Sang, Ahn Hyeon blood 4 12 Ji Jin Hee, Dr Wook

Someone is lurking in the shadows, baiting him.  Another rooftop chase ensues. Ji Sang has to decide between a showdown with the vampires who can tell him who killed his mother, or the surgery. Hyun Woo’s present: contact lenses that block UV rays. This time when the vampires shine a light,  Ji Sang is protected. He is hot on the pursuit since he is closer to finding out what he has wanted to know for the last 20 years. His cell phone rings; Min Ga Yeon tries to reach him from the surgery room, but in that split second he follows his most basic instinct and fights vampire to vampire. As he strangles one of them with all of his vampire strength for information, police cars surround them. The vampires take off. The police threaten to shoot and Dr. Park raises his hands above his head. He is in a pickle.

Director Wook calmly allows the chaos he has created to build to a climax. He ignores the frantic calls being made to him from ER. With Dr. Park preoccupied, it appears that neither one will show up in time to perform the difficult transplant. Dr. Yoo announces she will be the attending surgeon. Director Wook sends someone ahead to announce his arrival in surgery in 30 minutes and meticulously scrubs up to step in at the very last minute as the savior. He is pleased with the outcome of today’s planned confrontation and says, “Ji Sang, you have made the right choice. You haven’t disappointed me.” With not a minute to waste, the surgery begins, but there is a shocking twist as Dr. Park enters a step ahead of Director Wook.

blood 4 14 Yoo Ri Ta, Gu Hyeblood 4 15 Dr Park, Dr Wook, Ji Jin Hee; Ahn Hyeon


  • Who I can’t trust: the security staff; Dr. Jung; of course the drug research lab rats; obviously Lee Jae Wook and the pack
  • blood 4 11 Hyun Woo, LUUVYWho I can trust: Ri Ta Yoo; Sister Sylvia (really, if we can’t trust the nun, then I’ll just throw in the towel); Assistant Director Choi, Hyun Woo
  • Who I am not sure about: Ga Yeon; Uncle Chairman (although I am leaning toward trust for both); Who is the other man in the lab coat in the old picture with Lee Jae Wook and Ji Sang’s parents?
  • So, the contents of the dart that killed his mother did not kill him. Hence the congratulatory text message.
  • Ga Yeon’s presence has not gone unnoticed in this episode. She is in the ER when Dr. Park is brought in. She is assigned to Ward 21A. She is the one who called Director Wook when other surgeons were not available. She is on the transplant team in the ambulance.
  • I am bothered by the fact that both Uncle Chairman and Assistant Director Choi are uneasy with the whole drug development lab issue. She did question the lack of information provided to them by Director Wook, but at the time Uncle Chairman let it go. In addition, the conversation Uncle Chairman had with Director Wook about his reservations should anything go wrong was also addressed vaguely and almost threateningly. So, that brings me to the same question: What is the connection between Uncle Chairman and Director Wook? The only clue we have is that the research is for a cure for Uncle Chairman’s illness (or at least that is what Director Wook has led Uncle Chairman to believe).
  • It feels like the patients’ stories are more complicated than they need to be for moving the plot forward. There are too many side stories that are distracting. These are things that make me start losing focus, and ultimately, interest. As JanuaryBlues commented on the last post, this drama may be trying to do too many things. I agree. We can only hope that is fixed down the road.
  • More LUUVY, please.

blood 4 2 ji Sang, Yoo Ri Ta*Bonus: Is the scene where Ji Sang corners Ri Ta up against the wall influenced by Japan’s kabe-don trend?



21 thoughts on “Blood ep 4 recap Korean drama

  1. Thanks for the link to that Kabe Don Ginza event, that was really interesting. I would love to shop there *sigh* Maybe that’s where Blood and Pinocchio writers were inspired from for that wall cornering scene 🙂

    Dr Park managed to kick some vamp ass and still got to the hospital in time, what a talented multi tasker!! Hurray for him!
    I want more Luvvy time too.

    Oh i just have to mention that Vulcan hand thingy the junior doctors and Rita were doing LOL really made my day. I hope Blood will live long and prosper (cant help myself).

    Thanks cimi for another great recap.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I saw the kabe don mentioned by Takuya two episodes ago on Abnormal Summit (kshowonline has it subbed) and recognized it in that Blood scene. The Vulcan hand think was really funny. Stuff like that is hard to mention in a recap because you sort of “have to be there.” Another thing that is hard to transfer into a summary is the back-and-forth between Dr. Yoo and Dr. Park because it is so dry and on paper it sounds even drier. And why does everyone have so many titles? Director Wook, Dr. Wook, Director Dr. Wook, Lee Jae Wook, Boss Man, it gets confusing. Anyhoot, I’ll keep trying, and thanks!


    • Vulcan hand. Yes yes she likes him. Bending over him like that. I wouldn’t do that to a guy I despise… I would make sure I am about 1 mile away from him…


    • I always felt the show has a bit of Japanese anime/movie vibe. The trailer and ep 1 which featured him standing on the roof has a strong Japanese feel… even Rita’s name, her high pitch voice …
      It’s just that the director and editor of the show need to decide so the pace is more consistent with the concept. Sometimes they try too hard and sometimes they try too little


    • I am still on the fence with Ga Yeon. The only other female character from Ji Sang’s past is the girl he saved and named in Kochernia in the first episode.


      • I tried looking up your recap and the clip for ep 1. He called his kochenia patient the name of the girl he saved in the woods? Does it mean he likes/liked the little girl?


    • You’ve given me the motivation to pick up the pace…recapping takes WAY more time than I ever imagined! Thanks for sticking with the recaps, I’ll do my best.


  2. I may use their real names instead of character names. I wish they could speed up the OTP’s relationship development. Yeah I am rather suspicious of Ga Yeon’s role. She is all innocent and sweet, buying sympathy with her late mother’s story, In earlier episode, Ri TA seems to pick up on that. And I wonder if that wasn’t arranged by our vampire director – to get her noticed by AJH (Ji Sang). Cimi, it’s good u pointed out Ga Yeon calling the director – I mean she could have called other docs or the Human Resource….

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  3. Despite lots of criticisms against the lead actors/OTP, I actually find their dry humor works for me. I think Dr Park finds Rita spoilt and busybody but in little ways, I think she rattles him as much as lurvy robot. And while Rita finds her new superior arrogant and suspicious, she is curious about him – perhaps more than anyone she has met in her adult years. I can understand why she acted that way. Despite having a rich and indulgent uncle, she lost her parents and she probably developed a tough and outspoken persona as her shield and strength.


    • I agree, I am not that put off by their personalities or acting. I think they deliver their lines well. RiTa, the human LUUVY – yes! they both rattle Ji Sang 🙂 at least for now. He is impatient and has poor social skills, but his mere existence is rift with uncertainty, no wonder he is on edge so much of the time. The one thing I am curious about, and so far we don’t have a clue, is his relationship with Hyun Woo. The how, where, and why of it all has yet to be told. Hyun Woo is perhaps my favorite character. (Although, I admit it may be overflow from The Three Musketeers.)


      • …his mere existence is rift with uncertainty, no wonder he is on edge so much of the time…
        I like your description here.. Dr Park is a prickly man 🙂 …
        Maybe he saved hyun woo in the past … So it’s like you from another star – the lawyer KSH saved was highly devoted to him


      • Ooh, you’re right, that could be it, very interesting. One problem I am having with this drama is the side stories. There are so many, and it bogs down the pace. But Hyun Woo’s story interests me.


  4. yep true !!! they are both good acters and i think that ther character corespand exactly to what they proform !!and about the story of the drama i find it very axating and new i simply love it <<

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  5. awww im sad u left out the part where when she keeps sort of stalking jisung and getting caught by him and the ridiculous things she come out with to try and cover up is funny xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Katie – OTP is One True Pair, or Only True Pair – as in shipping (short for relation-shipping) the lead couple together (or any two, but in kdramas, the lead couple).♥♥


  6. hi cimi-thank you and could you please tell me in english that what dr. yoo rita told after are you allergic to even fiegning a thankyou…
    cause there is no subtitles after that what dr. yoo rita says


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