Blood 블러드 ep 3 recap Korean drama

blood 3 1 Dr. Park

Blood 블러드 episode 3  

Dr. Park has no choice but to rush out mid-operation with the effects of full-blown vampirization upon him. He frantically opens the safe in his lab and grabs the pill box.  Recalling that Hyun Woo gave him the new improved pills that morning, he fumbles for the old pills in his jacket and takes one. He is able to return pronto to the operating room and apologizes with the excuse that it was a stomach ache. Director Wook and Dr. Ri Ta Yoo observe him intently, even suspiciously. Dr. Park fights the flashback of the deer from his youth, but the old pill kicks in and he completes the surgery in record time. Afterwards he is shaken, and calls Hyun Woo who assures him the new pills were spot on and something is amiss.

blood 3 2 Dr Park and Dr Yoo Dr. Yoo and Dr. Park have another head-butting session in the hallway. She informs him she has ordered a physical and psychological assessment of him and believes the episode in surgery was the result of a panic disorder. He is unfazed and, true to character,  tosses a few insults her way.

Dr. Yoo has a chat with Uncle Chairman about Dr. Park’s impossibly rude demeanor. (As if she can talk.) Uncle gently reminds her that she will be head of the hospital one day and must learn how to deal with people. Down the hall, the Assistant Director meets with Director Wook to run two things by for his consideration: the order for Dr. Park’s medical review and Dr. Park’s request for access to the database.

blood 3 3 Hyun Wooblood 3 4 LUUVY, Jin Sang, Hyun Woo

Hyun Woo wastes no time evaluating the contents of the pills. Someone has switched them. That’s bad enough. But it implies that someone knows a good deal about Ji Sang – who he is, where he is, the code to the lab and safe, and that he is taking the pills for vampire control. When Hyun Woo asks if there is anyone suspicious,  Ji Sang mentions the high frequency wave he felt but there was not an infected person in the vicinity. From now on, Ji Sang will keep the pills on his person. LUUVY may have some helpful information to offer, but when Ji Sang threatens to unplug him, LUUVY retreats.

blood 3 5 Dr Wook, vampireIt is time to check Dr. Wook’s whereabouts. Well, here’s an eerie scene. Dr. Wook enters a Frankenstein lab complete with a strapped vampire-in-the-making victim. Shudder. He tells the woman in charge to shut it down, tomorrow they will be in the hospital. What follows is a ghoulish scene with the victim struggling and the lab goons wrestling him down. His fate is left to our imagination. Using the cover of hospital director, Lee Jae Wook is about to move his sinister drug research and development to a higher level and make full use of the hospital’s resources.

Dr. Yoo makes one sloppy drunk at the bar with her friend. She complains about the impertinent Dr. Park who has gotten under her skin like nobody’s business. When a couple of guys offer to buy drinks, her abrasive personality and toxic words work like a repellent, and to her friend’s embarrassment and dismay, the guys leave.

Dr. Park stops by the hospital security to check the CCTV for footage of yesterday’s intruder and the door lock security breach. He is told there was a malfunction and asked if there was any specific problem. Looks like the hefty guard might be someone to keep an eye on. When Dr. Park arrives at his lab, he finds someone fiddling with the lock and freaks out. The person claims he was sent by security to check it out, but Dr. Park angrily sends him away.

In the hospital lounge, doctors are discussing yesterday’s mishap in surgery. What if the patient had gone into shock? What was that psychopath look in Dr. Park’s eyes? How could he not even apologize? Dr. Park enters mid conversation and calls them out for having tea time rather than making patient rounds. He has no qualms about not being a part of the clique.

A patient who has been to several other hospitals and given no hope has tracked down Dr. Park. During consultation,  Dr. Park is straight forward and advises against hospitalization as there is no cure. When the wife pleads with him, and the husband asks for just six months more, he concedes to admitting him for further tests. Out in the hall, Dr. Yoo overhears the wife complaining about how cold and rude he was to her husband.

Preparations for the Free Clinic are underway. The Assistant Director briefs Uncle Chairman on the progress. Fifty patients have been selected for tomorrow’s opening. When he asks about the drug research team, the Assistant Director reports that Dr. Wook selected the team himself and has provided no information on them. When she questions that, Uncle Chairman tells her to let it go. Suddenly, Uncle Chairman flinches in pain, but brushes it off as muscular strain. In the stairwell, he reaches for a pill with shaking hands. Not you too, Chairman. The nurses and doctors who have been assigned to the Free Clinic assemble. Some are unenthusiastic, but the head nurse  tells them to watch what they say – a patient is a patient. Resident Ga Yeon, on the other hand, says that she is excited to be a part of something meaningful. The new patients arrive and the clinic is open for business.

It’s moving day at the Frankenstein lab. Two Vampires and a Van arrive. Dr. Wook’s hand selected underground drug development team heads to the hospital under the cover of Taemin Pharmaceuticals. In the hospital conference room, he introduces  team leader Suh Hy Ri to the doctors. Her demeanor is distinctly zombie-like. Dr. Wook aggressively encourages a mutually beneficial relationship between the hospital and the pharmaceutical company. This  is met with resistance by one disgruntled doctor who complains that they are expected to become pharmaceutical employees. Dr. Park chimes in that no matter how you spin it, it comes off as Taemin Pharmaceuticals getting things for free. When Dr. Yoo and Dr. Woo support the collaboration, the dissenting  doctor decides there is no real discussion and leaves.

blood 3 6 Chae Yeon, Sister Sylviablood 3 22

Uncle Chairman and niece Dr. Yoo personally assist Sister Sylvia to her hospital room in the Free Clinic. Sister Sylvia protests that everything is too lavish and she must get back to the children. She needs to get well for the children, they insist. When Dr. Park enters, Dr. Yoo asks Uncle to make a change, but he insists Dr. Park is the best for Sister Sylvia’s liver ailment. When a CAT scan reveals an inoperable tumor, Dr. Yoo asks Dr. Park to treat Sister Sylvia with manners. “Why should she get special treatment?” he asks. “She is like my mother, no…she is my mother,” replies Dr. Yoo. Flashback: in a church a young girl asks Sister Sylvia to change her name. When Sister Sylvia asks why, the girl answers, “When I hear my name, Cha Yeon, I keep thinking of my parents.” Sister Sylvia cannot convince her to keep her name, and agrees to let her change it under one condition: that she remains bright and cheerful as if her parents were still with her. Cha Yeon takes on her baptism name, Ri Ta.

Dr. Park tries to access the database: Access Denied. Just then, Dr. Wook knocks and enters. He has personally seen to two things: first, he has denied the request for the medical review on Dr. Park on the basis of privacy, and second, he has authorized Dr. Park’s request for access to the hospital’s secure database. Both help win Dr. Park over to his side a little more.

Director Wook and Uncle Chairman have dinner together to discuss the new drug development project. Uncle Chairman is clearly under the impression that, in part, the drug development is to find a cure for whatever disease he suffer from. Director Wook is clearly using that assumption as a cover for whatever purposes he intends for the lab.

Access to the database proves useless: the Kochenia data has been deleted. Hyun Woo and Ji Sang conclude the original access was bait. But who is luring them? And why? Even though Ji Sang may start to suspect Director Wook, he doesn’t say anything.

blood 3 7 vampire moversblood 3 8 Dr Wook

At the old lab site the vampire pack is on standby.  Dr. Wook, who appears more and more like Victor Frankenstein, laments that he will miss the old place, then tells them to clean it up and leave no trace. To the leader of the pack he says to make sure Ji Sang meets a friend (make himself a friend to him). Before he leaves, there is a display of strength and power between Dr. Wook and one of the vampires who has broken a rule and helped himself to a swig of fresh blood. It is a teaching moment: a crazed Dr. Wook explains that the infected were exterminated because they bit the humans’ necks and drank their blood. They acted like monsters and fought with human beings. But the truth is they are superior beings. With a severe warning, Dr. Wook promises to slaughter anyone who drinks blood. No more stealing cookies from the cookie jar, boys.

blood 3 9 vampire, Ji Sangblood 3 10 Ji sang

It’s late. Ji Sang is at home on the computer. Someone is lurking outside his house in the shadows. Ji Sang senses something. He peeks out the window and sees someone, but a mad dash outside reveals no one.

blood 3 11 flashback Ji Sang and motherblood 3 16

The results of Dr. Park’s evaluation as team leader are in. Dr. Yoo’s disciplinary actions include a month’s salary deduction and 50 extra clinic hours. When Dr. Yoo asks why he didn’t give it to her in person, the Assistant Director tells her it is his day off. Ji Sang has gone to Jeju Island, to the place where he lay his dying mother in the woods. He tells her something is after him, just like she said, and he doesn’t know what to do about it. He’s scared. His mother’s presence tells him to close his eyes, the world will be on his side. Ji Sang is a lonely figure against the tree.

blood 3 17blood 3 13 LUUVY

Meanwhile, Dr. Yoo has stomped over to his house for an apology. Hyun Woo lets her in and tells her she can wait until he returns. When he does, there’s the usual bickering. I did think it was funny when he referred to her as Paris Hilton after she told him he must have forgotten his employer was her uncle. Hyun Woo enjoys his view from the sidelines. She demands an apology, but at that moment, Dr. Park senses a presence outside again. He motions to Hyun Woo who puts the night vision cameras into action. Beep! Beep! Someone is detected. There is potential danger at hand. Dr. Park offers Dr. Yoo a ride home. That throws her off. On the way, Dr. Yoo receives a call from ICU and needs to head to the hospital. He drops her off. Switch to Dr. Wook who is on the phone and pleased that his plan to pique Ji Sang’s curiosity worked out well. The shadowy figure has heightened Ji Sang’s awareness of the presence of an infected person. Dr. Wook says to use this opportunity as a way to test him (Ji Sang) – all part of the master plan.

blood 3 14 ji sangblood 3 18

blood 3 19 blood 3 21

Ji Sang’s vampire antennae are alerted and he wanders into the hospital. Someone runs past him. He follows. The rooftop chase is on.  It’s a trap, the vampire bait has Ji Sang right where he wants him. They scuffle. I call foul when the vampire shines the ultraviolet light in Ji Sang’s eyes. But it’s double foul when Ji Sang is hit with a dart gun and goes down. Dr. Wook, mad scientist, knows no boundaries.


  • Maybe it’s because I am recapping, but keeping track of Doctor Director Lee Jae Wook is a lot of work. He is the master puppeteer who controls everyone and everything for the single purpose of experimenting on the child of two infected humans. Ji Sang’s mother wanted her body burned so that no samples could be taken. It seems the samples from the Kochenia gravesite are part of the drug development going on.  The underground Frankenstein lab run by zombie-like beings and infected vampires is now an above-the-board hospital pharmaceutical operation under the complete direction of Director Wook. With that in place and Dr. Ji Sang Park on the hospital staff, everything is at Director Wook’s fingertips. Plus he has everyone fooled, at least so far.
  • We still don’t know how deep the connection between Uncle Chairman and Director Wook go.
  • The new Taemin Pharmaceutical drug research team is certainly a creepy, infected bunch, aren’t they? No wonder Mom and Dad ran away back then to work independently on developing  a cure. I’d hate to be in cahoots with this pack.
  • I know that the revelation that Cha Yeon and Ri Ta are one in the same is supposed to make us warm up to her, but it is going to take more than that. Dr. Ri Ta Yoo’s abrasive personality is a bore. The bickering between her and Dr. Park is growing tiresome, although I do think he delivers his lines well. I can barely fathom a romantic line at this stage, although I know it’s probably coming. Hopefully by then our two bristle brush doctors will be deserving of my love for their love. I hate forced, unnatural pairings for the sake of romance. But first we have to get a whole lot closer to that as a possibility in the first place or the viewers will bail.
  • Can I trust you, Hyun Woo?

5 thoughts on “Blood 블러드 ep 3 recap Korean drama

  1. Is drama watching different for a drama you are recapping? I have never been able to make such a commitment. Good luck with this endeavor, but not sure I can hang in there with Blood. Bad medical dramas require too much fast forwarding for me.


    • Hi! Yes, it is vastly different than watching a drama for enjoyment. I zeroed in on this one because no one at db was recapping it, so I made the mental commitment for a new experience. If drama watching is a time zapper, then drama recapping is its own black hole. I am sure the recappers at db have honed the entire process to an art, but it truly must take years to do so. (not to mention that I don’t know Korean.) Aside from the drama being one that I wouldn’t stick with had I not challenged myself, I am learning a lot in the details of it all. (How valuable that new knowledge might be is yet to be determined.) I am not watching ahead of where I am in recapping, so I don’t know what is coming next. I have to admit it is a bit of a rush to get nearly 1000 views per day with 60-75% of them Blood related views, and from 47+ countries. Who would have thought in a million years that this is how I would be spending my time? Right now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Cheer me on from the sidelines! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I did not have high expectation for this drama but I’ve watched up to episode 4 and i must say that i am surprised to find that i am looking forward to episode 5. This looking forward to the next episode actually has happened since episode 1. So far, each episodes has ended in a sufficient cliffhanger to make me want to watch the next episode. I especially like the resolution to epsiode 2 cliffhanger where Dr Park took the switched med and vamped up but thankfully has the new med in his coat pocket and took that instead. I found myself exclaiming loudly ‘WTH???” but then realized that the resolution to that problem although simple, it’s a logical one.

    As for the actors, i think by episode 3 Ahn Jae Hyun has improved a lot and i think he is playing the character well, an arrogant, rude but skilled surgeon, i find him believable. Gu Hye sun is i think playing her character as the bratty surgeon in a cartoonish way, the way bratty heroine is usually portrayed in manga. The way she exclaimed in indignation and when she fumes, i find her character adorable and i am not her fan btw.

    I do think the drama is trying too hard to be too many things at once; medical drama, fantasy, supernatural even bordering on romantic comedy but the pace of the story is good, no lagging, with intermittent comic relief and it has enough mysteries and bits and pieces to keep me guessing so i find it enjoyable.

    I am very happy that you are recapping the drama and will be following this blog closely for upcoming episodes. Keep up with the good work!!!


    • Hey, welcome JanuaryBlues. Too many things at once, that’s it! I hope that doesn’t become this drama’s downfall. I actually like the way the bickering lead couple deliver their lines and stay in character. I hope I can keep up, thanks for joining the conversation here at cimiart.


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