Roommate season 2 episode 21

Two Tales and a Tail

Tale 1 – Two Guests From Jong Ok’s Generation

roommate 2 21 6jackson
Apron-clad Jackson became the hostess with the mostest as he single-handedly wiped down the table for the guests’ arrival. Compare this domestic scene to the bored Jackson pictured above from episode 1 who complained that cooking together wasn’t a Roommate fun event in his book. You’ve come a long way, baby!

roommate 2 7 jackson, kim hung guk A guest arrived and Jackson ran to greet him. We witness a major generation gap awkward exchange. Two entertainers, Kim Heung Guk and Jackson, are decades apart and don’t know each other.

KHG: What’s wrong with your pronunciation?”
J: I’m Chinese.
KHG: “China? I can tell you’re not a native.”
J: (lifts guest’s sunglasses) “I know you! You’re, you’re…I’m Jackson.”
KHG “Jackson?”

roommate 2 21 7roommate 2 21 8

For once, I’m wondering where Se Ho is when you need him (he invited the guests). I’ve got to hand it to Jackson, though, for being attentive and taking care of the guest. Heung Guk was fascinated by the concept of twelve random people living together in such an amazing house. He perked up when he heard Jong Ok’s name (“She lives here?”) and was  shocked when Jackson told him she was home right now. After greetings, hair stylist Jackson and proprietor Jong Ok set up a make-shift salon and pampered Heung Guk with a homemade hair growth tonic treatment (Jong Ok mixed a hair restorative concoction pictured in the large jar in  an earlier episode). It was just another one of those random Roommate events.

roommate 2 21 bae jong ok and lee gae in hydrangaeroommate 2 21 2Meanwhile, Sunny and SeHo set out to pick up another guest, Lee Gae In. He appeared on Happy Together recently and is known for being a rough-around-the-edges historical drama actor and telling outrageous tall tales without skipping a beat. Meeting up with Jong Ok after so many years thrilled Gae In and  he presented her with a lovely bouquet of purple hydrangea – a nice touch. It was a mini Korean entertainment guild reunion with the three veteran actors sharing stories and hardships. The two guests serenaded Jong Ok who commented that the words of the older songs touched her heart.  (Veteran singer Kim Heung Kook’s 80s hit, “Swallowtail Butterfly” (“Horangnabi”):

roommate 2 21 3 Ryohei king crabsroommate 2 21 9 ryohei

roommate 2 21 4 jackson and  hung gukroommate 2 21 10 min wooRyohei arrived with a huge crate of fresh king crabs, a gift from friends. With apologies to Joon Hyung, I crown Ryohei the man with the BAM this week as he roasted crabs in the backyard for an awesome feast. Around the dinner table, Heung Guk got a bit sentimental as he talked about his family. He is one of South Korea’s so-called “goose fathers,” men who stay behind to work while their school age children, accompanied by their mothers, go abroad to study in the United States (or another English-speaking country). His daughter is fifteen years-old and the children and his wife have been in the U.S. for twelve years. Once thought to be a necessity for preparing Korean children in education and for success, it is becoming an outdated practice. The topic was discussed on Abnormal Summit, episode 31 as well.

Wait! Is that a rare Min Woo sighting there in the white sweater next to Sunny? Min Woo, we miss you!

Tale 2 – Korean Lesson (if you can call it that)

roommate 2 9 Jun Hyun Moo roommateAs a follow through to helping Ryohei (who is Japanese) and Joon Hyung (who grew up in the U.S.) learn Korean, Dong Wook arranged for lessons. The special teacher was none other than Jun Hyun Moo, well-known announcer and MC.  Hyun Moo is everywhere these days with a high profile in the K-entertainment world. In addition to his morning radio talk show, he is MC for Abnormal Summit, K-pop Star 4, Hidden Singer and recently appeared on I Live Alone (the perfect show for him and his friends to lament about their single status at age 39). Although his personality is not my style, he seems to enjoy a lot of popularity. In spite of their charming, traditional Korean student outfits, I’m not sure they actually  learned one iota of formal Korean language. Joon Hyung was busy providing his own version of American slang pronunciation, LA style. His imitation of how a Korean says English slang phrases versus how it is said in America was pretty funny. And who could do it better that our 46-year old Korean American man-child? Dong Wook could only laugh, and was probably wondering how he gets himself into these things, anyway.

roommate 2 21 5 jun hyun moo, ryohei, dong wook, joon hyungroommate 2 21 joon hyung, dong wook, ryohei, study Korean with Jun Kyun Moo


Oi’s Tail

roommate 2 21 nana, seo kang joon, cucumber roommate roommate 2 21 cucumber dog training nana kang joon

I had completely  given up all hope that Oi (Cucumber) would ever get any training or even a consistent care schedule in her little dog life at the Roommate household. It was a welcome surprise, then, when Nana and Kang Joon headed to the dog training camp with Oi in tow. Under the instruction of a capable trainer, and to the amazement of Nana and Kang Joon, Oi was sitting, heeling, and running the course in no time. They even tried their hand at commands and praises. I hope the two of them will make an effort to continue the dog training and lessen the step-in-the-mess incidents that happen so frequently in the household. Practice makes perfect!


29 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 episode 21

  1. Yay, thanks for the recaps, cimi!

    It was RM/Abnormal Summit crossover this week, wasn’t it? (although, given that we get our subs a few weeks later than the actual broadcast, I guess it’s just coincidental. It really is the late “Late-issues” segment for us!) Blair’s ‘Catallena’ dance … I can’t even. And he just wouldn’t stop!

    Back to RM: Jackson was a total sweetie, though I cracked up at the random tonic spray & massage. Kim Heung Guk took it really well, though – liked his laugh, even if the indoor sunglasses had a slightly Stevie Wonder effect. Sounds like he has it tough as a goose father, as does the mum. It really reinforces the AS debate about how everyone’s got different ways of putting their family first. How long should such a situation go on? What happens if your kids just end up growing up without you in their lives?

    The other AS crossover moment: Hyun Moo Seonsaengnim! You’re right – not a lot of teaching got done. Joon Hyung’s mannerisms cracked me up: ‘Korean people do it like this’. Dong Wook said it best – Joon’s so good at acting Korean, even though he’s totally not like that in RL!

    And finally – FINALLY – Cucumber gets doggie behaviour training!! Hallelujah! We all know she’s a smart cookie – it’s just that the humans around her have been a bit slow on the uptake and busy with their schedules.

    Ep 22 preview looks fun, with the Horror Movie Sleepover Night. Min Woo’s back for that too, yay!

    Randomness: btw, cimi, I just noticed this, but … is there … could there be … a teeny tiny secret smiley hidden at the bottom of this page?!


  2. Hey there, thursdaynexxt!

    The post was a little later than usual (Blood recap sucked the life out of me), and I hoped it wouldn’t offset our usual fun Roommate discussion which I so enjoy and look forward to each week, so yay! The Abnormal Summit crossover was interesting. Part of the extended discussion on AS was the idea of appreciating different educational values in one’s own country. But then, wasn’t Zhang Yuan’s comment that westerners couldn’t comment because they could never know what it is like (competition wise) in an Asian country intriguing? And right now, in the end, the sentiment that English is highly valuable in the global work force cannot be ignored. Julien, bless his soul, always offers a Eurocentric perspective, but he is quick to consider the wider view, and this is a learning experience for him.
    Oh, the dance, it was a perfect Blair moment that helped pull him into the group. I loved that Takuya slid in just in time, too! Maybe I should be re-snapping (my weak version of recapping) Abnormal Summit, there is so much to discuss. Remember when they had a cake for the 10th episode in celebration of the half-way mark of the show (slotted for 20 episodes)? Look at them now, 31 episodes, a spin-off My Friend’s Home, and commercial gigs galore. (So sad My Friend’s Home is not subbed, though).

    Against all my doubts, I hope the saying, “Dogs don’t fail obedience school, owners do,” proves to be false in this case.

    What else? Oh, the vague non-discussion about Nana and Hong Jong Hyun dating/friends/close friends/ and SeHo avoiding it all?

    er….am I misisng something with that last (smiley) comment??


    • Hi Cimi! I like that SSK’s being more adventurous and demonstrative. I was also impressed by Daniel’s continuing efforts to break out of his “nice guy” image. He could have quite a naughty sense of humour, but it’s hard to make yourself heard above that noisy bunch! They’re pigeonholed into their stereotypes by now, so anything Gerniel says is bound to be the exception that proves the rule (ie, that Germans aren’t funny)! I feel a bit sorry for Guillaume these days because he gets a lot of flack, and sometimes responds in the wrong ways. Belgium used to cop a lot of jokes about being a minor country/rep, but Julien gave back as good as he got! Guillaume doesn’t have the same Korean fluency or the pizzazz, so he tends to get stuck as the sulky bear of the group.

      Zhang Yuan’s comment about competitiveness in Asian countries is probably true, even if worded in his typical blunt and bordering-on-offensive style. I mean, just from sheer population numbers alone, competition is cut-throat and chances are fewer. Plus there’s more thinly veiled nepotism and old boys’ club connections. Just started watching Bluebird’s House, which covers these topics – the hero’s on his 22nd job interview, but the moment they hear what school he went to, he’s summarily dismissed by the panel.

      English is undoubtedly very much the universal language, but in Australia, more kids are taking up Mandarin/Chinese as the foreign language that will be most beneficial to them in future. China’s one of the BRIC economies, and Mandarin is one of the official UN languages, after all, so the traditional options like French, German, Italian and Latin aren’t as trendy now.

      Re Blair’s dance – I was puzzling over where the rest of his trousers went! Is that the new fashion? I remember around the time of Master’s Sun when So Ji Sub was walking around parading his socks. Is it the trend to take it to the next level?

      I can see My Friend’s Home has up to Ep 4 raw, plus there’s news about the AS members visiting Daniel’s hometown in Germany. I’ll just hope there’s a lull in programming and some nice subbers suddenly find some spare time, or that they become avid Daniel fans, so that they want to spread the love.

      Whew, what an essay! Sorry, can’t apply mary’s DBrief to this comment! Re my smiley comment, I can see a tiny blob at the bottom of the page, beneath the words “Blog at | The Zoren Theme.” Inspired by the nerdiness of folks on OT, I’ve tried to recreate my screenshot here (apologies in advance if you get gobbledegook):


      • Well, this is interesting. I just started watching Running Man ep 236, the one with members of Shinhwa and ZE:A. As Moon Junyoung introduced himself, the Running Man guys jumped in with “SNS!” “Oh, he’s the one. I’ve been wanting to talk with you.” “He’s very famous!” etc. So of course I had to look up this Twitter scandal that occurred back in Sept – Oct. Crikey!

        ZE:A’s Leader Junyoung Leaves Warning Message for His CEO, Star Empire to Issue Official Statement after Review — this has the translations of his now deleted tweets.

        Star Empire Announces ZE:A Moon Junyoung’s Hiatus, Gives More Details About the Controversy

        Holy moly! Quite a kerfuffle. After all the exclamations from the RM guys, he said “Everything is okay now.”

        I guess once again an example of how idols are mistreated? I wonder what the agreement was that they finally reached.

        PS – What’s up with Shinhwa’s outfits? I’m new to this K-pop stuff, but in the photos I’ve seen they are always wearing the most hideous matching outfits. 😮


      • Hey revlow! No hurry 🙂 I only just noticed the smiley, so I wondered if I was imagining things. I know the tech guys at work sometimes insert stuff like “george rulez” when they’re testing stuff, so I wondered if it was left in unintentionally!

        I used my wordpress account for the jpg, so I’m kinda bummed it didn’t work. Ah, well, I’m not gonna be creating webpages any time soon!


      • I agreed with Yuan that Julien wouldn’t get it. The book, Factory Girls, touches on the competition in China especially for the young work entry level population. I recommend it. I watched Bluebird’s House last night. Not sure I am going to like his “friend,”but so far I like the story. It was good. How interesting that in Australia, the new foreign language emphasis is Mandarin. Alberto is ahead on that game. My cousin is a linguist; I am going to pick his brain on this topic. He speaks Russian among other languages, not sure about Chinese.

        On some idol show recently i noticed pants like Blair’s – new trend I guess.

        More later!


  3. Okay, the star of the show was Oi. More please.

    You’re right cimi. I hadn’t thought of Jackson’s growth in that way, where he’s no longer fussing about what’s fun and what isn’t. And how adorable was he as an adopted son?


    • I want to adopt Jackson too! I think he must have missed having a family environment and home these past few years (and his family must miss him heaps). He doesn’t play cool or coy – he’s just a really sweet kid.

      My hope is that they can train Oi enough so that they can take her anywhere with them. Not sure when S2 will be completed, but I hope any future change of members doesn’t affect her training too much!


  4. Oops! I thought I was posting a new thread with my last comment, the one about Moon Junyoung on Running Man. Sorry, it’s appearing as a reply in the striped wallpaper. (Cimi: Not sure if it’s as cockeyed as before, but do you need to check your settings?)


  5. Revlow, I think you mentioned Second Love ep 4. I like the story. I read several comments on db that it was boring, and I can actually see how that might be, but I am not bored with the story. The pace is in keeping with other melo jdramas .


  6. This should go under our discussion on FT Island and Garosu-gil, but that’s a fair while ago!

    I tried to put up some photos of my trip to Seoul, but was foiled by my supreme blogging ignorance! With the kind help of revlow, here goes again: A random trendy shop in Garosu-gil Gwanghwamun gate at the front of Gyeongbokgung Palace (sorry, I know that’s like saying Gwanghwa Gate-gate!) Roaming the picturesque streets of Bukchon, from a bygone era. When in Korea, you must drink: strawberry milk!

    Fingers crossed!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the pics, thursdaynexxt, looks like you did lots of touring. I like the guards in period costume at the gate gate 🙂 The narrow street reminds me of the Roommate episode when they went to the shantytown and got a tour from Pumpkin teacher. They always mention strawberry and banana milk in kdramas, so cute.
      The weather looks nice, you must have visited Korea during warmer weather.

      I miss the Five Treasures and their Korean lesson skits. It was fun while it lasted and we can look back for review since revlow also helped set up the FT Island button on my blog.

      Thanks for sharing!


      • PPS – There are a few of these emoticons may not work at Dramabeans. They have a different kind of WordPress site (hosted on their own web server, not at These are the emoticons that are supposed to work for that type of site:

        Using Smilies

        No guarantees, though. 🙂


      • I visited Seoul in April and yes, it was unseasonably warm (but good for tourists)! The guards are impressively impassive, like the Royal Guards in London. Amazingly, people still live in those old-style Bukchon houses (always remember Soo Kyung’s reaction in QIHM!), but it’s very hilly, so I do wonder about the grocery shopping…

        Asians do love their flavoured milk and yoghurt drinks! I also like the Chinese pandan milk. I couldn’t hang out at a pojangmacha (those ubiquitous red tent stalls serving odeng, ddeokbokki and unlimited soju), but before I had to leave for the airport, we did stop off for a snack of makgeolli and spicy golbaengi (whelks) perilla leaf salad – very tasty!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thursdaynexxt, hi!
      Like you, I am tagging this here for lack of a better, newer spot. I thought the most recent AS was a bit off with the lies to other members because I wasn’t sure what the point was. It was uncomfortable and awkward I thought. Yuan got hit up for both lies and came out the best good guy of all. Actually they all responded as true friends. kangnam was a fixture and added nothing to the discussion. It’s not that I don’t like him well enough but he either plays dumb or is dumb. Definitely not my style, although I understand he has to make a living, too. The rivalry with Takuya, sorry, but no contest, although I wish they weren’t in such serious competition with each other. Interesting about the Nepalese sitting living goddess and culture debate. Mr Russia seems to be loosening up a bit, and Blair from down under must have a sweet fan following. He is a cutie.


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