Roommate season 2 episode 20

roommate 2 20 winter wonderland sung ja ryungHey, there! It seems like an eternity since this reality show last aired with the holiday schedule interruption, but it doesn’t mean that our roommates weren’t busy filming several stories. Today’s episode featured an indoor segment in the warm house, and an outdoor adventure in the freezing cold.

Uncle Jackson

Cultwo comedy duo Jung Chan Woo and Kim Tae Gyun, and his son, Bum Joon were guests this week. Roommate fan Bum Joon was all about Jackson and couldn’t believe he got to spend time with his favorite GOT7 idol. Jackson was most attentive and made good use of the many household cameras. Such built in entertainment for, um, kids of all ages. 

2 20 tae gyoon and son bum joon
cutest selca
2 20 jackson and bum joon



The Dating Question

2 20 dinner with cultwoI have to say this episode featured more of Bae Jong Ok than we’ve seen so far on Roommate. When the discussion at the dinner table turned to dating (which, by the way, she initiated with the question, “Why are the roommates all single? and Joon-hyung quickly offered “I’m not, I have a girlfriend” in between mouthfuls), the spotlight turned on Jong Ok. Seho asked if she had dated since her divorce and she replied, “Of course” and that “if it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be.” She commented that having been married before versus having never married and having a child versus not having children all make a difference, and ended with, “I don’t find it uncomfortable being single. I’m cool with it.” The question of dating ricocheted Sunny’s way. “I will meet someone and I’ve already…” and trailed off, but it was understood she was not a couple at the moment and was taking a dating break. Was that a hopeful glance that Ryohei shot her way? Not to mention that none of the guys discussed their love lives (or lack thereof).

2 20 sunny dating

Masters of Entertainment

Always the funny guys, Cultwo sang a trot version of g.o. d.’s song, Lies – is that even possible? It was Jong Ok, however, who wowed with a rendition of, I Have a Lover and sang for the first time in front of a group. When she finished with, “He will be forever sealed in my lips…that he is the one.” I applauded along with everyone else. The topic turned to the song that Dong Wook and Sun Ah sang in Scent of a Woman. It was written by Tae Gyun and, never ones to let a opportunity go by, he and Dong Wook did a hilarious lip sync version.

2 20 jong ok  I Have A Lover

2 20 dong wook and sun ah in A Woman's Scent

Young-ji requested a reenactment of It Depends on the Situation, a comedy skit from years back that Cultwo did featuring over-the-top character, Crazy Cow. They took the lyrics of Maroon 5’s song, Moves Like Jagger and came up with a hilariously bogus Korean misinterpretation of the lyrics. It was a very clever play on words.

roommate 2 20 cultwo It Depends on the Situation Crazy Cow

The conversation turned contemplative when Tae Gyun talked about his mother’s recent passing. During her illness, he ended their radio show with “I love you, Mom,” and hoped that it gave her strength. It was a sentimental moment at the SBS Awards when he said that he hoped his mother was enjoying the show from heaven. Jong Ok said of all the things, when asked what she envies, it is those who still have their mothers. It is those infrequent but appreciated serious moments that keep us grounded, and it was a nice inclusion on Roommate.

roommate 2 20 jong ok divorce dating

roommate 2 20 sbs awards 2014 tae gyoon

Blizzard and Bromance at Sung Ja Ryung

Jong Ok organized a winter trip to the mountains with big brother Dong Wook, Ryohei, and maknae Young-ji. While Dong Wook took the casual “Let’s just go” appraoch, Young-ji was serious about food and threw in everything but the kitchen sink (and took some ribbing from Dong Wook for it. He will apologize for it, believe me.)

roommate 2 20 dong wook and young ji

The weather when they started out was foreboding and turned from rain to snow by the time they arrived at Sung Ja Ryung. Bromance♥ was in the air when Ryohei considerately fed Dong Wook a snack so that he could concentrate on driving. With typical dry humor, Dong Wook said, “Today I am growing healthy from the love of Ryohei.” You two are so cute! But who camps in the freezing snow other than (super crazy) Mt. Everest climbers at base camp? Apparently, that was the plan, and they geared up with cleats and ski poles for the trek.

roommate 2 ep 20 dong wook ryohei bromance

roommate 2 20 sung ja syung 2

~ funny caption ~

Off to a good start with plenty of adrenalin-induced energy. Wow, the scenery is breath taking.

roommate 2 ep 20 jong ok dong wook rhyoehi young ji

sung ja ryung wintertime

 Pretty. Cold. Pretty cold.

So, who knows how to put up a tent? “Seriously, what are we doing here?” asked Dong Wook. I wondered that all along.

roommate 2 ep 20 tent instructions in japaneseHe discovers the instructions were in Japanese and very complicated.It was about now that Dong Wook realized Young-ji’s food supply was a darn good thing.

roommate 2 ep 20 pitching tent young ji dong wook ryohei Words of wisdom by Dong Wook, “It’s good to do this only once in your liftetime.” Joon-hyung, asleep in bed back at the house, would probably say that once was one time too many.

roommate 2 ep 20 camping in the snow
roommate 2 ep 20 sleeping in tent
Body heat, a good thing.

roommate 2 ep 20 ryohei and young jiYoung-ji does a live on site report, “First night of survival. We are okay. It’s bearable. We’re still living.” Ryohei chimes in, “Because we have chocolate” and holds up a bar. It is the funniest and most spontaneous thing he’s ever said, and since they were all slap happy, he got a lot of mileage from it.

roommate 2 ep 20 sleeping bags larva

Boy, did everyone feel great the next morning for their successful bonding adventure and surviving the night! They headed back down the mountain and yelled out to the other roommates, “Joon! Nana! Seho! Kang Joon! Min Woo! Sunny! Gook Ju! Wang Jackson! You ought to come up here and do this.” I’m pretty sure the others are happy they’re cozy in bed and very warm.
roommate 2 ep 20 ryohei and dong wook bromance
roommate 2 ep 20
roommate 2 ep 20 ryohei reenacting movie scene
roommate 2 ep 20 snow camping


Side note: It sure seems like Min Woo, for all intents and purposes, has checked out of Hotel Roommate.


54 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 episode 20

    • Well, here I go with tangents galore. Second Love ep 3 – really like that there are so many directions for the story to go after tonight’s developments. So much in only 3 eps, good writing. The mother. The warehouse scene. The new job offer.
      HMKM – I’m sure I’ll comment on OT, but wow, the ending of 16 blew my mind. It actually scared me that something like that happened.


      • Re HMKM – OMG, WTF, #$!*(^? Yep, just went and had my blurt out over at OT, but trying to exercise a smidgen of restraint over all the other stuff I wanna say until the recap’s up!

        I’ve been so desperate waiting for HMKM Ep 16 subs that I went and re-watched “Secret”, just to get my HJE/JS fix until Ep 15/16 was up. I love this couple! (but I love the JS/Lee Bo Young couple too, of course!)


  1. Looked like a fun episode. As I don’t even like to camp in warm weather, I’d say a winter hike in the snow & sleeping on a snowy mountain overnight are a big fat NO to me.


    • I know, right? If it isn’t as good as or better than home, I’m not going. It was even uncomfortable watching others being cold. I had a friend who offered to pay for a wolf sighting escapade on ATV vehicles in Yellowstone National Park in the dead of winter. Somehow she got the wrong idea about my tolerance for roughing it. I will stay in a cabin, but that’s my limit. And in the summer, only. I think she ended up going with her boyfriend. Bae Jong Ok was a good sport to set it up for the troupe, though.


  2. I was cringing the whole time. I live in the mountains and people — especially tourists — are always doing stupid stuff. Sometimes death-inducing stupid stuff. Yes, they had a whole crew looking after them, but if they’d gotten hit with a big snowstorm they all could have been in big trouble. (And yes, I’m sure they checked weather predictions, but they are frequently wrong, especially in the mountains.) The audio man that fell by the wayside and couldn’t continue? My experienced guess is altitude sickness. I tried to find the elevation of that area, but came up with bupkis.

    Here we are constantly hearing out-of-towners complaining to one another in the aisles of our one supermarket “I feel like I’ve got the flu but I just can’t shake it.” I’ll pipe up “I couldn’t help overhearing…” and gently educate them about altitude sickness. They come from their sea-level cities and immediately hit the slopes. Not only do they feel like crap, but in their altered state continue to push on and break bones, etc. Not to mention go off trail, and so forth. The local baby-sized ER has educational pamphlets in the waiting room. It can take days — or even weeks — to adjust. Of course it isn’t reasonable to expect people on short holidays to spend the necessary time resting before taking off on their adventures, but at least they need to be aware of what’s happening to them and take one day off.

    Anyway… it surprised me, and somewhat pissed me off, that this didn’t get mentioned once the audio man took a dive. I’m a big advocate (nutcase?) about educating people on altitude sickness.


    • I am guessing in part it’s the experimental level and inexperience in this type of reality entertainment. As if showing a bad , adverse, or unexpected effect of producing the show would be a negative, rather than using it as an educational opportunity like you suggested. The whole thing was scary in terms of the potential for disaster. I suppose with a crew, well other than one getting sick, a disaster wouldn’t be aired. Although in the Law of the Jungle episode where a giant ocean waveover a ragged cliff knocked over inexperienced outdoors people and caused UEE to get stitches in her head made steam come out of my ears.


      • I do love the man-against-the-elements shows, like 1N2D, or the man-doing-without shows, like The Human Condition (1N2D is that as well). But it’s cracking me up more and more as I’ve watched that their managers and stylists are just off-screen.

        I know I couldn’t expect much other than the story line of the brothers and sisters off on their cold and snowy adventure, but at the very least they should have shown a bit of followup on the poor fallen audio guy. I mean, I can’t have been the only viewer who was left wondering. Was he able to walk out on his own? Taken to hospital? Etc.

        Yikes about the Law of the Jungle episode!

        Something that seems new to me, unless I just haven’t watched enough Korean TV, is that there have been a few shows recently with men and women sleeping next to each other. I fully expected they were going to pull out a 2nd tent in this And in the last episode of 1N2D they had 2 women guests sleeping right next to them, one with the indoor group, the other crammed in a tent with 5 guys. Not even stacking pillows to build a wall between them. Not that I mind, just seems new to me. 🙂

        Speaking of all this adversity, has anyone found a source of subs for Three Meals in a Day: Fishing Village?


      • I am trying to recall a kdrama where several guys and 1 female were in a room and they built a barrier with suitcases in a room so she had some privacy. Or was that Barefoot Friends, with UEE as the only female on a trip, and they made a little space for her??…vague, I know.


      • I meant, it would have been super cool if she’d been on this trek. But yes, I loved that episode when she went back to the mountain that had been so meaningful for her and her dad.


      • Man against the elements show The Human Condition latest episode without water (very limited) is hilarious! The household of men goes crazy with karaoke and dancing (2nd half of show) and it makes me love them all the more! I just knew Ji Won would have a good voice after all, and Oska – well, he deserves whatever comes of it. I just loved how they let loose, but man, are guys pitiful as an all-guy karaoke group, really really pitiful. In RL Oska is already married i think, but the show must have been recorded before because the ajummas are still chasing after him and asking where there invitation is. And the Pasta chef actor’s pasta…


      • Only a few mins into Ep 6 of The Human Condition… and what the what?!! There’s snow on the ground and they are looking for water in streams? Even if not contaminated with sewage, what makes them think it’s safe without real purification? (Not to mention there’s a safer bet right at their feet… snow!) I could go on about possible contamination. Giardia, etc. I don’t let the dogs drink out of lakes or streams. Maybe I just grew up with too much camping experience.

        Even without camping know-how… searching for water with snow on the ground? That’s like being in a supermarket when the bomb drops and not being able to feed yourself.



        Okay… they figured out the well water. And how funny was Sang-Hyun trying to fix the water barrel spigot? BUT… another impulse puppy purchase??? Let’s hope her fate is better than Cucumber’s. (I’m 25 mins in and they just brought her home.)


      • Oy vey. Just finished. I always alternate between being impressed by their resourcefulness (well, really Sang-Hyun’s) and dumbfounded by their stupidity. Even the well water? Yes, the villagers all said it was good… but? Very murky at the bottom, and hey… it’s in the middle of agricultural fields! Not a good combo.

        Okay, once again my personal experience could make me particularly sensitive to this issue. I lived in a foreign country where I got: 1) hepatitis; 2) paratyphoid fever; and 3) TWO types of amoebas — all from water, all at the SAME time. And I was even super careful, boiled everything till mush, etc. What I forgot until someone reminded me once I got back to the States — water boils at a lower temperature at high altitude. (Yes, high altitude played into it again, but even so there were problems at lower elevation areas.)

        The karaoke? Ha! Loved it.


      • The karaoke was the redeeming aspect of the show. By the end, they were having so much uninhibited fun. But the pasta looked absolutely inedible. Disgusting! And what in the world are they going to do with the dog, I wonder?


  3. Just finished watching RM Ep 20, and it’s another episode with a split personality!

    The Cultwo ‘interpretation’ of Maroon 5 had me in stitches, even though it made less and less sense as the song went on … Loved that they brought up Tae Gyun’s duet song in Scent of a Woman – that was a beautiful song, and I always wondered where it was from! What talent! Jong Ok’s singing was also a big surprise – who knew she had such a good voice?

    I don’t know much about mountain hiking – the closest I get to it here is bush walking in the mountains, where you worry less about the snow than the snakes and dehydration in the 40 degree celsius weather. So I don’t know how much they needed to prepare, but it looked pretty haphazard, and typically ‘Roommate’.

    I agree – leaving that poor fallen audio guy was not the best idea, and the poor VJ who was so exhausted he could only film his feet…!! Conditions looked pretty tough, like they could barely see 5 metres in front of them. And that was a seriously crazy long walk up the mountain – how many kms was it, I wonder?

    Still, loved the bromance, with Ryohei feeding Wookie in the car, and Wookie was a champ and a true leader! Ryohei’s rendition of the “Love Letter” was funny – that scene is almost obligatory, when you have that expanse of snow and mountains laid out in front of you (and I love that movie – heard they’re making a Korean drama out of it soon)! I think there was a 2014 kdrama that did this scene – was it YFAS? I can’t remember. Of course, in King of Dramas, the heroine actually made Anthony watch the movie with her!

    In other news: KMHM Ep 15 recap is due up next on DB. Can’t wait!


  4. Well, yippee!!! My power and cable back on! Was out from early morning till now (2pm). I was lost. Not only no Internet, TV, etc. but my Kindle’s battery was dead. I don’t have a smart phone or pad. House so dark couldn’t read with curtains open… snowstorm and too cloudy outside, not enough light. Cut off from modern world. There have been times we’ve had power outage for days. I remember one time 1 week plus. (I am always prepared with candles and emergency flashlight/ radio.) One good thing I discovered: my coffee is so finely ground that almost like instant. Worked in room temp water. Now that’s really good news! I know I can survive. 😀


  5. Just found out it was a car accident that caused the power outage, not snowstorm. That must have been a pretty bad accident. Wiped out power in 1/2 the town. (Granted, we’re a baby town.. but still…)


    • Oy. Power went out again just when I was thinking I should fully charge up cell phone and cook dinner. Back on again. Plugged in phone and going to cook while I can. I did already charge Kindle. I do have Wifi on it, but it is a bear reading email or browsing on it. Trust me. Like wading through mud. (It’s an older model.)


  6. Anybody want to talk Date?
    Santa Claus costume commotion and confusion.
    14th person.
    Takumi’s and Yoriko’s mothers (real/imagined) are the same toward their respective children, don’t you think?
    Gift switcheroo. Typically a no-no move, but in this case…
    Washio is always in the background, but somehow I like him.


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