FT Island Hangul Live Korean Lesson 44

Ft Island is back with more helpful phrases to express yourself.

This week’s lesson: “‘한국’하면 K-Pop이죠 (Hanguk hamyun k-pop eejo)” = “Korea is all about K-Pop.” There are fun variations, too ~ “Korean food is all about kimchi,” and “Shopping is all about Garosu Road.”

sub credit: JR Pri


Just for fun ~ I was curious about Garosu Road and came across this fun you tube video, so I decided to include it. 🙂


38 thoughts on “FT Island Hangul Live Korean Lesson 44

  1. Ooo. Darn. Now I want green tea and strawberry cheesecake!

    This looks familiar. If I haven’t seen it in Kdramas, I think I might have seen it in Roommate. Maybe the time Nana and Soo-Hyun went strolling together?

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  2. Studying Korean is all about Hangul Live, indeed!

    I actually stayed in a little hostel in Garosu-gil when I went to Seoul last year. If I knew how, I’d upload the photo here!

    Unfortunately, I arrived at about 10pm and left on a tour early next morning, so didn’t have much time to savour the shopping. But the street was definitely full of trendy cafes/shops (there was a humongous floor-to-ceiling Coffeesmith too), and the nightlife was buzzing!

    I would’ve liked to scope out a few drama spots nearby (courtesy of managerhyung’s blog), but not enough time. Must study more Hangul Live and go again!


    • I would love to see your pic of Garosu-gil! Sounds like a lot of fun. Since I wasn’t familiar with the area mentioned in lesson 44, it was fun to come across the youtube of the area. I could spend hours in Coffeesmith and the nightlife would be a blast! What else did you do in Korea when you visited? did you know anyone there, or did you brave it with no connections?


      • Cimi, you may be a Doenjang Girl! Came across this slang term by accident, not sure where. (Combining this from a few places.)

        Doenjang girl or Doenjang woman: literally beanpaste girl. A satirical phrase describing young women willing to scrimp on essentials because they are addicted to luxury and brands. The phrase originates from the idea that they would eat a cheap meal of beanpaste stew in order to buy an expensive drink from Starbucks.

        I remember wherever I first came across it they explained a Doenjang girl would spend hours dressing up in the luxury brand clothes, makeup and accessories she’d saved up for, then hang out in expensive coffee houses or restaurants — or just walk around with a cup of Starbucks coffee in her hand — in order to give off an upscale image. Here’s an article reprinted from SEOUL magazine: Of Starbucks, New York and Doenjang (bean paste). It describes more of the Starbucks connection and says she is imitating “New Yorkers,” or at least as they appear in “Sex and the City,” a favorite “Doenjang Girl” program. (This term became popular in the early 2000s.)

        Wikipedia gives a more detailed explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doenjang_Girl including the Hangul spelling Doenjang Nyeo (된장녀).

        Well, I doubt you’re quite the material girl this implies. But I do love that someone came up with this term.


      • Hi thursdaynexxt,

        I have a way of posting your photo. If you give me your email I’ll be happy to do it. If you don’t feel comfortable putting your email here I may have another workaround.



      • I’ve heard that term or the description in a couple of songs like coffee from 4bucks and a luxury brand purse for her birthday and a letter for his. 🙂 I am trying to think of a kdrama female character who is a doenjang girl… I think there was a version of it in the Chinese story “Factory Girls.” I’ve been called “my gypsy friend” by more than one person for my love of travel, art and literature, and not being tied down to one place lifestyle. I’m always in the car driving towards mountains somehow. While I enjoy coffee and coffee shops (flat white or skinny latte, no sugar, no flavors, no fancy), I prefer local over chains preferably with an artsy flair to it! I will say I do know how to get those luxury brands on a dime when the occasion calls for it, and New York City black is my default (if i could pick a city anywhere to live it would be NYC). Make up? Nope. Skip good food? Never. So, I guess you could say I’m a combination of city and the west and kind of like being hard to pin down. Maybe Bohemian is closer. I wonder if there is a Korean word for the Bohemian lifestyle. But spending a day or two at Garosu-gil, I could do that and enjoy every minute.

        I wonder if the term doenjang girl has a somewhat derogatory bent to it, like what Valley Girls became~ “over time the traits and behaviors spread across the United States and Canada, metamorphosing into a caricature of unapologetically spoiled “ditzes” and “airheads” more interested in shopping, personal appearance and social status than intellectual development or personal accomplishment.” (quick wikipedia check)
        Interesting sociology comparison.


      • Hi Cimi – it was the shortest of short trips to Seoul – literally less than 24 hrs!! (it was in transit – I extended a stopover overnight, so that I could spend some time in Seoul and depart back to Sydney on the following evening. Sleep was not a big part of the schedule, suffice to say!)

        I actually pre-arranged for 2 volunteer uni students to be my tour guides around town, since joining a tour group would take too much time. When they turned up, they turned out to be a couple of Flower Boys!!

        We went to Gwanghwamun/Gyeongbokgung Palace, Cheonggye Stream, and Myeongdong (of course!) and walked around Bukchon Hanok Village – felt like I was in an episode of Queen In Hyun’s Man. I managed to fit in a quick dinner with a Korean high school friend, and a visit to the Dongdaemun Night Markets, where I met a stall owner who looked like Sung Si Kyung, of all things! If he did the hair flip thing, he totally would’ve passed for him! I managed to convey (in very broken and terribly informal Korean) that he looked just like uri SSK, whereupon he looked adorably shy and embarrassed – his mate from the neighbouring stall was in stitches!

        My tour guides were so nice, and after walking around Bukchon (which is very hilly, by the way), we went into a cafe (the obligatory cafe scene) and talked about K-pop and indie music (and SSK, of course). Felt perfectly safe walking around at night – I set out for the night markets around midnight, and there was even a group of Japanese ahjummas (or obasan) who were also headed that way.

        Definitely going back!


      • Revlow – thanks for your kind offer re uploading photos. Can I just click on your name and leave a reply at sitegazelle?

        As for the Doenjang Girl, haha, that reminds me of Hitmaker’s song “Ojingeo Doenjang” (at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsBj359kpRk). Love the line: “They make fun of her, calling her a Beanpaste Girl (gold digger) / Are you a margarine girl? Are you a cheese girl? Are you a balsamic girl? What makes you think you’re better than her?”

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      • Hi thursdaynexxt,

        Wow, that WordPress site shouldn’t even be linked. It shouldn’t even be accessible. It’s a work in progress. (Well, it should have been a work in progress, haven’t touched it in years. You know… the cobbler’s children always go barefoot, etc.) In the meantime, you can submit it at the placeholder page http://sitegazelle.com/ — the form there is secure and working.

        Thanks for pointing this out.


      • Hi thursdaynexxt,

        I just watched the music video. Ha! Perfect. So Big Byung is sort of a super group made up of guys from different bands, right? Jackson and others? (Plus it looked like a split-second walk-on by Defconn at the end.) Hey, Jackson sure likes those extreme dropped crotch pants, doesn’t he? 😀


    • Thursdynexxt, I dont’ know if you’re still following this post, but I just watched Abnormal Summit 30 and I really liked a comment after the discussion of nobelesse oblige and the discussion of countries’ corruption rankings “The difference between gifts an bribes is found inside the heart.” It was a great discussion. I was surprised at who won the integrity vote among the summit members (won’t spoil it, but I will say who I thought would win after you watch it). This was one of my fav episodes.


      • Yep, just finished watching AS30! ***SPOILERS AHEAD***

        Great episode – they covered all the interesting topics, from gender equality to weird and wonderful laws, to the illegal immigrant/humanitarian crisis, to role models, to corruption/bribes, to Hyun Moo’s decolletage. That was a really great quote, too, about searching your heart/conscience for the distinction between a gift and a bribe (I think SSK said it?)

        Also loved Albe’s suggestion that the US law against hoodies was a law to improve fashion! Cheeky.

        Julien’s ‘election promise’ was also a good one – we’ll wait and see!

        As for the integrity vote, no surprises on the member with the least votes (poor guy!), but for the other – yes, my initial hunch was either Daniel/Alberto/or even Takuya.


      • I thought Daniel or Tyler would win the integrity vote. Interesting. The second trip on Where’s My Friend’s House is supposedly to Belgium to visit Julien’s hometown. But we may never know the conversations unless someone is kind enough to do the eng subs. At this rate, we may never get to Yuan’s either (at least in English). *sigh*


  3. Ooooo I really like Heard it Through the Grapevine. Lee Joon is one of my favs, so handsome. So far, good story and acting. But controlling parents to the max – ouch.


  4. Hi Cimi,

    Starting a new thread. Getting so long up above! Been meaning to get back to you. I hope you know I was kidding about you and Doenjang girl! Just the “…could spend hours in Coffeesmith…” reminded me of the term. Sounds like we might be close in geographic temperament. I either like living in big cities (love New York!) or in the boonies like I’m doing now. Don’t do well in suburbia. And yes, I much prefer local java joints. Good Q about bohemian — I wonder if there is a Korean word for that?

    Doenjang girl does seem to have a derogatory bent to it from what I’ve read. Also, the lyrics in the Big Byung music video thursdaynexxt linked to imply this with “what makes you think you are better than her?” and “don’t make fun of her”. I just read somewhere else today that Doenjang girl implies a woman who’s high-maintenance, but I don’t know if that’s universally considered.

    My gut tells me that Valley Girl isn’t quite it. That term doesn’t have the specific scrimp-and-save financial status linked to it. You can be someone with steady access to Daddy’s charge card. Just make sure you’re kind of a clueless ditz whose every statement ends in a question mark. You know, Valleyspeak.

    I kind of hate that the term came was coined. Valley Girl is an apt way to pin down the phenomenon that started in So Cal and spread. But whenever I tell someone where I’m from I get “Ah… you’re a Valley Girl!” Sometimes when introducing myself I’ll just cut to the chase and jokingly say “Yes, I’m a Valley Girl.” before anyone has a chance. Should be obvious I’m not. Not only from my obvious intellect 🙂 but I was born decades before Moon Zappa came out with her song. In fact in my early childhood the 101 Fwy hadn’t even been completed. Yikes! (I don’t know whether to put a smiley face or a frown here.)


  5. hey revlow,

    I’m doing two things at once, reading your comment and waching Roommate FINALLY! I am dying to get a new recap of sorts up – something new!
    I loved the info on the term Doenjang girl and recall a high school group in a kdrama (maybe Fated To Love You – flashback?) with girls that might fit the description. I’d seen the link that Thursdaynext posted from Hitmaker, but didn’t put 2 and 2 together until she mentioned it. Fun stuff. I really could spend hours at Coffeesmith, and I took your comments just how you intended them, fun Korean related info! 🙂 I think I was thinking of Mean Girls, not Valley Girl, but it really is all a different feel, I agree. Just that both terms came to be satirical (like the article you posted mentioned). And Mean Girls says what it is, so, yeah – not the same. Doenjang girl can’t “rely on your old man’s money” – really it is its own animal all together.

    Back to Roommate – gotta get something up. I was thinking of recapping Blood as a first kdrama trial but I see someone is on db, so, I’ll hold off. Hopefully there will be a new post to chat on soon. (Will have to Google 010 Fwy – is that the same as Hwy 1 along the coast?)



      • The 101 is a bit inland from the 1. It cuts through Downtown L.A., then through Hollywood, then north-south along the eastern edge of the San Fernando Valley, and continues north. It touches along coastal Route 1 in places. It used to be the main north–south route in Calif and beyond until the far more boring, farther inland –but, yes, faster — Route 5 took over.

        (Yeah, and I know everyone makes fun of Angelinos saying “The #”, where # is the number of the hwy/freeway you’re referring to. Or even a name, like “The San Bernardino” referring to the San Bernardino Freeway. It makes perfect sense to me.)

        There used to be a section that was missing between Hollywood and Ventura, the part that cut through the San Fernando Valley. As I remember it stopped north of Sepulveda Blvd in Van Nuys. We’d have to drive on Ventura Blvd for that stretch.


  6. Wait, maybe no one from db is recapping Blood. What I read was Heard it through the Grapevine, and I default to vampire with Lee Joon in my head. Wrong kdrama. So, I’ll think about it…I kind of want to give it a try, but I dunno…
    Okay, working on Roommate just now.


      • I watched 3 and 4 this week. I know, there are so many flaws. And painful gaps. And super bad action scenes which ought to be really really good in a vampire setting, so it’s even more disappointing. My thinking was that I would recap something that I have started that db isn’t, though, as an “exercise” (or torture, maybe?) in what it is like to recap a currently airing kdrama. But I might not be able to reign in my disappointment so that it would be too negative? Not sure. And then it would take away from other stuff… I do like the main guy’s lines (good writing) and delivery (pretty good acting). And I don’t know a lick of Korean, so, I guess that is realistically a super big minus.


      • Hmm. That’s an interesting concept. Maybe it would be better to start with one you don’t particularly like, rather than one you might be gushing over. Rein in snark? Or rein in swoons? That is the question. Would be a good challenge either way. You’ve got my admiration for considering the task.

        I just saw Mondai no Aru Restaurant. Umbrellas! Lawsuit! I love that show.


      • Ooh, it’s rein, my bad. Considering how long it takes me to do Roommate (which is bare bones recaps and some comments), I’m not sure I have the time. If I decide to, I will have to start soon. Snark or swoons, well I know myself well enough that I would be over the top with swoons if indeed the drama was swoon worthy, and that could be gag-y.
        MNAR – I loved the lights-out re-directing of the crowd to Bistro Fou. I think jdramas are better paced overall.


  7. Hi revlow! Just left a message for you over at sitegazelle 🙂

    No need for any hurry in replying, though, since we’ll no doubt see each other on one of Cimi’s threads (and she’s very understanding about random tangents and detours)! 😀


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