Roommate season 2 episode 19

Taecyeon Makes A Warm Breakfast For Everyone

roommate 2 ep 19 TaecyeonJackson was in charge of breakfast this morning and called for JYP backup. Taecyeon showed up early at house, but the troops were snoozing after partying all night long. Gook Ju rolled off the couch from a dead sleep right into Taecyon’s presence. She never stopped talking the whole time they prepared the breakfast menu of French toast and kimchi jjigae – a hangover remedy. Jackson and Taecyeon woke everyone up with the delicious aroma of hot food, although they all took their sweet hung over time making their way to the kitchen.

roommate 2 19 taecyone and gook ju

roommate 2 19 sunnySuny hated them for waking her up with her morning face and bed head. Actually, pretty much everyone hated the personal wake-up call even if it meant food.

roommate 2 19 taecyeon cooks breakfastYoung-ji and Jackson bickered at the table as usual. It is an entertaining ritual and everyone eggs them on. She did a special Mama Mia dance for Taecyeon as a thank you for cooking. Poor Dong Wook was at the end of the table with his hoodie on and coughing. Eat up, Wookie, you need the strength.

roommate 2 19 taecyeon handprintSuddenly, everyone took off in different directions, but not before requesting that Taecyeon make fried rice and rolled omelette for later which he  did even though he complained all the while. Taecyeon commented a couple of times that the house was a mess, and helped Sunny -the only remaining person – pick up. roommate 2 19 sunny 2 I felt bad for Taecyeon who didn’t get the guest treatment at all. When Sunny asked if he’d leave his hand prints on the guest wall, he said he’d do it next time because he didn’t feel like a guest. “Don’t ever invite me over in the morning. Guests are supposed to come over and have fun.” It seemed like he was a little disappointed at the lack of fan fare. I had looked forward to Taecyeon’s visit, but I thought it was a fizzle that needed better editing. Although tight editing isn’t exactly a Korean variety show strength.

 The Coffee Prince and the Sweet Potato King

roommate 2 19 coffee prince

Everyone ought to be a barista once in their lives and we find out that Kang Joon actually was! On their way to Young-ji’s parents’ coffee shop, Kang Joon mentioned he had worked part-time in a cafe for eight months before he debuted. After greetings, a quick tour, and some employee-customer tips from Young-ji’s mother, Team Caffeine put on adorable aprons with their names on them. They checked out the equipment and secret recipe book and were ready for business.  Jackson’s first yogurt smoothie – a success! Serious Kang joon was quite the skilled and calm barista extraordinaire.  Making customers happy was the order of the day, and our roommates worked hard at it.roommate 2 19 1

roommate 2 19 coffee shop

 roommate 2 19 kang joonroommate 2 19 kang joon coffee shoproommate 2 19 coffee shop 3roommate 2 19 jackson and young ji sweet potatoesroommate 2 19 jackson 1

Coffee is not all the cafe serves ~ in the evening sweet potatoes are roasted and sold. Kang Joon held down the fort on the drink end of things, while Young-ji and Jackson opened a window and sold piping hot sweet potatoes to a long line of hungry customers. Young-ji even danced in the picture window while the potatoes roasted – it’s what idols do best! The best of luck for much success to the two-year family owned business. Fighting!


Ryohei’s Special Fried Rice

Remember the episode where Ryohei’s friend sent bags and bags of soybeans? Ryohei, Nana, and Joon-hyung headed to that friend’s family’s restaurant to help out for the day. Might as well have had army duty with the mountain of onions they had to peel. But like good sports, they did what had to be done – cleaning, boiling meat and tripe, chopping, prepping food, learning the menu – before opening for business. The owner gave tips on service and they chanted the motto “the customer is king.” roommate 2 19 joon, gook ju, ryohei  That thought has gone by the wayside in America, that’s for sure. Nana provided chives with a flourish, Ryohei learned how to make fried rice from the cook and beamed at his success when the customers gave a thumbs up, and Joon-hyung was everywhere like a boss. His potential of being a bull in a china shop was a bit scary, but he got in the groove, as Joon-hyung is known to do, and the customers loved it. roommate 2 19 ryohei

roommate 2 19 nana, ryohei, joon hyung restaurant

Bringing it on home with Closing Time seems a fitting ending as the tired roommates wiped down and packed it away for the night. If I knew how to set up the last few minutes of the episode to this music, I would. I haven’t heard any more plans for a next season, but I’m guessing season 2 only has one or two more episodes…

And…(drum roll…) I’m throwing in a bonus with Jackson on Happy Together. Cuz watching K-entertainment is what we do!


108 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 episode 19

  1. Yup. I can be tenacious with marathoning. Well, more like undisciplined. “I’ll stop after episode 4 and come back to it tomorrow.”, then don’t. Addict. At least with Jdramas it’s only 10-11 episodes. Still…not healthy. Eita is impressive. Yes, what range! The whole cast was great.

    Love Ho-Goo. That last scene was killer. I’m glad Choi Woo-Sik got this role. He’s really shining.

    I’ve noticed this Roommate post doesn’t give the ability to reply to replies, just start a new reply. Go figure. Maybe that’s why it’s gone to a 2nd page?

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    • I see what you mean and went to the admin discussion settings. I reset the nested replies which I must have inadvertently unchecked at some point?! not sure, but reply to a comment is back 🙂 It does make following thoughts easier. Thanks.


      • Well, yes and no to following thoughts. Not really here but sometimes those threads get really tangled at DB or elsewhere, and knowing where to reply is like a game of Where’s Waldo?

        Another dopey cliché in Blood: Why does he have to have such a vampire-y haircut? Is that standard issue once you get infected? Especially when he’s trying to blend in makes zero sense, just more stupidity.

        I’ve noticed DB hasn’t recapped yet. I wonder if they will. I wouldn’t. Since they go by what they personally want to watch, I wonder if anyone will choose to.


      • I want to do a side-by-side pic of his haricut/look in You’re All Surrounded and Blood. It is SOO much better in YAS, no comparison! Also, I wonder if vampire eyes turn green as a general rule (mythologically speaking)?


      • I agree, he was cuter in You’re All Surrounded. My Love From the Star, as well. The following are Google image searches:

        You’re All Surrounded
        My Love From the Star

        I’m not sure about the eye-changing in vampire lore. But darn, we sure have a lot of it happening in current vampire and non-vampire Kdramas! KMHM, Blood, and Sweden Laundry. I can’t remember… maybe Hyde, Jekyll, Me, too? (Stopped watching.) Not to mention Kang-Joon’s hazel eyes which change color depending on how the light hits them. 😉

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  2. You know how kshowonline has a little thumbnail image for each episode. I just saw this for ep 19 of Roommate, when Dong-Wook was awakened by Jackson and Taecyeon.

    Ha! Been meaning to mention that with all the talk of “swollen faces”, I thought Dong-Wook actually looked better waking up with a hangover. Filled out that gaunt look. However, I suppose long nights of drinking should not be considered as part of one’s beauty ritual.


  3. Happy Friday, everyone! (one of the perks of being Down Under is that Friday comes just that little bit faster … haha, not really, a long week’s still a long week, but now I’m free to catch up on my k-telly!)

    Thanks for the link to WIMFH Ep 2, Cimi!! Had to find out how the race finished! But they’re still not at Ansan yet?! How many times can they get lost, I wonder?

    Actually, my handle name’s based more on the Jasper Fforde novels than on the actual day of the week! But yes, Thurs is around the time a lot of my favourite shows come out subbed… 🙂

    Revlow: thanks for the UK/US show link! I’m going to wait until Blood’s past the 4 ep mark, I think, before jumping in. I guessed Dr Stranger would be a hot mess, so I stayed far away from it (and if your Dr Strangler jokes are anything to go by, it’s probably only fit for the Razzie awards, or a Guess That Drama segment).

    As for “Wakamonotachi” … *looks longingly in Eita’s direction* I think I’ll just have to follow the comments for now, since I will look like a vampire if I get any more sleep deprived! I don’t mind spoilers, so comment away!

    Wonder if anyone’s watching (and enjoying) “Kyou wa kaisha yasumimasu” or “Dear Sister”? I started them but didn’t get far enough to decide whether they’re going on the “get round to watching” list.


    • Yes,they have another long day to get to Ansan. It was hilarious to see how Guilliame and Seyoon lazily spent their money and day so differently from Tyler and Julien (who seemed to get the most out of the experience) as well as Alberto and Yuan (those smooth talkers). I am also skeptical as to whether there will be any more subbed episodes, as the current subber said he/she’d go back to doing Abnormal Summit.

      I miss Roommate and Helaer,

      When reading your comments, I think of my month in New Zealand (with a 5 day trip to Sydney-stayed in Liverpool with a friend) and the adorably fascinating blue penguin colony in Oamaru that I visited several times. I mean to do some artwork from that trip! I got all the way down to Bluff (saw Stewart Island) but it was a rainy day. The drive across the south island was quite desolate. Anyhoot, it was a wonderful trip with good memories. The entire south island’s beaches were uncluttered with hardly any building, clean, and beautiful.


      • Lijiang looked breathtaking! But Where Is My Friend’s Home really inspires me to travel more locally, too. I haven’t even been to New Zealand! It’s supposed to be very beautiful – it’s Lord of the Rings country, after all!

        Meanwhile, fingers crossed for some lovely soul to continue subbing! Alberto trying his best to get Yuan a girl was sweet, as was Hyper-bunny Julien trying out his Chinese!

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    • Happy Friday to you all, too!

      Dr. Stranger was one of those where the 1st two hours were some of the best TV I’ve ever seen, then they devolved into a hot mess. Angel Eyes and God’s Gift – 14 Days are two others I can think of. I hung in will all of those, though why I don’t know. Angel Eyes especially was sooo disappointing by ep 3, and consistently horrid from then on. Those first 2 hours were fantastic! Fast forward several years, then Ku Hye-Sun played the “older” character. She is one of the reasons I’m not too keen on Blood. She was god-awful in Angel Eyes. I saw Boys Over Flowers afterward, and she was perfectly acceptable in that, which surprised me. But Angel Eyes… just horrible.

      The one positive thing I can say about bad Kdramas is that sometimes they introduce me to actors I really like. Ex: Kang So-Ra was in Doctor Stranger. I liked her in it… and I loved her in Misaenge.


      • “one of those where the 1st two hours were some of the best TV I’ve ever seen, then they devolved into a hot mess.”

        Like you, I felt exactly the same about Angel Eyes – the best Ep 1 & 2 intro they could have set up, with 2 adorable junior leads … then BAM! (to quote Joon Hyung).

        On the other hand, just like you said, it did (re-)introduce me to actors who subsequently go on to make my Top 10, like Lee Sang-Yoon in Liar Game (what a total hottie!) and Kang Ha Neul in Misaeng!

        That said, yes, there are a few consistently cringeworthy repeat offenders.


      • That was my introduction to Kang Ha Neul and he BLEW. ME. AWAY. He was phenomenally good! Lee Sang-Yoon was good, but by the time they got to him he didn’t have a lot to work with, both story-wise and having to act against his dead fish co-star. Nam Ji-Hyun was adorable and did a great job in that role. (I’d only seen her before as a kid in the movie My Captain Mr. Underground, and she was wonderful in that.) The two juniors were so touching together. I don’t think you could have gotten a better pair.

        Those first two episodes were so moving. I sobbed buckets. Plus everything was top-notch with the production. The soundtrack, the photography, etc. Then episode 3 and — BAM! — holy crap, what happened? The production values fell waaaay off. One of the 1st things I noticed was the music. (This was before I’d even realized how bad the new story was.) The OST devolved into a couple dopey songs used incessantly, whereas in the first 2 eps they’d apparently spent some money in licensing. The music was used beautifully in those, and added so much to the emotional impact.

        cringeworthy repeat offenders… Ha!


    • Ooops. Forgot to mention….

      I always look forward to OT at DB on Fridays. After last weeks debacle, I found myself tip-toeing trepidatiously over to it today. I’m happy to report that so far it looks like it’s back to people playing nice.


  4. revlow – Date. I love whacky jdramas! “I don’t drink much alcohol, just some books and DVDs, and maybe an action figure once in a while…” bwahahahaha! I love this (non) dating couple so much! I almost died when he called his room “sacred space” – and truly believes it with all of his educated idler being. And, and (I’m gonna pee my pants) she thanked the haunted house ghoul for his hard work – omo omo! gonna die!


    • Thanks cimi! Happy to hear your reaction. Saw it mentioned at OT and just looked it up on dramacool before reading this. Will be starting it in a few mins! Whoo hoo. Looking forward to it.


      • Oops, for some reason I thought you commented about Date on OT – I’ll have to go back and check who I mistook for you (or maybe it was just a mental switch). sorry about that, well – when you watch 1 & 2 (the rest aren’t subbed yet) we shall discuss. I’ve always liked the tight phraseology is jdramas – that is one of the differences between them and kdramas. Also, I can’t quite describe it just right, but the lighting in jdramas captivates me and pulls me along like hypnotizing wafts of incense-so intoxicating!


      • the “musical” entourage for the um, proposal – I would have declined, too! I am glad that although she could logically accept his thinking in some ways, she drew the line when in came to life evaluation.


      • Yeah, I’ve never understood those extravaganza proposals. Great for getting your name in the news, but it that what a proposal is really about? And talk about putting someone on the spot!

        Sort of off-topic: There’s an interesting documentary called UnHung Hero (2013).

        Patrick Moote proposes to his girlfriend at a UCLA basketball game but she refuses to marry him because of his penis size. A video clip of the failed proposal ends up on YouTube and begins an internet phenomenon. Moote then travels the world to find out if size really matters.

        The guy goes all over the world researching this. One of the places he ends up in is the plastic surgery capital of the world, South Korea, to look into penis enhancement surgery. He also visits SK’s “Penis Park” (officially Haesindang Park). There are around 50 phallic statues placed throughout the park. Some very funny. Enjoy (I hope this doesn’t display the photos here!)

        Ultimately the documentary ends up being a very sweet story of one man’s journey to self-acceptance.


      • The kimchi making scene à la Ghost. That was hysterical! I was laughing so hard. Looks like we are going to get quite a few more adjumma fantasy scenes. Too funny.

        Unfortunately, I think overall PGHR gotten pretty draggy. Someone stole our song/blocked our opportunity/whatever… oh, good we got a new one… oh, no, they did it again….etc. Between that and the love triangle it’s getting kind of old.


      • It was kind of fun to know to look for a funny scene and I knew that must be it (since, yes, the rest was very draggy.) The Henry line in this kdrama is puzzling – why did the writer include a way for him NOT to perform? I am baffled by that, after all as a SuJu member, and one would think his talents would be featured. It’s all rather strange, and actually adds to the drag and mundane turn the show has taken. I miss Se Chan. The plot completely revolves around keeping Se Chan’s music, bucket list, and memory alive which in itself isn’t a bad thing, but in this case it is not interesting. And Hae Ra’s father’s song is completely lost in the shuffle (although I think the need for a new song will be to produce the father’s song). But it’s turning into a Spy “who cares at this point?”


      • The plot just seems to be stuck in the mundane evil company president story line. I mean, enough already. We get it. Figure out a more creative way to deal with this. I’m finding the music pretty boring as well.


  5. Cimi – It looks like when you fixed it not doing threads, it added more levels to the “Enable threaded (nested) comments 3 levels deep”. (3 is the default.) Here’s what their support says:

    Enable threaded (nested) comments __ levels deep- Turn on this option to allow visitors to reply to other comments inline/nested. When turned on it can allow for better discussions and responses. We suggest using a maximum of 3 levels deep. Anything higher and the theme layouts may not work as expected. Note: Enabling the setting only applies to new comments since existing comments don’t have any threading date. However, disabling this setting applies to all comments.


  6. Is anyone watching Dakara Koya or Ryusei Wagon? I’m wondering if anyone is still subbing them. Both have only completed ep 3 and the un-subbed episodes are piling up. I’m watching at myasiantv or dramamcool. Any clues?


    • I’d forgotten this, but jdramas are notorious for slow, uneven, or never finished subs. it’s so frustrating. At least kdramas are on a fairly reliable schedule once subs begin.


      • Oh, poo. These 2 are really good shows. Never finished subs? Yikes! Also, maybe you can tell me, do you know a source that gives the # of episodes in a current jdramas? I know they are mostly 10 or 11, but not always. Ex: Dakara Koya is 8 — asianwiki gives that, but nothing for others. I have in my notes that Mondai no Aru Restaurant is 12, but for the life of me I don’t know where I got that now. But I can’t find # of eps for any of the others.


  7. I don’t know where to look, either. When I began watching jdramas on the recommendation so beanies, I recall several mentioning only watching completed series for this very reason. Siakou no Rikon was really frustrating because the subs were slow and far in between and it took forever for the final episode to be subbed. I think it’s gotten a teeny bit better, but obviously there are still unpredictable paces in the subbing. No fun. Another rec – Hungry.


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