Roommate season 2 episode 18

Back to the Future: Winter of ’99

roommate Joon-hyung, Jackson, Sunny  go to Ilsan g.o.d. dormitoryOn a crazy whim, Joon-hyung headed to Ilsan to the place where g.o.d. was born. He wanted to search for the dormitory where he and the 4 members of their yet-to-debut group lived back in the late 90s. Jackson and Sunny, who had the cute giggles the entire episode, joined him. He posted an instagram for his fans to meet up at 4:30 p.m. in Ilsan, and gave Danny Ahn (g.o.d. member and his cousin) a call, too. Fans texted, “What about us, we work!” and Danny was busy, so expectations were low that anyone would show. The area had changed after 14 years; the dirt road was paved, buildings went up, rice fields were gone, but Joon found the old digs. Amazingly, with only an hour’s instagram notice, a few fans had arrived and so did Danny – bam! The main level of the old dormitory building was a restaurant, but the hole in the wall they called home for several years was in the back and down some narrow stairs. It was all still there – a kitchen with no refrigerator (the window well served as one), the same mold on the walls, the one room sleeping quarters for everyone (it was now a storage room filled with dust). Proves you can do just about anything when you are young and got nothing to lose.

In the top picture above from 1999, someone is holding a baby, and a reference was made to Parent Diaries. So I looked it up. Apparently, and somehow this is hard to imagine, g.o.d. and a one-year-old starred in a reality show called Yookailgi (An Infant’s Diary). I couldn’t find much about it, but here’s a link to a brief description.
Bizarre. Does anyone, by chance, know about this older show? I wonder if there is a plan to reunite the child (who would be around 14), and re-create the show in a “that was then, this is now” episode? Hmmm. Joon-hyung and Danny shared plenty of Animal House type stories, including sneaking into the local motel and hospital to use the washrooms when their dorm pipes froze. Sunny just kept laughing the whole time.  After touring their old improvised public bath houses (and apologizing the the hospital staff – I thought it would have been a good time to make a donation), they returned to find a whole boatload of die-hard fans to greet them with sky blue balloons.

roommate 2 14 6 Pretty cool. It was another overwhelming and emotional moment for Joon-hyung who was thankful and bought the whole fam damily black bean noodles. He and Danny escorted all of them via van to a Chinese restaurant where Joon footed the bill for 160 orders. What a good guy, and what great fans who left work early, called in sick, and outright skipped work to make the impromptu fan meeting. roommate 2 18 4
roommate 2 18 6 Later, there was more reminiscing with plenty of Jin Young (JYP) impersonations and stories from the training and promotion days as they ate in the restaurant that occupied their old dorm. As always, Joon kept the atmosphere hyper with his loud, every-other-sentence-in-English animated stories. It was a fun segment.

Two Average Looking Guys in a Korean Wave of Pretty Men

Old friends Se Ho and Nam Hee Suk, for some reason, got on a “who has a better face, me or him?” kick. Leave it to Hee Suk’s 13 year-old daughter, Bo Ryung, to set it straight. “Pick from only those two?” And of course, her favorite idol, Lim Seulong of 2AM, who is on a whole different level, won hands down. Sorry, dad. Sorry, uncle. Reality is harsh. roommate season 2 ep 18 Bo Ryung, Se Ho, Nam Hee Suk SeHo had mentioned Nam Hee Suk at the SBS Awards as the person who was behind him. As CEO of the agency that Se Ho belongs to, Hee Suk had plenty of stories of the hard times they’d shared. It took 13 years – a lifetime in the world of comedy – for Se Ho’s to become a known comedian, and he credits his friend’s loyalty and encouragement. I have to say, though, I didn’t get the whole “I’m from Cuba” spoof. Must have been some inside joke, but that humor isn’t my cuppa tea.

roommate season 2 ep 18 Nam Hee Sukroommate season 2 episode 18 Lim Seul Wong, Bo Ryung

 Food Truck 

I love Korean food trucks! In memory of the first time he met Hee Suk, Se Ho arranged for a food truck in the backyard for everyone to enjoy. Awesome! With Joon-hyung and crew back at the house, and Gook Ju and Sunny stirring steaming trays of Korean sausage, seafood stew, fish cakes, soup – all served with Soju – everyone enjoyed eating and talking. Nam Hee Suk offered advice and encouragement to Gook Ju (“don’t lose weight”), Ryohei, (who was quietly there in the background all episode), Dong Wook (“carry the baton”), and Se Ho. You know, the older entertainment generation passing chat on down to the new generation. Yada yada yada. It was all wrapped up with words to ponder by Joon-hyung, “We are all fortunate people.” Next thing you know, he was in bed, snoring like an old man. roommate 2 14 7roomamte 2 14 6roommate 2 18 5

Random filler clips: Kang-joon, Young-ji, and Nana eating a late snack in a bedroom; Jong Ok returning at 3:30 a.m. and clipping her toenails.

Teaser preview: Am I stupid or what? Every time. Ok Taecyeon waking up Gook Ju early in the morning for breakfast. Will it air in a real episode? Will it? Or will we be foiled again – aauuggh! I can’t take it. roommate 2 16 taecyeon


15 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 episode 18

  1. In Kang-Joon news: In case you missed the results of the 3rd Annual Dramafever Awards, he won for Best Bromance with Joo Sang-Wook in Sly and Single. Not all of the official acceptance and performance speeches are out yet, but here are a few, including Sang-Wook’s taped one: There are some shaky fan-cams available, including Kan-Joon’s speech and 5urprise performances at the event in NYC:

    Seo Kang Joon – Award Acceptance | DramaFever Awards 2015

    5URPRISE – Hey U Come On | DramaFever Awards 2015

    3rd Annual Dramafever Awards- 5urprise- From My Heart

    Sounded like the 5urprise performances were live, not lip synced, to me. Kang-Joon’s dance movements oddly feminine in the 1st one. 🙂

    I wonder if the concept of “Best Bromance” translates to Koreans?

    What weird nominees there were. Krytal in My Lovely Girl? Really??? (Gong Hyo Jin won, thank god.)


    • I read an article about the bromance award and NYC Dramafever performance but hadn’t seen any clips yet. I never think of Seo Kang Joon as a member of 5urprise (such a goofy name, and 5 actors who have to do something when they are together so they sing together is lost on me). I am sure he’ll go solo eventually, what’s the point of spending energy on a group when you have plenty of acting roles? And he doesn’t shine in a group I don’t think, which can also be seen in Roommate where is sometimes just pretty flower wallpaper. Sly and Single was cute and of course he was a great second lead syndrome candidate.

      Thanks for the fun clips 🙂


      • And just how do you pronounce that name? LOL. I guess “surprise”, but not as obvious as some. And yeah, what a strange concept of an idol “actors group” in the first place.


      • I wonder if he’ll ever go solo. Seems like acting is his focus and, I’m guessing, this group is just a means to an end. On the other hand, it’s bucks.


      • Oh, I meant go solo as an actor, he might just be better off breaking away as an actor, not a singer. I actually don’t evern think of him as a singer…


      • Gotcha. I wonder if in reality they are ever going back to that acting group concept, now that they are getting roles. Seems like After School: Lucky or Not served its purpose.

        As for him not shining in groups, I’m guessing a lot of it is that he is shy. (God, I sound like such a fangirl. Ha!) Did you see the Flower Boys episode of Running Man? Couldn’t even talk to a girl he liked in high school. Also this interview: Talks about how introverted and awkward he is around people.

        I think he is far more intelligent than the dopey wallpaper he comes off as. (Not saying that you’re saying that’s all he is.) In the interview it’s obvious that he is very knowledgeable about films.

        Again, I sound like such an off-the-charts fangirl. 😀


      • I agree, he seems very shy. I didn’t see What’s With My Family (title?), didn’t commit to the length, have you watched it? I”ve seen SKJ on a couple variety shows lately and he’s a charmer. Being shy just plays into the charm so well, and so polite, and yes – smart. Basically, he’s got everything going for him.


      • Yes, been watching What Happens With My Family. I like it a lot. Hasn’t felt like a 53 episode Kdrama. (They added 3.) It ends next week. I saw ep 50 yesterday, now waiting for the paint to dry as viki subs 51. Oy.

        Gook Ju had a guest role last week. Not the greatest acting. I got the feeling that she just couldn’t get past the fact she was acting with her buddy and was cracking up inside. Still nice that she got some drama experience I guess.


  2. Re: GOD–I don’t know much about the GOD reality show you mentioned, but I believe there may be episodes or at least excerpts on YouTube. When I rewatched Greatest Love last year I got curious about Yoon Kye-sang & googled him. That’s how I found out he was a former idol & saw clips of their baby reality show. I found the idea hilarious (who would let a bunch of pop stars take care of their baby!?). I watched some scenes here & there. The baby was adorable, of course, but all I can remember off the top of my head was them taking the baby to a wedding, I think.


  3. That’s so funny and I thought the same thing, who would ever let a rag tag group of idol trainees watch their baby?? The only reason I know about them is the cameo Park Joon-hyung did in Fated To Love You (come to think of it, it was a commercial with a baby, must be a deliberate connection). After that, the group did a major 16 year comeback concert and they’ve been high profile ever since. It seems like the idea of first generation idols like them are paving a comeback path hit or miss style. If it works and their die hard fans give a good response, then the agency seems to pump money and effort into reviving their image. I really like Ask A Korean blog where he lists the top 50 (or is it 100, not sure) influences in the Korean music world. It is really well done and informational. I think he is on the final 10 countdown (#8 posted last week). From that, I sometimes track down the artist/group he mentions. I’m off on a tangent. Like you googling Yoon Key Sang from Greatest Love. One think leads to another.


    • Another example of going off and running from something I’d seen: I liked that scene in Fated to Love You so much that I got curious. In it Jang Hyuk says “I’m your big fan” to Joon-hyung and starts singing/rapping a song. (I hadn’t heard of GOD before then.) There were flashes of a music video with young Jang Hyuk in it, so had to look it up. Turns out he was in the official music video for GOD’s debut single “To My Mother” (aka, “To Mother” or “Dear Mother”) in 1999. Jang Hyuk had only been acting a couple years at that point. Here’s the video: and looked up the song

      That scene in FTLY was so sweet as Gunnie shows Joon-hyung the right way to hold a baby. Here’s the scene. (Without subs.)


  4. Nice revlow!

    @cimi–I admit I’m not nearly into Kpop as I am into Kdramas. I’ll check out G.O.D. for Yoon Kye-sang though. When I watched AM97 I looked up Hot & SES but couldn’t see the appeal (but please don’t tell any fangirls I said that, lol).


  5. I should have checked them out before commenting above. G.O.D. has an R&B vibe that I like. I’ve listened to Dear Mother, Road and Ordinary so far and liked them all. I think I can get with their music!


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