Roommate season 2 episode 17

roommate 2 17 11

roommate 2 17 10Last week’s episode with Shoo and twin girls Ra Hee and Ra Yul had the highest ratings of season two with 7% viewership. What do I know. However, I like that the first generation girls’ idol group S.E.S. (of which Shoo was a member) still holds a special place in the hearts of Korean k-pop music lovers. Sunny secretly invited Shoo’s husband and former pro basketball player, Im Hyo Sung, to join them for dinner at the Roommate household. Hyo Sung and Shoo shared their sweet love story. Hyo Sung brought bags of macaroons and cookies for Sunny as her long time fan. S.E.S. met Girls’ Generation as Shoo and Sunny danced to Gee, for the appreciative male audience. Can I just say my heart hurt for Ryohei who was in the kitchen by himself preparing the twins’ favorite black bean noodles, as he once again gave his silent, behind-the-scenes attention to the girls who are scared of him. Good thing they chowed it down like mad. Ra Hee and Ra Yul eat very well. Thank you for the meal, Uncle Ryohei!

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Free Throw Battle 

Se Ho suggested a free throw battle between Jackson and Hyo Sung. Bets were made. If Jackson won, the guests  would do the dishes – no small feat with counters stacked high. If Hyo Sung won, then the Roommates would give the couple a date coupon for a day of babysitting. I rooted for Hyo Sung to win a date day for Shoo. It was close with a score of 4-5, but who could be a match for a pro b-ball player? Date! Date! Date!

Girl Talk

roommate 2 17 5Much vagueness. Gook Ju, Sunny, and Nana sat around not mentioning celebrity names they dated in the past. It is clear that privacy is a trade-off in the idol world and dates amount to car rides, visits at home (but whose living situation allows that in dormitory quarters), and a rare movie in a town far away. Break ups, make ups – they were all discussed in girl code with no specifics. Except for Nana’s favorite gift she received from a boyfriend – a photo book of memories. She said it was better than a diamond or a luxury brand name purse. Um, not always. Sunny received a handmade puzzle for her birthday that almost but not quite resulted in a make up after a break up. roommate 2 17 6

Guy Talk

roommate 2 17 1Dong Wook came prepared with a Korean lesson for Ryohei and Joon-hyung. The assignment was dictation – he would read a proverb and they were to write it. “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” Since Joon-hyung got it right, he offered an unconventional explanation to Ryohei, who then did a  hilarious fake interview with the press to explain the proverb’s meaning in his life. More proverb dictation and writing practice ensued with a promise that the lessons would continue. Girl talk and guy time – wow, so different.

Co-ed Talk

Thank goodness the guys joined the gals whose conversation about boyfriends had gone south and depressing.  Joon-hyung offered to be the counselor with an invitation to “ask me anything.” Dong-wook was the funniest when he said [about Joon-hyung], “He’s only been dating for 30 years now.” The guys offered meaningless advice and worthless comments that amounted to clichés along the lines of “women, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them,” and “don’t try to figure them out.” Or such un-clever comments like, “Just agree with everything they say. Don’t ask. Don’t give an honest opinion.” They proceeded to act out a scenario with the guy making no-win responses to the gal’s contradictory demands. No wonder they are all single.


roommate 2 17 9Yep, that’s plural – d-o-g-s. If for no other reason, I loved this segment with Min-woo! To Cucumber’s surprise, more dogs showed up in her house. Nana brought her Boston terrier, Rubber, to visit. Young-ji brought her two sheep, as Min-woo called them, Leon (short for Napoleon) and Fruit. Actually, they are Bedllington Terriers and, in true terrier fashion, were fast, frisky and boing-y. How could there not be chaos and trouble with four barely trained dogs and a half-dozen people all running around the living room? Nana got Rubber to do a couple of tricks, and Young-ji’s dogs did their terrier version of obeying commands (as in it barely counts). It was time to go outside, but not before somebody peed and Joon-hyung stepped in it. Oh, and mature adult that he is, he chased Jackson upstairs with the pee-soaked tissue and flung it at him. I just – no words. I loved how Min-woo worked with Cucumber to jump through a hoop. They set up an obstacle course outside for the dogs, but after a few half-hearted rounds, the dogs and owners gave up.

roommate 2 17 7

Bath time! It was a communal dog wash as four dogs and three people crowded in for a soaping and a rinse after outdoor playtime. So cute!

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12 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 episode 17

  1. Thanks for the recap, cimi! Bath time with the dogs was my favourite part!

    Yay for Min Woo’s return, however long it may last! (now that Modern Farmer’s wrapped up, I wonder if he has anything lined up, or if we’ll get to see a bit more of him?)

    7% ratings for last week’s ep? Jinjja?!! I can only shrug … The Ryohei line was strange, too. After making a big deal last week about the Plight of Ryohei, they pretty much dropped it. Hey, at least the twins were able to be in the same room together and share a meal at the same table with him.

    On the other hand, I’m pretty impressed at Ryohei’s language skills. Sure, as an actor, you’d need to be a fluent Korean speaker, but I was surprised at his writing skills (I’m no expert, though – I’m still on Hangul Live lessons!) He may not know ‘pansori’, but he’s obviously dedicated a lot of time to studying!

    Shoo’s husband was pretty sweet and cool, but Jackson’s no mean feat on the basketball court, either – he did great, against a pro! So athletic. Wonder how he would do on Cool Kiz on the Block?


    • Ooo, good idea, Jackson on Cool Kidz on the Block. But he is so busy, GOT7, Hitmaker, Roommate, and who knows what all JYP concerts and “family” stuff. I always laugh at the term “family” that the entertainment agencies use. Ask EXO. Or any other “family” member who’s had issues.
      Yeah, I think overall the show got mileage from Shoo’s popularity for two shows. I can see the love Korea has for its first generation of kpop and Hallyu personalities and in that way, I do like that Koreans continue to support them. The term “national” as in national sweetheart (Suzy), national handsome guy, national treasure, etc. – it is endearing but it puts a lot of pressure on the person to whom the honor is given. It seems burdensome.
      Hey, I’m on Hangul Live lessons, too ~ I do like how the our Five Treasures give the spelling, I think the Chinese too??, and the Romanization and finally (thanks to DJ Pri for subs) the English. I have made a flash card or two of the words (where did I put them, now?) I loved Rhyhei’s message to the girls in the ending credits to come find him if they want to spend time with him – how very adorable. Not sure Roommate is doing a lot for him, but I like his personality and he can’t hide how hard he tries or when he isn’t following along because he doesn’t understand.
      I wonder what the fate of Roommate will be…
      Thanks for joining the blog post on Roommate, Thrusdaynexxt. Nice to have you on board 🙂


      • Yeah, the Hangul Live series is really easy to get into, and their acting is hilarious, not to mention the occasional cross-dressing! I like how they give you words to use in alternative scenarios.

        Their Japanese is a whole lot better than their English, I have to say (after watching their lesson with Crystal Kay and Beni)!

        I’ve been catching up on In Bed With The Boss (FNC, with FT Island/CN Blue), and while they were keen to dispel myths around their agency, I’m sure there’s a lot they’re holding back on, since they’re all probably re-signed for a few more years.

        I’m expecting more changes in the line-up of Roommate – hardly see Seo-joon, Ja-ok or Min Woo anymore. Don’t know what Ryohei’s fate will be, but I hope they don’t go editing him into the bad guy, like with MW in S1. I’m liking Joon Hyung’s recent role of counsellor – for a middle-aged child, he comes up with some wise advice! Min Woo was pretty good at getting Cucumber through those hoops – maybe he should try some obedience training with her?

        It’s hard to know what to make of this show – it’s not about cooking or games or idols or travelling, but I’m hooked anyway, so thanks right back for driving the bandwagon!


      • Haha, Joon-hyung, the middle-aged child. Pfft! Really, his world allows him to live that way, so funny. I am not familiar with In Bed With The Boss (although I can guess what it might be about) or the Japanese show with Crystal Kay and Beni. I used to be able to watch Everything!! on a site that is now blocked and problematic, but it was great because it listed all sorts of shows that I can’t find, or at least easily find anymore. One thing about Hangul Live is they’ve perfected the format and offer consistency that I am impressed with. So, at a year’s worth of lessons, there are only 13 left. I wonder if they will continue or how they will wrap up their year commitment From what I see, it doesn’t look like a huge following (on my blog or elsewhere), so I don’t know if the PR on it is low or if there just isn’t that much interest. I guess we all watch the directionless Roommate because it’s easy to watch and offers a mish mash of Korean Hallyu personalities, you think? And it’s pretty cute. \/


      • I think the Hangul Live dvd is available via NHK, but I guess they’d be all Japanese subs.

        It would be cool if they could take it on the road and do collaborations with other Hallyu artists/actors. There was one ep of HARA On & Off where Gu Hara was filming herself walking across the big Shibuya crossing, and bumped into 2AM’s Changmin. Since they all travel so much around Asia etc, it would be a travel show as well!

        Here’s the link to the English lesson:

        In Bed With The Boss is: (plus Ep 7 ). I only watch the FT Island cuts. Cheongdamdong 111 kind of petered out, and IBBTB isn’t made by FNC, so it’s probably slightly less censored (just slightly)! I’m impressed at how accurate those lie detectors seem to be! Wonder where I can get some?


      • “Are you guys ready to party? Make some noise!” – I think all foreign entertainers learn to say these two phrases when performing in the US! That was cute. I think they’ve improved in FT Island Hangul Live 🙂


      • About In Bed with the Boss – i always think debt/money/bankruptcy talks are so weird, but apparently many people in S Korea have been affected by such woes – is it the high interest rates, and what else? Too high risks in investments, or too big loans? I am not sure, but it is in kdramas all the time, too. I thought the comment about Lee Joon that “he would do well anywhere” seems to be pretty true, right? He is one of my favorites these days.

        Anyway, thanks for the links, Thursdaynnext.


      • Yes, that ubiquitous kdrama trope – being dunned by loan sharks! From watcing kdramas, you’d think that every second person was either a chaebol or awash in debt. I appreciate the touch of reality, but when the Candy is workin’ 5 jobs … she must be superwoman.

        Don’t follow MBLAQ much, so I don’t know a lot about Lee Joon, I’m afraid (although I do know he’s leaving … isn’t he?)

        However, if you’ve watched Abnormal Summit Ep 24, there’s a funny (and completely unintentional) reference to Jo Kwon: (at 14:04). 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, I did see that reference. I like Jo Kwon, would love to see him in Priscilla. I don’t know if you watched Barefoot Friends (it’s been at least 1 1/2 yrs ago), but it was a 26 episode reality show with celebs. Two of the guests on the swimming and diving competition were Jo Kwon and Lee Joon together. It was fun. You’re right, Lee Joon left MBLAQ.
        I am rewatchig MiSa – I’m Sorry I Love You (or, as dramacool has it listed: Sorry I Love You) with So Ji Sub, gah! I’ve seen it 2, 3 times before, it’s partly set in Australia. Have you seen it? I’ve decided it reminds me of What’s Eating Glibert Grape in genre and angst (slice of life drama). If you want a good synopsis, here’s a site.
        Or better yet, watch it – it’s 16 episodes and soooo worth it. Sorry, more random comments on my blog 🙂


      • Cimi, I actually did watch Barefoot Friends (not the whole season) for Yoon Shi Yoon, and I saw the diving comp – so proud of him, and the others! Dunno where my mind was, but I totally missed seeing Lee Joon (though I have vague memories of Jo Kwon there)!

        Stopped watching BF when it turned into a food fest, but I liked the music segment, when YSY was singing his little heart out about his grandpa’s bike. I miss him. Sigh.

        I’ve heard lots of rave reviews about MiSa, and I wouldn’t normally pass up a chance to moon over So Ji Sub (I mean, there’s romance! there’s abs!), but I confess I don’t look forward to the ending and angst *shakes in boots* However, maybe it’s time to overcome that … ! (Gilbert Grape’s a classic! so good! but also heart-wrenching)


      • I have a pic of Yoon Shi Yoon singing Grandpa’s Bicycle (singing with Juniel – I kinda shipped them in my head) on my kpop and kdrama art page. That’s how much I liked it. BF totally wandered in the end and had an unceremonious demise, as does so many random k variety shows. Anyway, it’s all fun. You won’t ever regret MiSa, but when you’re in the mood. It’s a classic.


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