Roommate season 2 ep 15 – Korean Reality Show

roommate 2 15 1Cucumber

roommate 2 15 cucumber

I’ve lost all hope that Cucumber will ever be under control. She is the most untrained show dog around. The Roommates are reactive and not proactive in her care. The yard looks fenced in, why not let her run around freely outside? Clearly, it is what it is.

youngji chasing cucumber


Gook Ju’s Guests

Kim Min Kyung, Hong Yoon Hwa on roommate

Comedians Kim Min Kyung and Hong Yoon Hwa hung out at the Roommates’ house for an afternoon. The plus sized queens of comedy, as they are dubbed, hauled in an impressive amount of meat for a meat party (which kind of has a gross ring to it). Nevertheless, the sound of sizzling meat on the grill made all three very happy, and with steamed red bean buns, Min Kyung enviously said that Gook Ju was lucky with, “hot buns, men, everything.” Sizzle. Young-ji joined them, and it was fascinating to watch them eat huge meat wraps deliciously without restraint.

“Yo. Bam! What’s up, man? Bam!” Joon-hyung arrived. The poor guy was overwhelmed and frustrated by the all-out attention he got from da goils. He escaped to his room as soon as he could, but not before being put on the spot to rate their sizes from skinniest (Gook Ju because she was taller) to not skinniest. It was an awkward request, even in jest, as there is no good outcome. The guests were disappointed that the guys, especially Kang Joon, were not at home and toured their empty rooms, lingering at what they imagined to be handsome manly scents.

(side note) Visitors in general often comment on the luxurious, spacious Roommate house. It made me think that Kang-joon and Nana knew what they were doing when they stayed on for season 2 and avoided returning to their crowded idol dorm quarters.

Three Ahjussis

ryohei, dong wook, joon-hyung roommate season 2Am I the only one who found this segment rather gloomy? Ryohei, Joon-hyung, and Dong Wook huddled over a small grill fire in the snowy backyard discussing phobias, plans to quit smoking, year-end reflections, and goals for 2015. Somehow it didn’t make for great variety show material. When Dong Wook said 2014 wasn’t what he expected and he “wanted to return to the confident person I was,” I felt burdened for him. He looked so gray and dejected. Joon-hyung passed along his grandmother’s advice as encouragement, “If you live your life without greed you will be happy.” What happened to the bright and handsome Heart to Heart host from just a few years ago? I want to say, “Snap out of it, Wookie, look on the sunny side of life and maybe even meet a nice girlfriend.” Eating sweet potatoes over the fire in their heavy coats just made them seem all the more like old men chawing the fat. Then Dong Wook lost at kai-bai-boh and got snow  dumped on him in just a tee-shirt. Brrr. Sad.

Episode Highlight

Wejang roommate

Thank goodness for the carefree maknaes Jackson and Young-ji plus Gook Ju who formed Wejang, a new-at-this-very-minute group that made their fake debut. Wearing cheap, cheesy animal print and gold lamé costumes they performed a semi-sexy food song and dance.  The impromptu MV-style show upstairs with special appearance by Cucumber was a sharp contrast to the morose ahjussis outside who glanced up at the noise coming from the house and commented, “The kids sure do know how to have fun.” At that moment, they seemed like grandpas living vicariously through their grandchildren’s wild antics as if transported back to the olden golden days of their youths.

roommate 2 15 Wejang


Gangwon-doroommate 2 15 15

After staying up and talking all night, Ryohie and Joon-hyung decided to take a trip to Gangwon-do. Friendly Joon-hyung asked a local resident if there was a coffee shop around like Starbucks…I don’t think so. She did, however, point them in the direction of a tea house where they enjoyed black herbal tea with egg drop and nuts and two-two-two coffee. The tea house has been around for over 50 years and the owner tried to provide them with some history. But you could see the words fly over the heads of our not very good with the Korean language boys. Yet, they were intrigued by the something-something story of an exiled king and went to Young Wol to investigate. There they found an open-roofed museum and the house of exiled King Danjong.* Thankfully, they spoke with a docent who helped fill in the gaps of Joon-hyung’s dumbing down version of the historical event with accurate details. Upon observing a 700 year-old pine tree – a national treasure – Joon-hyung sighed, “This whole island is sad.” That is, perhaps, the most philosophical thing our 47-year-old revived g.o.d.member has ever said. ♥

Ryohei and Joon-hyung at Radio StarThe island had another place to visit, the Youngwol Radio Star Museum, where the movie Radio Star was filmed. Visitors can simulate a live broadcast from the studio, which is exactly what they did, wishing their virtual viewers a happy new year!  The two of them were cute together on their little jaunt.

Wrap Up

Sunny roommate 2As if teasing the viewers, the faceless narrator promised, “Next week we’ll reveal girls’ talk.” This refers to Sunny, Nana, and Gook Ju’s girl talk about boyfriends and relationships. When asked if she was in a relationship, Sunny replied that there are serious relationships and not-so-serious relationships. She also caught herself and laughed that this was being broadcast. Okay, here’s the thing, if we go on previews, then get ready for yet another Roommate disappointment. For example, at the end of the Christmas party where Jackson’s parents surprised him, the preview showed him on a date with his mom. Last week, the preview showed Jackson at the training gym with Ga-yeon. Preview clips are even circulating. Show, there are some things you just don’t fool with and that’s viewers’ love for the things that make Roommates what it is. If you keep teasing us, we are going to cry “foul” and lose interest. The least you can do is come through with the big things that are previewed. My opinion and my point.roommate 2 15 3


* I liked this blog’s information on King Danjong, Youngwol, and other Joseon era kingships. This is offered as background to The Princess’ Man – a bonus connection.


69 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 ep 15 – Korean Reality Show

  1. Poor Oi. (I finally looked up the spelling. Pronounced “Oh Ee“.) I had hopes of a smooth housebreaking that 1st or 2nd night when she was sleeping with Dong-Wook and he was keeping track of her diarrhea. You know, the 5 seconds he had between Hotel King and Blade Man?

    And Poor Dong-Wook when he said what he did about not being confident. I was immediately taken back to the 2nd episode when the men were hanging around the dining room table, drinking beers and getting to know one another. After they all sang Mama Shin’s 1994 hit song Seoshi, much to his embarrassment — one of my favorite scenes — they started talking about their careers, what they’d gone through and continue to go through. What Dong-Wook said really made an impression on me and made me sad for him. I looked at it again so I could get it exactly:

    Seho to Dong-Wook:
    Didn’t you also do really well right after you debuted?

    But honestly… I’m still not sure. If I think of how much viewers believe in the acting that I do, I think I still have a long ways to go. I feel like I don’t even believe myself. Before I start filming a drama I always have a nightmare that every single person in the world is pointing their finger at me. It’s so scary and unimaginable. I can’t even describe to you how that feels. In the midst of all that, I’m so frightened I wake up from my dream. And then I realize I just had the same nightmare again. Seeing how that happens, it seems I don’t even believe in myself. So then will people watching me believe in my acting? And that’s really hard for me.

    Mama Shin:
    There’s only one thing. Give it your all as if you just took the best poop of your life.

    And I think that’s the hardest part, not having any regrets.

    You’ll have a few moments where you will feel that way. You can’t always feel that way but you’ll have a few moments.

    I’d just seen him in The Recipe and thought how sad. He was wonderful in it.

    (How’s this for my OCD?)


    • I do remember that conversation from season 1 now that you mention it (verbatim, no less – haha). I noticed how he always looks down and away when he is contemplative and talks. Is he talking himself out of his confidence, because it’s not his fans – he is loved. And, truly, he was wonderful as MC of Heart to Heart (did he leave for military duty, I can’t recall, I should look that up). Not to mention his movies (I haven’t seen The Recipe). Anyway, it was pitiful to see him sounding so bleak. Maybe he is taking himself too seriously and unrealistically raising the bar so that there is never time to enjoy the present success.
      Can you tell I am totally annoyed at yet another preview that I cannot trust to come through? Not that I even care about the content, but the Jackson and mom thing I was so looking forward to.

      (switching gears) – I absolutely love Heal Me Kill Me. Are you watching it?

      Oh, I will tackle adding FT 39 to the comprehensive page per your instructions – wish me luck!


      • I know… maybe Dong-Wook naturally leans towards melancholia? Or he’s simply overworked and exhausted? Whatever, he is too hard on himself. Both professionally and it seems personally. I remember how touching it was when he gave encouragement to Min-Woo when he was down in the dumps. Hope he has someone to bolster him up as well.

        The Recipe is a lovely movie.

        You’ll do fine with FT 39, and if you run into a glitch I got your back. 🙂

        I got 1/2 way through Ep 3 of Kill Me, Heal Me today when something came up with my client’s computer. I’m still on the fence. I keep getting a weird vibe like this is a Frankenstein patchwork of other recent Kdramas, and the worst aspects at that. It’s Okay, It’s Love; Blade Man (with a watered down Secretary Ko); and every mommy/son chaebol corporate takeover. (I just finished Birth of a Beauty, enough with mommy/son chaebols.) I’m enjoying it, I’ve just got mixed feelings and not swept away yet. I think Misaeng ruined me.

        Did you see the finale of Pinocchio?


      • Hi guys! whew, what a thread!

        No idea where my reply is gonna end up, so just gonna dive in …

        Yep, poor Dong Wook – he’s been working hard, but also getting himself into a bit of a rut as far as stereotyping/typecasting goes. I hope he finds something new to enjoy this year, and that he finds some friends who aren’t middle aged ahjussis!

        “Pasta”: now there’s a nice vintage oldie! What with LSK’s perpetual yelling, I didn’t expect to like it much at first, but then Chef and his Goldfish were just the cutest couple ever!! The way they tiptoed around trying not to get caught!

        And of course, you’ve mentioned the rest of the brilliant cast, including Lee Sung Min (the maestro), Honey Lee, No Min Woo and Alex (don’t forget Alex! He was a very typical second lead here, but I love his voice in Clazziquai!)

        Re “Watcha Wearin'” with Ji Sung – is that the same as “My PS Partner” (PS stands for phone s*x)? I agree – it was a fun romp – Ji Sung at his best!


      • I’m kind of fumbling around the kdrama sites today, but I did watch Entertainment Weekly with Ji Changwook AND Kim Woo Bin in the same episode this week, both interviewed plus the guerrilla date with Woo Bin. Both are int he 2nd half of the show if you don’t want to watch the whole thing. I think you are revlow are Dowton Abbey fans, too, right? I picked up a cranberry scone mix today to make for tomorrow’s episode with Earl Grey Tea and milk, my one exception to coffee for proper British television viewing enjoyment!


      • Hi Thursdaynexxt,

        Yes, “Watcha Wearin’” is that the same as “My PS Partner”. It was a fun romp! And like everything K (drama/ film) touching at times, had me misting up. After all the PG stuff I’d seen, it was interesting to see another side of Korean cinema. And speaking of other sides… Shin So-Yu was in this the same year as Reply 1997. Very different roles, to say the least.


      • Earl Grey tea and cranberry scones! My, what class! Hope you enjoy your Downton Abbey time, cimi! I did the Downton Abbey personality quiz recently, and apparently, I’m “Bates”! Well, I much prefer it to being O’Brien or Thomas, that’s for sure!

        Thanks for the heads up about the Entertainment Weekly episode – what a glorious juxtaposition of 3 stars on the rise – and well-deserved! I never realised, but the true bromance in “Healer” may be between Ji Chang Wook and his stunt man (“Gyeong Seop-ah~!”). So cute!

        Hiya Revlow! Yes, Shin So-yul’s so versatile – good to see her so active in 2014/2015, and getting her own lead role. I haven’t watched Love & Secrets yet, but it’s on my list. Think I’ll marathon after it’s finished. I think you recommended the “Penny Pinchers” earlier (with her and Han Ye Seul)? Thanks for the rec!


      • Oh, yes! I meant to say that as well. What a lovely treat for Downton Abbey. Mmm… scones. (Homer Simpson voice)

        Oh, my goodness. I just took the test. I’m Isobel Crawley!

        Where can I find Entertainment Weekly?

        Yes, I highly recommend “Penny Pinchers”. I love that movie.

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      • Hey, you two! I’m Daisy. Entertainment Weekly is at KBS World You Tube. I’m pretty sure it is the 2014.01.17 episode. Haha, Thursdaynexxt, bromance with his stunt man – yes! Woo Bin’s guerrilla date/interiew was cute, and Siwan – how very charming. In fact, I think I’ll watch it again. I thought maybe I could get some good angles to dray on all three “:)


      • I just saw Kill Me Heal Me Ep 4. I’m liking it more. I’m just so weary of elaborate inter-chaebol-family-wars. I hope it doesn’t get bogged down in that.


      • I am liking Ri Jin’s interactions with her twin brother Ri On, and also with Do Hyun so very much. She is a great actress in this. The secret Ri On remembers and is keeping from her is so mysterious and a key to what is going on. Maybe I think I am overlooking the chaebol aspects of the show because I am enjoying the other parts so much. I didn’t really like the acting of the guy with the leather jacket (he’s from Gag Concert), but I think he’s done.

        I haven’t seen the finale of Pinocchio as I am 3 episodes behind.


      • From episode 4 it seems that they will be handling the mental illness aspects decently. Still funny, but not as, oh I don’t know… offensively? Irresponsibly? I HATED It’s Okay, That’s Love for many reasons, but that was at the top of the list. (And this is coming from a HUGE Gong Hyo-jin fan. Have seen a lot of her movies and Kdramas,) I was impressed by Jo In-Sung’s acting and glad IOTL introduced him to me. But that was about it.

        Pasta was the 1st Kdrama I’d seen. Gong Hyo-jin made a huge impression on me. She is a fantastic actress, I think she should be an international star. Speaks perfect English as well.

        This week I was looking back through some emails to my sister. I’d known I’d found Kdramas by accident at Netflix, but now I remember just how. I’d watched a Danish series called Rita, which had sort of a Nurse Jackie vibe. **Every** one of Netflix’s recommendations from watching this were for Kdramas! And all rom-coms, which definitely was not the same vibe as Rita. Made no sense, but off and running I went down the rabbit hole. And that’s how we met! Go figure.


      • I do like many of the actors. If you haven’t seen Whatcha Wearin’? with Ji Sung it’s a fun, racy movie. I’ve liked Hwang Jung-Eum in everything I’ve seen. Hate seeing Kim Young-Ae wasted in yet another chaebol role — and this is immediately on the heels Birth of a Beauty. She is phenomenal in the film The Attorney.


      • @ Pasta: I normally refer to Faith as my fist kdrama addiction because it was the kdrama where I joined in the dramabeans discussion. I had no idea there was OT, so I kept posting way after Faith ended because it did to me what Misaeng has done to you. However, Pasta was truly the very first kdrama I ever saw, and I watched it with my brother, then I rewatched myself it many times because I had no idea there were others. From there, I watched Coffee Prince, 49 Days, and some where in here I discovered dramabeans kdrama ratings, so I just went down the line. There was no such thing as a bad kdrama for me. But then, it dawned on me that there were current kdramas, new kdramas happening, so I progressed to weekly currently airing epiosdes (this is where Faith comes in) plus marathoning older kdramas. Well, then the rabbit hole, like you…..


      • That’s interesting. You’re the first person who’s ever told me it was also their first Kdrama. Normally when I mention Pasta at DB I get a lukewarm “meh” response from people. I love it and like you have watched it several times. I was instantly hooked. Ranted endlessly to everyone I know.

        Just found this in the midst my raves in an email to my sister: “It was like a wonderful romantic tale and Samurai movie rolled into one.” Ha!

        Also quoted one of the reviewers at Netflix who I think hit the nail on the head: “I was appalled when I first found my wife watching this strange Korean kitchen drama, I was soon caught up in the fire of this kitchen and was swept away. It is almost Jane Austin in its intensity and romantic genius.”

        Not absolutely certain what I saw next, but for some time I was devoted to seeing everything of Gong Hyo-jin and Lee Sun-kyun. Love him, too. Could have been one of theirs.


      • Interesting for me to find this and look back. A bit more of my rhapsodizing about Pasta to my sis:

        “This is so full of heart. Sweet, funny, touching, full of twists. It’s adorable and dramatic at the same time…. ”

        “It was so good. I was like a wonderful romantic tale and Samurai movie rolled into one, taking place in a restaurant kitchen. It was so emotional at times. I sobbed at one scene as the master chef ate a bowl of pasta made for him by the lowly kitchen assistant — a lot of back story to that. Just made me weep. ”

        Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. An addict was born. 😀

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      • LOL. That’s “It was like a…” Somehow screwed up the 2nd cut n’ paste. Although it might not be bad to be a “a wonderful romantic tale and Samurai movie rolled into one.”. When I was in college I’d psych myself before tests thinking “I’m Toshirô Mifune. I’m Toshirô Mifune…” or another favorite samurai actor Tatsuya Nakadai. You know, a little samurai swagger never hurts.


      • I fell in love with Philip (No Min Woo, one of the 3 Italian trained chefs on the “font line”). Now I know who Honey Lee is from Modern Farmer but up until then hadn’t placed that she was the female rival chef. I read Asian Wiki like a book, going from kdrama to kdrama and following actor/actress to the list of kdramas and movies they were in, like a multi-dimensional eternity web. I’m still tangled in it! When I watched Boys Over Flowers, I thought, “Are there really shows like this in the universe?”


      • Ditto on everything you just said. No Min Woo was also an obsession of mine that came out of Pasta. Went traipsing off to see much of his work. If you haven’t seen the four-episode drama special Rock Rock Rock I recommend it.

        Of course the inimitable Lee Sung-min at up the scenery in Pasta.

        Asian Wiki is my bible. I **always** have a tab open to it. What I can’t find there I can often supplement with wikipedia.


      • LOLLLL! Oops again. I just made it worse. That is “Of course the inimitable Lee Sung-min ATE up the scenery in Pasta.”

        I guess I’d better take a break.


      • Plus there seems to be big chunks of dialogue missing in every episode I’ve seen. I only know Viki that’s carrying it at this point. Where are you watching i?


      • I tried myasiantv first, but they get their subs from other places, in this case viki. Viki is still at only 99% for **all** Kill Me’s episodes. I think dramacool does the same thing. I find with some shows 99% is acceptable, with others still chunks missing.


      • Hi again revlow!

        I believe I’ve gotten Isobel Crawley as well! (you know when you re-do the test with 1 or 2 different answers…)

        Haven’t watched Penny Pinchers yet – had some trouble locating it, but found it now, so that’s a treat in store! 🙂


  2. Poor Wookie. He should sleep and eat more; I hope his next drama is well received. The teahouse bit was neat. Lol at “that’s the most philosophical thing Joon-hyung has ever said.” The misleading previews was one of the main reasons I dropped actually Roommate. It was just aggravatingly unnecessary.


    • Three meals a day and 8 hours sleep does wonder, Dong Wook. Maybe the schedule of being on Roommate is too much for him, too. Poor thing, looking so frail. I hope there isn’t cause to be worried. Don’t worry be happy~ I do love Jooh-hyung, but the 47-year old LA surfer first generation idol is just a boy at heart, no?


    • The two-two-two coffee and the black-tea-with-egg thing looked intriguing – must try it some time!

      I love those old tea/coffee houses with their mysterious menus. Went to one tea cafe (cha chan teng) in Hong Kong, which was similar. It was attended by an ancient grandpa in a tattered white undershirt playing a board game, and I was directed upstairs to the cafe, which was run by a lady who didn’t look particularly thrilled to see a foreigner. But it turns out she treats everyone that way! It started raining, so I just settled in with my noodles and hot lemon tea, and watched the world go by!

      Back to Roommate: I was headdesking at the expression on Joon and Ryohei’s faces – I can’t imagine what the tea house ahjummas were thinking. (maybe something about missing a few nuts and bolts…?!) Each of Joon’s “explanations” were more outrageous than the last, and Ryohei keeps muttering in a small voice: “I don’t think the tea had anything to do with it…” LOL and *facepalm*


      • That was hysterical. Yes, and poor Ryohei couldn’t do much to get Joon on track.

        Tea cafe in Hong Kong sounds fabulous! Grumpy lady made me think of the the notorious San Francisco waiter Edsel Ford Fong. Did any of you ever eat at Sam Wo Restaurant? It was a local institution. Tourists would go out of their way to be served by the “world’s rudest, worst, most insulting waiter”. He was utterly serious, it wasn’t an act. It was hilarious. He died in 1984, and Sam Wo’s was closed in 2012 after 100 years.


      • Hi revlow! Not sure if you’ll see this comment, but I just got a notification of your comment yesterday (8 Feb)!

        Was hoping to go to San Fran this year, but looks like it might have to wait 😦 It’s funny, though – in my uni days, we used to frequent a local cafe known as Badde Manors, which prided itself on – you guessed it – rude and uppity staff! It was never really that bad, though…


      • Hi Thursdaynexxt,

        How weird about the notification. Email. Go figure.

        How funny about Badde Manors. Great name. 🙂 Hope you get to go to SF sometime soon. Such a great city. I used to live there and I miss it. Well, other than the high cost of living. Yikes!


  3. Ah, crap. I’m just starting my day and I see there are already 333 comments at Open Thread. PS – I actually search for your comments “owl ” — need the space to not pick up more than your name. I appreciate your comments.


    • Of course! I think the weird format is 2 episodes each Friday?? Not sure about that, but 1 and 2 are subbed and 3 is raw. I like it a lot, Bae Jong Ok is the mother with a spy background herself (which you find out pretty fast, so not a spoiler). I could tell right away she works very hard to hide that. And it gets exciting by ep 2 which I appreciate in a kdrama. Give it a shot. For my db comments, the sub thread of P&P contains a lot of spoilers, so if you haven’t watched it to the end, avoid post #6, revlow.


      • Thanks for the recommendation and the heads-up. I saw about 1/2 of episode 1 of Spy, but got interrupted. Will get back to it shortly. I liked what a saw so far.


      • Oh, gosh, more lovely computer help, I don’t know what to say. I am used to living with the glitches and just ignore them as long as I can (like my car, although it has been problem-free overall. I think I mentioned it will roll over 200,000 miles 0in less that 700 miles. And I put every last mile on myself.) But I digress…my iPad is a little gem for watchng, but my laptop lags sometimes, although not all the time. Also, I am on for so much more for so many other things, and the screen is 17″ which, of course, I prefer to watch on. Loading is sometimes slow, and that naggingly annoying spinning arrow when it uploads, plays, uploads more, plays, – I can’t do it. Anyhoot, I jumped on someone else’s post to say “ditto” in that area.


      • BTW, I ordered an HDMI cable from Amazon, which will allow me to hook up my laptop to TV. Will be able to see Kdramas, Netflix, etc. That ought to be interesting. Ridiculously cheap at Amazon. I paid $7.50 + free shipping for a 25′ cable. My neighbor paid more than that for a 4′ one at Walmart. I think the 25’ers are about $20 there. Excited to see how Kdramas will look on my HD TV!


      • That’s how I watch when I visit home and my brother hooks up my computer to his big tv. It’s fun that way. I am sure you will really enjoy the expanded kdrama view!


    • It is exciting. I really like the husband, “we are a couple, we are a family.” Jong Ok is perfect for the part. the bad guy is our popsicle baddie ruler from Faith.


  4. Just saw Running Man with Lee Seung-gi and Lee Seo-jin. Very funny. Next week’s promo: “Flower Boy Crush Report” with Kang-joon, Hong Jong-Hyeon, Choi Tae-Joon, Seo Ha-Jun, Nam Joo Hyuk, and some other kid. (To be honest I don’t know most of them.)


  5. Oh, forgot to say about the Cucumber situation: As awful as it is there may be — in fact I’m sure there is — a good reason why they can’t just let her out in the yard. She’s a chow hound that will eat anything. She’s already been to the vet once after ingesting something inedible (I think rocks?). A dog like that needs constant supervision. Needs to be watched, well… like a hound. Young-ji even caught her this time, “Cucumber! What are you eating now?” when she saw her eating twigs.

    I gave up counting how many trips to the vet I made with my Beagle over this. It’s exhausting to have a dog with this problem. Which makes it even more unfortunate all around.


  6. Or I should say one trip to the vet… that we know of.

    I hate the situation. These are people who have busy, inconsistent schedules, don’t have the time for a dog in the first place… and then get a Beagle on an impulse? (Good going, Soo-hyun.) And they keep her cooped up in those silly outfits? It would be nice to see her included a lot more, hanging out and… say, getting housebroken. That’s how you train dogs, keep them around you where you can give them opportunities to learn. But as far as the yard, they may be doing the best they can to keep her safe.


  7. On the other hand, they could construct an safe enclosed dog run.

    (Boy, I spend waaay too much time thinking about these celebrity strangers in Korea. And their dog.)


    • “…celebrity strangers in Korea. And their dog.” That’s funny. And true. Me, too. It does sound like they got the wrong breed for their living situation. Here’s a link to Simon and Martina’s comments after staying at G-dragon’s villa and observing the pets – their write up has a section you can scroll to near the end to read their comments (or just watch the clip). It sounds like Beagles are especially difficult from what you say. I was thinking of a dog run in the back, actually. In general, it just bugs me to see her peeing everywhere and not one of the dozen or so people bother to train her.


      • I watched the finale of Pinocchio. I wasn’t terribly invested in the kdrama, and I think I even missed a couple episodes but I really like that they respected father/grandfather’s wishes (and the way Dal Po explained his loyalty and faithfulness to him), and father’s realization of their love and change of heart to return Dal Po’s name/identity. Park Shin Hye looked very lovely in her wedding dress and that was a worthy ending kiss. Very sweet. I saw Lee Jong Suk in an interview once and he seemed rather detached and a loner. I think his smile is adorable and I do like his acting. PSH has gotten better, too. I consider them both young serious actors. In-ha’s mother, even with her growth towards the end, bugged me. But it was a well-paced story in keeping with why I like kdramas so much in the first place.


      • Just read the article and, YES! That is **the** thing (cultural difference?) I hate most in Kdramas. From the not so rich (say “Thank You” or “Pinocchio”) to the fat ass wealthy (for example “Romance Town”)… there is almost always some poor dog chained to a dog house at best. Come rain or shine. Barely petted, never walked, looking like it’s in desperate need of a good bath. Almost always white. I cringe.

        I agree with you about the housebreaking. Infuriates me. Takes a modicum investment of time and consistency, That’s why I had high hopes with Dong-Wook sleeping with her. One of my tricks to housebreaking is to tie a lightweight leash to my wrist and keep the dog by me in the beginning, especially at night. Can use laundry line keeps it even lighter. Feel the slightest tug: wake up, immediately run (or carry) the dog outside, and praise the heck out of him. It usually takes just a couple days for them to understand, and a few days to master.

        Someone needs to step up to the plate. I especially feel bad for Dong-Wook in this situation. He **knew** they’d made a stupid decision, and an especially a bad choice with a Beagle. Of all of them it appears he is the most knowledgeable (and extra aware with a vet brother-in-law) of what it means to take care of a dog. But the poor guy didn’t ask for it and immediately after that was immersed in Blade Man. Unfair and unrealistic to expect him to do that. (Especially with his knowledge he must feel bad for the poor critter.)

        The whole situation is insane. And those stupid outfits! Does **that** make up for the problem?

        So I’m in complete agreement with you. Just pointing out the dangers of lack of supervision with what’s called an “ingestor”. Even more reason for them to interact with the poor thing. If you can’t do anything else, get some damn pee-pee pads, have her close, teach her, and praise the hell out of her.

        She actually **was** using the pee-pee pad that 1st night when she was sleeping with Dong-Wook. She must have already had the concept. But without interaction she has no reason to and has regressed.

        I’m mad just thinking about it now.


      • I agree with you both 100%! I love seeing Cucumber get screen time, but I’m just wracked with anxiety for her future. What’s going to happen to her once the show ends? If she’s put out for adoption, who’d want an adult dog that’s not potty trained? Has she even been spayed?

        I really wish they’d devote at least half an episode to training viewers (and themselves) on how to care for a dog! I think it’s good that Young Ji didn’t overreact when the latest accident happened – she brought the dog back to the ‘scene of the crime’ and scolded her gently. But that’s just a drop in the ocean. They would have been better off with some other pet.

        Cucumber’s fast, though – she just zipped around that yard like she was on the fast forward button! Had no idea beagles were so quick!


      • Oh, my god, are they ever quick. And surprising strong.

        Seeing Cucumber leap about made me remember a silly thing with my Beagle. I went through intermediate obedience with him. When I’d send him over the jumps his big ears would stick straight out. People watching this from behind would crack up. He looked like a little airplane.


      • Regarding the finale of Pinocchio: I was so relieved — and utterly surprised — that the random relationship between Yoo-Rae and Cap didn’t come to fruition. I was fully expecting that in true Kdrama fashion it would. I gave up commenting on it at DB. By far the majority of people were vehemently into this “adorable” ship. Oy. Perhaps we’re on opposite sides, cimi? Just expressing my happy surprise. I was dreading this. One aspect of the overall mature ending I thought they achieved.

        Like you, there were things that bugged me. Like the mom’s complete turnaround.


      • I wasn’t on a side for this kdrama as I kind of just watched it and it didn’t draw me. So, no big ending response from me, it was fine and I agree with you – a mature ending.. I am looking forward to Jekyll and Hyde which will fill this time slot. I can’t decide how much of a fan I am of Kim Young Kwang – of course I first saw him in White Christmas, then I didn’t like him that much in Love Rain or Can We Get Married, I was neutral about him in Nine Boys, and in Secret and Good Doctor his roles were supporting and just okay. I liked him a little more in Pinocchio but I just can’t put my finger on why he or his roles don’t sway me like so many other actors who are his peers. It is weird, I’ll admit. I haven’t seen the movie Hot Young Bloods, yet.


      • I’ve only seen him in Nine Boys, Pinocchio, and the movie Runway Cop. Though I saw the movie first, I wasn’t really aware of him until Nine Boys. I liked him in that, made an impression. But I can get being on the fence.

        As for Pinocchio, it was a funky little drama, but I mostly enjoyed it. However, that blow-up of fandom across the K-World over Yoo-Rae/ Cap left me nonplussed.


      • Oh yes! It’s a cultish followers kdrama. Woo Bin, Lee Soo Hyuk (also in What’s Up – a coming of age kdrama that I really like), Kim Young Kwang, others too – the genre is mystery thriller, and only 8 episodes. Steel Cold WInter (a movie) reminds me of it in terms of the type of genre Korean mystery thriller (both scary).


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